GENERAL GOVERNMENT
1) Goal: Provide information to Board members electronically to eliminate as much paper as
      a. Policy: Establish a system of providing information to Board members by electronic
             i. Implementation:
                     1. Develop strategies for identifying and transferring information.
                     2. Identify and acquire necessary technology tools as needed.
                     3. Implement controls to ensure integrity, accuracy and reliability.
2.   Goal: Provide specific information from City Hall to the general public on the web.
          a. Policy: Establish a system for identifying and providing more information that
             could be useful to the general public by means of the web.
             i. Implementation
                     1. Develop a schedule for posting information that would benefit customers
                          or the general public - agendas, public notices, meetings, etc.
                     2. Develop a list of forms that would be useful to customers - business tax
                          and beer permit application forms, etc.
                     3. Provide information to web page supplier or develop means to update in-
                     4. Maintain adequate oversight to ensure information is kept up to date.
3.   Goal: Provide a safe and comfortable working environment for employees.
          a. Policy: Implement measures to resolve security and privacy issues and building
             structure issues.
             i. Implementation
                     1. Install locked doors with exit push bars on east entrance to restrict entry
                          and provide security for Codes Enforcement personnel.
                     2. Relocate Shelby County Clerk’s office to provide additional space for
                          city offices. Expand present workstations into lobby/county clerk area.
                     3. Install new roof on existing City Hall building and replace missing
                          ceiling tiles.
4.   Goal: Provide improved service for water account customers.
          a. Policy: Identify and develop a plan to provide easy access and convenience for
             i. Implementation:
                     1. Create public drive around building and install drive-up window for
5.   Goal: Ensure all city departments follow records retention guidelines.
          a. Policy: Establish a records department and set records standards and procedures for
             each arm of city.
             i. Implementation:
                     1. Develop and implement written policies and procedures for records
                     2. Set up monitoring system to ensure compliance.

                       PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT
1. Goal: Minimize the financial and recruitment impact of increased cost of benefits for city
       a. Policy: Seek methods of stabilizing the cost of employee benefits.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Use projected future costs to anticipate funding.
                      2. Seek alternatives to current programs and coverage.
                      3. Explore possible mandatory retirement for Public Safety employees.
2. Goal: Reduce the loss of trained and experienced employees to outside agencies by
   increasing education, training and compensation.
       a. Policy: Identify education requirements for each job description and develop a depth
           of knowledge within each department.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Require identified education requirements for promotional purposes.
                      2. Expand in house training to accommodate current employees in
                          acquiring the required skills and knowledge needed for promotion.
                      3. Establish educational incentives.
                      4. Provide funding for extensive in house training.
                      5. Create a position of training coordinator within the Personnel
                          Department to work with each department head to develop a citywide
                          education and training program that goes beyond required state and
                          federal certification programs.
                      6. Update the pay policies and procedures as needed to provide a “living
                          wage” for our employees.
                      7. Improve employee evaluation procedures.
3. Goal: Meet state and federal mandated requirements for personnel issues.
       a. Policy: Maintain standards that comply with EEOC, ADA, OSHA, TOSHA, and
           other federal and state hiring and employment practices.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Provide required education and training to all city employees and
                          elected officials regarding changes in the regulations.
                      2. Identify areas of needed improvement to insure compliance with the
                          rules and regulations.
                      3. Establish disciplinary procedures for non-compliant employees.

1. Goal: In order to effectively plan for the future of our community, we must have an
   awareness of the historical events and trends that have shaped the city.
      a. Policy: Utilize published trends, current demographic data, and past events to plan
          for future development.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Include the citizens in the planning process.
                      2. Maintain fiscal responsibility and soundness in the decision making
                      3. Study growth trends and events taking place in Tipton County.
                      4. Review state regulations with regard to the Urban Growth
2. Goal: Encourage contiguous and infill development when possible.
      a. Policy: Utilize existing infrastructure for future development.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Preserve natural resources, historical features and connected greenbelt
                      2. Maintain a positive impact on existing businesses and/or residents and
                          the character of the neighborhood as infill development occurs.
                      3. Require new growth to bear the cost of infrastructure expansion
                          and/or extension.

