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									September 2000                                                                     Volume 2000-2001

                         D er by C ity D is c l o s ur es
                                IIA Louisville Chapter
         MONTHLY MEETING                                    PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                       Dear Members,
  E-commerce…things that make you go
              hmmm !                                   The chapter year is off to a good start, thanks to the work
                                                       of the members of our committees who have worked so
Date:     Tuesday September 12, 2000                   hard to create a successful year for all the members of our
                                                       chapter. We will continue using new technology to keep
                                                       you informed of chapter activity. All of our chapter
Time:     12:00 noon, Registration at 11:30            newsletters, meeting notices will be posted on our web
                                                       site We will use Email more to reduce the
Location: Kunz’s (parking will be validated)
                                                       amount of paper documents we distribute to you.

                                                       I would like to congratulate last years Officers for
Menu:    Hot Brown                                     achieving the Gold status for IIA Chapters. The IIA
         Shrimp and Chicken Stir-Fry                   measures each chapter using categories that contribute to
         Grilled Vegetable Salad                       the Internal audit profession and Chapter administration. I
                                                       hope we can continue the prescient set for us.
Speaker: Lisa Johnson
                                                       Congratulations to New CIA’s. The May 2000 exam
          President, Sales & Marketing                 produced four CIA’s for our Chapter listed as follows:
                            Phillip King, Stacy Robertson, Mary Ann Wheatley and
                         Bob Aemmer. We appreciate all the hard work of our CIA
                                                       chairpersons who made the exam possible.

Topic:   E-commerce…                                   Carl Balderson has accepted the invitation to serve on The
         …Things that make you go hmmm!                IIA Committee on Quality.           This committee is
                                                       approximately fifteen individuals representing a cross
                                                       section of industries and functions across the IIA. Their
          (See outline on page two).
                                                       mission is to coordinate the role of The IIA in quality
                                                       issues and provide guidance and oversight for quality
Cost:     $20                                          assurance, including reviews, benchmarking and best
                                                       practices. We are proud of Carl and wish to pledge our
CPD:      1 Hour
RSVP:     Call Carrie Ramsey, 627-4738 by Sept. 8, ,
          2000. (Voice mail is available 24 hours)      There are many programs and activities planned this year
                                                       including: Joint meetings with ISACA and the Lexington
          Fax #: 627-2550 or e-mail at
                                                       Chapter, and the ACFE.          We have three seminars

                                                       planned. The first is a half-day seminar in October with
                                                       Jim Kaplan “Finding Audit Resources on the Internet”.
          Please specify menu choice.                  Kevin Mead from the IIA will present the November
                                                       seminar. Also, Louisville will host a National IIA seminar
                                                       in April 2001. In May 2001 we have a riverboat cruise on
                                                       the Star of Louisville planned.

                                                       Your Chapter Officers and Board of Governors are here to
                                                       serve the members, therefore the more input and
                                                       participation we receive, the better service we can

                                                       Thank you for providing me the honor to serve the
                                                       Louisville Chapter. May we have a great year.


                                                       David Williams, President

                                         VISIT US AT IIALOU.ORG
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                         “E-commerce … Things that make you go hmmm!”
I. What is E-commerce on the Web and what does it really mean?
                     An overview of how businesses are making money on the web.
                     Enticing figures for you to ponder            .
                     Where we’re going with E-commerce, a crystal ball view of the future.
                     How in the World did we come this far that fast?
                     Who is making the most money on the World Wide Web today?

II. You, too, can sell products on the Internet …
                          What do you have to offer the World?
                          What is selling on the Web?
                          How can you get in on this action?
                          How do you set up your web site for e-commerce?
                          What to do in order to generate exposure and traffic on your site.
                          How to market your business on the Internet.
                          How do you collect your cash?!?
                          Is your summer home going to be in the Florida Keys or a cardboard box in the Bronx? You choose.

III. The reality check …
                          “Build it and they will come…” Uh-uh!
                          Hardcore stats before you open your virtual lemonade stand.
                          What do you have to invest?
                          Are you willing to go the distance?
                          Sweat equity, oh yes! But the payoff can be sweet!

IV. Valuable options
                          Shopping on the Web.
                          What can local businesses do if they’re not ready for Global Enterprise?
                          What else can your web site do for your business?
                          Is E-commerce really for everyone?
                          What separates the men from the boys?

