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                         HARI TIMES…     Volume: 09 No. 05               OCT-DEC 2009

   HARI wishes you a very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year!

         Diwali & Annakut Celebration at HARI on
                    Saturday, October 17, 2009 - 4:45pm
    Diwali Puja and Annakut Darshan
    Address by Mr. Janak Amin, Chairman, HARI Board of Trustees
    Treasurer’s Report by Mr. Virendra Trivedi
    Annual Report by Mr. Pallav Bhonde, President, HARI Executive Committee
    HARI Scholarship Award Distribution
    Trust Fund Announcements by Dr. Ray Kathiresan
    General Body Meeting and 2010 Elections
    Address by President-Elect
    Aarti and Dinner sponsored by HARI Devotees and Local Area Restaurants

 Please join the team of HARI Volunteers for Diwali Annakut preparation. Please bring your
 Annakut items to HARI before Noon on Saturday, October 17. No onion or garlic in
 prasad items. Please visit our website at www.haritemple.org to view Annakut item list.
HARI Times                                                         OCT - DEC 2009

   HARI Income-Disbursement Report (Unaudited) for Jan-Aug 2009

   We are proud to announce that the HARI membership total has once again
  surpassed of five hundred marks in year 2009 with total of 503 paid members.

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    HARI Times                                                                                   OCT - DEC 2009

                                          2009 HARI Programs
  Date          Event            Time           Sponsor                  EKADASHI, PURNIMA, AMAWASYA
           Karava Chauth        6:30pm             N/A                             October 2009
 October 7
                                                                  03     Saturday        Purnima
Saturday,                                                         14     Wednesday       Krishna Ekadashi
              Tulsi-Vivah    11AM-Noon Puja    *** Open ***
October 31                                                        17     Saturday        Amawasya
                                                                  29     Thursday        Shukla Ekadashi
    Community Events:                                                             November 2009
    30th Annual Diwali Celebration by Gujarati                    02     Monday          Purnima
    Samaj of Central PA, Saturday, October 24,                    12     Thursday        Krishna Ekadashi
    2009. Please visit www.gsofcpa.com for                        16     Monday          Amawasya
                                                                  28     Saturday        Shukla Ekadashi
    further details.
                                                                                  December 2009
                                                                  01     Tuesday         Purnima
    Annual Dinner and Entertainment Evening by                    12     Saturday        Krishna Ekadashi
    AIACPA, Sunday, December 6, 2009. Please                      16     Wednesday       Amawasya
    visit www.aiacpa.org for further details.                     28     Monday          Shukla Ekadashi
                                                                  31     Thurs           Purnima

                                       Our Sincere Appreciations
                     We would like to acknowledge the following devotees for their recent donations:
                      Donation Recognition (Received from July 16, 2009 to September 13, 2009)
                    Name of the Donor            Donation Amount                     Donation Type
             Yash & Rita Amin                                     $402    Donation
             Yash & Rita Amin                                     $501    Construction Expansion Donation
             Ramesh & Jyotsna Antani                              $101    Construction Expansion Donation
             Satya & Manisha Arya                                 $500    Donation
             Ashutosh & Usha Bhargave                             $500    Donation
             Vinod & Anjana V Kanabar                             $500    Donation
             Satish & Rajul Mehta                                 $150    Donation
             Samir & Bina Parikh                                  $200    HARI Trust Fund
             Yogesh & Renuka Parikh                           $1,001      Construction Expansion Donation
             Girish & Surbhi Patel                                $500    Construction Expansion Donation
             Jayanti & Jyoti Patel                                $101    Donation
             Navanit & Kailash Zaver                          $1,001      Construction Expansion Donation
             Andrew & Payal Loser                                 $202    Donation
             Kaushik & Asmita Patel                           $1,001      Construction Expansion Donation
             Krishna & Parul Subramanian                      $1,500      HARI Trust Fund
             Hersh & Andrea Shukla                                $151    HARI Trust Fund
             Ritu Gehlawat                                        $700    Donation
             Jayantilal & Gitaben Modi                            $500    HARI Trust Fund
             Ronak Patel                                          $501    Construction Expansion Donation
             Macro Advisors, Inc.                                 $501    Construction Expansion Donation
             HARI Navaratri Garaba Group                      $3,001      Construction Expansion Donation
             Arti Patel                                           $101    Donation
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HARI Times                                                                          OCT- DEC 2009