                          POLICE DEPARTMENT
1. Goal: Deliver appropriate police services to the citizens of Millington.
     a. Policy: Maintain adequate manpower and facilities to provide services.
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Maintain current level of funding and increase funding as demand for
                         services grows.
                     2. Provide full staffing on each shift as needed and required.
                     3. Continue utilization, upgrading and renovation of former Navy brig as
                         the Criminal Justice Complex.
2. Goal: Meet full compliance with both state and federal regulations.
     a. Policy: Maintain required certifications and standards as set out by law.
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Upgrade communications and crime reporting systems as needed.
                     2. Maintain and operate safe and humane jail facilities.
3. Goal: Effectively address drug abuse and its related crimes in our city.
     a. Policy: Address drug abuse as directly as possible using a total approach to the
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Use direct approach to attack drug problems within our community.


                              FIRE DEPARTMENT

1. Goal: Locate fire stations in most preferred sites to provide best response times and
       a. Policy: Identify and acquire sites for location or relocation of Fire Stations.
              i. Implementation:
                      1. Use MTAS services to identify future location requirements for fire
                      2. Acquire property as needed for future growth and expansion of
                      3. Establish fire facility fees to offset costs of future construction.
2. Goal: Provide well trained and adequate staffing of all fire facilities and services.
       a. Policy: Establish levels of advanced training and education to be required of all
              i. Implementation:
                      1. Establish education and/or certification levels required for hiring and
                      2. Work with Personnel Department to provide a coordinated training
                          and educational program.
                      3. Update job descriptions and pay schedules to insure appropriate and
                          adequate personnel.
                      4. Maintain adequate staffing of all services and stations.
3. Goal: Improve ISO rating.
       a. Policy: Make improvements in all areas of evaluation to improve the ISO rating.
              i. Implementation:
                      1. Improve and expand interagency communications.
                      2. Improve and enhance Fire Department operations.
                      3. Provide adequate water flow to growth areas as well as upgrade
                          existing water lines that do not provide the required amount of water.
4. Goal: Provide adequate ambulance service to our City.
       a. Policy: Continue to provide ambulance service for our citizens.
              i. Implementation:
                      1. Maintain a contract with Shelby County as long as is possible and
                          feasible to provide ambulance service to our City.
                      2. Should this contract fail:
                              a. Enter into a contract with a private company combined with
                                  other municipalities, each sharing the cost of service.
                              b. Enter into a contract with a private company.
                              c. Provide the service ourselves.
5. Goal: Purchase Fire Apparatus as needed to maintain safe operations.
       a. Policy: Develop a long-range plan for the purchase and upgrade of equipment.
              i. Implementation:
                      1. Identify current equipment that has exceeded its life expectancy.
                      2. Establish schedule and plan for purchasing new equipment.
                      3. Identify financial procedures and policies to accomplish purchase of
                          needed equipment.

                     PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT

1. Goal: Update and streamline the operations and facilities of the Public Works Department
       a. Policy: Erect an enlarged, state of the art facility to house operations of the Public
          Works Department.
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Identify appropriate site for the relocation of the Public Works
                     2. Erect a structure with at least an 8-bay shop and other required shops.
                     3. Renovate current buildings to possibly house the Water Department
                         and the Recreation Department.
       b. Policy: Update and expand operations within the Public Works Department.
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Update the current FuelMaster gas system.
                     2. Establish a purchasing division within the department to purchase
                         equipment, assign and track fixed assets and maintain inventory
                     3. Hire and train new mechanics as needed to maintain the fleet of city
                     4. Encourage all supervisors of the Public Works Department to become
                         active members of the Public Works Association.
2. Goal: Maintain and update current level of services in the Streets Division to keep up with
   the demands of newly annexed areas.
       a. Policy: Streamline operations within the Streets Division to effectively address
          future growth.
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Establish rotation schedules for paving, line painting, sweeping, etc.
                     2. Phase out mowing of private lots and place more emphasis on
                         maintaining roadsides and rights-of-way.
                     3. Consider contracting for roadside spraying.
                     4. Establish a mosquito control program with appropriate city
                         ordinances to address problem areas.
                     5. Update curbs and gutters throughout the city to comply with ADA
                     6. Purchase additional equipment as needed to maintain culverts and
                         open ditches in annexed rural areas.
                     7. Expand snow and storm debris removal and establish policies and
                         procedures for same.
                     8. Hire additional personnel as needed to operate equipment.
                     9. Expand training for all personnel in the areas of safety, HazMat, CDL
                         licensure, etc.
                     10. Utilize seasonal crews during peak summer months to help with extra
                         mowing, spraying and mosquito control.
3. Goal: Maintain and expand current flood control programs and facilities.
       a. Policy: Insure that new construction will not add additional runoff.
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Consider plans for a new retention pond located in the area of West
                         Union and Quito Road.

