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                            SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF BID
                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

   1.         SCOPE
   2.         CONTRACT TERM
   4.         SPECIFICATIONS
   5.         DELIVERY
   6.         REVISIONS
   7.         METHOD OF BID / AWARD
   9.         PROOFS
   10.        SAMPLES
   13.        FIRM PRICES
   19.        PROPERTY
   20.        NEW TECHNOLOGY
   Attachment A - VENDOR INFORMATION sheet
   Attachment B - REFERENCES sheet
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                               BID # 262387
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 1.    SCOPE
       The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT or DOT), through its Purchasing Unit
       (Purchasing), requests bids to establish a contract for printing of form T055, Wisconsin Certificate of
       Title using security paper, security ink, and special numbering.

       The attached Standard Terms and Conditions shall govern this bid unless specifically modified in the
       Special Conditions of Bid. Conditions of bid that include the word "must" or "shall,” describe a
       mandatory requirement. All specifications are defined as mandatory minimum requirements unless
       otherwise stated. If no bidder is able to comply with a given specification or condition of bid, Purchasing
       reserves the right to delete that specification or condition of bid. Failure to meet a mandatory
       requirement shall disqualify your bid.

       If you have questions regarding the specifications, or special conditions of bid, please contact the
       purchasing agent shown on the bid cover sheet as soon as possible, but no later than 5 working days
       prior to the bid opening date in writing only. If the answer requires written notification to other bidders,
       purchasing will issue an official addendum.

       Any correspondence, documents, price lists, etc. to support your bid, must include the bid number and
       be sent to Purchasing, 4802 Sheboygan Ave. Rm. 751, P O Box 7396, Madison, WI 53707-7396 to be

       Retain a copy of these Special Conditions of Bid for your files. Should you receive an award, these
       Special Conditions of Bid become your contract terms and conditions.

       Questions regarding this bid shall be submitted in writing and answered by the following:
              Mary Hensler at e-mail

       June 1, 2007, or date of award, through December 31, 2008, or two years after date of award, with
       three (3) one-year renewal options. WisDOT reserves the right to extend beyond the contract period if
       deemed to be in the best interest of WisDOT.

       To be eligible for a contract award, you must be qualified and able to provide the following.

       3.1     The successful bidder must produce (in the bidder‟s own plant) all printing of the T055,
               Certificate of Title. Successful bidder will be held responsible for all work done by
               subcontractors. Bidders will be required to indicate what type of work they are subletting and to
               whom. The bidder will be required to submit the proposed sub-contractor‟s equipment list that
               will be evaluated as part of the bidders total bid response. Failure to submit required
               information within seven (7) calendar days after WisDOT makes a request may be cause for
               rejection of a vendor‟s bid.

       3.2     Award will not be made to a broker

       3.3     Bidder must supply references of three firms to which similar products / service have been
               provided during the past three years to a comparable sized institution or company. If contacted,
               all of those references must verify that a high level of satisfaction was provided. Use
               Attachment B to list references.

       3.4     Contractor should be able to report on a quarterly basis all products purchased against this
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                              BID # 262387
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       3.5     A performance bond in the amount of $250,000 signed by a Wisconsin resident agent of the
               bonding company may be required at the expense of the printer before the printing order will be
               issued. The bond is to assure quality printing and attention to the attached specifications and

       See attached PRINT SPECIFICATIONS for the minimum acceptable specifications for products desired.
       Bid specifications may not be revised without an official written addendum issued by Purchasing.

       Departmental personnel will issue contract release orders to the successful bidder during the contract
       term. Orders are to be delivered to locations as indicated on the purchase order. Delivery must be
       F.O.B. Destination Door Delivery with shipping charges, etc. included in the bid price. Bidders are to
       state on the Bid Cover Page specified in Section 18 of these special conditions of bid.

       WIDOT may require revisions with each production run. Prescribed revisions will typically involve line
       and copy changes to entire sections of the form.

