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Mike Brinker by fjhuangjun


Mike Brinker                         7/26/04
USC Interactive Media
IGDA Mod Contest               213-446-2827

                       Table of Contents

Tagline                                    Page 3

Brief Description                          Page 3

Story                                      Page 3

Required Mod Assets                        Page 4

Required Tech                              Page 5

Maps and Objectives                        Page 6

Monetary System                            Page 7

Depressed Clown Syndrome                   Page 8

Statistics                                 Page 8

Handheld Items                             Page 8

Milestones                                 Page 9

Team Members                               Page 10

Rant                                       Page 10

Example Art                                Page 11

More Example Art                           Page 12


Clowns with Guns? No. Clowns with Physics? Yes!

Brief Description:

A team play based modification for the popular FPS game Far Cry by UbiSoft. Two teams consisting
of 4 to 24 players compete against one another by completing objectives based on the current map
(level). Much like Counter-Strike, players must rely on stealth, strategy and teamwork in order to win
each round. Unlike Counter-Strike, players must not only use the physics system as their weapon, but
also to win rounds and hopefully the game.


The entire game of Far Cry could easily be remapped and re-skinned to fit a circus like theme. Many
giant circus tents, both open and closed with stands of people could be fit into each level as a backdrop.
The expansiveness of Far Cry levels would easily allow for multiple open circus tents to be linked
together for larger play areas. Far Cry itself is a very brightly colored game, which adds to the circus
theme. Each player skin could easily be retrofitted as a clown outfit; meaty and tough clowns as well
as wimpy and thin. Each clown would have a unique visual style that is represented in the types of
clowns that exist in the real world such as Whiteface Comedy, Whiteface Pierott, Auguste and Hobo
styles (this closely relates to counter-strike skins). Each team would have four choices.

The crucial factor for this game to succeed will be in the level design and character/team interaction.
Each level must facilitate the usage of a physics altering device/stunt that will allow for either team to
gain an edge in scoring points and winning rounds. The game play should feel something akin to
walking on the moon. Each player will also have the ability to make rigid structures out of multiple
bodies by joining (much like acrobats) together at ninety-degree angles. This presentational style
should take on the feeling of a fast paced action shooter with all the fun of a big top circus.

Far Cry does have the ability to produce an in-game third person viewpoint, which is much needed for
seeing and completing some of the stunts in this modification. Some people find this to be frustrating
to use, so to bypass even needing to use this feature, a unique in-game cutaway shot could be
incorporated, much like the stunt camera in Grand Theft Auto 3. This is just a feature however, and
can be easily set aside to implement later.


Taking place in a not so distant neo-futuristic society, clowns from around the world have overthrown,
abandoned or taken over their individual circuses. All clowns near and far have decided that it is time
to prove their worthiness. The time has come for a gathering, and at this gathering there will be the
greatest show the world has ever seen. One that will prove once and for all, that clowns are truly the
funniest and most entertaining beings on the planet!

Charging a modest price for admission, people and clowns from around the country have decided to
watch, participate and play in this grand spectacle. Some say it was inevitable, but many others say

      that it’s the competition for funniest clown in the world that keeps the show alive. What do you
      believe? Come to the show and find out!

      Required Mod Assets:

