Jamorama Deluxe Edition by HollyLiv


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									What makes Jamorama rock?
     Downloadable Step by Step Guitar Lessons

     Beginner to Advanced Skills Levels

     Learn to Read Music & Guitar Tab

     Over 12 Months worth of Lessons

     Comes with Chord & Progression Book

     Award winning and trusted Company

     Learn Guitar Right Now with Free Lessons

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What do our customers think?
                "I've been using the Jamorama product and I really love
it. I did it more or less for my biggest fans, my 3 year old and my 1 year
old son, so I could sit down with them and play the guitar. The chord
progressions and the jam tracks are fantastic and I've really gotten a
lot better and my kids really get a kick out of it cos I can sit down and
watch some of their videos and watch the guys playing guitar and figure
out which chords they are using and I can sit there and play those same
songs for the kids..."

- Ed Hovorka - Lake City - Texas, USA

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