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                 Rev. Billy J. Banks – Pastor
                          May, 2009
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Guy Ditonto, Tammie Donato, Sharon Hamilton(Treasurer),
         Mike Laurin(President), Eric Livengood,
        Andrea Magnuson(Secretary), Karen Rine,
 Elaine Rissel-Muscarella, Kevin Sixbey(Vice President),
        Kyle Sorenson, Janet Vanstrom, Liz Wendt
                  First Lutheran Staff

                 Billy J. Banks, Pastor
   Tara Eastman, Director of Family & Youth Ministries
       Kimberly King, Director of Music Ministries
         Beth Johnson, Administrative Assistant
            Kathy Ziebart, Parish Secretary
                James Walrod, Sexton

                              Pentecost Sunday is May
                                       31st and
                               Red is the color of the
                                  Bring in your Red
                              Geraniums either on May
                                 24th or on the 31st to
 decorate our altar. The following week, the Sunday
       school children will plant them outside.

Answers to
              Just for Kids puzzle
        1.Gold; 2.Pants, 3.Dress, 4.Earring, 5.Sandals,
                   6.Apron, 7. Red, 8.Tie.
                What should I wear everyday?
               Good deeds and a gentle Spirit.

From the Director of Youth and Family Ministries
                          Tara Eastman

                       Grape Jelly Jars
                    The clanging of the butter knife reaching the
                    last of the preserves from the bottom of the
                    glass, jolted a childhood memory for me that
                    morning. All at once I remembered with glee,
                    the Welch's Grape Jelly Jars. One of my
                    favorite ones was Jerry from the cat and mouse
                    cartoon     series of Tom and Jerry.

                    This memory of childhood reminds me of what
now seems to be a quirky treatment of a glass jelly jar. When the
bottom of the jar was reached, my Dad would fill the glass with
milk, snap the metal lid in tight, and furiously shake the remaining
jelly and milk to create a grape smoothie of sorts. Being the
youngest of three siblings, I remember having to take turns being
the one who got to drink the sweet foamy concoction, but when it
was my turn - I remember feeling privileged and special.

Some may think this practice to be a silly one, but even now as an
adult it is one that I've carried on with my own kids. We usually all
end up sharing the jelly smoothie because we all like it so much.

There is something about using up all the sweet goodness of that
jelly jar that seems right. On a level deeper than nostalgia or my
taste buds I think the grape jelly smoothie represents something
more. For me, it's about collecting all aspects of life, mixing them
up and making use of everything that I've been given and
(hopefully) ending up with something good and life-giving.

Grape jelly smoothies remind me of the holistic way followers of
Christ are to live.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart (Mt 22:37-40)
Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and
with all your soul and with all your mind.‟ This is the first and
greatest commandment. And the second is like it: „Love your
neighbor as yourself.‟ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these
two commandments.”

For Jesus followers to follow well, we are need all our gifts,
abilities, experiences, personality, and everything that make us
"us" to be redirected in the perspective of this command.

"Love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul
and with all your mind...and love your neighbor as yourself."

It can be a struggle to understand how and why God would desire
such a an all-encompassing commitment. So often we look at
where we feel we fall short and think to ourselves, " How could
God ever use that?" or "How am I ever going to be good enough?"
The truth of the matter is we won't ever be "good enough" on our
own efforts. This is where the grace of God is so central to the
activation of this command in our lives.

People can look at the almost empty jelly jar of someone‟s life and
be tempted to simply toss it away because it looked empty or used
up. Maybe that person may feel empty or used up too, but God
does not see things this way.

God sees a person full of potential and purpose. Truth be told, we
all are almost empty jelly jars without God's presence in our lives.
When we surrender, even in our shortcomings and emptiness; our
hearts, minds, soul and strength (whatever is remaining), God has a
way of re-filling us up. It is a mystery how when God fills what
seemed to be an empty vessel, taps the lid in place, shakes all the
ingredients up, and creates or re-creates a person restored, loved
and filled up to the brim again.

