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					Prospectus 2007/2008

Long Furlong Primary School
Boulter Drive, Abingdon, Oxon. OX14 1XP
Telephone: 01235 532358

                        Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures   - 1 -Pa
Letter from Head Teacher                     The School Day
3                                            12
                                             School hours, security, beginning and
Aims                                         end of school day, helping in school,
4                                            dinners, snacks, charging policy

Ethos and Values
                                             Overview, shoes, PE kit, swimming,
To the nursery and main school,
secondary school transfers, contact
                                             Caring for Your Child
                                             Child Protection, illness and accidents,
The Curriculum
                                             medical       conditions,    attendance,
8                                            insurance, personal belongings, bicycles,
Foundation Stage, Key Stages 1 and 2,        lost property
Collective Worship, Special Educational
Needs, PSHCE (including Sex Education)
                                             Other Information
Extra-Curricular Activities
10                                           Governors, Friends of Long Furlong,
Overview, Sport, Environmental and           awards, complaints procedure, School
outdoor activities, School Council           Improvement Plan, Policies

Partnership with Parents/Carers
11                                           Term Dates
Helping your child, reporting to parents,    19
contact with school

                         Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                              - 2 -Pa
Letter from the Head Teacher

Dear Parents

Welcome to Long Furlong Community             child can take full advantage of all
Primary School from myself, Governors,        opportunities   offered    to  them.
staff and children. We pride ourselves        Children flourish and learn best
on a warm welcome and friendly                through a creative and innovative
atmosphere and hope that in                   curriculum, where high standards are
considering our school for your child         expected and pupils play a purposeful
you will come and pay us a visit. This        role in their own learning and
prospectus offers you a flavour of the        environment. This is what we are all
school but there is nothing like seeing       about at Long Furlong School.
us in action for yourself!
                                              Our school is not just about classroom
Long Furlong is a Community Primary           learning as we believe that children
school with an attached Nursery class.        learn in a variety of contexts. Children
The school was opened in September            can join our orchestra, learn a musical
1993 and is housed in an exciting and         instrument, play sports, learn to touch-
well resourced building in North              type, dance the maypole, learn sign
Abingdon. The school has one class for        language, play in our garden and
each year group accommodated in               participate in a residential visit from
separate classrooms with internet access      Year 3 and up.
and Interactive Whiteboards.        Our
annual intake of pupils into the main         I hope that you will consider Long
school is thirty per year. The Nursery        Furlong Community Primary School as
class has 52 part-time places and has its     a choice of school for your child.
own separate garden.                          Remember, come and visit and see us at
                                              work and play! We know you will like
As the Head Teacher of Long Furlong           what you see.
School I enjoy the challenge of leading
the school and working with the               Yours sincerely
children to ensure that we provide the
best possible opportunities for learning
in a creative and exciting school. We
believe in nurturing the whole child in
all aspects of development so that each
                                             Natasha Austin
                                             Head Teacher

                         Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                              - 3 -Pa
Aims of the School
The Governors and staff regularly review               Whole Child
the aims of the school (the last review was           To meet the educational, social,
in March 2007). We believe they reflect                physical and emotional needs of
our commitment to high academic                        all the children, appreciating their
standards and to the development of the                individuality and diversity.
„whole child‟. We also hope that they
reflect the multicultural, multi-faith world           Independent learners
in which we live.                                     To nurture self belief and
                                                       confidence; to encourage happy,
       Partnership                                     motivated, open minded,
      To work in partnership with                     independent learners who
       parents and the community to                    embrace challenges.
       achieve our aims.
                                                       Values Based Education
       Love for Learning                              To teach and be role models for
      To be a creative and exciting                   respect, honesty and
       school that encourages a life long              responsibility to enable children
       love for learning.                              to make the right choices for the
                                                       benefit of themselves and others.
       Rich Curriculum
      To share knowledge and develop                  Citizenship
       enquiry through a rich                         To prepare and allow children to
       curriculum that teaches core skills             take their place in the wider
       in a meaningful and purposeful                  world, locally and globally, now
       way.                                            and in the future.

