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Memo to:        Jenna Scholz and Chal Martin
Memo from:      Becky Ziel
Date:           10-17-07
Subject:        Storm Water Quality Testing Field Notes

10-4-07 Field Notes: This storm hit the day after I collected samples for
Surface Water Testing

             Site #1 =   3.45 Dissolved Oxygen, 10.4 Degrees C.
                         Very high water level in pond, tall grass and ducks

             Site #5 =   3.63 Dissolved Oxygen, 9.6 Degrees C.
                         Very high water level, very fast flow, tall grass. Pumps
                         were running.

             Site #7 =   3.48 Dissolved Oxygen, 10.9 Degrees C.
                         Plenty of water

             Site #8 =   3.49 Dissolved Oxygen, 11.5 Degrees C.
                         Plenty of water, lots of debris in water.

             Site #9 =   3.34 Dissolved Oxygen, 9.1 Degrees C.
                         Very high water level, water flowing in, lots of tall grass
                         and some debris

NOTE: Please see on the following pages some photos I took.

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