My favorite part of grape jelly smoothies is that when you take off
the lid, the bubbly sweet foam on the top always overflows. That
overflow of love is what happens when we surrender all of
ourselves to God. That overflow of love is what someone right
next to you (who may be feeling a little empty) may need to begin
to re-fill and overflow too.

Humble jelly jars are the perfect container for grape jelly
smoothies. You are the perfect container for God to fill to the brim
and beyond. Don't waste a moment, there is enough grape
smoothie to go around for all of us to enjoy.

This article is part of my own process of trying to better
understand this scripture in Matthew. It is often referred to as the
"Jesus Creed". If you are interested in learning more about the
                          Jesus Creed ("Love the Lord God with
                          all your heart and with all your soul and
                          with all your mind...and love your
                          neighbor as yourself."), consider
                          reading the book "40 days Living the
                          Jesus Creed." by Scott McKnight.

              Do you have a student
              graduating from high school or
              college? If so, please call the
              church office with all their
              information, like from what
college they are graduating and what plans
they have for the future. We’d love to include
this in the June newsletter.

                    Many THANKS to everyone who shared
                    their musical talents with us on Easter
                    Sunday.    What a wonderful majestic

                    As always, thank you for sharing your
                    talents each and every week here at First.

See the insert page about the wonderful Organ Concert by
Fredrick Bahr on Sunday, May 3 rd at 2 pm. Come and eat a
great meal----support our Youth traveling to New Orleans----
And then sit back and enjoy the inspiring sounds of our newly
refurbished organ.

Here is our future rehearsal schedules:

WORSHIP CHOIR: “Sing Unto the Lord” – New members
are always welcomed- Come check us out!

May 13th – 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Sunday rehearsals- from 9:35 to 10:30 am on
 May 3 rd, May 17th, May 31st
Shorter choir warmup on May 10 th and 24th

June 3rd – 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Sunday rehearsal- 9:35 to 10:30 am on June 7th
MORE Worship Choir info to follow in June newsletter

Rehearsals: Wednesdays’
May 6th - 7:00 to 9:00 pm
May 13th - 8:00 to 9:00 pm
May 20th - 7:00 to 9:00 pm
May 27 - TBA

JUNE- Wednesdays’
June 3rd - 8:00 – 9:00 pm
June 10th - 7:00 – 9:00 pm
June 17th - 7:00 – 9:00 pm
June 24th - 7:00 – 9:00 pm

                  Contemporary Services on
                  May 10 and 24 at 9:45 am

More info on music and summer services in the June
newsletter. We are busy planning inspiring and exciting
summer music and worship.

Summer is a great time to invite friends and family to join you
in worship. Don’t be shy about extending invitations and
witnessing about your faith. “Let us rejoice and give thanks to
the Lord.” Praise Him – Praise Him.

Think warm SUNSHINE!

May God be with you and bless you always,

Yours in music ministry,
Kim 

                       Open Dates on the
                          Flower Chart
                                 June 7, 14, 28
                                 July 5, 19, 26
                               August 2, 16, 23, 30
                                September 6, 13
                      Thank you, thank you, thank you to:

                      Jeanne Ecklund and Kathy Raymond for
                      the invaluable help in the Family Library on
                      Tuesday mornings over the past year. They
                      have tirelessly and joyfully helped with
                      many tasks.

Kathy Ziebart, for the many books she has donated to the library.
The most recent are two fiction series from Guideposts: Mystery
and the Minister’s Wife and Mysteries of Sparrow Island.

First Lutheran congregation for the continuing financial support
of the Family Library and for making use of the collection.

Sunday Church School teachers and staff for the many hours
they devote to the learners at First Lutheran Church. Again this
year we have purchased books in recognition of their service.
These books will be on display in the library. Please take a
moment to thank our teachers and staff for their dedication and
hard work.
                  New items in the library:
New books and videos are continually being added to the library

We now have the complete book series The Yadayada Prayer
Group by Neta Jackson, the Tales from Grace Chapel Inn series,
and the True Colors series for young adults by Melody Carlson.
We have several copies of The Shack by William P. Young as well
as the unabridged audio book of the same title.

