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					                                   SPECIAL BULLETIN
                                  (Waste Water Treatment Plant)
Dear Property Owners & Renters,

This message is intended for property owners, property owners who rent their property and those who occupy
the rented properties (i.e. everyone owning property and/or living in the community). It is imperative that you
read and study this entire bulletin. If you do indeed treasure your investment/ownership or residence in the
Country Club Townhomes community then those of you who are responsible for constantly rendering our
Waste Water Treatment Plant inoperable because you are disposing of items into your toilets for which it is
common knowledge not to do so, please start responding to this message.

Photographs which I am sure you will find unpleasant and somewhat disgusting to look at are included with this
bulletin to hopefully, once and for all, get your attention. If you do in fact find these images somewhat
repulsive, which I hope is the case, it will serve you well to also think about those who are continually having to
remove these items from filters, catch basins, pumps and clogged pipes located within the waste water treatment

The back side of this bulletin shows a message which has been circulated throughout the community many
times in recent years to no avail. While the problem did seem to subside for a short period of time the plant is
currently overwhelmed with a larger than ever influx of tampons and baby wipes. The system has been
shut down three times in the last two months. When the system is shut down it means that tampons and baby
wipes are clogging the “Settled Solids Return Line” shown and highlighted in blue in Figure 1 of the attached
schematic diagram. When the solids return line becomes plugged as shown in Figure 2, settled heavy solid
waste as opposed to clear water overflows into the chlorination tank from which it gets pumped into the lift
tank. This heavy settled sludge will typically clog and render the transfer pump inoperative as well.

Each and every time this scenario happens our plant operator has to drive here from Chino Valley, pump and
back flush the solids back into the system, clean the chlorination and lift tanks, unclog (remove the tampons and
baby wipes) from the transfer pump and clean out (remove the tampons and baby wipes) the pipes associated
with the airlift and settled solids return line. This entire effort can take from four to six hours, prevents us from
extracting a State of Arizona required water sample on that day and introduces bacteria into parts of the
treatment facility where there shouldn’t be any.

For those of you who are distant landlords, do not read your HOA mail and assign the responsibility for
your townhome over to some property management company but, get rather irate if the HOA talks to
your tenants, here is a message, if you don’t start communicating with your tenants the HOA will. Nearly
every ovulation age female living in this community is a renter and consequently, one doesn’t have to be a
genius to figure where the source of this problem most likely resides. How difficult will it be for you to rent
your property without sewage services? We all obviously lose if we don’t take care of an important
infrastructure like the sewage plant. Just to refresh your memory the cost to hook up to the Prescott Valley
sewer service three years ago was $800,000 which when divided by 76 yields a $10,526.32 special assessment
for each and everyone of us property owners. Which is easier, communicating with your tenants or coughing up
a greater than $10,000 special assessment? Think about it!


Leon Jostad
                                 COUNTRY CLUB TOWNHOMES
                               WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT

                                       Clarifier              Aeration & Stirring
                                     (No Stirring)         Promotes Bacterial Growth

        Lift              Contact
       Tank                Tank                        Settled Solids Return Line
               Transfer                                                                              Raw Sewage
                Pump                                                                                  Input Line
                                         T-6         T-5     T-4     T-3      T-2      T-1
                          Settling                 Tanks 1-5: Suspended Solids
                                                   Tank 6: Settled Solids in Bottom

           Figure 1. Normal Operation (Clear Water Goes Into Chlorine Contact Tank)

                                       Clarifier               Aeration Stirring
                                                           Promotes Bacterial Growth
        Lift              Contact
       Tank                Tank                        Settled Solids Return Line
               Transfer                                                                              Raw Sewage
                Pump                                                                                  Input Line
                                          T-6        T-5      T-4     T-3      T-2     T-1

                                                   Tanks 1-5: Suspended Solids
                                                   Tank 6: Settled Solids Fill T-6 and Overflow into System

   Figure 2. System Down! (Settled Solids Return Line Plugged With Tampons & Baby Wipes)
            Five Gallon Bucket (Results of a single clean out, all tampons)

A Half Full Thirty Gallon Trash Can (Three months collection of baby wipes & tampons)
                 TO EVERYONE LIVING IN THE

                               The Waste Water Treatment Plant

To all new and long time residents of the Country Club Townhomes Community
please be aware of the fact that we own and operate our own waste water treatment
facility (sewage plant) and it will not function properly if the following items find
their way into the drains and toilets of your home; motor oil, gasoline, paints,
varnishes, solvents, strippers, photo developing chemicals, floor wax, rug cleaners,
heavy duty cleaners, fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, eggshells, grease, coffee
grounds, tea bags, kitty litter, cigarette butts, paper towels, hair, rags, sanitary
napkins, tampons, dental floss, large amounts of bath or body oils, newspaper,
water softener backwash, drain de-clogging chemicals and large amounts of foods.
Please help protect this important resource.

The flushing of tampons and baby wipes (even those that say they are flushable) are
particularly problematic and can cause blockage in some of the passages of our
waste water treatment system. These items should never be flushed down your

                From the Homeowners Association Board of Directors

       President            Leon Jostad              (928) 775-7138
       Vice President       Steve Hunter       (928) 237-1524
       Treasurer (Acting)   Vicki Hunter     (928) 237-1524
       Secretary            Lynda Hees             (602) 373-6215
       MAL                  Raminta Jautokas            (310) 548-4279
       MAL                  Jami Tadda               (623) 780-7532
       MAL                  Roger Rubien (928) 237-1312

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