THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Minutes of the special meeting by Levone




      Minutes of the special meeting of the Senate held in the Senate Room, University,
                      Nedlands on Monday, 25 August 2003, at 4.00 pm


The Chancellor (Dr K C Michael) in the Chair, the Vice-Chancellor and President (Professor D
M Schreuder, Mr A Allan, Dr S Bunt, Clinical Professor L A Cala, Mr P Clifton, Mr D Griffiths,
Professor D Haskell, Dr A J Howarth, Mrs J Jones, Mr S Millman, Professor C Praeger, Dr T I
Quickenden, Ms M Robinson, Mr L G Rowe, Ms E Smyth, Mrs C Tang.

By Invitation: student member elect (Mr R Batchelor), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Professor
A Robson), the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Community and Development) (Professor M Seares), the
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)(Professor C McLeod), the Executive Director
(Academic Services) and Registrar (Mr P W Curtis), the Acting Executive Director (Finance
and Resources) (Mr M Altus), the Deputy Warden of Convocation (Mr M Zilko),
the President of the Academic Staff Association (Associate Professor C Whitehead), the
President of the Community & Public Sector Union (Mr J Wintle), the Director of Public Affairs (Mr
C Campbell-Fraser), the Director, Legal Services (Mr K Heitman), the Executive Officer, Vice-
Chancellery (Ms E Nixon).

Mrs J Massey as Secretary.


The Pro Chancellor (the Hon Justice C Wheeler), Mr S Ford, Ms G Gooding.


The Chair welcomed Mr Mark Altus, Acting Director (Finance and Resources) to his first
meeting of Senate.


The Chair invited members to declare interests in relation to any item on the agenda.

Two members declared an interest in relation to Item 12 on the agenda. It was agreed that
when discussion of this item commenced, the members concerned would determine if it was
appropriate for them to withdraw depending on the nature of the discussion.


The Chair advised that as there were a few outstanding technical issues still to be addressed
in relation to the location of a thermal storage tank in the courtyard between the Physics and
Geography Buildings, it was proposed to seek approval to amend Resolution 117 to indicate
that it was “subject to resolution of technical issues affecting research undertaken in the
Physics Building”. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor advised that the Office of Facilities
Management was confident that it would be able to address satisfactorily the concerns which
had been raised.


that the Minutes of the meeting held on 28 July 2003 be confirmed, subject to

     Item 7.2 being amended to read as follows:

“Adjunct/Clinical Appointments - George Lipson to read George Lipton
 Head of School Appointments - Professor David Badcock (Psychology) from 1 January
                                 2003 to 30 June 2003

                                  - Associate Professor Mike Anderson (Psychology) from 1
                                    July 2003 to 31 December 2006.”

       Resolution 117 being amended by the following insertion at the beginning of the
        Resolution: “subject to resolution of technical issues affecting research undertaken in
        the Physics Building”.



that the candidates named below be admitted to their respective degrees:

     Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery         ..    Bartolomiej Marcin TYSZKA

     Doctor of Philosophy                                 ..    Gemma Kate GRAHAM
                                                                Rodney Quinton HARRISON
                                                                Katherine Rosemary O'BRIEN
                                                                Anne O'DONNELL
                                                                Karen Teresa REILLY
                                                                Mark Giles WHITTEN

that the candidates named below, be awarded their respective certificates:

     Graduate Certificate in Information             ..        Lubomir Dimitrov TCHERVENKOV

     Graduate Certificate in Management              ..        AHMAD Yacob
                                                               ANG Ming Chuang
                                                               ANG Thiam Guan
                                                               ATAL Paul Talay
                                                               BOON Teck Soon
                                                               CHAN Chee Wei
                                                               CHAN Keng Seong Raymond
                                                               CHENG Hiap Choon
                                                               Derrick CHEW Kiat Kyoon
                                                               CHIA Choon Beng
                                                               CHOW Wai Yein
                                                               CHUA Kwong Hwee Alphonsus
                                                               CHUA Yong Chin
                                                               Anthony M DE JACOLYN
                                                               DE ZILVA Linnaeus Clinton
                                                               ER Chuen Hoe
                                                               GOH Beng Ngan Percival
                                                               GOH Eng Shuh Daniel
                                                               GOH Yeow Kiang
                                                               Abdul Nasir Bin HUSSAIN
                                                               JONG Sing Peng
                                                               KHOO Boo Keng
                                                               KOH Chia Chee
                                                               KOH Hwai Tong
                                                               KOH Wee Ming
                                                               KOO Lek Hun
                                                               KUP Yanto Setiono
                                                               Peter LAW Yeow Choong
                                                               LAW Yong Kiang
                                                               LEE Boon Poh Joachim
                                                               LEE Hock Hua
                                                               LEE Kien Tian
                                                               LEE Kok Boon
                                                               LEE Yick Seong Ignatius
                                                               LEONG Chee Kheong

