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					                                       Kainan University

                                   Chinese Learning Center

1. Introduction

Mandarin is increasingly being recognized as an important language in the world. Furthermore, about
one-fifth of the world's population speaks some form of Chinese. Mandarin, however, is consistently
rated as one of the most difficult languages for Westerners to learn. It is thus especially important that the
right program be selected. Here in Kainan Chinese Learning Center, you have more than one option in
terms of locations, programs, text materials and schedule

2. Purposes

The Mandarin Classes, dedicated to the teaching of Chinese culture and Chinese as a second language,
aim at offering a variety of Chinese courses that acquaint foreigners and overseas Chinese with the
essence of the Chinese language and culture as well as at strengthening international friendship through
the promotion of cultural exchange.

3. Academic Calendar in 2009

Registration Fee: NTD$500
              Term Length/                        Application deadline          Application deadline in
     Term                             Fees
             Periods of Study                          in Taiwan                   foreign country
     Fall    Sep.1 – Nov. 9        NT$22,500              Aug.15                          Aug.1
 Winter      Dec.1 – Feb. 9        NT$22,500              Nov.15                          Nov.1


1.    Tuition does not include book fees and other teaching materials, service fees for document
      applications or insurance premium.
2.    Application in Taiwan: 2 weeks before the new term begins.
3.    Application in foreign countries: 1 month before the new term begins (based on the date shown on
      the postal stamp)
4. Course Offerings

 I. General Courses

     Class              Basic             Elementary            Intermediate            Advanced
   Duration      15 hours per week     15 hours per week      15 hours per week     15 hours per week
     Time                                       Morning   09:00~12:00
                                                Afternoon 13:00~16:00
   A Total of
                                                        150 hours
  Credit hours

   Description of General Courses
   A. Basic Level
         This class is for students with no background in Chinese. Introduction to the writing system,
   and emphasis on the fundamental vocabulary and structure of Chinese are required for basic
   B. Elementary Level
          This is a follow-up to the Basic Level. An increased emphasis will be paid to reading and
   writing skills in Chinese, as related to basic personal needs. Reading and writing are substantially
   accelerated, and oral practice is based on reading materials. Students will be trained to read and
   write letters, short paragraphs and essays in Chinese characters.

   C. Intermediate Level
         After the students have completed Basic Chinese and Elementary Chinese or their Mandarin
   proficiency is equivalent to that at the elementary level. Emphasis is put on reading narrative texts,
   and understanding authentic oral texts. Writing assignments stress skills necessary for basic
   personal needs and tasks necessary for writing social correspondence. In particular, readings and
   discussions (written and oral) of works on contemporary cultural and social life in the vernacular are
   emphasized in class.

   D. Advanced Level
         This level is designed to familiarize students with the language commonly used in of print and
   broadcast media, with a focus on news media. Students will learn strategies and tactics applicable to
   newspaper reading, both skimming Chinese texts for basic content and reading intensively for
   complete comprehension.

        Basic                   Elementary               Intermediate                 Advanced
Pronunciation             Dialogue                  Intermediate Mandarin      Media Chinese
Basic Dialogue            Grammar and Writing                                  Advance Mandarin
Basic Vocabulary          Chinese Stories                                      Business Mandarin
Basic Grammar             Basic Mandarin

II. Individual Classes (Tutorial): To be arranged individually

     The academic year consists of three-month terms (1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, and 3rd Quarter and 4th
     Application deadline: 2 weeks prior to the term
     After discussion, students and teachers begin to plan the curriculum.
5. Application Procedure

1.   Before the designated application deadline for the specific term, the students should submit the
     required registration documents.
2.   We will send notification of acceptance of registration to successful applicants 10 days (Not
     including holidays) after the closing date for applications.
3.   After receiving notification of acceptance of enrollment, students should fix their visa. According to
     ROC regulations, overseas students must be enrolled for 15 or more hours of class per week to be
     designated as "formal students", and thus able to be granted a student visa.
4.   Flow Chart of Visitor Visa Application
6. Application

    All applicants should submit the following by the application deadline:
    1. Two copies of completed application form, including three 2-inches photos.
     2. Recent health certification (within six months). The applicant must submit a general statement
        (or standardized form) signed by a certified doctor stating the applicant's overall health and
         including the following: allergies, and venereal disease. This requirement is waived if the
         applicant is in possession of a current ROC work visa. In this case, a copy of the work visa
         should be provided instead of the health certificate.
     3. Photocopy of passport which must clearly show passport number, name and personal details and
     4. Recent financial statement (within three months) proving the applicant has at least US$2,500.

7. Location

Taoyuan Campus:No. 1, Kainan Rd., Lujhu, Taoyuan County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
               Tel: (886) 3-341-2500 Ext. 4639 .4640
               Fax: (886) 3-270-5542

Taipei Class: No. 6, Sec. 1, Jinan Rd., Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
              TEL: (886)2-3322-4533
              FAX (886)2-2396-0071

Kaohsiung Class:No. 3, Wufu 2nd Rd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan (R.O.C.)