We are also replacing some of the older video series that we have
on VHS with DVDs. These include McGee and Me, Adventures
in Odyssey, Veggie Tales, Kids‟ Ten Commandments, Friends and
Heroes and many of our most popular family movies. Also added

recently are the complete Waltons TV series and Highway to
Heaven TV series.

As always, recommendations or donations of books and videos are
greatly appreciated.

See you in the library!
Wendy Larson

          Attendance Last Month
       1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday

2008         184              162           155         199
2009         197              264           98
         (Palm Sunday)    (Easter Sunday)

  Marcia was still waiting for someone to get back to her
for this month‟s mission tree. Unfortunately, they hadn‟t
replied to her in time for the newsletter. Please watch the
    Mission Tree Board outside the Kitchen. You can
always buy items you find on sale such as canned goods,
 school supplies, diapers, toiletry items, etc. and they will
               be stored until we need them.
         Be sure to check the Mission Tree Board.
                                   Organ Recital
                                May 3rd at 2:00 pm
                              Fredrick Bahr, Organist
                                 Casavant Organ
                              First Lutheran Church,
                                  Jamestown, NY

Make A Joyful Noise -Alan Viner
Psalm Prelude Set 1, No. 2 -Herbert Howells
Prelude and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 549 -Johann Sebastian
The Colors of the Organ
 (A selection of very short pieces by a variety of composers
            featuring specific stops of the organ.)
Sonata No. 4 in D Minor, Op. 61 --Alexandre Guilmant
   Allegro assai

Intermission- Freewill offering

Toccatina --Ramón Noble
Caprice --Cuthbert Harris
Waltz --Frederic Chopin
March in E-flat --Louis Lefèbure-Wély

Fredrick Bahr comes from a family in which music has
always played an important role. Hymns and sacred songs
are among his earliest memories. Piano lessons began at
age 5; the violin and cello came a little later. But it was the
organ that captured his imagination and filled his dreams.
He played his first church service when he was 13, and has
continued making church music ever since.

Graduated from Andrews University with a degree in Organ
Performance, Fred has served as Organist-Choirmaster for
churches in Chicago, IL, Richmond, VA, College Park, MD,
and Canton, OH, where he is currently Organist-Choirmaster
of serving Church of the Savior United Methodist. He has
played recitals throughout the Midwest, and East Coast.

Fred is an active member of the American Guild of Organists
(AGO). He has presented several lectures at the chapter
level, as well as participating in the AGO outreach programs
of “Pipe Organ Encounters” and “Pedals, Pizza & Pipes”.

A full-time organbuilder, Fred is Tonal Director for Kegg Pipe
Organ Builders, in Hartville, OH and works closely with
Charles Kegg in engineering new pipe organs and producing
the working drawings for their construction. In his more than
thirty years in organbuilding, he has had a part in creating
nearly 60 new pipe organs in 23 states.

Fred is vice-president of the American Institute of
Organbuilders (AIO). He has been privileged to lecture and
give organ demonstrations at several AIO conventions, and
was the primary author of "Guidelines for Organ
Demonstrations", a document that continues in use today.

                   Ladies’ Links is starting up again for 2009. The
                   cost is $75.00 for 10 weeks of play. We will be
                   teeing off on Tuesday, May 12 th (and every
                   Tuesday after that) at Willow Run Golf at 6:00
                   pm sharp. Please arrive by 5:45 so we can sign
                   in, pray and tee off right at 6:00 pm. If you have
                   any questions, please contact Beth Johnson in
the church office at 664-4601. We are always looking for more
players. Come on out and enjoy the fun.
           First Lutheran Church Congregation Council
                   Minutes of Regular Meeting
                     Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Present: Andrea Magnuson, Karen Rine, Michael Laurin, Janet
Vanstrom, Kyle Sorenson, Kevin Sixbey, Guy Ditonto, Elaine
Rissel-Muscarella, Sharon Hamilton and Liz Wendt.

