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					                                         City of Murrieta
                                Community Services Commission
                                  Minutes for June 22, 2000


The regular meeting of the Murrieta Community Services Commission was called to order at
7:07 p.m., June 22, 2000, at Murrieta City Hall by Chairman Harley Cohen.


Present were Commission Members Cathy Bearse, Jan Fletcher, Ben Getchell, and Chair Harley

Absent was Commission Member Rick Carr.


Commissioner Bearse motioned for approval of the agenda with a second by Commissioner
Fletcher. The motion carried 4-0.


Commissioner Bearse motioned for approval of the agenda with a second by Commissioner
Getchell. The motion carried 4-0.


Ms. Donna Klinger spoke on behalf of the Murrieta Marlins Swim Team by formally submitting
a request to the Community Services Commission for use of the California Oaks Sports Park
pool during the off-season. The Director of Community Services, Jim Holston, responded by
stating that the pool is to undergo a series of renovations after it closes; a completion date for the
work is unknown at this time. Depending on feasibility, the work to the pool will include
replacing the deck, installing a “trough” type skimmer system, and determining why the pool
deck itself is sinking. Director Holston suggested that the Marlins submit their request in writing
as to the dates and times the swim team would like to use the pool. Staff can provide a more
accurate answer to the request once additional information is know about the work to be done.
Community Services Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000, Page 2
Community Services Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000, Page 3


Introduction of New Commissioner, Ben Getchell
Chair Cohen formally welcomed Commissioner Getchell to the Community Services
Commission. Commissioner Getchell stated he hoped he could help Murrieta be as nice as it
could be by serving on this Commission.

Review of Park Monuments
Director Holston requested that the Commission suggest a color scheme for the new park
monuments. After a round robin discussion Commissioner Fletcher moved, seconded by Bearse,
to recommend that the color band toward the top of the monument as well as the park name be in
turquoise, that the rust color over the “M” in the Murrieta logo be used for the Murrieta logo on
the monuments, and that a rock veneer be placed on the side pillars/wings. The motion carried 4-

Commissioner Getchell asked whether any plant material will block the public’s view of the
signs. Director Holston replied that even though many signs will be placed in a shrub bed, plant
material should not affect the view of the signs since the CSD’s landscape contractor performs
maintenance on a regular basis. The public’s view of those signs placed in a turf bed will not be
blocked either since turf is mowed weekly.

Commissioner Getchell wondered whether the City’s “circle” logo could be installed on the side
pillars. Director Holston stated that such an addition cannot be considered at this time due to the
expense. The preliminary designs presented to City Council for the City entry monuments do
include the “circle” logo. Should additional funds be provided, staff can look to adding the
design at a later date.

Commissioner Bearse inquired as to the placement of the signs at the park sites. Director
Holston remarked that the signs typically will be situated at the main entrances to the facilities.
In some instances, such as at California Oaks Sports Park and Firefighters Park, two monument
signs may be required.

Commissioner Fletcher questioned whether the tile band will be installed as in the example
picture provided. Director Holston explained that a color band will be used instead of the tile
trim since it provides for the same effect, but at a considerable cost savings.

Commissioner Getchell asked as to the number of bids staff received from various vendors.
Director Holston commented that three bids were obtained, and that the low bid was chosen.

Discussion of Eucalyptus Trees at Glen Arbor Park
Director Holston provided a brief overview of how the Red Gum Lerp Psyllid is affecting the
approximately 450 Eucalyptus trees at Glen Arbor Park. This insect essentially encases itself in a
white cocoon for protection so that it may feed off of the Eucalyptus leaves, thus causing the tree
to defoliate. The tree then is weakened and susceptible to other insects, such as the Eucalyptus
Long-Horn Bark Beetle. This beetle, once established, will remain until the tree dies.
Community Services Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000, Page 4

The State of California recently released a large population of sterile wasps from Australia, the
Psyllid’s natural predator, in Orange and San Diego Counties to help combat the problem. The
current batch released should migrate to this area in two years.
Commissioner Getchell asked whether the Eucalyptus trees had any other ecological benefits
other than their beauty. Director Holston replied that no other ecological benefit is afforded by
these trees.

Commissioner Bearse wondered if the CSD removed those trees that were affected would the
remaining trees be safe. Director Holston stated that all of the trees within this grove are affected
with the Psyllid.

