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					                                                               Extr@i & e-Commerce

Enterprises needing to embrace e-Commerce
often face the prospect of having to replace their
                                                                Add Functions
existing systems. Many of the existing systems will
                                                                Extr@i can be used to add functionality to existing
be “Legacy Systems”, no longer supported by the
                                                                systems (eg. obsolete or unsupported systems), without
original vendor. It is often necessary to replace
                                                                having to enhance the existing system itself.      For
these Legacy systems because they are based on
                                                                example, add e-Commerce facilities to the FMIS system
antiquated technology incapable of outputting data
                                                                without changing the FMIS system.
/ information in a format suitable for e-Commerce.
Similarly, other older style systems, even when                 Extr@i’s integration ability ensure that additional
supported, may be incompatible with e-Commerce.                 functionality can be added to a diverse range of systems
The usual solution is to replace these Legacy or                across the board.        As one manager put it: “…its
older style systems and at great cost.                          functionality is only limited by your imagination”. In this
                                                                situation, we cannot outline all the opportunities available
Extr@i offers an alternative, less costly approach              to include additional functionality in your “version” of
to providing e-Commerce to your existing systems.               Extr@i.

Extr@i for e-Commerce                           Extr@i          Extr@i can add value by increasing your efficiency,
                                                                eliminating errors. It makes the integration of multiple
                                                                systems in an organisation, a simplified task.
Extr@i’s diverse functionality includes the tools to
transform a Legacy or older style system by
converting the output into a format that can be
readily used by an e-Commerce platform as an
Extr@i can convert and format information/data
from multiple Legacy or older style systems, (and
any other additional user defined information, not
contained in any of the existing systems) into an
XML format required for by an e-Commerce
The e-Commerce Engine can then serve as a
platform to host the enterprise’s e-Commerce

A highly interactive e-Commerce Website will
provide for transactions, feedback and/or
information exchange.
                                                                Other Extr@i Brochures
The Website redirects this information back to the
e-Commerce Engine which in turn returns the XML
                                                                See Extr@i       Payments Processing
format information to Extr@i .
                                                                See Extr@i       & Clearance Houses
Extr@i formats and converts the XML information                 See Extr@i       & Reconciliation (“Bank Statement”)
back into a format understood by the Legacy or                  See Extr@i       & Reconciliation (a “Statement”)
older style System.

Integration                                                                            Due to on-going product enrichment,
                                                                          specific features may vary from those shown in this document

In addition to serving as an e-Commerce tool, Extr@i can                                      Contact Details
also be used as a powerful integration tool. For example
                                                                      Stonewedge Business Park First Floor East Wing
it could be used to integrate Financial, Payroll and Human
                                                                                           1 Wedge Link Road
Resource Management Systems. Extr@i can add value
by seamlessly integrating multiple systems to produce                                     Bryanstone Sandton
multiple documents / transactions (cheque, invoice, time                                        South Africa
sheets, work sheets, etc).
It is non-obtrusive requiring no alterations to any existing               PO Box 70210 Bryanston Sandton 2021
organisational systems. It obtains its information from the
existing outputs of a system whether on paper or in                                     : +27 (11) 706 7020
electronic data format.                                                                 : +27 (11) 706 6198


                           Magnum Simplex Adding Value - Reducing Cost
                                             Extr@i & e-Commerce

                  Extr@i            For e-Commerce

                                  Enterprise XYZ
                                                          Legacy System: System no
                                                          longer supported by its
                                                          original vendor (or any

             Older Style System
                                      Legacy System   System lacks
                                      (Unsupported)   e-Commerce

Converts / Formats
information back into
Legacy System Format                                      Extr@i non-obtrusively
                                                          integrates with the Legacy
                                                          or other systems by
                                                          drawing information / data
                                                          from existing outputs,
                                                          either electronic or in paper
Transaction Feedback,                    XML              format. Extr@i can also
information, etc. goes back                               provide additional
to Extr@i in XML format                                   functionality not available
                                                          with the existing systems

                                                          Extr@i reformats existing
                                      E-commerce          Legacy system data into
                                         Engine           XML format and outputs it
                                                          to an E-Commerce Engine

Transaction Feedback,
information, etc.

                                                          e-Commerce Engine
                                                          serves as a platform to
                                        Website           host a E-commerce Web

                 Magnum Simplex Adding Value - Reducing Cost