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					             Case Study   Payroll Solutions

                          BP Australia

                          Flexible payroll services suit BP Retail
                          Company profile
                          BP Retail is a wholly owned subsidiary of BP Australia. It manages 230 company owned and
                          operated stores. They employ 3000 staff across the nation and are one of Australia’s leading
                          convenience retailers.


                          When BP Retail (BP) first engaged Talent2 Payroll Solutions they started with Talent2‘s payroll
                          software system, to allow their in house payroll people to login via internet or telephone to
                          access their payroll records. In using this service BP were able to use their own people whilst
                          Talent2 maintained and operated the payroll application software as well as managed the
                          necessary legislative and reporting requirements.
9 Castlereagh Street      Over time BP was interested in whether a full outsourced payroll solution could help them
Sydney NSW 2000           achieve greater cost savings in their business, help ensure future legislative compliance and
Australia                 mitigate the risk of an in-house payroll function by employing an organisation dedicated and
                          skilled in providing payroll services.
t: +61 2 9087 6444
f: +61 2 9087 6400
Case Study Payroll Solutions


             Talent2 worked with BP for a period of 12 months to highlight Talent2’s capabilities and make
             sure the potential cost savings were fully understood. The results of this 12 month period
             proved outsourcing made sense for BP and they migrated to Talent2’s full outsourced Managed
             Payroll Service. In doing so BP was able to keep the same account manager they had
             previously and also transfer three of their employees to Talent2.


             The service upgrade was seamless from BP’s perspective and the relationship with Talent2
             remained consistent. BP company owned store managers and staff now deal with Talent2
             Payroll Solutions through one email address and an employee kiosk for all their enquiries.

             The additional benefits available to BP by moving to a fully outsourced managed payroll service
             > co-ordination of the Time and Attendance system, including award changes/interpretation,
                 shift authorisation and site communication
             > processing of a payroll for 3,000 employees at 230 sites and answering enquiries from both
                 employees and management
             > all payroll reporting requirements and payments to government bodies
             > month end reporting and general ledger reconciliation and finance reporting

             Talent2 payroll specialists deliver BP a service which is focused on data input, interpretation
             and communication.

             Seamless payroll service upgrade

             The benefit of using Talent2 Payroll Solutions is that all the payroll services use the same
             software platform. This provides clients like BP maximum flexibility and business continuity
             when choosing to upgrade or alter their payroll service. No time is lost in the implementation
             and no additional cost is incurred as there is no need to change systems. As shown in BP’s
             case, they were also able to retain the same account manager and some of their own people in
             the process.

             Proven cost savings

             Before moving to a fully outsourced managed payroll solution Talent2 were able to work with
             BP over a period of 12 months to ensure the outsourced capabilities and the potential cost
             savings were fully understood. At the end of the period, the results showed genuine benefits
             with the Talent2 managed payroll service saving money, mitigating risk and providing greater
             continuity of service. BP recognised Talent2 could provide them with a professional payroll
             solution and remove the need to focus on payroll detail in-house.

Case Study Payroll Solutions

             The Talent2 Payroll Solutions team are payroll specialists, all focused on providing the best
             possible payroll solution to clients. Outsourcing to a fully managed payroll service meant that
             BP was in the hands of a very experienced team that really understand payroll, the regulatory
             environment and compliance issues. This understanding along with a continual investment and
             development in the payroll software system allows Talent2 to share any enhancements or
             upgrades with all users instantly and share the costs among many.


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