                                          Clowner-Strike Assets
          Sound Assets                         2D Assets                                  3D Assets
 1 pie splat noise 1                anti-clown ray body texture (item)   Anti-Clown Ray (item)
 2 pie splat noise 2                anti-clown ray texture (item)        Anti-Clown Ray blue ring
 3 anti-clown ray noise             roller skate metal texture (item)    Roller Skates (item)
 4 anti-clown ray throw noise       pie texture                          Pie 1 (item)
 5 clown skate noise                pie splat texture 1                  Clown Car
 6 clown slip noise                 pie splat texture 2                  Pie 1 crumbled
 7 clown scream noise               pie splat texture 3                  8 clown player models, 2 teams of 4
 8 clown cry                        pie splat texture 4                  steel girders
 9 clown walk noise                 pie splat texture 5                  tight ropes
10 clown run noise                  pie splat texture 6                  guy wire
11 clown walk metal noise           8 clown skins, 2 teams               trapeze swing
12 clown walk wood noise            steel girder texture                 crowd (2D cards)
13 crowd roar 1                     tight rope texture                   Grandstands
14 crowd roar 2                     guy wire texture                     Circus tent
15 crowd laugh 1                    trapeze texture                      ramp small
16 crowd laugh 2                    crowd texture                        ramp medium
17 crowd boo 1                      grandstands metal texture            ramp large
18 crowd boo 2                      circus tent texture                  trampoline small
19 crowd oh 2                       circus ground dirt texture 1         trampoline medium
20 crowd oh 1                       circus ground dirt texture 2         trampoline large
21 crowd ambience 1                 circus ground grass texture 1        2x crate small (breakable, non-breakable)
22 crowd ambience 2                 circus ground grass texture 2        2x crate medium (breakable, non-breakable)
23 circus music 1                   circus ground sand texture 1         2x crate large (breakable, non-breakable)
24 circus music 2                   circus ground sand texture 2         Clown Cannon
25 circus drum roll                 Intro Screen GUI                     The De-clowner (item)
26 intro music                      Intro Screen Background Image        small bounce ball
27 GUI music                        In Game GUI                          medium bounce ball
28 clown car engine                 clown car skin 1                     large bounce ball
29 clown car screech                clown car skin 2                     clown cane (item)
30 clown car wheels noise           clown car wheel texture              Giant Pie
31 clown car explode noise          clown car side panel texture         Giant Pie crumbled
32 trampoline noise                 clown car seat texture               Bungee Clown Cord (item)
33 small box scrape ground noise    clown car grill texture              Seltzer Bottle (item)
34 medium box scrape ground noise   clown car rear panel texture         Boxing Glove (item)
35 large box scrape ground noise    trampoline texture                   Pie-pult (item)
36 clown cannon explosion           small generic box texture            ladder
37 declowner explosion              medium generic box texture           flower squirter (item default)
38 declowner throw noise            large generic box texture            fluid (water)
39 declowner bounce noise           clown cannon texture                 map 1

40 small ball bounce noise 1       declowner bomb texture           map 2
41 medium ball bounce noise 2      declowner dust bunny             map 3
42 large ball bounce noise 3       small ball texture               map 4
43 clown cane pull noise 1         medium ball texture              map 5
44 clown cane shoot noise 1        large ball texture               map 6
45 Giant Pie fling noise           clown cane texture               map 7
46 Giant Pie splat noise           Giant Pie texture                map 8
47 Bungee Clown cord noise         Giant Pie splat 1                map 9
48 Bungee Clown cord snap          Giant Pie splat 2                map 10
49 Seltzer bottle squirt 1         Giant Pie splat 3
50 Seltzer bottle squirt 2         Giant Pie splat 4
51 Boxing Glove hit 1              Bungee Clown cord texture
52 Boxing Glove eject              Seltzer bottle texture
53 Boxing Glove hit 2              boxing glove texture
54 Pie-pult load                   Pie-pult texture
55 ladder climb noise 1            ladder texture
56 flower squirt noise             flower squirter texture
57 water gurgle                    water texture

      Required Tech:

      Far Cry Full Game
      3D Studio Max 6
      Crytek Sandbox Editor
      Tweaked physics system code
      New mission based multiplayer code
      Team goal accomplished analysis code
      Modified player stats code
      Antigravity code
      New handheld item code
      New player/ladder attachment code (climbable people and right angle acrobatics)
      Modified third person viewpoint code
      New cutaway camera mode*

      6 fully equipped PC’s in a networked environment for development
              DirectX 9 shader compatible cards
              128 meg Video RAM minimum (preferably Radeons)
              512 meg System RAM
              2 Ghz Processor minimum
      24 PC’s for play testing in a networked environment