                    A MESSAGE FROM THE COMMITTEE
It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the year. This year’s committee brought a
combination of experience and youth, vigilance and confidence, and most importantly, a sincere
passion and dedication to serve which made 2009 a very fruitful year.

We are delighted with some very successfully activities this year. We have completed many
projects aimed at enhancing the facility for broader use. Among them were roofing work, re-
painting the upper hallway, power-washing the downstairs floor, installation of a canopy at the back
entrance, and more. The temple grounds have been attractively maintained, assisted to a great
extent with enthusiastic participation was being admirably helped by many volunteers and HARI
school youth.

This year, with two scholarly priests, the temple doors are now open more hours and HARI priest
services were extended for your home seven days a week to fulfill all of your religious needs. We
are also thrilled to announce that we have successfully concluded obtaining green cards for the
priests and their families.

In addition to our regularly celebrated functions, we introduced new events such as goddess
Lakshmi puja and Shiva Abhishek during shravan month, Rakshabandhan and Yagnopavit
ceremony. We also invited renowned scholars and artists from here and abroad for religious
discourses and classical performances. We held an exciting and very entertaining social gathering,
India Fair, celebrating the HARI Anniversary. The success of these was evident by the large
attendance to these events.

We continued to focus on the long-term sustenance and growth of the organization through the
“HARI Trust Fund” efforts. HARI held its first Gala early this year attended by more than 250
patrons – it was a great evening enjoyed by all. The event was held to raise funds for the Trust
Fund with over $30,000 raised!

With excellent services provided by priests as well as a growing group of new volunteers for the
Executive Committee and the Board of Trustee positions, we are convinced that the HARI Temple
will continue to remain a vibrant presence serving the cultural and religious needs of the Hindu
community in this region.

This year we will celebrate “Diwali – Annual Day” on Saturday, October 17, 2009. This is an actual
day of Diwali which makes it a very special day of celebration for HARI. Please plan to attend and
enjoy the function and seek the blessings of Lord Rama for “Good Health, Peace, and Prosperity.”

                                        Yours in service,
Mr. Janak Amin                                                            Mr. Pallav Bhonde
Chairman, HARI Board of Trustees                        President, HARI Executive Committee

   HARI Times is a bi-monthly publication of Hindu American Religious Institute (HARI), located
      at 301 Steigerwalt Hollow Road, New Cumberland, PA 17070. You may send your
    comments, suggestions, and important announcements to HARI Times Editors using the
                  address provided on the HARI website www.haritemple.org.

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HARI Times                                                                               OCT- DEC 2009

                         HARI Trust Fund…
            Providing Growth, Financial Safety and Stability
Hindu American Religious Institute “HARI” has been
blessed with a congregation that has supported it
unstintingly since the inception in 1975. That support
has led to one of the most prominent Hindu landmarks in
the capital of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We thank
the founders and senior members of HARI congregation
for their vision and commitment.

This legacy must now be nurtured and preserved for
future generations. In 2004, the Board of trustees had
initiated a “HARI Long Term Self Sufficiency” initiative. In
2005, “HARI Trust Fund (HTF) Steering Committee” was
formed, which developed a strategy and an action plan.
In 2006, an agreement was signed with “The Foundation
for Enhancing Communities” to manage the funds for
HARI. HTF, being an Endowment fund, the principal is
preserved. Only the earnings is used based on the need of the Temple and the Board of Trustees approval.
Under Donor advised funds, Donors, have a choice of naming the donation and say in as to how and where
the funds can be used.

