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									                                           2008 Emerald Award Winner
                                           For Environmental Excellence
                                                      Sponsored by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners
                                                          Innovative Procedures/Process

                                        Nature of Business: JM Lexus, located in Margate, Florida, is the largest Lexus dealership in the world, generating the highest sales volume
                                        among all Lexus dealers. It has maintained this distinction for the past 17 years. The dealership has state-of-the-art Service and Parts
                                        departments, as well as one of only a few Lexus Certified Collision Centers in the country. With its high customer satisfaction ratings year
                                        after year, the dealership consistently earns the Elite of Lexus distinction. In June 2007, the JM Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Superstore opened
                                        in Coconut Creek, Florida. JM Lexus is a subsidiary of JM Family Enterprises, Inc. (, headquartered in Deerfield Beach,
                                        Florida, a diversified automotive corporation. It is ranked by Forbes magazine as the 23rd-largest privately held company in the United States.
                                        JM Family is currently ranked No. 33 by FORTUNE® as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, its 11th consecutive year on the list. The
                                        company is also ranked No.7 on Computerworld’s list of “100 Best Places to Work in IT.”
                                        JM Lexus’ Environmental Accomplishments:
                                        • JM Lexus implemented a new paint spray technology, the Nitrotherm
                                           Spray System by Haydell Industries, which utilizes nitrogen instead
                                           of oxygen in the spray gun. Overall, the system significantly increases
                                           productivity while reducing environmental impacts and creating
                                           savings related to materials, labor and energy.
                                           o Implementation of the Nitrotherm Spray System minimizes
                                               the dealership’s environmental impacts by reducing volatile
                                               organic compound (VOC) emissions as a result of decreased
                                               materials usage. The system also inhibits the use of solvents
                                               which ultimately reduces air emissions and hazardous
                                               waste generation.                                                         To minimize waste, JM Lexus now offers refreshments to guests and
                                           o The system has allowed JM Lexus to reduce materials usage                   customers using reusable china, glassware and silverware.
                                               by up to 72% while decreasing the paint application time by               • The dealership offers recycling of glass, aluminum, plastic,
                                               half. The reduction of materials also minimizes filter usage                 magazines and newspapers throughout the dealership including
                                               and booth maintenance.                                                       customer lounges and waiting areas.
                                           o The quality of the finish is greatly improved due to the                    • To celebrate America Recycles Day, the dealership launched a
                                               system’s enhanced paint flow and more uniform distribution                   household battery recycling program to encourage associates to
                                               of metallic paints. The heightened transfer efficiency further               recycle their personal batteries.
                                               reduces the materials and labor required after the vehicle
                                               leaves the paint spray booth and minimizes the need for                   JM Lexus 2008 Recycling Figures:
                                               activities such as water sanding and polishing which allows               • In 2008, JM Lexus recycled the following:
                                               the dealership to conserve energy.                                           o 50,040 pounds of shredded paper
                                        • To promote environmental awareness among their customers,                         o 41,980 pounds of aluminum, cardboard, glass and plastic
                                           JM Lexus hosted an Earth Day Celebration and a Hybrid-                           o 303,360 pounds of used tires
                                           Living event. Both events highlighted the benefits to                            o 64,623 pounds of miscellaneous metals
                                           sustainable lifestyles.
                                                                                                                            o 2,124 pounds of electronic waste (e-waste)
                                        • JM Lexus offers dry-cleaning services to associates provided
Board of County Commissioners                                                                                               o 60,206 gallons of used oil
                                           by Dryeco Green Cleaners, a socially responsible and
    Josephus Eggelletion, Jr               environmentally friendly dry-cleaning company that utilizes                      o 3,429 lead-acid batteries
        Sue Gunzburger                     eco-safe products to clean clothes.                                              o 6,425 pounds of lead wheel weights
        Kristin D. Jacobs               • All bathroom towel and tissue products are Green Seal® certified               • The recycling of precious resources such as metal and used oil helps
           Ken Keechl                      and 100% recycled. The Green Seal® means these products                          supplement JM Lexus’ bottom line. The dealership collected nearly
        Ilene Lieberman                    meet rigorous environmental standards and are among the                          $45,000 in 2008 from recycling activities. JM Lexus also saved
           Stacy Ritter                    most environmentally-friendly towel and tissue lines available in                approximately $7,600 in 2008 by diverting aluminum, cardboard,
      John E. Rodstrom, Jr                 the away from home market.                                                       glass, metals and plastic from the landfills.
    Diana Wasserman-Rubin
           Lois Wexler                                                                         For more information contact:
                                                                                 Don Beddia, Facilities Manager, Special Projects Coordinator
Pollution Prevention, Remediation                                                                         JM Lexus
     and Air Quality Division                                                            5350 W. Sample Road, Margate, FL 33073
  1 North University Drive, Suite 203                                                                  954-977-6290
        Plantation, FL 33324                                                Web Site: • Email:
    Main Number: 954-519-1260

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