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									Berita STM      April 2003       Volume XX        No. 1            KDN PP 5089/2/2004

“ Glory to God and Peace on earth”

Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone? Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone? Young girls picked them, every one
When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Where have all the young girls gone? ...Gone to young men, every one.
Where have all the young men gone?...Gone for soldiers, every one.
Where have all the soldiers gone? ...Gone to graveyards, every one.
Where have all the graveyards gone? ...Gone to flowers every one.
When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

With shouts of war looming and the Iraqi crisis in the background (at the time of writing), this anti-war folk-song
came to my mind once again. Is war and confrontation really necessary? Isn’t human life valuable, be it the soldier
or peasant, young or old, male or female? When will we ever learn?

A few weeks ago, some students asked me what I felt about the US-Iraq confrontation. My immediate reaction was
“helplessness and despair”. Are we, in any way, able to influence the debate at all? Nevertheless, I am glad that
some Christian leaders around the world have spoken out against the impending war. In a unique statement, the
Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and the Catholic Cardinal, Cormac Murphy-O’Connor,
declared that war is not inevitable and politicians must find a new way out of the Iraq crisis (The Mirror, UK, Feb 20,
2003). Here in Malaysia, a Peace Rally at Bukit Jalil Stadium on 23 February loudly proclaimed “Give Peace a
Chance”. The Council of Churches in Malaysia organized another initiative: “Rally for Peace - Say No to War” on 9
March at Sunway Lagoon. I hope and pray that Shalom can be with us.

Perhaps it is time for us to be reminded of and to reflect on some biblical injunctions regarding our social witness
and political responsibilities.

   The belief that all authority and power is ultimately derived from God was a basic teaching in the Old
    Testament. The leaders are responsible to God and are to be respected by the people. (Ex 22:28; Jer 27:5;
    Dan 4:17, 25, 32; 5:21; 2 Sam 12:8; Prov 8:15-16; 24:21)

   In the New Testament, the apostles clearly teach us to submit to the governing authorities and to pray for
    leaders so that justice may prevail (Rom 13:1-7; 1 Pt 2:13-17).

   We pray that we need not choose between submitting to non-democratic civil orders or evil totalitarian powers
    and obeying God’s command to share the good news of Jesus Christ (Acts 4:19-20; Rev 13). At times,
    Christians or churches must respond by voicing our objections to terror, injustice and wickedness.

   All God-fearing and peace-loving people should intercede regularly for the peace of the nations. (Jer 29:7; cf.
    Ps 122.6). We should pray for kings and all in high positions, so that we may lead quiet and peaceable lives in
    all godliness and dignity (1 Tim 2:1-8), for we believe in the Lord who is the “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isa 9:6; cf. Jer 33:15; Eze 34:23-31; Micah 5:5; Zech 9:9-10).

   Finally, we have a dream, a vision that celebrates perfect equality and acceptance, where there will be no more
    discrimination. As Paul proclaimed: “There is no longer Jew nor Greek, slave or free, male and female” (Gal
    3:28; cf. Eph 2).

May we join the angels in praising God saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among
those whom he favours” (Lk 2:14).

Rev Dr Ezra Kok

The Council, Faculty, Staff and Students of Seminari Theoloji Malaysia
Wish all our friends and supporters

A Blessed Easter
Forthcoming Events

Chinese TEE Courses in Kuala Lumpur
In response to the needs of Chinese congregations in the Klang Valley, we will launch the Chinese TEE
Programme with an inaugural service on 5/7/2003 at 2.00pm at the All Saints’ Anglican Church, Cheras. The first
course will be New Testament Survey by Rev Tee Heng Peng. For registration and enquiries please contact Rev
Wong Tik Wah, the Chinese TEE Director.

Concert in Aid of Piano Fund Raising
In response to our appeal for a Baby Grand Piano and an Upright Piano (Berita STM Aug 2002), the L & J School
of Music, PJ, together with the PJ Youth Chamber Orchestra, will hold two concerts in aid of this cause. Please
obtain your admission tickets from the L & J School of Music, 17 Jalan 1/21(Old Town), 46000 PJ (03-77824496)
and STM office (06-6322815).