      Why does HARI need an Endowment (HARI Trust Fund “HTF”)?
          Operating expenses go up each year as costs of our utilities, insurance, staff
             compensations, facility maintenance, and supplies rise. Operating income needs to be
             supplemented for maintain facility and expanding services.
          To provide long term self sufficiency and growth for HARI Temple.

      What is the Goal of HTF?
          To have a minimum of One Million Dollar $1,000,000 in the HTF.

      What are the Benefits to HARI?
          HARI gets a steady income stream from the earnings* of the HTF.
          Needed capital expenditures can be planned and completed to ensure that the temple
              is well maintained on an Annual basis.
          HARI can continue to preserve Hindu religious and cultural heritage through expanded
              services and programs.

      Who is managing HTF at HARI?
          HARI Trust Fund Steering Committee, reporting to the HARI Board of Trustees.
          At present, the Committee consists of all past Chairman’s, President’s and Volunteers.
          HTF Coordinator, an appointee of the HTF Steering Committee provides the operational
              support for the HTF and is the facilitator among the Donors, HTF Steering Committee, HARI
              Board of Trustees and, the Investment Manager.

      Who is managing the funds for HARI?
       The Foundation for Enhancing Communities “TFEC” Harrisburg (formerly known as Harrisburg
       Foundation), under the direction of the HTF Coordinator, and Steering Committee..

      What is “Sri Hanuman Tree”?
          It is a donor recognition sculpture designed by the famous artist “Sanford Werfel”,
              located on the ground floor, just below the deity of Lord Rama.
          Based on the amount of donation, name (Children, Parents, Business or Yours) will be
              inscribed on the leaves of the tree.

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HARI Times                                                                                   OCT-DEC 2009

             You are welcome to donate any amount to HARI for any initiatives. Any donation above
              $2,500 over five years towards HTF or Projects or General Donations or other Gift
              Instruments will be recognized in the tree.

     How do I participate in HTF?
          Contact any current Board of Trustees or Executive Committee members.
          Complete HTF Pledge form and mail it to HARI at 301, Steigerwalt Hollow Road, New
            Cumberland, PA 17070.
          To join the committee and volunteer, please contact HTF Coordinator, Dr. Ray Kathiresan
            at (717)790-0786 or raykathiresan@yahoo.com .

     What are the other ways I could invest in the Mission of HARI?
         At present, with the assistance of TFEC, we are in a position to accept various Gift
             Instruments like: Life Insurance Policy, Publicly traded Securities, Closely held Stock, Real
             Estate, Tangible Personal property, Retirement Plan, Planned Gift (revocable, irrevocable),
             and Donor Specified Named funds.
         Please, contact the HTF Coordinator for more details.

     What is the current status of the HARI funds?
         Fund Summary: For year end 2008 the overall Trust Fund experienced a decline in market
             value of 27%.

              For 2009 the Trust Fund began with a market value of $236,179. During the year additional
              contributions of $40,000, with unrealized gains of $38,624, investment income of $4,135
              and a realized loss of $24, resulting in a 8/31/09 market value of $318,914. The return
              during 2009 YTD is 16%. Fund balances as of 8/31/09 were as follows.

             We have the following HARI Funds at TFEC:
                     HARI Trust Fund:                     $177,024
                     Educational Fund:                    $ 47,286
                     Rainy Day Operational Fund:          $94,604
             The securities listed are invested in various mutual funds. For further details, please contact
              HTF Coordinator, Dr. Ray Kathiresan or Chairman, Mr. Janak Amin.

