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Services Overview                          Support Staff Training           363
The Center’s automation curriculum         Office Reception: Skills in an
reflects requests from counties.           Automated Environment

                                           Microsoft Works Training           364
Contents                                   Basic Microsoft Works User Training
Management Training           359          Advanced Microsoft Works
Doing Business Differently                 User Training

Planning the Automated
Environment                                Related Training
Training for Staff                         The eligibility section includes
Development Personnel              360     additional workshops on automation
                                           for eligibility staff.
Training for Automation

Cross-Functional Training            360
Demystifying Computers
Automation Project Implementation

Training for Supervisors           361
Leading the Implementation of
The Supervisor’s Role in Assisting
Workers with CalWIN
Tools for Successful Supervision
in CalWIN
The Supervisor as Coach in
the Automation Process
Supervising in an Automated

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                                          Planning the Automated
  Management                              Full day

  Training                                Automation affects the agency’s physi-
                                          cal work environment, including office
                                          arrangements, furniture design, termi-
                                          nal configurations and security issues.
                                          This workshop is designed for top and
Doing Business Differently
                                          middle managers involved in staffing
Full day                                  and facilities planning.
Designed for top and middle managers,     Topics include
this course focuses on agency opera-
                                          n the who, what and where of plan-
tions changed by automation and the
                                              ning the automated environment
management skills needed to implement
                                          n   determining and allocating resources
new ways of doing business.
                                          n   space needs, issues and designs
Topics include                            n   ergonomics policy
                                          n   workers’ compensation issues
n gauging the impact of automation
  on agency operations                    As a result of this workshop, partici-
n planning how business will be           pants develop a plan that addresses the
  different as a result of automation     impact of automation on the agency’s
n assessing and implementing              physical surroundings.
  program and staffing changes
n preparing staff for their
  changing roles
Participants learn effective management
practices for assessing and meeting
operational needs during the automa-
tion process.

                                                                  Automation 359
    Training for Staff
    Development                                Cross-Functional
    Personnel                                  Training

Training for Automation                    Demystifying Computers
Full day                                   Full day
This workshop focuses on the training      This hands-on course is designed to
needed to make an automated envi-          introduce staff to computers and the
ronment work. It is designed for staff     challenges and issues related to
development personnel and training         automated systems.
                                           Topics include
Topics include
                                           n an introduction to computer
n designing and implementing a                 terminology
    training plan                          n   hardware and systems
n   preparing staff for automation         n   computer keyboard characteristics
n   developing the training facility       n   computer applications
n   training techniques and tools          n   impact of computers on staff
n   stress management in the classroom         functions
n   incorporating automation training
                                           By learning more about computers, staff
    into ongoing training programs
                                           will better understand the benefits of
As a result of this workshop training      automation and accept the challenges of
staff can develop a training strategy to   conversion.
prepare staff for the transition to—and
maintenance of—an automated system.

360   Automation
Automation Project
Implementation Teams
Full day                                         Training for
As an agency prepares for automation,
the on-site staff of the project implemen-
tation team faces a variety of unique
and challenging tasks. This workshop
is designed to help project implementa-
                                             Leading the Implementation
tion teams plan for the steps necessary
to successfully integrate automation into    of Automation
the agency.                                  Full day
Topics include                               Supervisors must become experts on
n   worker needs assessment                  change and its effects on workers, as
n   site preparation and analysis            well as skilled in generic services and
n   project management teams                 automation techniques. This course is
n   multi-program training                   designed for middle- and first-line
n   team building                            supervisors who will lead their work
n   cross-agency partnerships                groups in implementing automation.

Participants learn how to develop            Topics include
practical implementation plans for           n   identifying needed changes
new and updated systems.                     n   impact of automation on staff
                                             n   problem solving
                                             n   decision making
                                             The methods learned allow participants
                                             to manage the conversion process, use
                                             creative problem-solving techniques,
                                             and apply new decision-making tech-
                                             niques in their work groups.