V. Wrapping it up …
                          You can’t afford not to be on the Web.
                          The world really is looking for YOU!
                          Keep your day job, and try a little “pure play” on the side.
                          Questions from the audience…

                                                Speaker, Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson, Owner of, has taken various elements of her professional history, and rolled them all up into one very
challenging role, that of Entrepreneur. LouisvilleBiz, her latest project and biggest passion, is a community portal web based business
which acts as an Online Concierge. A place on the Internet where those who reside in the Louisville and surrounding areas can go to find
recommendations for businesses of all types.

With a BA in Communications from the University of Louisville, Lisa gained valuable experience in restaurant management with TGI
Friday’s, sales management experience with Estee Lauder Cosmetics, and outside sales experience with Joe Graphics Commercial
Printing. In 1997, she and her partner (who is also her Mother and best friend), began Destiny Graphics & Design, Inc. Lisa was selling
printed materials and graphics design work, but found it difficult to get excited about printing. “I really liked bringing ideas to reality for other
businesses, but I felt I could be doing more for them.” Johnson says, “I wanted to come up with a platform, like a virtual stage, where
businesses could show their stuff on the runway of the Web!”

Destiny Graphics then partnered with a company called Enmedia, Inc., to form an Entertainment oriented web site called This highly interactive community based site gave Internet visitors a bird’s eye look into Louisville’s Entertainment.
This fast growing web site gained valuable recognition as a Kentucky Derby Festival Corporate Sponsor in 2000, and now receives high
volume Internet traffic.

From there, Lisa began planning what was to be her ultimate goal, “When I was searching for a reputable daycare for
my infant son, it would have been nice to have pulled up one web site which contained numerous testimonials about facilities here in town.
Testimonials by other parents who had been through the painful dilemma of trying to find a wonderful place to safely deposit their most
precious souls while they were away.” But there was no such web site out there, and hence LouisvilleBiz was born.

Having undergone substantial and time consuming design and theme changes, LouisvilleBiz was successfully launched on August 18,
2000, and has received warm reception from the Louisville public. Lisa now markets web links and Online Brochures to recommended
businesses in the metro area, and hopes that all who visit the site will walk away with new knowledge of a great caterer, lawyer, dog
groomer, florist, bakery, boutique, Realtor, and so on. Lisa knows this service will help many businesses and people alike, and will wrap
this up with only one thing left to say, “C’mon Louisville, I recommend it!”
  3                                                                                  Derby City Disclosures


  Central Regional Conference                                                         November CIA Exam Deadline
     2000 - Extends Early
       Registration Offer                                                             September 30 is the registration
                                                                                      deadline for the November 2000
                                          The Institute of Internal Auditors          Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®)
The Central Regional Conference,
                                          announced the Global Auditing               exam. The IIA Web site,
September 24-27, 2000, in Columbus,
                                          Information Network has moved to  , includes information
Ohio, has extended its early
registration offer of $395 for IIA        the internet. Audit groups can find         on examination review materials and
members and $445 for nonmembers           the survey via the GAIN                     the exam application forms. CIA
until August 15.                          Benchmarking Service link on the            Candidate Brochures are also
The conference offers something for home page. Also, the         available through The IIA Customer
everyone - from staff auditors to audit   previously paper only report is now         Service Center at
directors. It features more than 40       an email attachment providing               or Ext. 1.
concurrent sessions in six tracks: 21st   delivery under one hour and a
Century Communications; Control           global price of $195!
Self-Assessment; Protecting               Since 1992, The IIA has provided            Certified Government Auditing
Corporate Assets; 21st Century Audit      internal auditors with this                 Professional (CGAP)
Strategies; CIA Review; and 21st          benchmarking service. Clients
Century Value-Added Practices.            provide data about their audit              The Certified Government Auditing
Twenty CPD hours are available.           function and in return receive a            Professional (CGAP) designation is
It is conveniently held in Columbus,      confidential 130 page “slide show           scheduled to pilot in early September
and includes a mind-expanding             style” report comparing them to             2000. Watch your mail for the CGAP
evening extravaganza at the                                                           Program Information for Candidates
                                          averages in their industry, specialty
Columbus Center for Science and                                                       brochure to be mailed soon or visit
                                          group, staff size, base country and
Industry.                                                                    under "Certifications"
View the conference program and           universe. GAIN goes beyond just
                                          answering “does your company                for updates on testing information,
register at                                                  applications and reference materials.
                                          spend more or less on auditing” by
                                          providing a network directory of            Be among the first to obtain your
                                          participants. For additional                CGAP - register today and reach for
                                                                                      the star.
                                          information, contact Kelly Dean at
Partners in Progress Agreement   or Ext. 258 or visit