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HARI Times                                                                     OCT-DEC 2009

                       HARI Trust Fund…
        Providing Opportunities to Invest in HARI’s Mission

             Sri Hanuman Tree – Donor Recognition since Inception

 LastName            FirstName                   Gift Purpose                   Total Paid
 Agarwal             Chandresh & Suman           HARI Trust Fund      $1,001       $1,001
 Agarwal             Manish & Neena              HARI Trust Fund      $5,000       $1,000
 Amin                Hiten & Minoo               HARI Trust Fund      $2,500       $1,503
 Amin                Janak M & Alka J            HARI Trust Fund    $22,000       $17,000
 Bajaj               Rajesh & Monica             HARI Trust Fund      $5,000       $4,000
 Barad               Hina A & Arun N             HARI Trust Fund      $2,500       $2,500
 Bathini             Ramesh & Madhavi            HARI Trust Fund      $7,500       $7,500
 Bathini             Ramesh & Madhavi            Ornaments          $17,500       $17,500
 Brahmbhatt          Mahendra & Jaya (Late)      Educational Fund     $5,000       $2,000
 Brahmbhatt          Parul                       Educational Fund     $5,000       $2,000
 Bhatia              Ramesh C Bhatia             Capital Projects   $10,000        $7,500
 Dandora             Aruna & Nathu Ram           HARI Trust Fund      $1,000       $1,000
 Desai               Bhaskar & Praveena          HARI Trust Fund    $11,000       Awaiting
 Desai               Sunil M & Anita S           HARI Trust Fund      $2,500       $1,000
 Gami                Kapil B & Dipti K           HARI Trust Fund      $2,500       $1,750
 Gupta               Deep & Rani                 HARI Trust Fund      $1,000      Awaiting
 Kalakuntla          Srinivas                    HARI Trust Fund        $500         $500
 Kanabar             Chandrakant G & Shalini     HARI Trust Fund      $1,051       $1,051
 Kanabar             Vinod G & Anjana V          HARI Trust Fund    $15,500       $15,500
 Kathiresan          Muthiah (Ray) & Meenakshi   HARI Trust Fund      $2,500       $2,500
 Kendre              Dnyanoba & Aruna            HARI Trust Fund      $4,000       $4,000
 Kendre              Dnyanoba & Aruna            Insurance          $21,000       Awaiting
 Kothari             Milind & Smeeta             HARI Trust Fund      $2,500       $2,500
                     Parul & Krishna
 Krishnamurthy                                   HARI Trust Fund    $15,000        $6,000
 Kulkarni            Mukund S & Prabha M         HARI Trust Fund     $2,500          $500
 Kumar               Narendra D & Geeta D        HARI Trust Fund     $1,000          $200
 Kumar-Dhar          Padmani & Natasha           HARI Trust Fund     $2,500        $2,300
 Lad                 Rajnikant & Pravina         HARI Trust Fund     $5,000        $5,000
                     Jeffery & Mahua
 Long                                            HARI Trust Fund     $1,000          $250
 Mehta               Arunkumar & Dharmista       HARI Trust Fund     $1,000        $1,000
 Mehrotra            Gopi N & Renu               HARI Trust Fund     $1,000          $400
 Mishra              Gautam & Mridula            HARI Trust Fund     $2,500          $500
 Modi                Jayantilal & Geeta          HARI Trust Fund     $2,500          $500
 Nadar               Venkatesh & Suganthi        HARI Trust Fund     $7,500        $2,500
 Naidu               Sanjiv & Rachna             Capital Projects   $10,000       $10,000
                     Saiganesh & Padmini
 Narasimhan                                      HARI Trust Fund     $2,500        $1,000
 Pangarkar           Rajeev & Manjiri            HARI Trust Fund     $7,049        $7,049
 Parekh              Jitu & Vasanti              HARI Trust Fund     $5,000        $1,000
 Parekh              Rajubhai & Lina             HARI Trust Fund     $5,000       Awaiting
 Parikh              Anil R & Nayana A           HARI Trust Fund     $2,500        $2,000
 Parikh              Mohit & Madhu               HARI Trust Fund     $1,000        $1,000
 Parikh              Mukul & Neelima             HARI Trust Fund     $6,000        $2,000

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HARI Times                                                                          OCT-DEC 2009