Called to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:11 p.m. by Mike
Laurin, President.

For the Good of the Council:
• Liz is starting Graduate School and will be certified in social
studies and as a Media Specialist (school librarian)
• Kyle Sorenson is starting a BBQ business and the first event will
be at the Celoron Rib Fest.

Treasurer’s Report: Sharon Hamilton reported that our offering
plate is at 20% vs. the 25% that was budgeted. She said it looks
like we lost another $17,000 in our investments. Overall we have
lost approximately $800,000 total to date which is much better
than other organizations that are more aggressively invested. Eric
noted that we rely on the Memorial Foundation for income and it
will be down next year due to the losses. The Memorial
Foundation will meet this Thursday.

Update on Pastor Billy: Pastor Billy is not coming back right
away as he is meeting with his doctors to set up a more realistic
time frame for return. The ELCA offers a Disability Plan after a
pastor is absent from work for six weeks. Pastor is discussing this
with the Synod to ascertain the parameters. Eric mentioned that as
a Council we should start thinking about a contingency plan.

Pastoral Scheduling: The following individuals have been
scheduled to date:
April 26 Robert Allport-Cohoon
May 3 Pastor Joan Brown Campbell
May 10 Bishop Marie Jerge
Sharon will help Andrea make calls. The group suggests we
schedule through the first Sunday of June. Eric brought up
Confirmation Sunday and that there are 4 students to be confirmed.
He expressed concern that the students may not know the pastor.
Kevin explained the issues regarding Communion with those who
do not meet the requirements of the Lutheran Church. Mike will
talk to Pastor Krahn to see if she is available for this Sunday and/or
the next to preside over Communion. Eric suggested we ask Beth
to put it in the newsletter about the fact that we may not have
Communion some Sundays and that it may be possible that the
Bishop empower a lay minister to perform Communion on some
Sundays. We will check with Pastor Mary Krahn to see if she is
available on Communion Sunday.

Temple Talk Volunteers: To keep the congregation informed on
Pastor Billy‟s status to address Communion issue Council
volunteers will provide updates at each service.

First House: Janet asked on what kind of budget they have. Janet
said the carpets need to be removed and suspects that there are
hardwood floors underneath. First House needs a handicapped
ramp and a handicapped restroom. The Job Corps may be able to
do both projects. Needs a good cleaning. The Senior Citizens are
interested in renting the building for at least two days weekly. The
First House group sees it as a great resource for First Lutheran in a
variety of ways. Some ideas include a place for baby and bridal
showers, knitting ministry, social evenings and many more ideas.
Kevin said we should require a certificate of insurance as an
additional insured with a waiver of segregation from outside
groups even though our insurance covers activities in First House.
Kevin suggested security deposits from those who rent. We need to
have protocol for rental of all our spaces and he is working on that
along with pricing structure.

Jim submitted a report to the Property Committee through Kyle
regarding First House. He raised issues such as disposing of the
carpet and parking. Members thought the Property Committee
should oversee the work that is to be undertaken and their budget
could cover trucking the carpet away and the handicapped
accessibility projects.

Summer Worship: Andrea began by saying that Sacred Fire
recommends two services during the summer except for the first
Sunday where we could have a combined service and the First
Breakfast. She said they spoke of offering the Traditional at 9:00
and then the Contemporary at 10:30 or the Contemporary at 9:30
and the Traditional at 10:30. One issue is that the bass player of
Sacred Fire is unable to be at church before 9:30 a.m. due to work
obligations. Offering two services helps to satisfy those who prefer
worship hour choices and worship style choices. Discussion
ensued regarding times and places for the services. Council liked
the idea of a combined traditional service for the first Sundays and
referred the issue to Worship and Music Committee for a
recommendation. Worship and Music meets this Thursday, April

Services in May: Elaine reported that Kim King sent an email
regarding the 5 Sundays in May. Kim recommended that Sacred
Fire play on May 10 and May 31 and possibly May 17th, if the
musicians were available. Les and Kim will be out of town for
their daughter Stephanie‟s wedding. Council felt that the group
should stick with the schedule.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 26, 2009.