       NOTE: These forms require a custom pantograph to be created and positioned within the Wisconsin
       Certificate of Title as described in the specifications. WIDOT must approve the pantograph prior to

       Bidders are requested to bid per thousand forms. WIDOT will guarantee an order will be placed for the
       minimum of the quantity range indicated and the order will be no larger than the maximum of the
       quantity range indicated. Failure to bid as requested may result in disqualification of your bid.

       Award(s) shall be made on the basis of the lowest total cost of line three (3) from a responsive,
       responsible bidder who meets specifications. The first order will be for 1,000,000 Wisconsin Certificate
       of Title forms.

       In order for your bid to be considered, the following information must be provided. Submit one copy
       (unless stated otherwise) of your bid by the due date and time listed on the bid cover page. Include:

       8.1     Bid Cover (Signature) Page
       8.2     Addendum Cover (Signature) Page(s)
       8.3     Bidder Response Sheet
       8.4     Bid Price Sheet
       8.5     Vendor Information Sheet, Attachment A
       8.6     References Sheet, Attachment B
       8.7     MBE Program Awareness, Compliance & Action Plan, Attachment C

       Failure to provide these forms/information with your bid submittal may disqualify your bid.

       Bids may not be submitted via facsimile. It is the bidder‟s responsibility to ensure that all documents are
       readable and completely received at the DOT Purchasing Office by the due date and time.
       Because of increased building security, access to the WisDOT Purchasing Office is restricted
       and may cause delay if hand delivering your bid. Allow ample time for security clearance to
       room 751.
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                             BID # 262387
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 9.    PROOFS
       Refer to attached Print Specifications for detailed proof specifications.

10.    SAMPLES
       Samples of similar work may be required (jobs requiring security paper and pantographs). When
       samples are requested, they must be delivered to Purchasing within seven (7) calendar days of that
       request. Failure to provide samples as requested may disqualify your bid.

       The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is committed to the promotion of minority businesses in
       the State‟s purchasing program. Authority for this program is found in Wisconsin Statutes 15.107(2),
       16.75(3m), and 16.755.

       Bidders are strongly urged to use due diligence to further this policy by setting up subcontracts to state-
       certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and/or by using such enterprises to provide goods and
       services incidental to this contract (second-tier suppliers), with a goal of awarding 5% of the contract
       cost to such enterprises. An MBE means a business certified, or certifiable, by the Wisconsin
       Department of Commerce under Statute 560.036(2).

       Bidders must submit the attached WisDOT MBE Program Awareness, Compliance & Action Plan--
       Attachment C indicating their proposed utilization of state-certified minority businesses for this contract.
       Contact the State‟s Minority Business Director for assistance in locating certified firms at (608) 267-7806
       or the WisDOT Minority Business Program Specialist at 608-267-2886. A listing of State of Wisconsin
       certified minority businesses, as well as the services and commodities they provide, is on the State-
       certified MBE web site:

       Quarterly reports, as agreed, are requested to be submitted to the Department of Transportation,
       Purchasing Unit, itemizing the deliveries and cost of items or services provided by certified firms.
       Reports should state the costs for the previous contract quarter, as agreed. The department reserves
       the right to verify with listed firms their involvement as subcontractors or second-tier suppliers.

       All subcontracting shall be pre-approved by WisDOT. Subcontractors must abide by all terms and
       conditions of the contract. The prime contractor shall be responsible for all subcontractor(s) work and
       payment. The WisDOT will not pay any subcontractor or third parties directly.

       WIDOT intends that pricing shall remain firm for the contract period. Award of this contract is based on
       competitive pricing. Increases in pricing will not be considered unless justified with supported written
       documentation substantiating your inability to continue without monetary damage. A determination
       would be made at that time whether to accept the price increases and continue the contract for the time

       Any rate increase must be received in writing and approved by the Wisconsin Department of
       Transportation 60 days before becoming effective.
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                             BID # 262387
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       Invoices/Purchase Order:

       WisDOT must meet a statutory mandate to pay or reject invoices within 30 days of receipt by WISDOT.
       Before payment is made, it also must verify that all invoiced charges are correct as per this contract.
       Only properly submitted invoices shall be officially received for payment. Thus, your prompt payment
       requires that your invoices be clear and complete in conformity with the instructions below.

