Medication Adherence Monitoring System

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					 Traumastation                                                                    shows the integration of software
                                           The traumastation is a compact         components.
 Portable Telemedical Kit                  baterry-operated medical device
 Ultrasound, EKG, BP, SPO2,                developed by Fraunhofer IGD and is
 Video conference                          the research outcome of numerous
                                           IST and ICT telemedicine projects
                                           (TeleInViVo, @HOME, T@LEMED,
                                           TENPET, T@HIS).
                                           The traumastation combines several
                                           medical devices:
                                                • ultrasound,
                                                • electrocardiogram 12 leads,      Fig. 2: Traumastation software
                                                • blood pressure,                  components interconnectivity
                                                • oxygen saturation meter,
                                                                                  The Medical Imaging GUI is based
                                                • real time video conference
                                                                                  on TeleConsult application which is
                                                                                  a 2D and 3D DICOM viewer with
                                                                                  endless medical imaging functional-
                                                                                  ities. The physicians are able to ma-
                                                                                  nipulate the images, make notes on
                                                                                  the images, store them into the
                                                                                  medical database and also transmit
                                                                                  their notes/annotation along with
                                                                                  the medical data sets to another
                                                                                  physician for consultation.
                                            Fig. 1: Prototype of traumasta-

                                           In addition it can operate and ex-
                                           change medical information over
                                           range of communication channels:
                                               • Satellite (DVB-RCS),
                                               • GRPS/UMTS,
                                               • xDSL
                                               • POTs, ISDN,
                                               • WLAN.                               Fig. 3: Medicla Imaging GUI

                                                                                  VITAL GUI is used to acquire vital
Fraunhofer Institut für                    Medical software                       signals such as ECG, SPO2 and BP
Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD                                                  as well as to render and visualize
                                                                                  vital medical information. ECG 12
Dipl.-Phys. Ilias Sachpazidis              This medical trauma station de-        leads traces can be recorded for a
Cognitive Computing & Medical Imaging      signed as plug and play medical        specific period and stored into the
                                           solution. It can be used in emer-      medical database. The physicians
Fraunhoferstr. 5
D-64283, Darmstadt                         gency as well as in routine medical    are able to go through the ECG
Germany                                    examinations. The software running     traces by selecting an ECG lead and
                                           on the medical traumastation is an     detect cardiac abnormalities. In ad-
Phone:   +49 (0) 6151/1 55 507             assembly of medical software col-      dition the software gives the possi-
Fax:     +49 (0) 6151/1 55 480             laborating in seamless way. Figure 2
                                                                                  bility to the physicians to measure
WWW:                                          QRS and RR time distances. Fur-
thermore, the software is able con-     From our project experience the               termine the diagnosis. But also
currently to acquire blood pressure     traumastation or independently our            the patient can get another
and blood oxygen levels helping         medical software can be used for:             medical advice. S/he makes
physicians to have an accurate          • Interdisciplinary communica-                available his/her records, test re-
medical opinion of patient’s health         tion. In this case, doctors from          sults, x-rays and pathology re-
condition.                                  various specialisation (diagnosis,        port to a second opinion con-
                                            surgery, radio-oncology) meet             sultant. In this regard, generally,
                                            together to discuss the case re-          there are two ways of obtaining
                                            garding the patient treatment.            second opinion and therefore
                                            Such a discussion takes place in          two different kinds of second
                                            a physical room with all experts          expert opinion.
                                            collected in front of a white-        •   Remote reporting. For areas
                                            board. Our application could of-          with disperse population and
                                            fer the possibility for virtual           without access to all imaging
                                            meetings among such special-              modalities, mobile services are
   Fig. 4: VITAL GUI                        ists. This enables communica-             the ideal solution. For instance,
                                            tion between physicians with              new technology developments
                                            the ability for Application Shar-         in PET are quite expensive and
                                            ing (in the principle what-you-           are not affordable for many
                                            see-is-what-I-see, WYSIWIS). In           hospitals. Smaller institutions
Medical communication messen-               this way, consultations and dis-          are still sceptical to invest huge
ger is an instant messaging module          cussions of case studies can be           amounts on installing a PET
proving adequate tools for store-           organised between several spe-            scanner, so they avail of the
and-forward as well as real-time            cialists,    time-    and     cost-       services provided by the mobile
communication among physicians.             efficiently                               service providers. These services
The communication module makes          • Electronic Fax. Currently, the              are also being used during the
use of Jabber protocol which is             patients’ results get in the hos-         replacement of the old equip-
open source and widely used all             pital are sent by courier to the          ment. The advantage of hiring
over the word. In this way, physi-          referring position. This way is           such services is that the patients
cians having a unique nick-name             getting complicated to practise           get service close to their home
(Jabber ID) are able to be registered       due to the digital form of the            and are not subjected to long
on a jabber server and transmit /           most data nowadays. The pos-              waiting lists. Most of these ser-
receive information.                        sibility to send data via standard        vice providers have their own
Our medical communication module            fax-machine has also disadvan-            trained radiologists and techni-
is able to exchange not only short          tages. Electronic fax (e-fax) is          cians to avoid any regulatory is-
chat messaging but also large medi-         becoming more and more                    sues.
cal files such images and vital data.       popular in the telemedicine -
Furthermore, our communication              mainly due to the fact that it is
module utilizes in-band data trans-         a highly efficient and cost-          Project’s web site:
mission meaning that all data               effective way to send patient
transmitted via the jabber server           data electronically in long dis-
avoiding point-to-point communica-          tances and delivery can be
tion among the registered users. In         guaranteed through store-and-
this way the users are able to com-         forward mechanisms.
municate even though firewalls or       • Second opinion. In USA it is
NAT devices do not permit direct            common practice for a physi-
data exchange.                              cian facing some uncertainty
                                            about a particular case, to think
                                            about a medical professional
                                            who would offer the most
Medical Cases
                                            beneficial consultation to de-