      Map 1: Wheels

Map 2: Leaning Tower of Clownza
Map 3: Clown Car Rally
Map 4: Tramp to the Moon
Map 5: The Great Clown Cannon Caper
Map 6: The Trapeeze of Ease
Map 7: Raiders of the Lost Tent
Map 8: Pachinko Hell
Map 9: Gravity Gone Wild!
Map 10: Tight Rope Terror
Map 11: Blockhead alley

Objectives Breakdown for Each Map: A few examples…

Map 1: Wheels – (Who can make the best jumps with the most clowns?) Given the unique nature that
these clowns’ posses, how high a jump can you make with multiple clowns attached to your car? The
more clowns and the higher you go, the higher the score. The level is uniquely set up so that multiple
ramps all lead to the center of the map, allowing for many insane clown car crashes and pileups. This
level could also feature 2 trap ease swings and 2 clown cannons for adding clowns in mid-jump. Points
are assigned per jump based on height and number of clowns. Unique stunt points will be added if the
driver can land the car. If a clean landing isn’t accomplished, then no points are awarded.

Map 2: Leaning Tower of Clownza – Objective is to build the largest tower and maintain it until the
end of the round. At the end of the round, whoever has the tallest tower scores a point. This map lasts
for fifteen rounds. Each team has a side of the arena and a variety of objects. These objects can be
used to build a tower, and then on top of that tower the players start to form a human tower using the
clown attachment feature. It is important to remember that during this time, each side is attacking the
other, trying to make the tower of objects or clowns fall. Watch out for those carrying an anti-clown
ray! Several Clown Cannons and Pie-pults are added to each side for more fun.

Map 3: Clown Car Rally – (think Race mode in Halo but with a twist) Same as any rally event in many
other games, but highly dependant on how many clowns are in the car for the completion of all the
checkpoints on the race track. Each clown must stick around for all the check points and through the
checkered flag to count. 1 point per clown per lap. Team at the end of 15 minutes of game play with
the most lap points wins the round. Depending on the number of players per server, two or more clown
cars could be added to each team, allowing for more mayhem.

Map 4: Tramp to the Moon – (Think launch pads in Quake 3 Arena) A series of many trampolines
spread out over 6 to 8 joined circus tents. Clowns start on opposite sides of the arena at the bottom,
trying to work their way to the center, and then to the top, zigzagging as they go up. The objective is to
reach the top, hit the marker with a pie and head back down for more pies. Each pie hit on the marker
scores a point. Team with the most points at the end of the round wins. Pie splats on trampolines make
for difficult and slippery times! The unique feature of this level is that each trampoline can propel
clowns higher and faster with more clowns jumping on one at the same time! This allows banks of
smaller trampolines to be skipped. The monetary system plays a large roll in this one.

Map 6: The Trapeze of Ease – Level consists of only trapeze swings way above ground. The idea is to
successfully transport as many clowns as you can from your team from one side of the swings to the
other. Multiple clowns can attach to swing across faster. Same goal applies as in Tramp to the Moon;
players must hit a target with pies to score and then head back to a pie filling station for more.
Monetary system is important in this one.

Map 7: Raiders of the Lost Tent – (think clown Quidditch) This map is truly unique because it features
a ring of fire that clowns must propel themselves through to score points for their team! This becomes
difficult when two large, rolling clown balls are rolling through the tents on a series of intricate ramps.
All objects, including clown cars are available in this free for all, wild and crazy map.

Map 9: Gravity Gone Wild! – (absolutely no gravity) That’s right, none! Players and objects free
float in the air, available to bounce off of and throw. Players maneuver by jumping off of a solid object
or using something as propulsion. Pies now have laser accuracy with a straight line of fire. The circus
tent is closed and domed off, adding a spherical shape to keep players in. Clown canes and cords
become extremely useful for propulsion. The objective of the map for each team is to infiltrate the
opposing team’s fort, obtain a large spherical circus ball, and push it back to their home base. Sounds
easy? Think again! A good novel to read that was inspiration for this map was Enders Game by Orson
Scott Card.