 Parikh               Samir & Bina                HARI Trust Fund          $5,000      $1,900
 Parikh               Yogesh B & Renuka Y         HARI Trust Fund          $2,500        $501
 Parmar               Rasik & Pragna              HARI Trust Fund          $5,001      $1,000
 Patel                Atul R & Smita              HARI Trust Fund         $10,000      $2,500
 Patel                Devang & Alpa               HARI Trust Fund            $750        $150
 Patel                Devesh                      HARI Trust Fund            $501     Awaiting
 Patel                Dilip & Kunjani             HARI Trust Fund            $501        $501
 Patel                Girish & Mina               HARI Trust Fund          $1,001      $1,001
 Patel                Jayanti & Jyoti             HARI Trust Fund          $3,001      $3,001
 Patel                KD & Rekha                  HARI Trust Fund         $11,000      $9,000
 Patel                Kiran & Anandi              Insurance (Life)       $100,000     Awaiting
 Patel                Kiran & Anandi              Capital Projects        $31,000     $20,000
 Patel                Shailesh&Krutika            HARI Trust Fund          $7,500     Awaiting
 Patel                Umesh & Priti               HARI Trust Fund          $2,500      $2,500
 Pathak               Divyang                     HARI Trust Fund          $2,500      $2,500
 Patil                Subodh & Deepa              HARI Trust Fund          $2,500        $500
                      Arup K & Haldipur Namrata
 Saha                                             HARI Trust Fund          $2,500      $1,751
 Sahi                 Bhupinder & Prit            HARI Trust Fund          $2,500        $500
 Sapra                Aman                        HARI Trust Fund          $1,000     Awaiting
 Sarma                Srinivasan V & Vimala C     Ornaments/Idols          $9,470      $9,470
 Sarma                Srinivasan V & Vimala C     Capital Projects         $4,000      $4,000
 Sekhar               Sundhar & Liane             HARI Trust Fund          $2,500      $2,500
 Shah                 Hasu & Hersha               HARI Trust Fund         $25,000      $5,001
 Shah                 Hasu & Hersha               Project(Katha)           $5,001      $5,001
 Shah                 Jagdish R.                  HARI Trust Fund          $5,000      $5,000
 Shah                 Satish A & Rupal S          HARI Trust Fund          $2,500      $2,500
 Sharma               Gyanendra K & Saroj         HARI Trust Fund          $1,000      $1,000
 Sharma               Anupama& Mani R             HARI Trust Fund          $1,000      $1,000
 Shenai               Dr. Pundalik & Sheila       HARI Trust Fund          $1,001      $1,001
 Sheth                Ketan R & Kalpana K         HARI Trust Fund          $5,000      $5,000
 Shukla               Ashok & Maya                HARI Trust Fund          $7,500      $7,500
 Singal               Mohan & Sudesh              HARI Trust Fund          $1,000      $1,000
 Singal               Rajesh & Brenda B           HARI Trust Fund          $2,500      $2,500
 Smith                Ajit & Manisha              HARI Trust Fund          $5,000      $1,000
 Smith                Rahul                       HARI Trust Fund            $505     Awaiting
 Srinivasan           Durai & Latha Durai         HARI Trust Fund          $2,500      $1,925
 Subramanian          Srinivasan & Meena          HARI Trust Fund          $7,500      $6,250
 Sunny Krupa Inc      Travel Inn                  HARI Trust Fund          $1,000      $1,000
 Tanna                Nitin & Daksha              HARI Trust Fund         $10,000      $2,500
 Upadhyay             Satish & Taru               General Fund             $2,500      $2,500
 Venkatasubramanian   Ravi & Meena Ravi           HARI Trust Fund          $5,000      $2,500
 Wale                 Rajkumar & Swati            HARI Trust Fund          $1,000     Awaiting
 Yedatore             Jagannath & Saraswathi      HARI Trust Fund          $3,500      $1,000
 2009 HARI Gala                                   HARI Trust Fund         $30,000     $30,000
 HARI Navaratri Garaba Group – A group of HARI    Capitol Project
                                                                           $3,001      $3,001
 Devotees whom organize HARI Navaratri Program.   (Vestibule Addition)

                                                  TOTAL                  $564,834    $288,158

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HARI Times                                                                               OCT-DEC 2009

                                       HARI SCHOOL
Dear Parents and HARI members:

We are happy to welcome you all back to HARI School! The HARI
School has started off to yet another great year! We have added
interesting and fun classes to our program this year. Some of the
classes we have added are Hindustani (bhajans); Carnatic vocal
music; Violin; Mridangam; Kuchipudi; Kathak- classic and modern dance; etc.