Arthur Andersen has joined The IIA's                                                   2001 International Conference -
Partners in Progress Sponsorship                                                             Mark Your Schedule
program. This partnership advances        New Vision University Offering
and formalizes The IIA/Arthur                                                         IIA-Argentina will host the 2001
Andersen partnership and melds the                                                    International Conference, June 24-27,
expertise and creativity of both          On November 12-16, 2000, for the
                                          first-time, Vision University will be       at the Buenos Aires Sheraton Hotel &
organizations.                                                                        Convention Center.
As a part of the sponsorship              offered to senior level managers
                                          preparing to become chief auditing          The conference theme is
agreement, Arthur Andersen will                                                       "Globalization and Diversity."
advertise in Internal Auditor magazine    executives.
                                          The seminar, held in Chicago, is also       International conferences are the
and exhibit at six of The IIA's                                                       world's largest gathering of internal
conferences. Arthur Andersen may          tailored to CAEs new to internal audit
                                          or who have been away for a number          auditors, risk and control specialists,
also develop and participate in other                                                 and others responsible for helping
IIA-sponsored programs and IIA            of years.
                                          For additional information, contact Lori    organizations and management
Research Foundation projects.                                                         achieve their goals.
                                          Ondecker at or
                                          Ext. 269.                                   Buenos Aires is one of the world's
                                                                                      great 24-hour cities that never sleep -
                                                                                      and that excitement and exuberance
                                                                                      will definitely carry into the 2001
                                                                                      International Conference.
                                                                                      Visit The IIA's Web site for additional
  4                                                                      Derby City Disclosures

President                               AUDITFORCE                                IIALOU.ORG
(502) 627-2366
David Williams                           ………………..                          Look for us on the World Wide
Commonwealth Industries, Inc.
                                  Providing a progressive blend of         Web. Bruce Edwards is currently
                                 operating and consulting solutions        developing the chapter website.
Vice President                   to internal audit, financial, and tax     Look for information on meetings /
Kelly Hopper                          departments nationwide.              seminars, membership information,
(502)874-2866                                                              links to other websites, and much
Tricon                                                 more.
                                 As a high quality and affordable
Treasurer                                                                  Suggestions for information to
Carl Balderson
                                 alternative to Big Five firms for a
                                 range      of     quality     services,   be included in the website can be
LG&E Energy Corp.                AuditForce is rapidly becoming            sent to the webmaster.     the leader in providing Internal
                                 Audit solutions to our growing client
Michele Welscher                 base. Our team of seasoned
(502) 581-7829                   professionals partner with Internal
National City                    Audit departments to assist in
                                 addressing routine and complex IT
                                 Audit     issues,    financial      and
                                 operational      audit     challenges,           NEWSLETTER
Dr. Betty Brown                  compliance        projects,       fraud           VIA E-MAIL
University of Louisville         investigations, and special projects   requiring unique skill sets. We also      Would you prefer to receive the
                                 provide audit personnel to assist         newsletter via e-mail? If so send
Lynn Chochran
Stock Yards Bank
                                 the internal audit department with        the following information to me at             staffing challenges, and assist you
                                 in meeting your annual audit plans.       MWELSCHER@HOTMAIL.COM
Dave Heilman                     Other      services      offered     by
LG&E Energy Corp.
                                 AuditForce include Enterprise       Name
                                 Systems Services, Accounting, and   Organization
Tim Jamison                      Tax Accounting.                     Email address
LG&E Energy Corp.
                                                                     Phone number
                                 For more information about (in case of problems)
Kay Combs                        AuditForce services, please visit
Humana                           our web site, or                call us at 513-421-2100 and ask for
                                 either Tim Kelly or Jacqueline
Carol Orwin
Aegon                            Bauereis. You can also write us at              AuditForce, 312 Walnut St., Suite
                                 1020, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.
James Rose
Humana Inc.

Bruce Edwards

Jerald Miles
(502) 574-3256
City of Louisville

Don whitehous
(502) 569-3647
Louisville Water Company
 5                                                          Derby City Disclosures

                             IIA NEEDS YOUR HELP !