                           Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                 - 4 -Pa
Ethos and Values
Values-Based Education is a philosophy         at   Long       Furlong     are   respect,
that underpins all the work that we do at      responsibility and honesty.
Long Furlong Primary School. It is not
another curriculum subject, but a way of       Values-Based Education is not only seen
working that shows children how to live        through behaviour in the school but also
their lives and build positive relationships   contributes to the way we conduct our
with others. As a school community we          relationships with others in the school
have identified 12 core values that are        community and the atmosphere that is
modelled by all and taught through             present when you walk through our door.
assemblies and classroom activities.           This calm, purposeful and caring
These core values act as general guides to     atmosphere creates the ideal environment
behaviour and encourage everyone to            where children can learn, ask questions
play a worthwhile and positive role in the     and grow into confident, thoughtful
school community. Examples which we            citizens of the future.
have identified as particularly important

                           Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                               - 5 -Pa
To nursery                                     To school
You may place your child‟s name on the         The standard number for each year group
nursery admissions list at any time after      is 30 pupils. The County Council
their birth; please contact the school for     administrates the admissions procedure,
further details, or the registration form      and you will be advised of the availability
can be downloaded from our website.            of the appropriate documentation in the
                                               autumn of the year before your child is
Children are welcomed into our nursery         due to start school. Please bear in mind
from the age of three on a part-time basis,    that registration does not guarantee that
if places are available. The nursery           you will be offered a place. You are most
(sometimes known as Foundation 2 & 3)          welcome to visit us when you are making
is part of the Foundation Stage of             your choice; please contact the school
education.      The class is housed in         office for an appointment.
purpose-built accommodation joined to
the main school which is designed              The catchment area is the whole of the
specifically for 3-5 year olds, and provides   Long Furlong estate, i.e. Alexander Close,
ample indoor and outdoor areas to fully        Boulter Drive, Hanson Road and Langley
develop learning and confidence in all         Road and all roads off these. This
areas.                                         catchment is shared with the Dunmore
The nursery is staffed by a qualified
teacher, a nursery nurse and, if numbers
necessitate, a teaching assistant.             Secondary Transfer
The nursery serves a larger catchment          Children at Long Furlong transfer to a
area than the school; please bear in mind      wide range of secondary schools both in
that attendance at our nursery does not        the public and private sectors. The
guarantee your child a place in the main       County Council oversees admissions to
school.                                        the state secondary schools. You will
                                               receive information and invitations to
                                               local secondary schools in the autumn of
                                               the year before your child is due to

                           Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                - 6 -Pa
Admissions – contact information

The office staff are very happy to deal         pleased to meet with prospective pupils
with enquiries about admissions to both         and parents/carers. Please contact us by
the nursery and main school, and                telephone or e-mail using the details
interested parties are most welcome to          shown below (we would ask you to bear
make an appointment to visit, see us in         in mind that the office is not staffed
action and ask any questions that may           during school holidays, so there may be a
arise.   The Head teacher is also very          delay in receiving a response.)

Head Teacher:                                   Miss Natasha Austin
                                                01235 532358

Office Manager:                                 Mrs Rose-Marie Smith
                                                01235 532358

Administrative Assistant:                       Mrs Emma Comer
                                                01235 532358

Chair of Governors:                             Mr Neil Price
                                                c/o Long Furlong School

Number on Roll (Sept 2006):                     227 (includes Nursery class)

Macclesfield House
New Road

Telephone: 01865 815449

Administrative Officer (Admissions)          Louise Townsend
                                             01865 815175

                            Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                              - 7 -Pa
The Curriculum