Map 10: Tight Rope Terror – A series of tightropes strung randomly across a vast open circus tent at
about 5 different levels. None of them are in a straight line, resulting in crisscrossed paths. The map
should look something like a spider web. Each player scores their team points by crossing a single
tight rope successfully, making it all the way across to the other side. Team with the most points at the
end of the round wins that round. Clown Canes add grappling hook behavior in order to hang on to
your tight rope if you fall. Trampolines and clown cannons at the bottom help to bring you back up
quickly. If you fall from different levels and land on some ones tight rope, you generally will knock
them off because of the blow. Walking across a tight rope requires very straight movement. Not easy!

Monetary System:

Money is no good in these parts. Everyone wants just one thing, carnival tickets! They are used to
purchase items within the game, and are earned by accomplishing a variety of tasks, including tossing
pies. Splatting someone with a pie would earn you 25 tickets, where as putting one in the face of an
opponent gives you 100. Accomplishing a goal during level play would earn that player 500 tickets
and a team objective completion per round would give each player 1000 tickets. These numbers would
have to be tweaked a bit in testing in order to maintain a proper balance. These tickets would then be
used to purchase handheld items. Each item is assigned a ticket value. For example, the De-Clowner
would cost 1200 tickets and the Anti-Clown Ray would cost 2500 tickets. Simple things like pies
might cost 200 tickets per pie, bought in bulk (like ammunition clips in Counter-Strike) at 700 tickets
for four pies.

Depressed Clown Syndrome:

Team play based games all have some sort of penalty for being shot too many times or blown up, etc.
Clowns often become sad, so every clowns’ health meter is actually a happy meter! A happy meter is
measured in Laugh Points, or LP. When it reaches zero or runs out, the clown becomes ultra sad, sheds
large crocodile tears, and must visit his team’s home base (tent) to be able to play again. This
essentially means that the clown will re-spawn back at base camp. Clowns can wind up crying (dieing)
by getting hit to many times with pies, getting sent hurtling through the air at too fast a speed, or
toppling over in the clown car when it rolls. In this modification, clowns can re-enter the round at any
time and are given 2 seconds of invincibility to get back into the game. No clown-camping here!

Clowns also have the unique ability to recharge their LP (Laugh Points) in this modification. Areas
around the outside edge of a map (close to the grandstands and audience) are designated as laugh areas.
If any of the following actions occur between clowns from different teams, laugh points are awarded to
the instigator: someone gets a pie in the face, two clowns get pies in the face at the same time, two
clowns slip on pie slicks on the ground at the same time, two seltzer bottles are used at the same time,


A simple stats system is necessary for keeping track of individual and team statistics. Most of the code
is already in the multiplayer part, but needs a few name changes here and there. This would have to be
very detailed and accurate when trying to determine how many pies hit a person on the body versus the
face, how many jumps, flips, acrobatic moves and clowns-made-depressed would also have to be
accounted for.

Handheld items (expendable except for one):

Pies – work like flash bangs and oil slicks, can carry up to 4
Pie-pult – Two-clown mayhem, one giant pie
Bungee Clown Cord – acts as a giant bungee cord, can be attached to two of anything
Seltzer Bottle – medic inspired, mostly used to clean up pie in the eye, push things slowly, long range
squirter, also distorts opponent’s viewpoint.
Anti-Clown Ray – anti-gravity weapon used to pick things up and hurl them, even clowns (think HL2)
– depending on how heavy an object is, the ray will work less efficiently…
The De-Clowner – A clown bomb essentially, breaks up crowds of clowns
Clown Skates – slow at first, good for ramps and speed!
Clown Cane – latch on to another clown and swing! (acts like a rigid harpoon)
The Glove – a giant boxing glove; used for rocket jumping and single clown conking
Flower squirter – default item, never runs out (kind of like the knife in counter-strike) what good would
a clown be without this gag?!?! Very short range obviously. Gets opponents wet a little for points,
also distorts their viewpoint.