Every year we plan to improve and make HARI's school more interesting and fruitful. We
welcome your feed back and suggestions. We convey our thanks for your continued
support. Please visit HARI website (www.haritemple.org) for additional information
regarding the HARI School or feel free to contact any of our school directors.

HARI School Directors

                                  Symbolism in Hinduism
                                      by Mrs. Lakshmi Shrikantia

Hinduism is often labeled as a religion of thousand gods. This misunderstanding arises when we
fail to grasp the symbolism of the religion. Supreme Reality (Bramhan) as we all know is formless
and these different aspects of one reality are symbolized by the many gods and goddesses. For
example, Brahma is that reality in its role as creator of the universe; in Vishnu it is seen as the
preserver and the upholder of the universe; and in Shiva that same reality is viewed as the
principle of transcendence-destroyer of evil. These are the Trimurti, the ' three forms,' and they
are not so much different gods as different ways of looking at the same God. Each emphasizes a
particular aspect or function of the one reality. "Ekam sat vipraha bahudha vadanti" or "Truth is
One, the wise call it by many names." The forms are many, the reality is one; the principle is very
deeply rooted in Hindu thought, and was stated at the very outset in the Rg Veda: “The Supreme
Being has no form at all and yet is inherent in all forms.” Idol worship is a tool for harnessing the
eye and mind on God. The Vishnu Samhita (ch 29, v 55-7) an ancient ritual text explains idol
worship                                                                                           as:

"Without a form how can God be mediated upon? If He is without any form, where will the mind fix
itself? When there is nothing for the mind to attach to, it will slip away from meditation or will glide
into a state of slumber. Therefore the wise will meditate on some form, remembering, however,
that the form is a superimposition and not a reality." Images of God are not necessarily idols. We
do not actually worship the statues, icons, or symbols themselves, but rather use the images as a
point of focus for devotion.
"Aham Brahm asmi (I am Bramh/the spirit or essence of everything)," "Tat twam asi (Thou art
that/Bramh alone exists and is the essence of everything), "Aham sa (I am He (Bramh)/an
individual is a soul wrapped up in a physical body),"? Since the unenlightened mind hasn't the
capacity to perceive these statements as proceeding from the ultimate refinement of
consciousness. The teachings of the Vedas and Upanishads had to be clothed in symbolism, and
presented in allegories. According to the Bhagavad Gita, even those who worship other gods
(anya-devatah), ancestral deities, elemental powers, if they do so with faith, then their faith is
justified, for the Divine accepts every form conceived by the worshipper.

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HARI Times                                                                       OCT-DEC 2009

Monthly Havan: Devotees are invited to attend the Havan with their friends and family
members. Devotees who wish to sponsor the monthly Havan and/or Dinner/Prasad are
requested to contact any of the HARI executive committee members.
      Sunday, October 04 – 6pm to 7pm
      Sunday, November 01 – 6pm to 7pm – Sponsored by Drs. Ramesh & Prabha Jindal
      Sunday, December 06 – 6pm to 7pm – Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Vipin & Suman Goel

Monthly Satyanarayan Katha: Satyanarayan Puja is performed on a full moon (Purnima)
day to seek Lord's blessings for good health, peace, and wealth. If Grahan (eclipse) falls
on the day then puja will be held day after. The puja is performed with total devotion,
offering fruits, flower, ghee, milk, yogurt, butter, wheat flour, sugar, and honey to Lord
Satyanarayan. After the puja, the story of Lord Satyanarayan is read and the Prasad is
distributed to all attendees. The puja thus performed brings in fulfillment of one's wishes
and prosperity.
      Saturday, October 03 – 7:15pm
      Monday, November 02 – 7:15pm
      Tuesday, December 01 – 7:15pm
      Thursday, December 31 – 7:15pm

Monthly Jain Swadhayay / Puja: Devotees are invited to attend the Santra Puja with
their family or friends. The Santra Puja is held first Sunday of every month at 2pm.