Nursery & Reception               classes     Years 1 – 6
(Foundation Stage)
                                              The National Curriculum comprises a
The Foundation Stage is a distinct phase      core of English, Maths, Science and
of early years‟ education that takes place    Information        and     Communication
from when a child is three until the end      Technology together with the Foundation
of their Reception year. The curriculum       subjects of Design and Technology,
for the Foundation stage should               History, Geography, Art, Music and PE.
underpin all future learning by               Religious Education is taught in line with
supporting, fostering, promoting and          the Oxfordshire Schools‟ Agreed
developing each child in the six areas of     Syllabus. Literacy and Numeracy are
the curriculum. These are: personal,          taught in accordance with the national
social and emotional development;             strategies for these subjects.
communication, language and literacy;
mathematical development; knowledge           We have prepared policies and plans for
and understanding of the world; physical      each subject and using these we have
development; creative development.            constructed a curriculum framework,
                                              which covers all that your child should be
Much of the learning in the nursery is by     taught during the primary years. This
way of well-planned play, both indoors        framework broadly consists of two-year
and outdoors.           In this secure        cycles for Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 and takes
environment, with effective adult             into account the separate yearly cycles of
support, children can:                        the Literacy and Numeracy strategies, RE
    Explore, develop and represent           and Personal Social Health and
       learning experiences that help         Citizenship Education (PSHCE).
       them to make sense of the world
    Practise and build up ideas,             During their time at the school pupils
       concepts and skills                    will take part in a far broader curriculum
    Learn how to control impulses            than the list above, which is centred
       and understand the need for rules      around a Values Based Education
    Think creatively and imaginatively       approach. Opportunities offered may
    Communicate with others as they          include residential visits, theatre trips,
       investigate or solve problems          Partnership sports and music concerts,
    Express fears or re-live anxious         class assemblies, visiting speakers and
       experiences in controlled and safe     extra-curricular activities, to name just a
       situations                             few.

                          Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                - 8 -Pa
Collective Worship                             Special Educational Needs

The Education Reform Act 1988 requires         At Long Furlong school we are
that all schools have a daily act of           committed to providing an equal
Collective Worship, either the whole           education to all, regardless of race, creed
school together or worship in separate         or disability. A significant number of
school groups. For the majority of             children will need special needs support
occasions during each school term the          during their years at school; children may
worship has to be “wholly or mainly of a       have a physical disability or a specific
broadly Christian character” and must          learning difficulty e.g. with reading,
reflect the broad traditions of Christian      emotional difficulties etc. We are guided
belief. In addition, attention should be       by a National Code of Practice that lays
paid to the ages and aptitudes and family      down how such children should be
background of pupils in school.                identified and their progress assessed. If
                                               we consider that a child may benefit from
Aims:                                          special needs support we will always
       Collective worship should be           consult the parent/carer as the first step.
        inclusive, relevant to children‟s      If you consider that your child has special
        experiences, benefit all and foster    needs do please share this with your
        a sense of community, shared           child‟s class teacher.
        purpose and values
       Collective worship should be           Over the last year we have had
        educational, reflect the whole-        considerable work done around the
        school ethos, contribute to the        school to improve the environment for
        development of the whole child         members of the school community with a
        and celebrate a range of               disability, include ramps to facilitate
        achievements                           easier access and „soundboards‟ in the
       Collective worship should be           nursery to help ensure that those with a
        spiritual, provide a space for         hearing impairment are not excluded
        reflection, offer a sense of           from discussions. We have two toilet
        occasion and introduce children        cubicles adapted for use by those with
        to the spiritual dimension of life     disabilities, and have internet access
        through a variety of activities        available on both floors of the school.

If they so wish, parents/carers may
withdraw their children from collective
worship or religious education. If there
are any concerns, we encourage contact
to be made with the Head Teacher.