Respectfully submitted,
Andrea L. Magnuson,

 After much deliberation, the Worship & Music Committee
       has finalized plans for the summer schedule.

   Traditional Worship will be in the Nave at 8:30 a.m.
                     Every Week

          Contemporary Worship will be in the
            Back of the parlors at 10:00 am
             on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays

On the First Sunday of the month, there will be just the
        Traditional Service at 8:30, followed by
            A light, First Sunday Breakfast

 Single’s Supper will be starting up again on May
28th at 5:00 pm. If you eat alone, come and join the
      group for fine food and good fellowship.

                SW Conference Spring Assembly
                  with our bishop, Marie Jerge!
                      Sunday May 3rd, 2009
              at Lake Chautauqua Lutheran Center

           2:45 pm Gathering with Coffee
           3:00 pm Assembly begins
           6:00 pm   Supper **

Business will include topics for the 2009 Synod
  Assembly & Church wide Assemblies, and
    congregations reporting back on their
  conversations following up our conference
               visioning session.

We hope to see the pastors and voting members for
the synod assembly at this assembly. As well we
welcome any and all interested people from each of
our congregations. Please share this info and invite
people to attend. We hope to have several there
from each congregation of our conference.

With regard to the supper, the cost is $10.00 each;
menu is Lasagna [meat or and vegetarian], Bread,
Salad, & Dessert.

We need sign ups for the supper to be called in to
Holy Trinity’s secretary, Darcy Whitney 716-488-
4235, or preferably e-mailed to by Tuesday April 21 st

                                   By Evalyn Paulson

                      Now that confirmation time has arrived
                      again, a good friend suggested that I tell you
                      about my confirmation on June 8, 1930.
                      This is my story.

As early as 1923, when I was in the third grade, we learned that
our hometown, Salamanca, had 3 railroads – the Erie, the
Pennsylvania, and the Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh (B R &
P). The city also had eleven houses of worship, but no Lutheran
church. It still has no Lutheran church.

When I became 14 years old in September 1929, my parents, John
and Augusta Jacobson, knew that I had reached the age of
confirmation. It did not take them long to figure out a way for me
to be confirmed in spite of there being no Lutheran church in town.
I could take the train on Friday afternoons to Mt. Jewett,
Pennsylvania, attend confirmation class Saturday mornings, and
return to Salamanca Saturday afternoons.

Since my father was a locomotive engineer on the B R & P
Railroad, his family was given passes for railroad travel. My
mother‟s sister, Aunt Amanda, who lived in Mt. Jewett, would be
persuaded to welcome a young guest every weekend for nine
months. Therefore, these weekend trips would be free of expense.
Figuring out the cheapest way to do anything in this year of the
Great Depression was a part of every family‟s life. And we
My father had told me to take note in the Spring of the wild
rhododendrons and azaleas that grew near the tracks, for he knew
the forest well. His normal run was from Salamanca up through the
Allegany Mountains to the top near Mt. Jewett and on to
Punxsutawney, PA.

On Fridays, on my way to Mt. Jewett, I studied my catechism
lessons to the sound of the wheels on the rails, perhaps an hour and

a half ride. Coming back down the mountain on Saturday, I had
more time to look for flowers, and animals, as well.

Our confirmation class met in the little social hall at the foot of the
Mt. Nebo church hill. We sat in a semi-circle facing Pastor Gustav
H. Bomgren. Some of my classmates were confirmed in Swedish,
and some in English, as I was. The pastor just switched from one
language to the other easily.

