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Company Name : WEBIMPACT, INC.
Paid in Capital : JPY 40,000,000 (USD 0.4 million)
Establishment Date : Feb, 1998
Management : HOSOE, Harumi (Chairman and CEO)
               TAKAYANAGI, Hiroki (President and COO)

Directors / Advisors:
        HOSOE, Harumi / Chairman and CEO
        TAKAYANAGI, Hiroki / President and COO
        HORIKAWA, Kenji / Director
        TAMURA, Koichi / Director
        SATO, Takaharu / Director
        SHIMAMOTO, Kazumichi / Director
        ISHII, Haruo / Auditor

Advisory Office:
        HONGO TSUJI Certified Public Tax Accountant’s Corporation

Head Office : 7F Perl Iidabashi Bldg. 4-5-11 Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku TOKYO, JAPAN
              Tel:+81/3/5212/3660 Fax:+81/3/5212/3645
Toyohashi Branch : 303 Toyohashi Science Core 333-9 Hamaike Aza Nshi-Miyuki-Cho
                        Toyohashi-Shi Aichi-Ken

Main Shareholders:
        TAKAYANAGI, Hiroki / HOSOE, Harumi
        OBIC Business Consultant, Co., Ltd.
                   - Tokyo Stock Exchange, listed code : 4733
        NEO Japan, Inc.

                                        WEBIMPACT, INC.
What Do We Do?

Major business area of WEBIMPACT, INC. includes Server Software for Mobile Computing and
Business Support Software Developments.

Server Software for Mobile Computing:
In this business area, we have killer solution JobCommunicator®; and EZ-Shift; that is one of the Job Scheduling / Job Shifting / payroll system with the Internet
                                            and the mobile phone (using email service and web browsing
                                            for mobile phone) as an ASP and Server software.
                                            Our major markets are Human Resources Dispatch
Companies, Franchise Chain-Store Companies, and Contact Center (Call Center) Companies that
employ many part time workers. JobCommunicator® can make their job shifting operation significantly
more efficient and as a result achieve operational cost efficiency.
In Japan, we have been researching this new market for over 3 years. Now, we have over a hundred
clients and tens of thousands users that are increasing by the day. Last year, we have completed the
marketing phase. OBIC Business Consultants, Co. Ltd., who has the biggest share in the package
payroll software business; KANJO BUGYO Series, and NEO Japan, Inc., who has the biggest share in a
web-based groupware solution (with IP Phone); deskNET’S, have joined WEBHUT’s business as a
shareholder and a strategic partner. Now, we are accelerating JobCommunicator’s business with
strategic partners.

Business Support Software Developments:
WEBIMPACT, INC. is also a Web System Integrator specializing in Web System and Mobile Computing
space. Based on Package Software and ASP business experience, WEBIMPACT can provide integrated
                                            business solution with our strategic partners’ softwares;
                                            deskNET’S (web-based groupware) and KANJO BUGYO
                                            Series (payroll packaged software). A deskNET’S supports
full time employees’ daily work; Schedule, Discussion, Document/Cabinet, Project, User List, WebMail,
Whereabouts, Workflow, Circulation, Reports and Information. On the other hand, JobCommunicator®
supports part time employees’ Job Scheduling. Both of them are Web and Mobile Computing based.
KANJO BUGYO Series support all employees’ payroll. This is the daily business work CYCLE.
WEBIMPACT is one of the high quality web system integrator in Japan. We developed some mega-size
portal site like GURUNAVI who has the biggest share of Japanese restaurants search engine (listed on
JASDAQ). WEBIMPACT supports this type of system development and integration.

                                        WEBIMPACT, INC.
Management Profile

TAKAYANAGI, Hiroki (Nationality: Japan)
President and COO of WEBIMPACT, INC.
Lecturer of MBA program at RIKKYO University

TAKAYANAGI, Hiroki received B.A. (1999) and M.A. (2001) from RIKKYO University in Tokyo. When he was a graduate

school student, he studied about the social and economic influence of TCP/IP. During his study, he had great interests

about the Internet Business. Then, he founded WEBHUT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. which is the antecedent company of

WEBIMPACT, INC. in Sep. 1999 when he was 22 years old. Main business of WEBHUT in the first two years of

establishment was web system integration. One of main clients was NTT East Company. WEBHUT and NTT East

developed the web-based bulletin board (in university) system for mobile phone (NTT DoCoMo's iMode) called "Mobile

V-Campus". WEBHUT researched various ways to use the mobile bulletin board in university and coded the core program.

During the third year of operation, WEBHUT developed the own server software; JobCommunicator® that focused on

JOB SCHEDULING as an ASP. He developed not only domestic sales channels but also global one. On the other hand,

he made the technical alliance with other devise related company and structured the licensing and OEM business of

JobCommunicator®. In Dec. 2004, he raised capital through common stock issuance from two strategic partner

companies; OBIC Business Consultants Co. Ltd. and NEO Japan, Inc. Both of strategic partners have the biggest share of

their software space in Japan.

In Feb. 2006, WEBHUT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. and Cyber Space Japan, INC., who is one of the famous and

traditional venture companies in Japan, merged in an equal merger to establish a new merged company "WEBIMPACT,

INC." He became the president and C.O.O. and a largest share holder of WEBIMPACT.

He is also interested in the business collaboration between BUSINESS and ACADEMIA, and he sometimes shares his

opinion regarding such areas in medias and lectures. In April of 2002, he was invited to the committee for House of

Representative as an entrepreneur in 154th Diet with Mr. TASAKA, Hiroshi, president of SOPHIA BANK, and Prof.

YONEKURA, Seiichiro of HITOTSUBASHI University. He has been a lecturer of MBA program at RIKKYO University since

2002, and he is also a visiting researcher at Creating Center of Business Creators in RIKKYO University. His lecture

courses include "Start-Up Strategy" and "Business Presentation Skills", among other topics. In Feb. 2005, he served as

one of the judges for the International Business Contests for Students OVAL 2005.

He concurrently serves as director of various venture businesses including, but not limited to: group director of United

Group Corporation, director of Strategic Management Division in SIDC, Co. Ltd., Japan representative of EDUCOLOGY

Consulting, and C.E.O. of WEBHUT HOLDINGS, INC.

He belongs to The Japan Academic Society of Information and Communication Research, Public Policy Studies

Association, The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs and Business Model Association, among other

industry based societies.

                                             WEBIMPACT, INC.