     LEONG Khum Keong Vincent
     LEONG Weng Wai
     LIAU Wai Chee
     LIM Chee Peng
     LIM Kwang Eng
     LIM Say Oon David
     LIM Siong Tiong
     LIW Chew Woon Jackie
     LOW Thye Poh Jeffrey
     LOY Wee Jin
     LUM Chee Ming Geony
     Michael Roderick LWIN
     John Brendan McLEAN
     MEHAR Mukesh Muni
     M Hamarian Bin MOHAMAD
     NEO Kim Hang
     NG Boo Han
     NG Cher Kee
     NG Hock Sing
     NG Kheng Heong Ernest
     NG Kok Wah
     ONG Kai Sin
     ONG Yoke Lam
     OWE Kok Beng
     PANG Kenneth Pei Hsien
     PECK Kong Wah
     PHAY Nai Yang Luis
     PIYAKAPHO Pratuang
     POH Eng Heng
     S Arulmurugan
     SIEW Hoi Kok Daniel
     SIM Yeow Leong
     Star SOH
     TAN Ah Kheng
     TAN Chee Hiang
     TAN Chee Kiong Daniel
     TAN Chee Yong
     TAN Kay Kian
     TAN Kok Whee
     TAN Pin
     TAN Yang Kiat
     TAN Yik Louis
     TANG Kar Kee
     TANG Seck Kay
     TAY Boon Chong
     TAY Thein Seng
     Shannon TEO Chai Keng
     TEO Chian Soon Andrew
     TEO Lee Heng
     TEY Lian Cheong Maverick
     THAM Tiem Foo
     Ramesh TIWARI
     WEE Yiap Seng Samuel
     WONG Khiong Peng Patrick
     WONG Weng Kong
     YAP Kok Boon
     YEAP Hong Kiat
     YEO See One
     YEO Yew Kuan


4.1       Item from the Meeting of the Academic Council held on 2 July 2003


to approve the conversion of existing major sequences into the following programmes in the
Bachelor of Engineering effective 2004:
       Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Mineral Processes Systems Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Systems Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Oil and Gas Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology Engineering)
       Bachelor of Engineering ( Applied Ocean Science Engineering).

4.2       Report of Decisions taken by Academic Council by Circular

4.2.1 Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences – Introduction of Bachelor of Science (Green
      Chemistry) – Ref F5023


(i)     to approve the replacement of the Bachelor of Science (Industrial Chemistry) with the
        Bachelor of Science (Green Chemistry) effective 2004;

(ii)    to approve the consequential addition and deletion of the programmes in the Schedule to
        the Courses Regulations.

4.2.2 Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences – Proposed introduction of Graduate Diploma in
      Surgical Anatomy


 (i) to approve the introduction of a Graduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy effective 2004;

(ii)    to approve the addition of the course to the Schedule to the Courses Regulations.


Senate noted the following information on appointments, promotions and awards of tenure, in
accordance with Senate Resolution 274/00:

Professor Michael Millward had accepted the offer of appointment as Professor in Clinical
Cancer Research in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and had commenced duties on 24
July 2003.

Promotion to Associate Professor

Associate Professor Dr Lin Fritschi (School of Population Health)

Award of Tenure

Mr Paul Coram (School of Economics and Commerce)

Promotion to Lecturer

Dr Tomoko Nakamatsu (School of Social and Cultural Studies)


Members noted that the following Annual Reports had been received and could be read in the
Vice-Chancellery on request:
         Tectonics Special Research Centre – 2002
         Centre for Intelligent Information Processing Systems - 2002

The annual report for the UWA Press was tabled. It was noted that, given the size of the
Press, its achievements were remarkable and it was an excellent ambassador for the


to extend the Senate’s congratulations to the UWA Press for its outstanding achievements
during 2002.

7.       SENATE PROGRAMME FOR 2003 – REF 5383

Senate noted that the major topic “Funding Issues” listed on the Senate Programme for 2003
for the August meeting of Senate would now be presented for discussion at the September


Members had before them the Report of the Vice-Chancellor and President dated 25 August

Senate noted with regret the death of Mr Ian Drakeford, who was General Manager of the
UWA Press from 1992-1998. Mr Drakeford and his wife Janine had a long association with
the Press as their company Benchmark Publications produced many award winning
publications for UWA Press. Senate also noted with regret the death of Mr Harry Protoolis
who died tragically in a plane crash at Jandakot Airport recently. Mr Protoolis was a valued
member of the Industry Advisory Board of the School of Computer Science and Software

The Vice-Chancellor drew attention to his written report and provided further details in relation
to the AVCC’s Annual Retreat and Plenary, held in Broome in July, which had focussed on
governance and indigenous issues. He thanked the Chancellor for attending and hosting the
formal dinner at which the Governor was the guest speaker. He thanked also Dr Tony
Howarth, for his talk on governance. The Vice-Chancellor noted that the issue of governance
had flowed through to the meeting two weeks later of Australian Chancellors, chaired by Dr

The Vice-Chancellor informed members that the AVCC and the University had been active in
discussing higher education reform with politicians from all the major parties and in lobbying
for favourable outcomes for the sector. The need for reform was also the theme of a recent
article by the Vice-Chancellor in the Financial Review.