As you can imagine, I was not particularly overjoyed at this phase
of my life. To spend Saturday mornings in class with a group of
strangers was not something I was eager to do. But I did not
question the wisdom of my parents. To be confirmed at the age of
fourteen, was as natural a rite of passage for a Lutheran family, as
entering first grade at the age of six. I can also report that these
thirty strangers became my friends, and the memory of my
confirmation day is an outstanding day in my life. In fact, we
became so comfortable with each other that we met again in the
church to celebrate two reunions – our 50th and 60th.

On that day so long ago, an important part of the service was the
examination of the confirmands‟ knowledge of Luther‟s Small
Catechism – all five parts. Each of us was asked a question and
each responded. We were not told previously what question we
would be asked. I am certain the pastor knew the ability of each of
us to memorize. Therefore the questions must have been tailored to
the ability of each. An easy question might be: “What is the 4 th
Commandment?” or “Tell us what the 2 nd Article of the Creed is?”
or “What are the 2 sacraments observed by the Lutheran Church?”.
I do not remember what my question was, but I do recall the surge
of relief when I was able to answer the question correctly.

We sat in our usual semi-circle at the front of the church facing
Pastor Bomgren. Behind him was the wonderful altar painting,
“The Ascension”, painted by the well-known Swedish artist Birger
Sandzen. Incidentally, this painting was installed in 1929, and is
still there. Mt. Nebo church now, though, is called Nebo Chapel.

Hymns were sung, the organist at the old pump organ contributed
to the making of a joyful sound, the sermon was given, and the
service was over. We had demonstrated our faith. We had each
been given a gift from the church, The Holy Bible, with our names
printed in gold on the cover. Next Sunday would be the proper
time to take our first communion, according to the protocol of the
Augustana Synod. My old Bible I handle carefully because pieces
of the cover keep peeling off, but the hard covered catechism is
holding together well. I thumb through the little book, and note the
last sentence of the explanation of each of the three parts of the
Creed, which I repeat here: “This is most certainly true.”

On the presentation page of our Bibles, Pastor Bomgren had
written the chapter and verse number that he thought might be
important to us. On mine he wrote Psalm 119. Verse 33 reads:
“Teach me, O Jehovah, the way of thy statutes, and I shall keep it
unto the end.”

I wish I could show you my confirmation picture. Sixteen girls are
there in white dresses of various styles, reaching just below the
knee, and white stockings and shoes. Fifteen boys are dressed in
dark suits, white shirts, and ties. We look as presentable as any
class in any age. Since 1930 was one of the dismal years of the
Great Depression, I believe our trim appearance is a tribute to our
parents, who surely sacrificed and managed well in their devotion
to their children and their church.

I am glad that I have had the experience of confirmation, that I had
the unswerving strength and understanding of my parents, and that
I was able to learn at least a little of what Martin Luther so
fervently believed. I like to think that my confirmation has guided
my faith to this day.

                 MAY FRIENDSHIP DAY
                          Sponsored by:
                      Church Women United
                       Friday, May 1, 2009
                             9:00 am
                        St. Susan‟s Center
                         31 Water Street
                         Jamestown, NY

Speaker: Judy Christian Director, St. Susan‟s Center/Soup Kitchen
     Everyone is invited to bring non-perishable food items
                       for the soup kitchen.
             Offering will benefit St. Susan’s Center

                    Upcoming Youth Sundays
Youth Sunday will be on May 17th. The youth will be leading
worship at the 11:00 service.

Confirmation Sunday will be May 31st. We will be confirming 4
of our youth that day: Marcus Lindstrom, Kaitlyn Johnson,
Jennifer Wozniak and Daniel Wozniak.

Looking for Volunteers – Did you know we deliver
communion to home bound members on the first Sunday of the
month? We could use a few more volunteers to help. This is a
great way to reach out to those members who used to be active in
church, but for some reason can‟t make it here every week. Please
prayerfully consider volunteering. Call the office if you would like
to help.