                           Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                - 9 -Pa
Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship       from receiving sex education at school; if
Education (including Sex Education)            there are any concerns, we encourage
                                               contact to be made with the Head
The governors have approved the                Teacher. Should a child protection issue
inclusion of Sex Education in the              arise it will be dealt with sensitively and
curriculum. We work closely with our           our normal procedure will be followed.
school nurse and parents/carers are            We teach personal, social, health and
always invited to discuss the content of       citizenship education throughout the
the programme before we begin. Parents         school and regard it as an important
have the right to withdraw their child         strand of the national curriculum.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We have a range of very well attended          a number of visiting instrumental
extra-curricular activities available. Some    teachers, who offer tuition on a fee-
of the clubs available this year include:      paying basis; these currently include
environmental         club,       recorders,   violin, piano, electric keyboard, flute,
construction, touch typing, art, orchestra,    trumpet and guitar. Children are offered
maypole dancing and a variety of sporting      regular opportunities to share their
activities. We welcome adult support in        musical skills with their peers and the
this area, or suggestions from either          extended school community by means of
parents/carers or children regarding           special music assemblies, performances at
other clubs they think might be                our annual Open Evening and the ever-
enjoyable. We also host the Vale of            popular Variety Show.
White Horse Youth Orchestra, and have


Sporting opportunities are available           Abingdon Town Partnership joint
through PE lessons (which, for the Junior      initiatives, particularly for athletics. Over
children, includes swimming sessions),         the past few years we have been fortunate
after-school clubs run by staff, and           to have received funded sports tuition in
additional after-school clubs run by           school, which has included tennis,
visiting coaches on a fee-paying basis. We     badminton, cricket and general sports
compete regularly against other schools in     skills that help to support our „Healthy
local tournaments, and also take part in       School‟ status.

                           Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                  - 10 -Pa
                                         - 10 -
Environmental and Outdoor Education

All children, including those in the             and 4 have a short residential stay at a
Foundation       stage    (nursery    and        nearby outdoor centre and the Year 6
Reception), undertake a number of day            children spend a week at an outdoor
or part day visits through the school year       activity centre.
linked to the curriculum studies. Years 3

School Council

We believe children have the right to be         decisions already! New Councillors are
involved in, and indeed make, some of            elected from all year groups from Year 1
the decisions that affect them in school.        onwards and serve a term of office for 6
Our first School Council was elected in          months.
February 2001 and has taken many

Partnership with Parents/Carers
How can I help my child do well                     contact us if you do have concerns or
at school?                                           questions about your child's progress.
                                                     Please remember if you do have concerns
We recognise that many parents/carers                it is best that you initially discuss this
are looking for answers to this question.            with your child’s class teacher.
We     offer    the   following     three
recommendations to you all:
                                                 Reporting to Parents/Carers
   establish a positive relationship with
    the school and in particular the class       There are three official periods when we
    teacher. Developing and maintaining          report to parents/carers. In October and
    this relationship is very important to us.   February we hold interviews with class
    Do please contact the Head Teacher if        teachers by appointment and in July we
    you are concerned about this.                send a written report on your child‟s
                                                 progress and achievements. This may be
   help with homework. Getting this right       followed by a meeting with the teacher
    is not a very easy task for many families.   (on request).
    Please read the homework policy on the
    website, and speak to your child’s teacher   Keeping contact with the school
    if you have any concerns)
                                                 The school office is open from 8.30 pm
                                                 to 4:00 pm. The Head Teacher is often

                            Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                    - 11 -Pa
                                          - 11 -
available at the beginning and end of the
school day and appointments can always        We send home regular newsletters to all
be made through the school office.            families - do please check that you are
                                              receiving them, as this is our main way of
The     school    website      (www.long-     communicating important news and is regularly updated,    information.
and each class has its own notice board
where you can see the plan of work for        Finally, your representatives on the
the term and copies of the latest             governing body play a very important role
newsletter. There is also a Friends of        in building and maintaining the
Long Furlong notice board.                    partnership between home and school.