                                                                     Automation 361
The Supervisor’s Role in                     Tools for Successful
Assisting Workers with                       Supervision in CalWIN
CalWIN Implementation                        Full day
Half day or full day                         This workshop will review the tasks
This course will explore the role of the     that supervisors perform when review-
supervisor as a coach in the essential,      ing and managing employees. It will
practical and behavioral skills needed       validate that the same tasks can be
by staff who are transitioning from the      performed in an automated system.
Case Data System to the new CalWIN           Topics include
                                             n using CalWIN to plan daily activities
Successful implementation of new             n setting up and resolving alerts
systems of work can be affected by           n step-by-step process for case
resistance, high emotions, frustration         reviewing
and anxiety. This workshop will pro-         n creating a supervisor action plan
vide supervisors with key concepts and       n developing troubleshooting skills
techniques to help transition their own
thinking patterns—and those of their         As a result of this class, participants
staff—in ways that encourage them to         learn strategies and application of the
focus on meeting current and future          tools and techniques needed to lead
challenges of CalWIN implementation.         their units to a successful performance
                                             of their jobs in CalWIN.
Topics include
                                             Note: This workshop is structured to
n helping workers understand and             be presented in a computer laboratory
    adjust their thinking around system      setting.
n   preparing yourself as a supervisor
    for CalWIN teaching/mentoring
n   assessing yourself in systems
    training and personal
n   understanding emotional intelligence
    in transition and learning
n   developing supervisory interventions
    for behavioral challenges
As a result of this course, supervisors in
CalWIN will have a greater understand-
ing of the self-development they may
need, as well as ways to effectively work
with their staff during the extended
period of CalWIN implementation and
Note: This is not a technical training
course on the CalWIN system.

362   Automation
The Supervisor as Coach in
the Automation Process
Full day                                      Support Staff
This workshop helps supervisors
develop skills for coaching and support-
ing their work groups in learning, main-
taining automation skills and dealing
with constantly changing systems.
                                            Office Reception: Skills in
Topics include                              an Automated Environment
n   assessing workers’ skills               Full day
n   identifying training needs
n   creating a learning environment         Because they see clients first, reception
n   supporting automation training          staff members set the tone for client
n   providing reinforcement training        service. Under automation, receptionists
                                            may also screen clients and begin data
As a result of this workshop supervisors    input. This workshop will help office
will better understand their coaching       reception staff develop the people and
role in the conversion process and know     computer skills necessary for their job
how to develop learning plans for their     responsibilities.
work groups.
                                            Topics include
Supervising in an                           n automation’s impact on office

Automated Environment                         reception duties
                                            n the computer as a tool to screen
Full day                                      clients
                                            n communication skills
This workshop helps supervisors under-
                                            n problem-solving skills
stand their roles and develop skills to
meet the demands of automation.             As a result of this workshop, office
Topics include                              reception staff members will feel
                                            confident about their new job respon-
n what to do when you don’t need to         sibilities under automation and will
    do 100 percent case reviews             develop skills for managing their job
n leadership and team building              duties successfully.
n problem-solving and counseling
n using computers for documentation
    and evaluation
As a result of this workshop, supervisors
develop the leadership, interactive and
evaluative skills necessary for leading a
generic and automated unit.

                                                                    Automation 363
                                            Advanced Microsoft Works
                                            User Training
    Microsoft Works                         Full day

    Training                                This advanced training emphasizes
                                            more complex Works processes and
                                            special features in the software.
                                            Topics include
Basic Microsoft Works User
                                            n   advanced word processing skills
Training                                    n   Works Wizards
Full day                                    n   clip art and word art
                                            n   basic database skills
This training provides an overview
and hands-on introduction to Microsoft      Upon completion of this training partici-
Works.                                      pants can complete more complicated and
                                            advanced tasks in word processing and
Topics include                              use many of the special features of Works.
n operating in a Windows computer
n   learning basic word processing skills
n   editing documents
n   using clip art
n   introduction to databases
Upon completion of this training partici-
pants will have basic word processing
skills and understand how Microsoft
Works can simplify some job duties.

364   Automation

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