Most of these items have a limited life span or certain number of uses per item and then they are done
with. If a clown loses all of his LP, then he also loses all of his accumulated items. Clowns will
always start each round with 4 pies. Each item can only be purchased at the team’s home base location
and some can only be purchased at the beginning of the round. When a round ends and a clown hasn’t
gone back to the funny farm for being upset, that clown can keep the items not used. Each item is

assigned a ticket price. The Anti-Clown Ray has a limited lifespan, and is limited in the scope of what
it can pickup, but is very powerful when used correctly! It can be recharged only by purchasing
recharge packs (ammo). Pies are unique in that they can affect the clown cars and clown feet when
thrown on the ground. They act as oil slicks or large banana peels, but have a limited time before they
disappear. This is essentially like the spray paint function in Counter-Strike, but implemented for this

Milestone Schedule:

  Milestones for Clowner-Strike
  to be completed and play tested by May 31st of 2005

   Art Schedule                                             Projected Due Date    Actual Completed Date
 1 Website up                                                          08/20/04
 2 Concept art completed                                               08/31/04
 3 Roughed 3D models for all in game assets                            01/30/05
 4 GUI roughed                                                         02/28/05
 5 Textures rough                                                      11/30/04
 6 10 levels rough                                                     03/01/05
 7 All models skinned                                                  02/01/05
 8 Finalized models and textures                                       05/31/05
 9 10 levels polished                                                  03/31/05
10 GUI polished                                                        03/31/05

   Code Schedule
 1 Tweaked Physics Code in rough form                                  11/30/04
 2 Mission code                                                        02/01/05
 3 Mission analysis code                                               02/01/05
 4 Handheld item code                                                  01/29/05
 5 Antigravity Code                                                    10/30/04
 6 Player attachment and structure forming code                        12/30/04
 7 Modified 3rd person viewpoint code                                  11/01/04
 8 Cutaway Camera Code                                                 05/31/05
 9 Stats code tweaked                                                  10/01/04
10 Monetary system tweaked                                             09/01/04
11 Hit detection and analysis code tweaked                             03/01/05
12 Physics Code Finalized                                              02/27/05

   Music Schedule
 1 Rough sound theme with 30 second samples                            09/11/04
 2 GUI screen music roughs                                             11/01/04
 3 Level / Game play music roughs (10)                                 01/31/05
 4 Effects sound (foley)                                               03/01/05
 5 Level / Game play music finalized (10)                              03/31/05

  Alpha                                                                03/01/05

   Beta                                                               03/31/05

   Final Release                                                      05/31/05

Team Members:

                              Clowner-Strike team members

   Name                                   Skills and Responsibilities
 1 Mike Brinker                           Project Lead, Level Designer, Web Designer
 2 Michael Steffen                        3D modeler, Coder, Texturer
 3 Erin Dinehart                          Artist, Level Designer, Texturer
 4 William Carter                         Sound Designer, Coder
 5 Glenn Song                             Coder, Webmaster
 6 Eric Nelson                            Coder
 7 Andrew Sacher                          Artist 2D, texturer
 8 Julie Dillon                           Artist 2D, texturer
 9 Todd Furmanski                         3D modeler, Coder
10 ?                                      Animation Artist
11 ?                                      Animation Artist #2
12 ?                                      Extra Coder


In most FPS games stunts and acrobatics are never used in game play, they are merely window
dressing. All too often, fancy graphics and effects take the stage. I feel that it is time to use the in-
game physics engine for something far more important than exploding barrels and crates. Without this
fundamental concept in place, it becomes a game of the same old thing since the days of Doom; shoot
or be shot, kill or be killed. Enough! It is my goal to bring forth the gem of physics in Far Cry, tweak
it some, and use it as it has never been used before…for extreme FUN!

Inspiration is always key in designing anything. I would like to thank the Indie Game Jam people from
every annual GDC for their continual efforts in striving for fun in new and interesting ways through
there game designs. You are an inspiration to us all.

* Indicates a nice feature to have, but not crucial or important enough to hold up a release.

Example Art:

Original Far Cry Hummer

Modified Far Cry Hummer, now ready for clowning action!

Converted Far Cry Grunt to…Bubbles the Clown!


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