The School Day
Arrangements for the beginning
and end of the school day
The school hours are as follows -
Nursery         9:00 – 11:30 am OR            In the interests of the safety of pupils and
                                              staff, access is restricted to the front door
                12:45 – 3:15 pm               except for brief periods at the beginning
Reception       9.00 am - 12.15 pm            and end of the day. Unless someone is at
               1:15 – 3:15 pm                 reception this door will be locked and
Years 1-2      9.00 am - 12.15 pm             visitors will have to ring for attention.
                                              When bringing or collecting children
               1:15 – 3:15 pm                 from school, all parents and carers should
Years 3-6      9.00 am - 12.30 pm             use the side entrance accessed from the
               1:15 – 3:15 pm                 footpath. Visitors to school are requested

                          Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                  - 12 -Pa
                                        - 12 -
to wear a badge that identifies them to         Junior pupils will be dismissed as a class
children and staff. All staff wear identity     and expected to return to the class
badges.                                         teacher if their parent or responsible
                                                adult has not arrived to collect them.

Beginning of the day                            If you drive to school please take great
                                                care in the school car park and in the
 Pupils should not arrive until 8.40am         vicinity of the school entrance.
    when the school gate is opened. If this
    is difficult for you, we can allow a        Helping in the nursery or the
    small number of junior pupils to arrive     school
    up to 10 minutes early. However the
    circumstances for this must be due to       We always welcome parental help in
    extenuating family circumstances.           school, especially on a regular basis. We
    Please put your request in writing to       ask that you wait for a few weeks before
    the Head Teacher. (Children with            working in your child's own class to give
    permission to arrive early will be asked    them the opportunity to settle and
    to „sign in‟ at the front desk).            establish themselves; please make
   Junior pupils play in the playground,       arrangements with the individual class
    supervised by a member of staff, until      teachers.
    8.55am when the whistle is blown.
   A parent or carer must supervise            School Dinners
    infant pupils until 8.55am. The infant
    classrooms will then be opened and all      We encourage children to have school
    children must proceed immediately to        dinners. Our cook provides two hot
    class so that lessons can start promptly    main courses, salads, and a dessert with
    at 9.00am.                                  the option of cheese and biscuits, fresh
   The side gate will be locked at 9.10am.     fruit or yoghurt, or the children can
    After that time, the only access to the     request a brunch bag containing a
    school is through the front door.           sandwich, some fruit or yoghurt, etc. A
   All latecomers must enter by the front      drink is also available.        Meals are
    door and report to reception.               prepared to provide a healthy diet, a
                                                vegetarian option or other specialist
At the end of the day                           requirements can be provided for on
                                                request. Children may bring a packed
Infant pupils (those in Reception, Year 1       lunch if you prefer – please make sure
and Year 2) will be dismissed to the            that you do not include a fizzy drink.
parent or responsible adult. If another
adult is collecting your child you must         Parents/carers who are in receipt of
inform you child‟s class teacher in             certain benefits may be eligible to claim
advance.                                        free school dinners; please contact the
                                                school office if you would like more

                            Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                               - 13 -Pa
                                          - 13 -
details. (All enquiries are dealt with in      Charging for school activities
total confidence, and only yourself and
the Office Manager need be aware of            We value educational visits as they
your child‟s receipt of free school meals.)    complement and enhance the work in
                                               the classroom. We must inform you that
Playtime snacks                                all contributions are voluntary but that if
                                               insufficient are forthcoming, we would be
Children may bring a snack to eat at           unable to provide the activity. If your
playtime; however, we ask that this is only    child is in receipt of free school dinners
fruit or raisins. We are taking part in the    and you have any financial difficulties
Government‟s free fruit and vegetable          that mean that you are unable to pay the
scheme and pupils up to Year 2 will be         full voluntary contribution, please
given a free piece of fruit/veg each day.      contact the school office as we have
                                               access to a fund made available by
                                               Christ's Hospital for this purpose.