                     2. Update and expand the levee at Big Creek.
                     3. Install new automatic pumps on the Big Creek levee and train
                         personnel in their use and service.
4. Goal: Continue to provide adequate services to all residents and businesses by the Sanitation
      a. Policy: Provide adequate personnel and equipment to provide needed services.
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Purchase equipment as needed to provide services to newly annexed
                         and newly developed areas.
                     2. Employ personnel as needed.
                     3. Provide and training in the areas of safety, HazMat, CDL licensure,
                     4. Update city ordinances as they pertain to the Sanitation Division.
5. Goal: Continue to upgrade and extend water and sewer service.
      a. Policy: Provide adequate personnel and equipment to upgrade and extend water and
          sewer to existing and newly annexed areas.
              i. Implementation:
                     1. Review, repair and upgrade existing water lines to increase flow and
                         pressure where needed.
                     2. Review, repair and upgrade existing sewer lines to eliminate
                         infiltration where needed.
                     3. Employ personnel as needed.
                     4. Extend water and sewer lines as needed in newly annexed areas.

                      RECREATION DEPARTMENT

1. Goal: Erect and staff a suitable structure(s) for modern recreational activities.
      a. Policy: Identify an appropriate location, build a new Community/Recreation Center
           and expand program offerings.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Determine recreational services desired by the community as a whole.
                      2. Select a site for the new center and design it to meet the recreational
                          needs of the community.
                      3. Use the current center for senior activities and meetings.
2. Goal: Provide safe facilities and programs for our citizens.
      a. Policy: Identify and address maintenance, liability and security needs.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Expansion of services will require better equipment and a better way
                          of doing business.
                      2. Provide additional funding for proper maintenance and updating of
                          existing equipment and facilities.
                      3. Vandalism and theft should be addressed by adding security cameras,
                          more efficient lighting and/or park rangers.
3. Goal: Expand program offerings and venues for activities by creating new funding policies
   and relationships.
      a. Policy: Identify possible new recreational activities to be provided and implement
           them within the Recreation Department.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Establish the Recreation Department as an enterprise (fee based) fund
                      2. Some projects could be constructed using bond issues, grants or
                          through partnerships with or sponsorships by business, industry or
                          other entities.
                      3. New program offerings or facilities could include a disc golf course, a
                          regular golf course, a swimming complex or a skate park.
                      4. Establish working relationships with future corporations and/or
                          businesses to help offset the cost of new programs and venues.
4. Goal: Create new parks and venues for recreation.
      a. Policy: Purchase or acquire additional property for future growth and expansion of
           the Parks and Recreation programs.
               i. Implementation:
                      1. Work with developers to dedication of new park or recreational land.
                      2. Identify greenbelt areas and flood prone areas that can be used for
                          athletic fields and walking trails.
                      3. Establish program for connecting these greenbelt areas around the city
                          to provide extended walking, hiking and biking trails.
                      4. Seek lands to be purchased or acquired by other means that will meet
                          the future recreational needs of our citizens.
5. Goal: Provide adequate personnel to staff the recreational facilities of our city.
      a. Policy: Develop a plan of action to provide adequate staffing of all facilities.
               i. Implementation:

1. Identify new positions that will be needed and develop a job
   description for each position.
2. Establish an order of priority for hiring purposes.