       All invoices must be itemized showing:

                a.   purchase order number           d.      complete product description as
                b.    vendor name                            stated on your bid.
                c.   remit to address                e.      prices per the contract

       The original invoice and two copies must be sent to the bill-to address shown on the Purchase Order.


       This Contract may be terminated by either party under the following conditions:

       15.1    If the problem is service performance, contractor will be warned either verbally or in writing of
               unsatisfactory performance and intent to cancel this contract. Contractor will be given a period
               of time to „cure‟ the performance. If performance does not improve contractor will be given 30
               days written notice that the contract will be cancelled.

               Upon termination, WisDOT‟s liability will be limited to the pro rata cost of the services performed
               as of the date of termination.

       15.2    In the event the contractor terminates the contract, for any reason whatsoever, it will require
               written certified letter notification delivered to the Department purchasing agent not less than 60
               days prior to said termination. The contractor will, in turn, refund the Department, within 30
               days of said termination, all payments made hereunder by the Department to the contractor for
               work not completed.

       15.3    If at any time a petition in bankruptcy shall be filed against the contractor and such petition is
               not dismissed within 90 calendar days, or if a receiver or trustee of contractor's property is
               appointed and such appointment is not vacated within 90 calendar days, WisDOT has the right,
               in addition to any other rights of whatsoever nature that it may have at law or inequity, to
               terminate this Contract by giving 90 calendar days notice in writing of such termination.

       The State of Wisconsin shall not enter into a contract with a vendor, and reserves the right to cancel any
       existing contract, if the vendor or contractor has not met or complied with the requirements of s.77.66,
       Wis. Stats., and related statutes regarding certification for collection of sales and use tax.

       The Certificate of Title is a secured form. The vendor must insure that samples, excess and unused
       materials are properly safeguarded during production and destroyed at the end of each production run.

       Material must not fall into wrong hands or become improperly used. This includes plates and other
       material used in production of the forms.
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                           BID # 262387
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       Forms shall be delivered to WIDOT within forty-five working days upon receipt of order. These
       allowances include shipping, composition, proof sending and return time. Vendor pays shipping

       All source artwork, copy, film, negatives, and other supplied material by the WIDOT and that which is
       created by the vendor is to be regarded as the property of WIDOT and returned upon request or at the
       end of or termination of the contract period.

       The contractor may be allowed to increase (or decrease) pricing as new technology is created within the
       term of the contract. If there are new security features developed for the title paper, the contractor may
       be asked to implement them into the current contract. Also, the contractor may be asked to incorporate
       changes as printers are upgraded. The contractor must show evidence of the price increase in order to
       be allowed price increases.
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                                BID # 262387
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DOA-3477 (R05/98)
                                        VENDOR INFORMATION
        FEIN (Federal Employer ID Number)                 OR         Social Security # (if sole proprietorship)

     Phone      (   )                                     Toll Free Phone        (       )

     FAX        (   )                                     E-Mail Address


     City                                                 State               Zip + 4

2.   Name the person to contact for questions concerning this bid.
     Name                                                   Title

     Phone      (   )                                       Toll Free Phone          (       )

     FAX        (   )                                       E-Mail Address


     City                                                 State               Zip + 4

3.   Any vendor awarded over $25,000 on this contract must submit affirmative action information to the
     department. Please name the Personnel / Human Resource and Development or other person responsible
     for affirmative action in the company to contact about this plan.
     Name                                                      Title

     Phone      (   )                                       Toll Free Phone          (       )

     FAX        (   )                                       E-Mail Address


     City                                                 State               Zip + 4

4.   Mailing address to which state purchase orders are mailed and person the department may contact
     concerning orders and billings.
     Name                                                   Title

     Phone      (   )                                       Toll Free Phone          (       )

     FAX        (   )                                       E-Mail Address


     City                                                 State               Zip + 4
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                                                    BID # 262387
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DOA-3478 (R12/96)


Provide company name, address, contact person, telephone number, and appropriate information on the product(s) and/or service(s) used for
requirements similar to those included in this solicitatio n document.    Potential subcontractors cannot be references.    Any subcontractor
arrangement for the completion of this work shall be listed on a separate id page.