There is a school uniform which all            addition to a swimming costume children
pupils are expected to wear; you will          do need a swimming hat.
receive a list of the standard items before
your child starts school. Please label all     Earrings: We request that children do
items of school uniform with your child‟s      not wear earrings or other jewellery and
name.                                          your co-operation with this request is
                                               much appreciated.         Children with
Shoes: In the interests of Health &            pierced ears may wear plain studs if
Safety, no high-heeled fashion shoes or        necessary. If your child does wear studs
open-toe shoes are to be worn. Please          then they must be able to remove and
label your child's shoes and plimsolls with    replace     their     earring     entirely
his of her name.                               independently. Pupils will always be
                                               asked to remove their earrings before PE
PE: children should have black shorts          lessons unless they have been recently
and a plain white T shirt for PE and a         pierced, in which case they will be
tracksuit or sweat shirt and jogging           covered with tape. After 6 weeks from
bottoms for outdoor games in the winter        piercing, we have been informed that
months. Children with long hair should         there is no danger of the piercing closing
bring a „bobble‟ so that they are able to      up in the duration of a PE lesson. Thank
tie hair back during lessons.                  you for your co-operation with this aspect
                                               of health and safety.
Swimming:        Children will go
swimming during their junior years. In

                           Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                - 14 -Pa
                                         - 14 -
Caring For Your Child

Child Protection                              Illness and Accidents

At Long Furlong Primary School we take        Minor injuries will be dealt with at
our responsibility to protect and             school. In the event of a bumped head
safeguard the welfare of the children         we will always advise you of this in
entrusted to our care seriously.              writing. Should your child be taken ill or
                                              have a more serious accident we will
As part of the ethos of the school the        always contact you so please ensure that
staff and governors are committed to          your emergency contact numbers are kept
working in partnership with                   up to date. Please note that we do not
parents/carers, valuing each individual       have the staff or facilities to look after
child in our care and ensuring that all       sick children.
members of staff are properly trained and
supported.                                    Medical conditions
Our Child Protection Policy clearly           If your child has a defined medical
outlines the guiding principles and           condition, we are able to seek advice
procedures agreed in school to                from the school nurse on how this can be
demonstrate our commitment to effective       best managed in the school environment.
child protection.

                          Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                               - 15 -Pa
                                        - 15 -
Attendance                                     Personal Belongings

The staff are required to ensure that all      We do allow skipping ropes, drawing
lateness and absences are reported in          pads and felt tips and other small toys to
class registers and published in our           be taken out at playtime. The general
annual attendance figures. For the             rule is: if you or your child won't mind
academic year 2005- 2006 attendance at         too much if the item is broken or lost
the school was 96.6% with 3.4%                 then it's alright to bring it to school. We
authorised absence and 0% unauthorised         do not allow electronic games, toy guns
absence.                                       or knives.

Please inform the school office before         Bicycles/Scooters
9:30 a.m. if your child is unable to attend
school for any reason.                         As part of our “Healthy School” status,
                                               and in line with our Travel Plan, we
If you need to remove your child from          encourage as many children as possible to
school for a period during term time you       walk or cycle to school. Children may
should collect an absence authorisation        ride their bicycles/scooters to school at
form from rack outside the office. On          your discretion; however they must be
this form you can explain your reasons         pushed within the school grounds. We
for the request. Only the Head Teacher         strongly advise your child to wear a
may authorise absence and parents              helmet when riding to school and the
should be aware that permission should         bike should be locked during the day.
be sought before booking a holiday.
Absence will not be authorised during          Lost Property
September or May.
                                               Please name all items of clothing, PE kit
                                               etc. as it makes them easier to find. In
Insurance                                      the first instance, you/your child should
                                               thoroughly check his/her classroom and
Although we have an insurance policy in        cloakroom for any lost property. There is
place that covers children at school and       also a large lost property crate which can
on trips, you may wish to consider             be found at the school office.
making your own arrangements for
personal insurance cover for your child.

