101 Things To Do At LSU

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					       101 Things to Do at LSU
1.    Roll down Indian Mounds
2.    Spend the night in a residence hall
3.    Play basketball at the Rec. Center
4.    Walk/ride/run the lakes
5.    Have lunch at the Faculty Club
6.    Visit Lod Cook Alumni Center
7.    Quadralize
8.    Go bowling in the Union
9.    Go to a Tiger Band rehearsal
10.   Take a road trip to an LSU football game
11.   Go to Baton Rouge Beach
12.   Visit the chicken farm
13.   Go to FACES lab
14.   Visit the Hilltop Arboretum
15.   Go to the Rural Life Museum
16.   Visit the LSU observatory and planetarium
17.   Meet the REAL REGGIE
18.   Watch the Christmas tree Lighting
19.   Eat ice cream at the LSU Dairy Store
20.   Play golf on the LSU golf course
21.   Go to the International Cultural Center
22.   Study in the Law Library
23.   Go to Harambee
24.   Take an LSU leisure class
25.   Buy a book from the Book Bazaar
26.   Drive across the Old Mississippi River Bridge
27.   Step on George
28.   Volunteer at FallFest
29.   Join a student organization
30.   Learn the alma mater
31.   Play facquetball in the field house
32.   Ride a bus
33.   Go to a rodeo in the Cow Palace
34.   Kiss someone in front of the Bell Tower
35.   Spend a day on the Parade Grounds
36.   Pull an all-nighter studying
37.   Do a Reveille crossword
38.   Swim in Huey P. Long Pool
39.   Go to a concert in the Greek Amphitheater
40.   Visit Hill Memorial Library
41.   Get a picture with Mike the Tiger
42.   Have lunch with a professor
43.   Walk on football field
44.   Shake the Chancellor’s hand
45.   Meet a head coach
46.   Wear PJ.s to the first game
47.   Get your hair cut at the Union
48.   Attend Groovin’ on the Grounds
49.   Eat in the Magnolia Room
50.   Vote in a SG election
51.   Speak in Free Speech Alley
52.   Get your picture in the GUMBO
53.   Go to a Swine Palace production
54.   Send campus mail
55.   Go to an LSU choir concert
56.   Walk in cap and gown at LSU graduation
57.   Go to Chancellor’s Convocation
58.   Ride Campus Transit
59.   Go to Louisiana State Capitol
60.   Go to an LSU baseball game
61.   Go to the African American Cultural Center
62.   Participate in the Student Organization Fair
63.   Visit Mike V
64.   Eat in a dining hall
65.   Participate in Career Day
66.   Use a tech fee computer
67.   Take a walk in the Memorial Oak Grove
68. Get lost in Middleton Library
69. Tailgate
70. Attend an intramural sports team game
71. Study by fountain
72. Write a letter to the editor of the Reveille
73. Set up your PAWS webpage
74. Listen to KLSU International Show
75. Visit the College of Design Sculpture Garden
76. Wear purple and gold at the same time
77. Listen to a speaker in the Union
78. Eat at Tiger Lair
79. Donate to the Save the Oaks campaign
80. Feed the ducks on the LSU lakes
81. Visit CEBA
82. Watch a Step Show in the Quad
83. Watch a track meet
84. Go to War Memorial
85. Visit the museum in the Bell Tower
86. Stand in line at the Union Post Office
87. Go to drive-in movie on Parade Grounds
88. Participate in Homecoming Events
89. Walk through the Enchanted Forest
90. Have a picnic on campus
91. See the Lady Tigers play
92. Eat out of a vending machine in CEBA
93. Go to Tiger Roar
94. Visit on of the art galleries on campus
95. Go to the Natural Science Museum to see Mike I
96. Go to the Vet School Open House
97. Learn the LSU fight song
98. Touch the cannons
99. Attend a School of Music recital
100. Go to Print and Poster sale in the Union
101. Listen to the bells play the Alma Mater

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