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Courtney McKean


									                                     Courtney McKean

                             E-LEARNING DEVELOPMENT SPECIALIST

Creative design professional with over 10 years experience scoping, producing, directing
engaging interactive E-Learning content. Extensive experience building and managing robust
enterprise-wide Learning Management Systems and integrate E-Learning content and new
media. Effectively managed cross departmental project teams, vendors and internal
customers while assessing learning needs, goals and objectives to design targeted content.
Areas of expertise include:

  ▪   Leadership Training Series                  ▪   Patient Safety
  ▪   Microsoft Desktop Training                  ▪   Radiation Safety
  ▪   Joint Commission Preparation                ▪   Recognizing and reporting abuse
  ▪   HIPAA Privacy and Security                  ▪   Respiratory Etiquette
  ▪   Quality and Risk Mgmt                       ▪   Safety Management
  ▪   Tuberculosis Exposure                       ▪   Violence in the Workplace
  ▪   Utilities Management                        ▪   Emergency Preparedness
  ▪   Electrical & Medical Equipment Safety       ▪   Back Safety
  ▪   Workers’ Compensation & Injury Reporting    ▪   Hazardous Communication
  ▪   Infection Control                           ▪   Blood borne Pathogens Standards
  ▪   Clinical Systems Training                   ▪   Annual Corporate Responsibility Training
  ▪   New Hire Assessment                         ▪   HIM Coding Compliance
  ▪   Blackberry Training                         ▪   Admissions and Registration
  ▪   Age Specific Competencies                   ▪   Fraud and Abuse Regulatory Environment
  ▪   CPR Physician Training                      ▪   Information Technology Training
  ▪   Laboratory Compliance                       ▪   Emergency Medical Treatment

                                       SOFTWARE TOOLS

  ▪   Adobe Flash CS4                             ▪   Adobe Photoshop CS4
  ▪   Actionscript 2.0                            ▪   Captivate 3.0
  ▪   Dreamweaver                                 ▪   Sorenson Squeeze
  ▪   Vegas Video                                 ▪   Sound Forge
  ▪   Freehand/Illustrator                        ▪   HTML, JavaScript, SCORM and AICC
  ▪   Camtasia                                    ▪   Webex, Microsoft Live Meeting
  ▪   Podcasts

                                 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

PCA SKIN INC, Scottsdale, AZ                                      June 2009 - Aug 2009
Professional Skin Care treatments and sophisticated home care formulations.
E-Learning Developer
Reported to director of education and company program manager

      ▪ Plan strategic vision, scope logistics, scheduling and coordination of eLearning
      ▪ Plan, design and produce eLearning courses and post-training surveys
      ▪ Plan fiscal and cross-departmental resources for eLearning program
      ▪ Plan global distribution of WBTs and ILTs
      ▪ Develop LMS as global training delivery system
      ▪ Select, setup and administer LMS
      ▪ Integrate Customer support systems, ERP and eCommerce with LMS
DAUGHTERS OF CHARITY HEALTH SYSTEM, Redwood City, CA                      Jan 2005 – Feb 2009
Six non-profit Catholic hospitals located throughout California. Est. $6 billion in revenue
E-Learning Development Analyst, Reported to Director, Medical IS and Technology Medical
Systems and Director of Informatics and Education

▪ Built or edited over 150 E-Learning training modules for Clinical, Compliance, Systems,
  Leadership, Mission integration and more
▪ Saved over $500k by eliminating unnecessary Instructor-led trainings and converting
  Instructor-led compliance training to web-based trainings
▪ Increased system-wide online training utilization by 3000% from FY 2007 to 2008
▪ Improved patient care by removing the need for nurses to leave their stations to take a class
  but provide availability at their stations or available from home
▪ Cut over $10,000+ annual travel costs by using online meetings to replace in-person
▪ Created additional classroom space by building innovative networked “mobile” portable
▪ Nominated for design award for innovative user-interface for Learning Management System
▪ Cut production time of e-Learning modules in half by adding new easy-to-use software
▪ Received accolades by leadership for innovative Mission integration modules to teach mission
  and values
▪ Built on-demand reporting for “just in time” Joint Commission accountability
▪ Developed advanced New Hire Assessment Modules to screen new hires and applicants
▪ Planned, designed user-interfaces and implemented enterprise-wide learning management
  system ( Managed user integration with Infor HCM Infinium HR system.
▪ Created and managed content for four enterprise-wide Intranet websites
▪ Corporate compliance modules made more interesting, engaging and easy to use

DIGITAL-X Sunnyvale, CA                                                    2004
E-Learning Department Manager and Media Developer
Consultant for online, web and multimedia. Flash and streaming media designer. Developed E-
Learning for internal and external use.

     ▪ Created innovative flash-based training modules for commercial companies such as
       Real Estate and Pharmaceuticals
     ▪ Created flash-based marketing content for internal corporate website
     ▪ Designed and created unique and innovative Web-based, CD-based instructional
       Modules including those with simulated voice

HEWLETT-PACKARD CORPORATION Cupertino, CA                            1998 - 2003
Media Solutions Department. Project Manager. Web, Multimedia, Flash Designer. E-
Learning technician and trainer.

     ▪ Facilitated, trained and supported eLearning-based meetings for upper management
     ▪ Improved communication by HP CEO by setting up webcasts for Executive Dept.
     ▪ Enhanced use of HP Internal Portal by designing interactive flash-based promotions
     ▪ Increased department productivity by building a cohesive team of training assistants
     ▪ Redesigned intranet sites for enterprise-wide internal HP clients. Provided on-going
       service, support and design updates.
     ▪ Refined look and feel of HP’s highly visible TCE (Total Customer Service) website.
       Collaborated with upper management teams to improve content delivery
     ▪ Award for outstanding design of HP’s MarketInfo user-interface and branding
     ▪ Created new revenue sources by pioneering new technical innovations
    ▪ Designed installation software user-interface for new HP Home-networking product
      sold in COMPUSA stores
    ▪. dept Improved user-interface for HP.COM’s Canadian website

C-CHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS San Rafael, CA                           1995 - 1997
Consultant. Web, Multimedia, Flash Designer. E-Learning technician and trainer.

  ▪ Simple, easy to understand presentational designs to explain complicated change
    management solutions by internal consulting teams
  ▪ Clients included Chrysler, Motorola, Ford Motor Company, State Farm, various Petroleum
  ▪ Acknowledged for unique, large scale presentational designs including charts and graphs
    to explain change management


San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.
Bachelor of Arts, Film
▪ UCSC Extension, School of Management, Project Management Degree Program
▪ HP Project Management Training, Cupertino, CA ▪ Center for Electronic Arts Advanced Flash
  Development ▪ Crystal Reports Training

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