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Lawrence Weathers _ Ph


									                           Lawrence Weathers , Ph.D.
                             Mary Weathers, Ph.D.
                                        6921 E. Jamieson
                                      Spokane ,WA 99223
                              (509) 448-6462, FAX (347) 710-2053

                                           CURRICULUM VITA

                                  Lawrence R. Weathers, Ph.D.

TELEPHONE:                509-448-6462


MARITAL STATUS:           Married to Mary B. Weathers, Ph.D.
                                   Licensed Psychologist

DATE OF BIRTH: September 1, 1944


1967     B.A.             Experimental Psychology, University of
                          California, Riverside

1971     M.Ed.            Guidance and Counseling, University of
                          California, Santa Barbara

1974     Ph.D.             Child Clinical Psychology, George Peabody
                           College, Vanderbilt University, Nashville,


Licensed Psychologist: #581 Washington; National Register of Health Services Providers in Psychology

California Standard Designated Services Credential with specialization in Pupil Personnel Services

Fellow and Diplomate, American Board of Medical Psychotherapists


Visual Basic 6
Office 20002
Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 Professional
Windows Peer-to-Peer Ethernet


9/85 - 6/88      President of Weathers Reports Inc. Small medical software company offering
                 several highly sophisticated psychological testing programs. Independent
                 reviewers repeatedly voted one of these as the best available.            .

8/76 - Present   Private practice. Assessment and treatment of children and adults, medical

7/77 - 7/78      Professor, Florida Mental Health Institute, and Director, Research and Evaluation
                 Section. Supervised all aspects of three large innovative Residential and
                 Community Research and Dissemination Projects for Adults: The Adult
                 Alternatives to Hospitalization Project and the Early Intervention Project
                 mentioned above. The third project was the development of a statewide forensics
                 evaluation and training program. These treatment programs were systematically
                 disseminated states wide as they were developed. Combined, the two projects
                 represented 96 residential beds, about 100 staff, 7 of which were Ph.D.'s.

2/76 - 6/77      Assistant Professor, Florida Mental Health Institute. Interim Project Director of
                 the 16-bed residential Adolescent Project (concurrent with other responsibilities).

11/75 - 6/77     Assistant Professor, Florida Mental Health Institute. Project Director of the Early
                 Intervention Project, which is an innovative research project for first
                 hospitalization adults. It encompasses a 32-bed residential unit, an intensive
                 follow-up program, a research staff, and a statewide dissemination program. I
                 supervised 44 staff, including three Ph.D. psychologists and an effective treatment
                 approaches based on simulation, gaming and peer management have developed,
                 researched and disseminated statewide.

7/75 - 12/75     Part-time Instructor, Hillsboro Community College, Tampa, Florida. I taught the
                 Psychology of Adjustment, and experiential cognitive survey of the "growth
                 psychologies," twice.

3/75 - 11/75     Assistant Professor, Florida Mental Health Institute. Associate Project Director of
                 the 32-bed Fairweather "Small Group" residential research treatment unit of the
                 Alternatives to Hospitalization Project. This is an innovative peer management
                 program for chronic adult mental patients.

1/75 - 3/75      Adjunct Faculty, Department of Special Education. Florida International
                 University, Miami, Florida. Supervised ten masters level practicum students.

5/74 - 3/75      Director, Alpha House Day Treatment Program. Dade County Youth Services.
                 Developed a behavior modification based day treatment program for 21 children
                 -- from 8-12 years old with learning and behavior disabilities. A major emphasis
                 was on parent training and community interventions.

8/73 - 2/74      Director, Adolescent Unit, Central State Psychiatric Hospital, Nashville,
                 Tennessee Reorganized a 22-bed inpatient adolescent program from a traditional
                 psychiatric model to Re-Ed and Behavior Modification oriented. I also secured a
                 grant and supervised an interdisciplinary staff of 33.

9/71 - 8/72      Program Coordinator, Adolescent Research Program, Camarillo-Neuropsychiatric
                 Institute Research Program, Camarillo, California. Developed and tested a
                 behavior modification community-based intervention system for drug abusing
                 adolescents who demonstrated functional learning disabilities and behavior


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1975.        Liberman, R.P. and Weathers, L., "Working with Families of Drug Abusers,"
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             Publishers, 1975, 135-162.

1973         Weathers, L. Liberman, R.P., "A Portable Bug-In-The-Ear," Journal of Behavior
             Therapy, 1973, 4, 703-705.


             Rock Climbing, Mountain climbing, Bicycling, Backpacking, Skiing,
             Computers, Weight Lifting


             Member: APA, Divisions 12, 32, 27


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