Date: Sunday 15/6/2003                     Sunday, 22/6/2003
Time: 8.00pm                               7.00pm
Venue: PJ Evangelical Free Church          STM Campus, Seremban
STM 25 Anniversary Celebrations

9/1/2004, Friday, Thanksgiving Dinner at Kuala Lumpur

10/1/2004, Saturday, STM Open Day & Thanksgiving Service at STM campus, Seremban

STM Retreat 2003

Our tradition of beginning the new academic year with a student and faculty retreat continued this year. We were
privileged to have Dr Chew Tow Yow to lead us. The retreat was based on Dr Bruce H Wilkinson’s workbook
entitled Holiness in Times of Temptation. While the theme was not new, God’s call to holiness struck a deep chord
during this retreat. Dr Chew helped to uncloak sin and temptation so that we were confronted with their insidious
nature. The challenge to strive for holiness in daily living was a timely one as holiness is becoming an increasingly
peripheral and unpopular, if not forgotten, issue in the church. - Ho Gaik Kim

STM Talent Night
After a buffet dinner at the canteen on Wednesday, 26/3, the students, faculty and staff proceeded to the multi-
purpose hall for the STM talent night. Students from each year group presented sketches based on the theme “If I
were a millionaire”. The fourth-year students emerged champions for their co-operation and creativity. Everyone
had great fun and enjoyed the programme.

Our New Students

and their purpose for coming to STM.......

“To be equipped for His Service.” - Yong Thiam Choy

“To be equipped to bring God’s hope and love to all people.” - Tan Chor Kee

“To upgrade & to equip myself in the ministry that the Lord called me to!” - Rev Bradley Sangan

“To be a Fisher of Men and proclaim the Word of GOD!” - Christopher Dalie

“To equip myself for full-time ministry” - Hon Yock Tong

“To be equipped for effective ministry.” - Sinawat Tadam

“To be equipped and developed towards a matured ministry.” - Rev Andrew Labo

“To be refreshed and receive vision for the ministry.” - Rev Solomon Bulan

“I hope to receive the best training in STM which will become my help and strength in my future ministry. Glory be
to God!” - Daniel Shu Enn Cheat (Chinese)

“The training in STM today is for a more effective ministry in the future. I pray that God will bless all the students in
STM so that they become channels of blessings to the churches in the years to come.” - Ling Kea Chai (Chinese)
“Mould me Lord, so that I will be able to serve You more effectively in my future ministry.” - Lim Chee Wee

“To study and obey the Word of God so that I can be strong in the Lord.” - Chiong Chi Yoong (Chinese)

“The beautiful campus and good facilities have attracted me to come to STM to gain a deeper understanding of
God and to be equipped to preach His Word. – Lee Nam Huing (Chinese)

“I wish to remain in the temple of the Lord and serve Him all the days of my life.” - Gio-ia (Chinese)

“To study more intensely the Word of God, to receive the best training and to learn how to deliver the Word of God
to fulfil the needs of God’s flock.” - Jocelyn Tan (Chinese)

“To learn theology and gain more knowledge so that I will be able to serve more effectively in the church.” - Rev

“Tujuan saya datang ke STM ialah ingin menjalani pelajaran Alkitab dan hal-hal tentang pelayanan supaya saya
dapat mengajar satu kaum Orang Asli dengan cara yang lebih berkesan dan efektif.” - Yok Selan

“Saya datang ke STM kerana saya ingin tahu tentang latar belakang Alkitab daripada Kejadian hingga ke Wahyu. -


Rev Dr Ezra Kok
Speaker for STM Sunday at Mantin Chinese Methodist Church on 8/12; speaker for Yio Chu Kang Gospel Hall
Church Camp on 2-6/12 held in Seremban; speaker for STM Sunday at Kajang Chinese Methodist Church on 16/2;
conducted Bible exposition on Galatians at Good Samaritan Church, KK on 21-24/2; speaker for STM Sunday at
Ipoh Road Chinese Methodist Church KL on 16/3; devotional speaker for CCOWE Pastors’ School held in Genting
Highlands on 18-19/3; speaker for STM Sunday at KL Methodist Cantonese Church on 30/3.

Rev Tan Jin Huat
Speaker for STM Sunday at Gereja Methodist Subang Jaya on 26/1; facilitator for a Preaching Seminar held at St
Peter’s Church Ipoh on 14-16/2; speaker for STM Sunday at Doulos Presbyterian Church on 23/2.