               APPLY NOW to the E2CC BOCES
School of Practical Nursing at Cassadaga Job Corps Academy
               which will begin in the fall of 2009.
 A limited number of FULL FEDERAL SCHOLARSHIPS are
     You may qualify for enrollment and scholarship if you are:
                         17 ½ -24 years old
                      meet income guidelines
             a high school graduate or have your GED
     motivated to participate in a rigorous educational program
                      passionate about nursing
               able to commit to a one-year program.
    Both residential and non-residential openings are available.
   To learn more about enrollment opportunities and admission
  contact Adam Dolce, outreach and admissions counselor, at

              “Come To the Water”
                Golf Tournament
     Lutheran Benefit for the LCLC Water System

               Saturday, May 30, 2009
               Maplehurst Country Club
                 1508 Big Tree Road
                Lakewood, NY 14750

                   7 AM Registration
                    8 AM Tee Time
   Cost: $60 Includes, Golf, Cart, Hot Dogs, Soda on
   and dinner after golf @ Bethel Lutheran Church.

                 To pre-register call:
       Bethel Lutheran Church at 716-661-9050
             Shari Lake at 716-560-6458
       Sue and Sean Kilmartin at 716-665-2408

        First 32 teams so don‟t delay!
  Awards following golf along with raffles and

          Volunteers welcome to work on this
             fundraising project for LCLC.
 Even if you do not golf, we need help with planning,
  selling sponsorships, taking registrations at the golf
  course and many other miscellaneous tasks. If you
would like to help, please contact Shari, Sue, Sean or the
                      church office.
               Update Your Directory
Address Changes
        Karen Fuller – 45 Walnut Street, Jamestown
        Jeremy Anthony – 512-1/2 S. Main Street, Jamestown
        Prs. Mary Anne & William Nelson-Loefke, 1114 South Jay
Street, Aberdeen, SD 57401

The Funeral for Nels I. Gustafson was held on April 3rd 2009 in
the Falconer Funeral Home. The Rev. Daniel S. Rumfelt
officiated. Nels was born in Landskrona Sweden in 1916. He
became a member of First Lutheran Church in 1959. Nels was
employed by Proto Tool for 26 years. When he retired he spent his
time creating furniture and replicas of wild birds and gardening.
He is survived by his wife June, a son, James; and two daughters,
Diane Ricotta and Sally Parisi.

The funeral service for Lois M. Abrahamson was held on April
9th, 2009 at the Lind Funeral home. The Rev. John Saraka of
Immanuel Lutheran Church officiated. Lois was a life-long
member of First Lutheran Church, being baptized here in 1923.
She was a member of the Deaconess Circle and a member of the
Kuples‟ & Single‟s Klub. Lois worked in the gift shop of WCA
Hospital for 25 years. She was preceded in death by her husband
John whom she married in 1943.

The funeral service for Harry T. Berglund was held on April 21st,
2009 at the Lind Funeral Home. The Rev. Daniel S. Rumfelt
officiated. Harry was born in Nasult Sweden and became a
member of First Lutheran Church in 1951. He owned and operated
the former Lakeview Cabinet Company and worked as a
cabinetmaker. He was preceded in death by his wife, Katherine
and his son Leonard. He is survived by his daughter-in-law,

The funeral service for Dorothy Hodges was held on April 22 nd ,
2009. The Rev. Alan Anderson of Zion Lutheran Church
officiated. Dorothy was confirmed at First Lutheran Church in
1928. She graduated from Jamestown High School in 1933, then
worked as a typist/stenographer for the Jamestown School System
and for The City of Jamestown. She was preceded in death by her
husband, Amos. Dorothy is survived by two daughters, Cynthia
Anderson and Dawn Jenkins.

