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The Toolbox Overfloweth
    Chris J. Lindberg
    Lisa Gardner

         Los Alamos National Laboratory
     Computing, Information & Communications
“Computers are the tools of the devil. It is
 as simple as that. There is no
 monotheism strong enough that it
 cannot be shaken by Unix or any
 Microsoft product. The devil is real. He
 lives inside C programs.”
                              Philip Greenspun
                  Professor of Computer Science, MIT

  Standardization   process at LANL
      Process
      Implementation
  What tools LANL uses and their pros
   and cons
      Text Editors
      Basic WYSIWYG
      Advanced WYSIWYG
  Tips   on choosing the right tool
Standardization: Process

   1993  Information Architecture formed
   1997 Last review of HTML Editors
   Teams comprised of employees with
    topical interest
       determine requirements
       recommend applications
       review applications against
        requirement list
Standardization: Implementation

   IA Standard is written and distributed
    via the Web
   Products are made available via
    Electronic Software Distribution
   Training classes are developed or
   Support provided electronically
What is an Editor?

   Text   Editor
       Generally robust tools that come with
        system, or free/shareware
          SimpleText,WordPad, vi
          BBEdit (Some HTML tools included),
   WYSIWYG  Editor
       Graphical interface allowing user ease
          FrontPage,Dreamweaver, HomeSite,
           Adobe GoLive
What’s in Our Toolbox

   Text   Editors
       BBEdit (Mac)
       WordPad, HomeSite (PC)
       VI Emacs
   Basic   WYSIWYG
       FrontPage 98
   Advanced    WYSIWYG
       Dreamweaver (Mac, PC)
Advantages of HTML Editors
     Completes HTML           Varying degrees of
      for you                   WYSIWYG display
     Checks and verifies       in your Web page
      syntax in your           Correct mistakes in
      HTML and typos in         existing HTML
      your text                 pages
     Attributes are easy      Easy to use special
      to add (click a           characters
Disadvantages of HTML Editors
     Some don’t support      Take up more disk
      all forms, frames,       space and more
      and tables               memory
     More difficult to       Some add
      learn and less           proprietary
      intuitive than           information
      promised                Some reformat
     Cost money               code
Microsoft FrontPage 98

   Advantages
       Excellent tool for the beginner or
        occasional user
          Contains   familiar tool bar interface
       Excellent for importing Word, Excel
        and PowerPoint files
Microsoft FrontPage 98

   Advantages     (continued)
       Comes with templates, themes, and
        wizards to help build site
       Internal JavaScripts (“Components”)
        for animation, actions, and interactivity
Microsoft FrontPage 98

   Disadvantages:
       Re-writes HTML
       Templates & themes can create a
        “canned, unoriginal” look
       JavaScript not easily editable
       Must publish to FrontPage Server for
        best results
          Does   not work on Unix servers
       Site management tool not intuitive
Macromedia Dreamweaver 2.0

  Advantages:
      Creates clean, well formatted HTML
      Does not reformat your original code
      Full featured
         AddJavaScript, DHTML, and other
         advanced features
Macromedia Dreamweaver 2.0

  Advantages: (continued)
      Will create substitute pages for older
       browsers and redirects as needed
      Check-in Check-out useful for team
      Works cross-platform (Mac – Windows)
Macromedia Dreamweaver 2.0

  Disadvantages:
      Confusing multi-window application
      Relatively young software - buggy
      Site management tool not intuitive
         Possible   to save files incorrectly
      Site information lost if computer
       crashes before application is quit
      Some JavaScript seems over done
      Caching problem causes system

  Advantages:
      Integrates with Dreamweaver
      Creates clean HTML code (does not
       change your code)
      Easy to use - has shortcut buttons,
       wizards and scripts
      Can access the server directly and
       make changes
      Established software in the

  Disadvantages:
      Not a novice users tool
      No WYSIWYG view
      HTML knowledge required

  Advantages:
      Powerful Set of HTML tools
      Later versions integrate with
       Dreamweaver and other Applications
      Extensive list of customizable list of
  Disadvantages:
      No WYSIWYG view
      Not cross platform (Mac only)
      FTP tools does not support SSH
Tips for Your Toolbox

   Choose    the appropriate tool for the job
       Novice: is the tool intuitive?
       Intermediate - Advanced : does not
        alter code, customization possible,
        advanced features
   Considercompany focus: suite or
Tips for Your Toolbox (cont.)

   Compatibility   with server and other
   Cost for software and training: can you
    afford it?
   Support structure: is there one in
       List or news server
       Web based information
       Tech Support

 Los Alamos National            Laboratory

 LANL Information Architecture Site

 Microsoft FrontPage
Resources (Continued)

   Macromedia       Dreamweaver 2.0

   Bare Bones Software BBEdit

   Allaire Homesite