Rev Dr Albert Walters
Speaker for Mar Thoma Church Youth Camp in Durian Tunggal, Melaka on 9-13/12; participated at the World
Council of Churches (WCC) Consultation for Ecumenical Enablers’ Team in Asia (EETA) held in Bangkok on 19-

Dss Margaret Chen
Speaker for STM Sunday at St Michael’s Church Kg Tawas at 9.00am and Gereja Hallelujah at 8.00pm on 2/3;
seminar speaker for DWM Lower North Regional Sisters’ Fellowship held at St Michael’s Church, Kg Tawas, Ipoh
on 4/3.

Miss Ho Gaik Kim
Speaker for SU School Leavers’ Camp held at STM on 14/12; speaker for STM Sunday at St John’s Church, Ipoh
on 2/3; seminar speaker for DWM Lower North Regional Sisters’ Fellowship held at St Michael’s Church, Ipoh on

Rev Anthony Loke
Speaker for STM Sundays at Rumah Methodist Nilai on 16/2, Grace Chapel KK on 2/3 and Wesley Methodist
Church Kuala Lipis on 16/3.

Rev Dr Philip Siew
Speaker for Ipoh Cantonese Methodist Church Retreat in Cameron Highlands on 5-7/12; theme speaker for CAC
MIF Leadership Training Camp in Port Dickson on 9-12/12; speaker for Nilai Methodist Chapel Retreat in Frasers
Hill on 29/12-1/1/03; speaker for SCAC Board of Laity Retreat held in Bintulu on 2-4/1; attended the IAMS Exco
Meeting in Paris on 27/1-1/2; speaker for STM Sunday at Melaka Chinese Methodist Church on 16/2; speaker for
CAC Methodist Women Leadership Training Camp in KL on 1/3; speaker for Mission Revival Meeting at Setapak
Chinese Methodist Church on 7-9/3; gave a Bible exposition on Old Testament at Muk En Methodist Church on 21-
22/3 and speaker for STM Sunday at Muk En Methodist Church on 23/3.
Rev Wong Tik Wah
Conducted 2 Seminars & was mentor for the CAC Youth Conference held at Hotel Empress, Sepang on 3-7/12;
speaker & mentor for KL Hokkien Methodist Church Teenagers’ Camp held at STM on 29/12-1/1/03; translator for
CAC Encounter Camp held in Sitiawan on 4-5/2.

Miss Sarah Yap
Speaker for STM Sundays at Balai Baptis Damansara Utama on 19/1 and Cornerstone Doulos Church, Sri Subang
on 9/2.

STM Sundays
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following churches for inviting our lecturers to conduct STM
Sundays for the period of December 2002 to March 2003. We are also very grateful to churches (not listed) that
observed STM Sundays on their own.

13/10      Alor Setar Chinese Methodist Church                                     Dr Philip Siew
8/12       Mantin Chinese Methodist Church                                         Dr Ezra Kok
19/1       Balai Baptis Damansara Utama                                            Ms Sarah Yap
26/1       Gereja Methodist Subang Jaya                                            Rev Tan Jin Huat
9/2        Cornerstone Doulos Church                                               Ms Sarah Yap
16/2       Rumah Methodist Nilai                                                   Rev Anthony Loke
           Kajang Chinese Methodist Church                                         Dr Ezra Kok
           Melaka Chinese Methodist Church                                         Dr Philip Siew
23/2       Doulos Presbyterian Church                                              Rev Tan Jin Huat
2/3        St John’s Church, Ipoh                                                  Miss Ho Gaik Kim
           Grace Chapel KK                                                         Rev Anthony Loke
16/3       Ipoh Road Chinese Methodist Church                                      Dr Ezra Kok
23/3       Muk En Methodist Church                                                 Dr Philip Siew
30/3       KL Methodist Cantonese Church (Chinese service)                         Dr Ezra Kok
           KL Methodist Cantonese Church (English services)                        Rev Anthony Loke


Datuk Paul Lau, the Vice-President of FMM and NEAC member, was in STM on 12/2 to give a special evening
lecture on “Globalisation - A Christian Perspective”.

Mr Goh Keat Peng, director of World Vision (Malaysia), spoke at the morning chapel on 13/2.

Dr Sue Russell, Associate Professor of Anthropology in Biola University/Talbot Seminary, California, visited STM
on 3/5 and gave a lecture.

Mr Ng Hock Kea, Director of Bridge Communications was here on 12/3 to share on “The Malaysian Society”.