Company Name

Address (include Zip +4)

Contact Person                                                                        Phone No.

Product(s) and/or Service(s) Used

Company Name

Address (include Zip +4)

Contact Person                                                                        Phone No.

Product(s) and/or Service(s) Used

Company Name

Address (include Zip +4)

Contact Person                                                                        Phone No

Product(s) and/or Service(s) Used

Company Name

Address (include Zip + 4)

Contact Person                                                                        Phone No.

Product(s) and/or Service(s) Used
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                              BID # 262387
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Attachment C
                          AWARENESS, COMPLIANCE & ACTION PLAN
As a matter of sound business practice, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is committed to “supply
diversity” by promoting the use of minority business whenever and wherever possible. Further, as an agency of the
State of Wisconsin, WisDOT shares in the state goal of placing five (5) percent of its total annual purchasing dollars
with state-certified minority businesses.

State of Wisconsin procurement policy provides that Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) certified by the Wisconsin
Department of Commerce, Bureau of Minority Business Development should have the maximum opportunity to
participate in the performance of its contracts/projects.

You, as a contractor, are strongly urged to use due diligence to further this policy by awarding subcontracts to
minority-owned business enterprises or by using such enterprises to provide goods and services incidental to this
agreement (second-tier suppliers), with a goal of awarding 5% of the contract cost to such enterprises.

Monthly or Quarterly reports are requested to be submitted to the Department of Transportation Purchasing Unit,
itemizing the costs of services and goods provided by certified firms. Reports should state the costs for the previous
contract/project month or quarter.

Authority for the MBE program is found in Wisconsin Statutes 15.107(2), 16.75(4), and 16.755 and
560.036(2), and details about the program can be found at:

Your complete response on the following attachment must address the following components of your
company’s/organization’s commitment/action plan:

        a) Indication that you understand the WisDOT’s goal,
        b) Listing of any MBE vendors with which you intend to subcontract,
        c) Description of the various second tier MBE expenses (goods and services procured that are incidental
           to the contract/project; examples are: specific office supplies to perform the contract, percentage of cost
           for uniforms for contract staff, travel to perform the contract/project, percentage of facility maintenance
           services for your facility used directly by your staff during the contract/project period) your
           company/organization will be able to report that are in direct connection with the administration of this
        d) Statement expressing your commitment to complete the required monthly or quarterly reports that
           will reflect your subcontracts and second-tier expenditures for the period.

For information on certified State of Wisconsin Minority Business Enterprises, please contact:

        E. Aggo Akyea
        Minority Business Program Specialist
        Wisconsin Department of Transportation
        4802 Sheboygan Avenue, Room 751
        P O Box 7915
        Madison, WI 53707
        (608) 267-2886
        (608) 267-3609 fax

A partial listing of some certified minority business enterprises qualified for this request for bid follows. A complete
listing of certified minority businesses, as well as the services and commodities they provide, is available on the web
at: and Information regarding certification of minority
businesses is available at:
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                              BID # 262387
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Potential MBE Printers - Bidders and Subcontractors
4 Star Printing                                               Business Support, LLC
3947 N. Teutonia Avenue                                       1509 Rapids Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53206                                           Racine, WI 53404

Murphy Jamerson, Director of Operations                       Naison Nyamatutu, Managing Director
414/449-0620                                                  262/632-0080
414/449-0622                                                  262/632-6849                                  
County: Milwaukee                                   
                                                              County: Racine
Product/Service: Commercial printing services
                                                              Product/Service: Printing, graphic and web design,
Abisco Products, Inc                                          database management and mailing services.
10612 Pioneer Blvd
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-3709                               Copy N' More, Inc.
                                                              7100 W. Fond Du Lac, #101
Angel Munoz, President                                        Milwaukee, WI 53218-3847
562/906-9333                                                  Theophilus Iyasele, President                                          414/536-7512
County:                                                       414/536-7516
Product/Service: Manufacture of binders and index tabs.
Printing and promotional products.                            County: Milwaukee