                         Indiana University Southest Career Days
                                 Saturday, September 23rd

   Help is needed to give a 15 - 20 minute presentation and tend a booth at the Indiana
    University southeast Career Days. A display has been ordered from the IIA. If you
 company is looking for interns, this would be a great opportunity. To volunteer to give the
      presentation or to tend the booth contact Don Whitehouse at 502-569-3647 or

                             CALENDAR OF EVENTS

                                       SEPTEMBER 2000

September 18-20                                September 24-27
IIA/MIS Control, Audit, and Security           Central Regional Conference, Columbus,
Conference, Chicago                            Ohio

September 18-22                                September 25-27
Security, Auditability, and Control of         Business Risk Conference, Phoenix
PeopleSoft Systems Seminar, Atlanta
                                               September 25-29
September 19                                   Denver Seminars
Critical Infrastructure Assurance Conference
Series, New York                               September 30
                                               November CIA Exam Registration/Application
September 20-22                                Deadline
IIA/ACIPA Fraud Conference, Las Vegas

September 21-22
Data Analysis Technology Seminar, Dallas
  6                                                                      Derby City Disclosures

                                             OCTOBER 2000

October 1-11/30                                          October 16-18
CCSAExam Testing Window                                  Industry Audit Series: Utilities Conference,
October 2-6
Introduction to SAP Audit Seminar,                       October 23-25
Philadelphia                                             Industry Audit Series: Financial Services
                                                         Conference, Orlando
October 9-13
SAP Technical Audit Seminar, San Francisco               October 30-31
                                                         IIA/AGA State and Local Government
October 16-18                                            Conference, Austin, Texas
Industry Audit Series: Telecommunications
Conference, Orlando

                              IIA 2000 – 2001 Meeting Schedule

Mark the following dates on your calendar for the monthly meeting of the Louisville Chapter of IIA. (Speaker
and topic listed ):

                 September 12, 2000                                        January 9, 2001
                     Lisa Johnson                                        Special Speaker - TBA
              Internet Business (1 CPE)                                         (1 CPE)
             (Joint meeting with ISACA)
                                                                           February 13, 2001
                  October 10, 2000                                       ACL Software Speaker
                     Jim Kaplan                                                (1 CPE)
   Finding Audit Resources on the Internet (1 CPE)
                                                                            March 13, 2001
                November 14, 2000                                           Carl Balderson
                     Kevin Mead                                  Enterprise Risk Management (1 CPE)
               Powerful Productivity –
Skills and Techniques to Enhance Your Effectiveness                          April 17, 2001
(Joint meeting with Central Kentucky Chapter, held in                      Don Whitehouse
                      Frankfort)                                       Louisville Water Company
                                                                                 (1 CPE)
                 December 12, 2000
             Speaker: To Be Announced                                         May 8, 2001
              (Joint meeting with ACFE)                                 Star of Louisville Cruise
                                                                          Networking (1 CPE)

                  Cincinnati Chapter Institute of Internal Auditors –
 7                                                            Derby City Disclosures

The Cincinnati Chapter IIA September meeting will be held at the Union Terminal Museum
Center on September 13, 2000. The chapter is pleased to provide Mike Harris, CEO and
founder of AuditForce, now Jefferson Wells International, as the evenings speaker. As
many of you know, Mike created Jefferson Wells as an organization designed to supplement
and support the Internal Audit profession. Come join us as Mike discusses recent trends
and future directions for the internal audit profession, as well as his insights on the proposed
SEC rules regarding independence.

The evening will begin with a social hour from 5 to 6:00 PM. Mike’s presentation will begin
at 6:00 PM, followed by dinner and time to network with your fellow professionals starting at
7:00 PM. The cost for the evening is $25.00, which includes a buffet dinner, the
presentation, and parking. One credit hour of CPE will be provided to those in attendance.

The Union Terminal Museum Center can be easily reached from the north by taking I-75
south to exit 2A, Western Avenue, and from the south by taking I-75 north to exit 1H, Ezzard
Charles Avenue. Again, parking is free when you tell the parking attendant that you are with
the IIA party. For reservations, please call Jennifer Wellen at 513-421-2100. Seating is
limited, so make your reservations soon. Please call either Chris Potensky or Bruce Miller at
513-421-2100 with any questions concerning this exciting event.

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