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									                     Spider Lake Springs Camper’s Association
                     On the web at: www.slsresort.ca

    Draft Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting for September 21, 2008

          Directors Present                        Directors Absent

   Treasurer:             Doug Layman          President:     Ken Molyneaux
   Vice President:        Jim Launay           Section D:     Brian Mowatt
   Secretary:             Joanne Boomer
   Section A:             Roy Pearson
   Section B:             Jim McDowell
   Section C:             Joe Moran
   Section E:             Dianne Davey
   Section F:             Art Phillips
   Section G:             Nicola Paine

   6 campers present

1. Meeting called to order at 10:03am.

2. Agenda. Motion: To accept Agenda. Motion by Art Phillips and seconded by
   Joe Moran. Carried.

3. Minutes from August 17, 2008, Board meeting. Motion: To accept Minutes.
   Motion by Jim McDowell and seconded by Nicola Paine. Carried.

4. Reports

   a) Treasurer – Doug Layman
       Treasurer’s Report presented by Doug. Motion: To accept Treasurer’s
         Report. Motion by Doug Layman and seconded by Nicola Paine. Carried.
       Summary of Expenses presented and will be posted to the web site.
       Store Report, profit/losses, this will be posted to the web site.
       During the off season the Board will discuss options for the store.
         Edie Voss wanted the Board to remember that the store is also a gathering
         place for the campers.

   b) Park Manager – Ken Wilson
      Manager’s Report
       Ken has requested a letter to take to the Stop and Shop which will allow
         him to pickup the resort mail. Joanne Boomer to type letter and email it to
       Backhoe/loader purchase. Doug Layman will crunch numbers to
         determine how much can be spent and bring the information to the
         November meeting.

            Spider Lake Springs Camper’s Association
            On the web at: www.slsresort.ca

 Park Model trailers over 39’. It seems there are a number of trailers over
  the regulated maximum of 39’. Two of these trailers were brought on site
  this summer.
 Golf carts driven by campers. Ken feels this is not a good idea, he feels
  that you will see them with a number of people on them and not adhering
  to safety issues. (one has been spotted with a number of children hanging
  out the sides and back). There is no regulation against these but they have
  to be licensed and adhere to safety regulations. Joanne Boomer to get a
  copy of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations for the Board to review.
 Ken had shirts made for John and himself to better identify them to
 Found a better and cheaper fertilizer.
 Dirt bike riders were caught riding on the septic field. A letter has been
  sent to the owner of the camp site they are from. A sign will be posted
  asking campers to stay off the septic field.
 Several sites had their gate cards and or power deactivated due to non-
  payment of maintenance and or hydro.
 Dangerous tree was removed from site D29.
 Great job by off site security.
 A count of breakers that need replacing has been done.
 Due to the problems of ATVs and dirt bikes Ken recommends the Board
  ban the movement of them unless they are trailered in and out.
Maintenance Report
 Repaired the sewage plant meter.
 Tree came down at B55 during a wind storm, no damage done. Ken cut it
  up and left it for the camper.
 Clutch went on the old weed eater, it has since been repaired.
 Store freezers and coolers are now shut off for the winter.
 Hydro meters will be read Oct 6 and Oct 9.
 Water shut off will commence October 16 with the lines to be blown out
  starting October 20.
 Waterside was opened for the last time Sept 13 & 14. The slide will be
  drained and winterized soon.
 Shop yard cleanup will start soon. Ken will be trying a number of
  different ideas on how to stop campers from dumping their crap at the
  recycle building.
 Sewage pumps ordered.
 The burn pile is huge and will take a few days to get rid of, will wait for
  some wetter days before burning.

                   Spider Lake Springs Camper’s Association
                   On the web at: www.slsresort.ca

   c) Director’s Report

       G Section Director – Nicola Paine
        Nicola requested a garbage can near the bench at Angel pond at last
          months meeting, still has not seen one. Joanne will send Ken Wilson an
          email note.
        Road Name request for G Section, name request is Beach Crescent.
          Joanne will send Ken Wilson an email note.

5. Committee Report
   a) No committee reports submitted.

6. Correspondence
   a) All correspondence received during September answered.

7. Campers Comments/Suggestions
   a. Richard Page G16 – The idea of security cameras has been discussed on a
      number of occasions. Richard was at The Source store and saw a brochure on
      wireless camera information. Two cameras cost approximately $130.00.

8. Old Business
   a) Regulations Committee – Ken Molyneaux and Jim Launay will meet over
      the winter to go though the Regulations. Anyone wishing to be on the
      committee should contact Ken or Jim. This information will be added to the
      web site.

9. New Business
   a) Section Directors – A camper has asked if a section director sells their site
      and moves to another section and a camper from that section wishes to be the
      section director would the section director resign their position? The answer
      is no. The section director was elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
      and if so wishes will remain the section director until the next AGM meeting.

   b) Park Manager’s Attendance at Board Meetings – The Board has agreed the
      Park Manager should attend the monthly board meetings and should have
      been asked earlier in the year when the position was finalized. Joanne will
      send Ken Wilson an email note.

                    Spider Lake Springs Camper’s Association
                    On the web at: www.slsresort.ca

    c) ATV Self Governing Committee – Fred McEachern C4 was the
       Committee’s spokes person. The Committee presented Etiquette &
       Guidelines for ATV/Motor Bikes document to the Board. The Committee
       asked if the bikes could be walked out instead of trailered out. A motion was
       requested to allow ATV/motor bikes to be walked or towed as well as
       trailered from the resort as long as the engines are not running. The Motion
       failed. The motion passed at the August 2008 Board of Director meeting
       stands. Motion: Effective immediately no unlicensed vehicles with the
       exception of park service vehicles can be started or driven within the
       boundaries of Spider Lake Springs Resort. Unlicensed vehicles must be
       trailered in and out of the park.

    d) ATV/Motor Bike Etiquette & Guidelines – This document to be added to
       the AGM packages for 2009. It was noted that there is a group of motor bike
       riders that do not belong to the resort that have been coming into our park to
       ride their bikes.

    e) Social Club Renovations – No one offered to help with the renovations so
       they were not done.

    f) Board or Directors Meeting Schedule – Meetings will be held every two
       months for November, January and March and resume monthly from April to

10. Meeting adjourned at 11:45am. Next meeting will be November 16, 10:00am at
    the Resort store/office.


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