Rev Wolfgang Grieninger, pastor of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria, Germany, visited STM on 13/3
and shared on “Bonhoeffer’s Life and Theology - A Witness of Jesus in Troubled Times.”


The Alumni Biennial General Meeting & Retreat was held at Che Foo Methodist Centre, Cameron Highlands,
from 24-27/3. The speaker was Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, Bishop of the Methodist Church Singapore. During the
retreat, the alumni also had their Biennial General Meeting. The following persons were elected for the next term
(2003-2004): President: Dr Vijendra Daniel
                 Secretary: Mrs Naomi Alberts                             :
                 Treasurer: Pastor Laurie Toong
                 Committee Members: Rev James Lau, Rev Issac Pandian, Rev Raymond Raj (co-opted),
                                        Rev Karthikan (co-opted)
                 Auditor: Dss Margaret Chen
2     Semester On-campus Courses 2003
Dss Margaret Chen                  Malaysian Church History, Christian Social Ministry, Liturgy & Worship*, Church
Mr Chew Kean Kee                   Elementary Greek, Malaysian Society, Field Education Seminar
Mr Christopher Cheah               Asian Theology, Theology I
Miss Ho Gaik Kim                   Church History I, Bahasa Malaysia
Dr Ezra Kok                        Galatians*
Rev Anthony Loke                   Introduction to OT, Exegesis: Prophetic Books
Dr Solomon Rajah                    Christian Social Ministry, Pastoral Leadership & Ministry, Lutheranism*
Dr Philip Siew                      Introduction to OT, Exegesis: Prophetic Books, Spiritual Warfare*, Hebrew*
Rev Tan Jin Huat                    Introduction to NT, Homiletics II, Malaysian Church History
Rev Tee Heng Peng                   Asian Church History*, Field Education Seminar
Rev Wong Tik Wah                    Theology I, Theology of Ministry*
Dr Albert Walters                   Introduction to Malaysian Religion II
Ms Sarah Yap                        Developing Team Ministry*
Dr Chew Tow Yow                     Healing & Deliverance*, Methodism*
Mrs Esther Ho                       Youth Ministry*
Dr Ho Hon Yan                       Pastoral Leadership & Ministry
Rev Joseph Kumar                    Urban Ministry*
Dr Herbert Tan                      Adult Ministry*
Mrs Sally Ti                        English*
Mrs Simon Chan                      Music* (September 1-4)
Miss Grace Lim                      Choir

English TEE COURSES FOR 2003 (May-December)

Update on the Diploma in Christian Studies (Social Ministry) at Malaysian Care
This new TEE programme is conducted in partnership with Malaysian Care. 13 students registered for the
programme; half of them enrolling at the certificate level. We had a total of 33 students (some taking it as a single
module) for the first module, “Christian Response to Human Need”, by Mr Pax Tan in January 2003. Feedback
received indicated that the course had provided a more balanced and biblical perspective on social ministry.

Two New Mid Year Elective Courses

Theological Themes from the New Testament (KL/PJ Centre)
This course will not study the whole spectrum of theological themes in the NT. Instead the study will delve into
some of the major theological issues from the various NT books to enable students to theologize NT teachings for
Christian living and for the church today.
Date: 3,10, 17 May & 7, 14 June 2003 (afternoons only) Lecturer: Dr Philip Koh

Church History I (Seremban Campus)
This is the first module of a two-part study on the history of the church. The course will study the development of
the church through its first century. Students will explore significant events and issues of that period and their
relevance for the church today.
Date: 25 - 28 June 2003                             Lecturer: Miss Ho Gaik Kim

Interpreting the NT                              Mr Lim Kar Yong              3-6 Sept
Youth Ministry                                   Dr Herbert Tan               19-22 Nov

Kota Kinabalu
Christian Theology II                            Mr Christopher Cheah         10-13 Sept

Interpreting the OT                              Rev Anthony Loke             28-31 May
Church History I                                 Miss Ho Gaik Kim             25-28 Jun
Healing & Deliverance                            Dr Chew Tow Yow              16-19 July
Pastoral Counselling                             Rev Ray Johnson              19-22 Nov

Theological Themes from the NT                   Dr Philip Koh              3,10,17 May & 7,14 Jun*
Youth Ministry                                   Dr Herbert Tan             5, 12 & 26 Jul
Introduction to the OT                           Rev Anthony Loke           29 Aug – 1 Sept

STM - M Care
Soc. Policy & Work Models                        Dr Dennison                  11-14 Jun
Social Work Theory & Social Worker               Ng Wai Ling/Nesam E          17-20 Sept
*Half day lecture instead of full day classes.