Hanuman Chalisa Recital: Every Saturday between 7:15pm and 8:15pm by our priests.
Please join along with your family and friends for Satsang and Hanuman Chalisa Recital.

Weekly Bhajans & Bhagawad Gita Study: Each Friday from 6:30pm to 9:00pm,
followed by prasad. Institute of Higher Understanding (IoHU) conducts the Bhajans &
Bhagawad Gita study in collaboration with HARI. Contact 717-791-9138 or
HbgVedic@yahoo.com for more information.

HARI School Lunch: Devotees are encouraged to sponsor lunch during HARI School.
Suggested donation for one lunch Sponsorship is $300. Please contact HARI School
lunch coordinator, Mrs. Sandhaya Parikh at 717-657-0130 or via email at
parikhss@verizon.net to sponsor the lunch.

Closing/Cancellation Alerts on TV: HARI Temple has signed up with Local TV Stations
to include HARI School Closings/Program Cancellations due to severe weather
conditions. Members are advised to look for HARI Temple or Hindu American Religious
Institute under York County Closings. The TV Channels that we have signed up with:
ABC27                       CBS21                     FOX43                  WGAL8

         ... to Hersh & Andrea Shukla, proud parents of a baby girl, NYAH, born on Sunday,
         September 20, 2009. Proud grandparents Ashok & Maya Shukla, Camp Hill, PA.

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HARI Times                                                                       OCT-DEC 2009

   2009 DIWALI CELEBRATION – Saturday, October 17, 2009
                  Diwali Dinner Sponsors
Name of Sponsors                                    Item Description
Aangan Restaurant, Harrisburg, PA
                                                    Subji – Vegetable Korma
717-909-7777 ~ www.aanganindiancuisine.net
Masala Bistro Restaurant, Camp Hill, PA
                                                    Yellow Dal Tadka
717-975-9091 ~ www.masalabistro.net
Passage to India Restaurant, Harrisburg, PA
                                                    Dessert and Subji
717-233-1202 ~ www.passagetoindiapa.com
Taj Mahal Restaurant, Lancaster, PA
                                                    Subji – Palak Panir
717-295-1434 ~ www.tajlancaster.com
Taj Palace Restaurant, Harrisburg, PA
                                                    Dessert and Dal
717-236-3980 ~ www.tajpalacepa.com
Tulsi Restaurant, Lancaster, PA
717-509-7771 ~ www.tulsicuisine.com
HARI Devotees                                       Annakut Prasad Items, Naan, Choole, & Rice

       Pay your HARI Membership check for Year 2010 on Diwali Day
  Any HARI membership check paid after September 15, 2009 is considered as a payment
   for the year 2010 membership. Please pay your 2010 HARI membership check with a
        memo detail as “2010 membership payment” on the auspicious day of Diwali.

                Last Name             First Name        MI

Spouse’s Name:
                First Name            MI      Maiden Name (optional)


Tel. No: (______) ________-__________      E-Mail: ____________________________________

     Regular Membership:              Annual: $51      Lifetime: $600
     Senior Citizens Membership:      Annual: $25      Lifetime: $300

     Donations (General/Trust Fund): $__________.____         Total Enclosed: $______________

     Yes, please add or correct the above entry in the HARI Communication List
     No, please remove the above entry from the HARI Communication List

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HARI Times                                                                      OCT-DEC 2009

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         BUDGET PRINTING                                     Satya, Manisha, Vishrut
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  4620 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050              May the divine light of DIWALI
    Ph: (717)761-5956/Fax: (717)761-6485
                                                             spread into your life Peace,
      One stop for all your printing needs!
       One color to four color processing.                 Prosperity, Happiness and Good
   Custom Made Indian Wedding Invitations.                              Health!

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