All Printing & Paper, LLC                                     Product/Service: Copy and print center specializing in
1480-B Martin Street                                          blueprinting, oversize copies, high speed copies, color
P O Box 259316                                                copying, printing, rubber stamps, paper supplies and
Madison, WI 53725-9316                                        binding services.
                                                              L.O.R. & Associates, Inc.
Al Franklin, President                                        816 West National Avenue
608/217-2071                                                  Milwaukee, WI 53204
608/833-1641                                              Luis O. Rodriguez, President
County: Dane                                                  414/643-1999
Product/Service: All printing services and supply of paper.   County: Milwaukee
Printing brokerage services.
                                                              Product/Service: Printing, publishing, and bindery
Business Graphics & Printing, Inc.                            products. Hispanic yellow pages and resource guide.
1337 Pearl Street
Waukesha, WI 53186-5613
                                                              NCON Communications Corporation, Inc.
Julian Moncada, President                                     1938 N Dr ML King Dr
262/521-1400                                                  Milwaukee, WI 53212-0167
262/521-3077                                     Nathan Conyers, President
County: Waukesha                                              414/263-5088
Product/Service: Full service commercial and color offset
printing. Short and long runs for cut sheet, and continuos    County: Milwaukee
forms, labels, specialty products and stationary. Color
copier center                                                 Product/Service: Newspaper, advertising, typesetting, and
                                                              printing. Quick offset printing, desktop publishing,
                                                              advertising, signs and banners, and mailing services.
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                              BID # 262387
TRANSPORTATION                                                                                       Page 11 of 13
Northview Printing, Inc.                                      Shekinah Printing & Design
10230 W. Fond du Lac Ave.                                     2317 N Martin Luther King Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53224-5195                                      Milwaukee, WI 53212

John F. Duffek, President                                     Luc Monsanto, Owner
414-353-1220                                                  414/263-2679
414-353-7168                                                  414/263-4082                               
County: Milwaukee                                             County: Milwaukee

Product/Service: Printed products for small businesses        Product/Service: Commercial printing of business cards,
including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures,   brochures, banners, wedding invitations. Photo copying
sales materials, paper, medical forms, etc.                   and graphic design services.

Oneida Printing                                               Vilar Arts, Inc.
2701 West Mason Street                                        7954 Harwood Avenue
PO BOX 365                                                    Wauwatosa, WI 53213-0000
Oneida, WI 54155-0000
                                                              Bob Vilar, CEO
Bruce Steinfeldt, Print Manager                               414/778-0665
414/494-4006                                                  414/778-2398
414/496-7896                                                                             County: Milwaukee
County: Brown
                                                              Product/Service: Full service printing and graphic arts for
Product/Service: Offset and full color printing, graphics     brochures, forms, booklets, and flyers.
designs and layout, typesetting, full bindery service, bulk
mailings, letterpress, perforating, die cutting and           Xpress Copy
laminating.                                                   2821 N 4th Street, Suite 219
                                                              Milwaukee, WI 53212
PAP Security Printing, Inc
1813 Colonial Village Lane                                    Leonard McGhee, Owner
Lancaster, PA 17601                                           414/385-0417
Mike Robinson, President                            
717/399-3333                                                  County: Milwaukee
717/394-3333                                    Product/Service: Full service printing of envelopes,                                           letterheads, business cards, brochures, pamphlets and
County:                                                       books.

Product/Service: Printing of online lottery ticket stock,     Z-3 Graphics
betting slips and bank ATM receipts. Printing warehouse       106 East Melvina Street
services. Printing, automation, control panel distributor     Milwaukee, WI 53212
and services.
                                                              Fred V. Zirbel III, Owner
Perfect Image                                                 414/963-6101
503-D Commerce Park Drive                                     414/963-9404
Marietta, GA 30060-0000                             
                                                              County: Milwaukee
Joi Jackson, Account Representative
770/442-4221                                                  Product/Service: Printing, variable data, numbering,
770/427-8708                                                  continuos forms, die-cutting and pre-press services.