Contact: Ms Sarah Yap, The TEE Director            E-mail:

MMin Courses 2003
Seremban Campus (Chinese)
The Nature and Mission of the Church           Rev Dr Lo Lung Kwong        22-25 Jul
Pastoral Theology                              Rev Dr Ho Hon Yan           29 Jul -1 Aug

Seremban Campus (English)
Pastoral Spirituality                          Dr Chew Tow Yow             13-16 Aug
The Nature and Mission of the Church           Mr Christopher Cheah        20-23 Aug

Contact: Rev Dr Philip Siew, Director of Postgraduate Studies              E-mail:

                                  STM LOGO DESIGN COMPETITION

The STM Council invites you to design a new logo for STM and if your entry is selected, you will not only win the
cash prize of RM500.00, but also be able to take pride that your design could eventually become the official logo of


Design a logo for STM, capturing and reflecting the following objectives of STM:

1.   Train pastors and Christian workers to meet the growing needs of the Church.
2.   Enable lay people to be more effective in their Christian witness and ministry.
3.   Provide training which integrates spiritual formation, academic excellence and development of ministerial skills.
4.   Develop a centre for research on issues facing the Malaysian Church.
5.   Provide theological education in a contextually relevant and sensitive manner.


1. Artwork
   Create/design your STM logo (in full colour) on A4-size paper (white). It may be computer-generated or hand-
   drawn, and may be coloured using colour pencils or watercolour.

2. Creative Rationale
   Provide a BRIEF creative/design rationale for your logo – explaining the colours, symbols, shapes and typeface
   used, and what they represent. This brief should be typewritten or neatly hand-written on a separate sheet of

A cash prize of RM500.00 and an invitation to be our special guest at the STM 25 Anniversary Dinner, 2004.


1. This contest is open to all Christians in Malaysia.

2. You are only to submit one entry and it must be an original unpublished work, which has not been awarded any
   prize in other similar competitions. Your entry must be accompanied by the official entry form detached from
   this page. Photocopy of the entry form is permitted.

3. All artwork must be in colour and presented on A4-size paper.

4. The creative/design rationale and personal particulars, must be legible. Illegible and incomplete entries will be

5. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality, concept, design and clarity by a panel of independent

6. Plagiarised entries or works bearing close resemblance to previously published works will be disqualified.

7. The panel of judges appointed by the STM Council will determine the winning entry. The judges’ decision in all
   matters pertaining to the competition is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

8. Seminari Theoloji Malaysia is not bound to accept any of the winning entries as the logo for STM, and reserves
   the right to make modifications as deemed fit to any of the entries received for its final logo.
9. The STM Council shall not be responsible for entries damaged or lost through the post.

10. All entries received are non-returnable and will become the property of STM.

11. The STM Council reserves the right to publish or exhibit the names of contestants and their entries without
    prior notice.

12. The winner will be notified by post. The results of the contest will be published in Berita STM December 2003.

13. All entries must be addressed to:               Rev. Dr. Solomon Rajah
                                                    STM Logo Design Competition
                                                    Seminari Theoloji Malaysia
                                                    P.O. Box 175
                                                    70720 Seremban
14. The closing date for entries is Friday, 29 August, 2003 at 5.00 p.m. Late entries will not be accepted. The
    new logo would be launched during the STM 25 Anniversary Celebrations in 2004.

      STM LOGO DESIGN COMPETITION                                         ENTRY FORM
                        CONTESTANT’S PARTICULARS

      Full Name : ……………………………………………………………………………………….

      Address : ………………………………………………………………………………………….


      Tel. No. : (H)…………………… (O) ……………………(H/P) ……………………………….

      Email : …………………………………………………………………………………………….

      NRIC No. (new) : ……………………………..…. Sex : Male ( )                       Female ( )

      Date of Birth : ………………………………………………. Age : …………………………….

      Occupation : ………………………………………………………………………………………

      I hereby declare that my entry is an original unpublished work and I absolve the STM Council from any
      legal obligations which may arise from the publication or exhibition of my entry.

      ………………………………………..                                           …………………………….
                       Signature                                                         Date

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