It was noted that a report on the recent audit visit by the Australian Universities Quality
Agency would be dealt with under a separate item.

In the course of discussion the Vice-Chancellor responded to a question concerning the
inclusion of CSIRO in the Research Collaboration Review. The Vice-Chancellor and
Chancellor also advised that once a further progress had been made on the development of a

collective sector view on governance, relevant documents would be brought to Senate. In the
meantime, the Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor were happy to share literature on governance
currently available and to discuss issues with individual Senators.

In conclusion the Chancellor stated that he would like to place on record Senate’s
appreciation of Dr Tony Howarth’s participation in the AVCC Retreat. He also wished to
recognise the excellent organisational arrangements for the Retreat made by Shelley
McAlpine and her office.

         REF F2092

Members were aware that during the period 10-13 August a panel of auditors from the
Australian Universities Quality Agency had visited the University in order to talk to a wide
range of staff, students and community representatives, including a number of Senate
members and observers.

The Chancellor invited those who had been interviewed by the panel to comment briefly on
their experience. The Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor then gave members a
verbal debriefing on the audit visit, noting that it had been very positive.

They commended all staff who had been involved in the visit, in particular Dr Campbell
Thomson, the planning group, the executive officers to the five working parties, and Ms Lisa
Nixon who had co-ordinated the panel interviews.

In conclusion the Chancellor reiterated the previous speakers’ thanks to all those involved.


The Deputy Vice-Chancellor reported briefly on the recently released Australian Labor Party
(ALP) policy on higher education entitled Aim Higher.

The main features of the ALP policy were summarised in attachment B to the agenda which
noted that the two issues of most immediate concern to UWA were:

       the ALP’s opposition to the Commonwealth Grants Scheme, with statements about “no
        University will be worse off” under Aim Higher, which implied that there would be no
        correction of over- and under-funding in the current Operating Grants;

       the funding of current over-enrolments (marginally funded enrolments) at full rates
        which might imply maintaining the current distribution of those over-enrolments.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor drew attention to the welcome proposal from the ALP to index
Commonwealth funding. However, he noted that it was difficult to assess the impact of the
package without further details, but that it was pleasing to observe that both major political
parties appeared persuaded of the need for reform.

In the course of discussion, the Vice-Chancellor and members of the Executive provided
members with details of ongoing discussions with and representations to politicians of both
major parties. It was noted that whilst there might be some willingness to negotiate on some
issues, the extent of possible trade-offs was not known. Efforts were also being made to
emphasise policies which would be beneficial for the state as a whole, not just for UWA. At
the same time, work was proceeding on financial modelling for UWA under various scenarios
and the outcomes would be transmitted to Senate in October through the External
Environment Committee.

Members expressed support for the action being taken by the Executive. It was agreed that
the Executive would keep Senate informed of progress.


Members had before them a copy of the University’s submission to the Senate (Carr) Inquiry
into the Federal Government’s package of reforms as set out in Our Universities - Backing
Australia’s Future, together with a minute extract from the External Environment Committee
meeting of 13 August. The Chancellor drew attention to additional documents tabled, namely
the AVCC’s media release and submission on welfare reform and the University of Sydney’s
Senate Resolution concerning scholarship support for disadvantaged students.

The Vice-Chancellor thanked the Registrar for his preparation of the document which was in
accordance with the University’s original Crossroads submission. He referred in particular to
sections 4 and 8 of the document which dealt respectively with UWA’s opposition in principle
to full cost fees for Australian students and with the University’s support for Commonwealth
Learning Scholarships which was overlaid with concern that these scholarships would be
assessed as income by the Department of Family and Community Services. The Vice-
Chancellor emphasised that the University wished to reserve its position on a number of
policy areas until the details of proposed legislation were available.

Members expressed satisfaction with the minor changes made to the document by the
Registrar following discussion by the External Environment Committee.

On the matter of fees for Australian students, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor observed that
UWA’s argument was that there was always a public benefit to higher education. In response
to a query, the Registrar advised that when Senate had previously opted not to introduce fee-
paying undergraduate places, the particular scheme under consideration had only an upfront
payment option whereas the currently proposed FEE-HELP included a loan repayment
option. Whilst some other universities had formed positions relating to the current proposals
for fee-paying places, UWA had deliberately postponed developing any final position until full
details of the legislation were available.

In concluding the item, the Chancellor noted that Senate might wish at a future meeting to
consider passing a resolution on the scholarships issue. The Chancellor commended the
Executive for maintaining the dialogue with the Government and continuing to promote
policies which would be of benefit to the state and UWA.

                             ITEM TAKEN IN CLOSED SENATE

One item was taken in closed Senate, namely –

12.   Commercialisation Issues

Details of the consideration of this item are contained in the Minute Book.


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