Product/Service: Commercial printing. Printing of
brochures, pocket folders, posters, display tickets,
newsletters, and annual reports.
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                                        BID # 262387
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                            AWARENESS, COMPLIANCE & ACTION PLAN
                                 Complete, sign, and include in your bid reponse.
Failure to complete this form as a component of your bid may result in rejection of your bid.

 Our company/organization is a Wisconsin-certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).                          Yes        No

 Our company/organization is a minority business but has not yet received Wisconsin
 certification (please provide details): _____________________________________________                          Yes        No

 We are aware of the WisDOT‟s goal to spend at least 5% of their total annual purchasing
 dollars with state-certified MBE firms.                                                                        Yes        No

 We are aware that if awarded this contract/project our company/organization will provide
 monthly or quarterly reports to WisDOT reporting all expenditure activity directed to MBE                      Yes        No
 subcontractors or second-tier MBE suppliers that directly relate to this contract. (Any non-
 certified minority businesses could be a potential subcontractor/second-tier supplier--indicate
 these on your plan. WisDOT will work with those businesses for possible certification.)

 Subcontractors: Our company/organization intends to subcontract at least 5% dollar volume
 with certified MBE firms listed below (names, addresses, telephone numbers):                                   Yes        No

Second-tier Suppliers: In addition to direct subcontracting efforts, your company/organization can help WisDOT
achieve the 5% goal by managing your second-tier minority purchases. Second-tier business refers to incidental
business expenses your company may spend with Wisconsin-certified MBE firms as it pursues the normal course of
business supplying the WisDOT-contracted products or services. Here are some examples:
      Percentage of your office supplies specifically used during the course of this contract/project.
      Percentage of uniform costs for staff performing this contract/project.
      If you travel to perform this contract/project, you could use a state-certified MBE travel agency and report that
      Percentage of facilities maintenance services for facility(ies) directly used by your staff during the course of
         this contract/project.
These second-tier expenses can only be reported to the extent that they directly relate to your business with WisDOT.
The percentage of the expense you can report is determined by the amount of your WisDOT sales as it relates to
your total sales volume. Per the terms of your contract, you should actively pursue directing business towards these
types of companies, and report your efforts in this regard on a monthly basis.
In paragraph form, describe your company/organization‟s commitment/action plan with regard to the planned use of
state-certified MBE businesses in subcontracting efforts, as well as developing MBE second-tier suppliers. Please list
your specific commitments (attach sheet, if necessary).

SIGNATURE: ______________________________________ DATE: _____________________________

PRINTED NAME & TITLE: _______________________________________________________________

COMPANY: ____________________________________________________________________________
WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF                                                                                                  BID # 262387
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                                      MINORITY BUSINESS PARTICIPATION REPORT
                                                        Wisconsin Department of Transportation
                                                      DT1230    8/2006   s.16.75(3m) Wis. Stats.

Return via FAX to:              608-267-3609, ATTN: Purchasing Minority Business Coordinator
Return via e-mail to: 

Report Date                     Contract / Purchase Order #         Time Period Covered by Report
                                                                         Monthly:                                   through
                                                                         Quarterly:          #1          #2             #3            #4

Project Name / Contract Title

Prime Vendor / Contractor Name                                              Federal Employer Identification Number – FEIN

                   Minority Vendor                                          Product / Service                    Subcontract        Second Tier
   Contractor Name, Address and Telephone Number                               Purchased                          $ Amount           $ Amount

If no business was awarded to Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) for this period, please describe the efforts made to
encourage minority business participation. If you have questions, please call the WisDOT Minority Business Program
Specialist, 608-267-2886.

I certify that the information contained on this report is true and correct.
I also certify that I am an authorized representative of the above-identified Prime Vendor / Contractor.

                                                                                      (Prime Vendor/Contractor Authorized Representative Name)


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