                           Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                - 16 -Pa
                                         - 16 -
Other Information
                                             There are numerous events through the
The school's governing body includes         year, a Christmas Bazaar, Raffles, Quiz
nominees of Oxfordshire County               Nights, Ladies Evenings, Cake Sales, a
Council, elected representatives of the      Summer Fete, and Book events. A
parents, teaching and non-teaching staff     regular newsletter keeps you informed
and members who have been co-opted           about ways you can help the school,
from local business and the local            coming events etc.
community schools.
                                             There is a school „200 Club‟ (lottery) and
The Governors‟ legal duties and              new members are always welcome.
responsibilities are many and varied and     Parents are also asked to consider
include overall responsibility for staff,    covenanting money to the school, or to
finance, premises and the curriculum.        participate in any scheme at their place of
                                             work that supports registered charities
The Governing Body meets four times a
year and in addition has a number of         The Friends have raised substantial sums
committees to discuss and formulate          of money to support the school and have
proposals on a variety of issues. The        given financial donations for the
Governing Body also links with the           following: role play equipment for the
Friends of Long Furlong (FOLF), which        Foundation Stage; school trips; an
is our parent/teacher association.           incubator; costumes for productions;
Minutes, agendas, and dates of our           interactive whiteboard and multimedia
meetings are available in the entrance       installations; plants; a new wildlife/pond
area. An additional set is available for     area; productions and for 2006 -2007 a
loan from the school office.          The    new adventure playground.
Governors also produce the School
profile,   which     is     available  at    Awards
                                             The school currently holds a bronze “Eco
                                             School” award, “Healthy School” status
The Friends of Long Furlong                  and “Investors in People”.

We have a flourishing and active             Complaints Procedure
parent/teacher association called the
Friends of Long Furlong (FOLF), which        Encouraging our partnership with
is a registered charity. There is an         parents is one of our top priorities but
Annual General Meeting when officers         occasionally you may need to make a
are elected for the coming year.             complaint. If you are unhappy with

                         Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                - 17 -Pa
                                       - 17 -
something that has happened at school         policy and details are available from the
you should first contact your child's         office.
teacher or, if appropriate, the Head
Teacher. Governors and, in particular,        The School Improvement Plan
Parent Governors are also there to look
after your interests and are very happy to    We have an improvement plan to show
be contacted. Parent Governors can be         our priorities for the next few years and
contacted through the school office.          how we intend to achieve them. This
                                              covers all aspects of school management
The    Governors    have   established        including: the pupils, and the curriculum
procedures to manage complaints about         that they are taught, the staff, including
the curriculum, collective worship,           new appointments, the maintenance of
Nursery admissions and our charging           the building, and the school's finances.

School Policies

If you would like any further information     marked with a * can be found on the
the following documents are available for     school‟s    website  at:   www.long-
loan from the school office, or those

Anti-bullying Policy                              ICT Policy
Art Policy                                        Nursery Admissions Policy
Assessment, Reporting & Recording Policy          Maths Policy
Attendance Policy                                 Music Policy
Behaviour Policy *                                PE Policy*
Charging for School Activities*                   Presentation of Work Policy
Collective Worship*                               PSHCE Policy
Competition*                                      Race Equality & Cultural Diversity
Complaints*                                       RE Policy*
Design & Technology Policy                        School Council Policy
Drug Education Policy                             Science Policy
English Policy                                    Special Educational Needs Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy.                       Teaching & Learning Policy
Food in school Policy
Geography Policy
Health & Safety*
History Policy
Homework Policy*

                          Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                               - 18 -Pa
                                        - 18 -
Term Dates 2007-08
Term 1:
Inset Days             Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th September
School re-opens        Wednesday 5th September
Term ends              Friday 19th October

Term 2:
School re-opens        Monday 29th October
Term ends              Friday 21st December at 1:30pm*

Term 3:
School re-opens        Monday 7th January
Term ends              Friday 15th February

Term 4:
School re-opens        Monday 25th February
Easter break           Friday 21st & Monday 24th March
Term ends              Friday 4th April at 1:30pm*

Term 5:
School re-opens        Monday 21st April
Bank holiday: Monday 5 May
Term ends              Friday 23rd May

Term 6:
School re-opens        Monday 2nd June
Term ends              Friday 18th July at 1:30pm*

* Please note that Terms 2, 4 & 6 end one day earlier for the nursery children, but at the
normal time of 3:15pm

                          Sharing Knowledge, Shaping Futures                                 - 19 -Pa
                                        - 19 -