Commissioner Fletcher wanted to know which species would be the most suitable to reforest the
area. Director Holston said that Cottonwoods, Poplars, Willows and Alders (trees that root and
grow quickly without irrigation) would be best.

Commissioner Getchell asked what actions other cities in the same situation as Murrieta have
taken. Director Holston remarked that they are allowing nature to takes its course except for a
few valued specimens.

Chair Cohen wondered why Riverside County did not have any wasps released at the same time
Orange and San Diego Counties did. Director Holston believed that those counties that provided
money for the testing program were the ones which received the first wasp release.

Commissioner Fletcher questioned how much it would cost the CSD if every tree in the grove
were lost and the area reforested. Director Holston explained that the cost will vary, bigger trees
cost more than smaller ones to remove, but that it would be approximately $100,000 for the

Director Holston commented that a cost analysis of the various options as well as the positive
and negative effects of each option will be provided to the Commission at the next meeting so
that a recommendation may be made on how to proceed.


Parks Status - Director Jim Holston
Director Holston informed the Commission of the following:
       1.      California Oaks Sports Park is recovering from the Car Show held over Father’s
       Day weekend. The park itself held up nicely, and had only minimal turf damage.

2.     Murrieta Valley Girls Softball Association will be using all three ball fields at California
       Oaks Sports Park as well as other fields in Murrieta for two upcoming softball
       tournaments scheduled for the last weekend in June and the second weekend in July.
   Community Services Commission Minutes
   June 22, 2000, Page 5

   3.      The water in the pond at Pond Park is a little low, but has steadily increased over the last
           couple weeks. One of the pumps to the well was damaged.

   4.      A contractor working on Alta Murrieta Drive has dug-up a CSD mainline twice causing
           the turf to burn on the streetscapes.

Chair Cohen asked about the status of the water used for irrigation. Director Holston explained that
   the increase in the cost for water coupled with a drought year will force the CSD to use reserves
   in order to balance the water budget for fiscal year 1999/2000. The water companies are to
   increase the costs for water by approximately 30 percent next fiscal year. The increase in
   maxicom sites planned for next fiscal year should be able to absorb this cost since the system
   allows for better water management. Furthermore, the CSD is looking into a new drip irrigation
   system for slopes which boasts a 70 percent water savings over regular irrigation.

Discussion of Parks by Commissioners
The Commission had no new comments to make pertaining to the parks.


July 1st Birthday Bash
Director Holston reviewed the details regarding this event:
            5.     The pool, games, rides, performances, and concert are free to the public. Only
            food and items from the craft vendors will have costs involved. The water wars and dunk
            tank booths will also have a charge, but they will be run by youth leagues as a fund raiser.

   6.      The concert will begin at 5:30 p.m. “The Answer” will perform for two hours. The entire
           event should conclude around 7:30 p.m.

   Commission Getchell asked why staff scheduled the event for July 1st and not July 4th. Director
   Holston explained that the CSD is not celebrating the Fourth of July, rather it is celebrating the
   City’s “Birthday” or date of incorporation. Other factors, however, are also considered. The cost
   is very expensive to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks. The source of the funding
   would need to come from some department other than the CSD. City Council has voted down
   fireworks due to the exorbitant cost. It would be very difficult to compete for attendance with
   Murrieta not offering a fireworks display while other cities do.


   Director Holston stated that the CSD budget was approved with no cuts. The Capital
   Improvement Plan was also approved by City Council. Some of the Capital Projects to be
   worked on include developing Copper Canyon Park Phase II, constructing restrooms at
   Firefighters Park, improving Bear Valley Park, and obtaining the easements for the streetscapes
   on Rockcrest and Daphne then installing the landscaping.
Community Services Commission Minutes
June 22, 2000, Page 6

Director Holston reviewed the status of the Skateboard Park project at California Oaks Sports
Park. Preliminary drawings should be available by next Commission meeting. The Skateboard
Park is to be constructed where the mobile office trailers are located. Meetings are to be
scheduled with local resident kids to obtain their input on structures and design. The Skateboard
Park will be self policing. Park staff would be relocated to the buildings at Copper Canyon Park
(the old Joaquin Ranch Treatment Site) once construction for the Skateboard Park begins.

Commissioner Bearse moved to adjourn the meeting to July 27, 2000 with a second from
Commissioner Fletcher. The motion carried 4-0. The meeting adjourned at 9:44 p.m.

Approved this ______________________ day of _________________________, 2000.


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