                      INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT

1. Goal: Attract business and industry to improve employment opportunities and broaden the
   local tax base.
       a. Policy: Provide utilities and services to areas where businesses and industries are
               i. Implementation:
                     1. Improve access to the West Tennessee Regional Business Center and
                         the Millington Municipal Airport.
                             a. Dakar Street – Complete the 4-lane improvements to Dakar
                                  Street from Veterans Parkway to Singleton Extended.
                             b. Astoria Avenue – Complete the 4-lane improvements to
                                  Astoria Avenue between Navy Road and Dakar Street.
                             c. Singleton Extended – Upgrade and extend Singleton Extended
                                  from Navy Road to Bethuel Road.
                             d. Veterans Parkway – Complete Veterans Parkway between
                                  Church Street and U.S. Highway 51.
                     2. Extend city utilities to unserved industrial areas.
                             a. Extend existing sanitary sewer along the planned route for
                                  Singleton Extended to Bethuel Road.
                             b. Extend existing water mains along the planned route for
                                  Singleton Extended to Bethuel Road.
       b. Policy: Utilize the industrial parks and other resources to promote economic
               i. Implementation:
                     1. Update and revise the current (April 1999) “Labor Market
                         Assessment of Millington, Tennessee”.
                     2. Maintain and improve close working relationships with other
                         industrial recruiting and marketing organizations.
                     3. Revise and update all forms of marketing materials related to the City
                         and its industrial and business centers.
2. Goal: Develop a transportation and roadway system, which provides maximum safety,
   efficiency and convenience. Provide good access within, to and from Millington, as well as,
   complementing existing and proposed future land use patterns.
       a. Policy: Support programs to provide east/west access connector roads.
               i. Implementation:
                     1. Examine the possibility of connecting western Navy Road to a road
                         with a planned I-69 interchange.
                     2. Examine the possibility of connecting eastern Navy Road with State
                         Route 14 (Austin Peay Highway).
       b. Policy: Improve major roads connecting Millington with other areas of the County.
               i. Implementation:
                     1. Pursue efforts for connecting Bethuel Road to Kirby-Whitten
                     2. Pursue efforts for connecting Bethuel/Kirby Whitten to State Route
                         385 (Paul Barrett Parkway) with a full service interchange.
                     3. Pursue efforts to transfer ownership of Singleton Parkway, through
                         NSA MidSouth, to the State of Tennessee.

1. Goal: Establish a land use plan for property located on and adjacent to the Airport.
     a. Policy: Create a land use plan that makes best use of property within and adjacent to
          the Airport.
              i. Implementation:
                      1. Annex the area north and east of the airport/industrial property for
                         future expansion.
                      2. Purchase land adjacent to the Airport on the north and east sides.
                      3. Set codes for heights of structures and vegetation north of the runway
                         to the Tipton County line.
                      4. Provide easements for the City of Millington for maintenance of
                         water and sewer systems on airport property.
                      5. Transfer roads on the Airport to the City of Millington.
                      6. Create buffer zones around the airport restricting housing
                         development from approach zones.
                      7. Turn Navy Lake into a public recreational facility and fill in the west
                         lake area.
2. Goal: Establish a plan for improving the appearance of approaches to the Airport.
     a. Policy: Create a long-range plan for improvement of the appearance of the
          approaches to the Airport.
              i. Implementation:
                      1. Landscape the entrance to the Airport.
                      2. Landscape the entrance along Singleton Extended.
3. Goal: Establish a long-range plan for revenue sources and economic development.
     a. Policy: Provide a means for funding of the Airport and expanding economic
          development within its property.
              i. Implementation:
                      1. Build a new control tower to reduce the cost and maintenance of the
                      2. Upgrade and market the Fire Fighter Training Facility.
                      3. Partner with the City and the IDB to build a new ARFF/Industrial
                         Park Fire Station.
                      4. Identify revenue-producing initiatives.
                      5. Determine where supplemental income will come from to allow the
                         airport to become financially stable.
                      6. Merge IDB and the Airport Authority.
                      7. Form a joint marketing group with the City, the Chamber of
                         Commerce, IDB and MMAA to develop a marketing strategy and
                         lobbying effort.
                      8. Develop a construction and/or repair plan of roads within the Airport.
                      9. Form an environmental team to coordinate environmental actions as
                         required by federal and state regulations.


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