                          We extend a sincere thank you to
                               the following people:

                 Acolyte Fund in memory of:
99th Birthday Memorial of Myrtle Rahm by Sue & Pete
                Family Library in memory of:
Milan Walrod by Jim and Kathy Walrod
Elaine Shaw by Jim and Kathy Walrod
Lois Abrahamson by Barb Johnson, Mary Hubbell
Eunice Ziebart by Barb Johnson

        Ministries & Missions Endowment in memory of:
Harry Berglund by Robert Utter, David & Patricia Howard
Lois Abrahamson by Carol & William Larson, Rev. Charles &
Esther Gustafson, Rev. Ken & Dawne Soderquist, Howard &
Joanne Lundgren
Ann Gustafson by Howard & Joanne Lundgren
99th Birthday Memorial for Rose Ahlstedt by Phyllis & Sanford

Thank you, First Lutheran, for the beautiful Easter Lily.
God Bless,
Doris Bergfeldt

I want to thank you for the lovely plant of tulips and also a
most beautiful prayer shawl that Judy Rhodes brought to me
yesterday. What a wonderful surprise and what a nice visit we
had. I am so grateful for being remembered when I’m more or
less house bound. Thank you all so much and to everyone
God Bless,
Edith Maggio

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
We want to thank Marcia for the Easter plant. The pink tulips
were beautiful. Thank you so much.
Floris & Percy Allen

               May Baptismal Anniversaries
 *designates birthday when Baptismal date is unknown.
5/1     Donald Alden               * "    Timothy Merchant
   "   Harold Alden                5/3    Jana Bengtson
   "   Marcia Ayling                 "    Marilyn Wilcox
5/2    Jillian Bloomquist                 Jodie Yanik
   "   Raymon Hofgren              * "    John DePane
   "   Elaine Rissel-              5/4    John Bloomquist
             Muscarella                   Chloe Charles
  "    Bryan Rissel                 5/5   Tabatha Frederick
       Cynthia Mancari                "   Brooke Johnson
       Hannah Grey                    "   Derek Johnson
  "    Catherine Tedquist                      (Florida)
  "    Charlene Tedquist             * " Osiris Knowles
5/6    None                           5/17 Benjamin Langford
5/7    Gordon Black                     " Charlotte Langford
  "    Holly Hannon                     " Susan Mlacker
  "    Terry Smith                    5/18 Thomas Neelen
  "    Karen Zembryski               * " Timothy Town
5/8    Lee Hoyt                      *5/19 Gloria Erickson
  "    Kevin Palmquist                5/20 Kristina Brown
  "    Jane Young                     5/21 Kent Lindstrom
5/9    None                           5/22 Jeanne Carlson
5/10   Alvin Brownell                   " Howard C. Lindstrom
  "    Ian Webster                      “ Lauren Ruggerio
5/11   Robert Dies                   * " Gloria Carlson
       Adam Brown                     5/23 Julie Gable
       Aaron Brown                    5/24 Martin Swalboski
  "    Steven Eckstrom                5/25 Erik Spitzer
  "    Edward Marchincin              5/26 Sandra Sandy
  "    Mark Young                     5/27 Howard Lundgren
5/12   Kimberly Prince                  " Anna Wager
  "    Carol Marsh                      " Elizabeth Wager
* "    Patricia Lundin                     Alicea Nickerson
* "    Andrea Magnuson               * " Jean Clauson
5/13   Katherine Walrod               5/28 Vincent Femia
5/14   Eleanor Larson                   " Joanne Lundgren
  "    Pr. Kenneth Soderquist           " Darin Schulz
  "    Matthew Sorensen                 " Ginny Schulz
  "    Kristine Thomas               * " Ronald Spitzer
  "    Shelly Traver                       Dorothy Carlson
       Stephen Smith                       Ken Furcron
       Keith Miller                   5/29 None
5/15   Tad Cronin                     5/30 Craig Edstrom
  "    Heather Mlacker                  " Kristy Edstrom
  "    Joseph Nagy                      " Kaitlin Healy
* "    Melvin Reynolds                5/31 Elsie Connelly
5/16   Kristin Moore                      Gillian Ditonto
* "    Melissa Jones


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