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This publication is the Newsletter of the Western Australian Endurance Riders Association Inc.
                                    ABN No: 83 510 134 790

                     January / February

                 Some of the usual suspects at the WAERA AGM
                      STATE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 2007

NAME                          ADDRESS                      CONTACT DETAILS
PRESIDENT, RISK               Ross McCamish                Phone: 9530 1030 (home)
MANAGEMENT,                   PO Box 161                   Mobile: 040 881 0910
AERA DELEGATE, RIDE           North Dandalup 6207          Email:
VICE PRESIDENT, EDUCATION     Richard Jeggo                Ph: 9495 2183 (home)
OFFICER, SWAB STEWARD         6 Mustang Road,              Mobile: 0438 584 344
                              Armadale 6112                Email:
SECRETARY                     Deb Jewell                   Ph: 9523 2770
                              477 Young Road               Email:
                              Baldivis 6171
TREASURER                     Lisa Murray                  Phone: 0427 832031
                              PO Box 159                   Email:
                              Narrogin 6312
                              Division of Veterinary &     Ph: 9360 2643 (work)
                              Biomedical Sciences          Email:
                              Murdoch University
                              Murdoch 6150
COMMUNICATIONS,               Terry Jewell                 Ph: 9523 2770
VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR         477 Young Road               Email:
                              Baldivis 6171
MINUTES SECRETARY, AERA       Ieva Peters                  Ph/fax: 9410 1014 (home)
DELEGATE, AERA                96 Battersby Road            Mobile: 040 3333 692
INTERNATIONAL DELEGATE        Anketell 6167                Email:
RIDE CALENDAR LIAISON,        Joanne Zielono               Ph: 9397 0549
SWAB STEWARD, EDUCATION       3 Dew Street                 Mobile: 040 659 8263
OFFICER                       Forrestdale 6112             Email:

PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER,     Catherine Paton              Ph: 9524 2098
SPONSORSHIP                   574 Young Road               Email:
                              Baldivis 6171      

CHIEF STEWARD LIAISON         Liz Cullam                   Ph: 9731 7060 (home)
                              PO Box 271                   Fax: 9727 1883
                              Capel 6271                   Mobile: 0417 187 815
PROPERTY OFFICER              Ian Symington                Ph: 9574 7295
                                                           Mobile: 0428 918 100
FUNDRAISING                   Janice Raffaele              Ph: 9524 1606
                              284 Young Road               Mobile: 0400 592 779
                              Baldivis 6171
MERCHANDISE                   Nicky Gusterson              Ph: 9455 2483
                                                           Mobile: 0410 456 618
INSURANCE OFFICER             Mick Caughey                 Ph: 9044 1067
                              P.O. Box 169                 Fax: 9044 1087
                              Merredin 6415                Mobile: 0429 441 067
MEMBERSHIP & LOGBOOK          Richard & Lyn Summerfield    Ph: 9525 5993 (home)
REGISTRAR                     Lot 65 Robinson Street       Email:
(Non-Committee)               Mundijong 6123
NEWSLETTER EDITOR             Anita Fortsch                Mobile: 0409 081 667
(Non-Committee)               50 Powell Road               Email:
                              Baldivis 6171
POINT SCORES & EARLY          Ian Blucher                  Ph: 9525 1710 (home)
WARNING SYSTEM                38 Pollard Cross             Mobile: 042 994 0397
(Non-Committee)               Cardup 6122                  Email:

                            WAERA website:

Dear members
                                         Happy New Year to all

Trust that you all had a very happy and joyous Christmas, the New Year should be well under way by the
time that you receive this news letter. Would just like to say a very special thanks to all those members
who made the effort to attend the AGM at Golden Ponds, it was great to see so many members taking
such a interest in their club (thank you for your input at the meeting). The meeting ran very smoothly and
for the first time in our club’s history the meeting finished forty five minutes early (a club record). To
Patrick Burns and Rodney Gaskin many thanks for offering their services as scrutineers at the meeting.

The trophy presentation dinner dance was such a bang, with everyone having a ball and the food was just
delicious and plenty of it. I believe it’s the best AGM event that our club has ever had and such a
fantastic way to wrap up what has been a truly great year for our club.

I would like to offer a very special thank you to my wife Jenny for making all the arrangements and
organising - with the help of Liz Cullam - all the beautiful trophies for the AGM. I would also like to
thank the outgoing committee members for their contribution to our club during 2007 and congratulations
to all the newly elected committee members for 2008. The new season looks like being a very interesting
year as we continue to organise events that will have to meet bio-security requirements.

Don’t forget that our new constitution is now in a draft document which was handed out at the AGM. If
you would like to have some input please remember that written submissions close on the 30th March
2008. If you would like a copy of the constitution please contact me on 9530 1030.

Jenny and I look forward to seeing all members old and new out on the track, and if you would like to
discuss any matters or have some suggestions that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact
me anytime. Remember, it’s your club and we appreciate your input.

Good luck and happy riding for 2008.

Editor’s Report

Welcome to 2008! “...time to put saddle to nag”, to quote Patrick Burns. The Christmas break was too
short, the food too rich and plentiful – and then the drinks – and already some of us are back at work, and
thinking about also bringing the horses back into work for the endurance season.
Included with this issue are the 2008 Membership form and ride entry forms to get you started for the
season. I hope we’ll get a good crowd together to kick off the season at Wilga in early March, especially
as the townsfolk are putting on a party after the ride! Please remember to renew your membership before
turning up to the 80km ride, the sooner you get it out of the way, the more popular you will be with the
Summerfields who get to process the paperwork and the newsletter person who will send you out an
updated set of forms with the next newsletter. ☺
For those of you who are wondering what to goals to set for yourself and your horses in 2008 - now that
the Quilty is over for another 6 years or so - I recommend that you check out the 150km, 2-day endurance
race being held in western Queensland in August – see the ad towards the back of this issue. The prize
money seems well worth a trip, and a bit of training!
Enjoy your horses, and best wishes for the New Year
P.S. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism regarding the newsletter during the year, please
let me know – as well as interesting bits and pieces or articles that you would like to share.
P.P.S. Full AGM coverage will be included in the March/April issue.

                    DEADLINE for the March/April issue: 19 February 2008.

                            W.A.E.R.A. RIDE CALENDAR 2008

Date             Distance                                      Contact Details
                                                               Patrick Burns
                 ENDURANCE CLINIC *
1st March                                                      259 Ellenbrook Road, Bullsbrook 6084
                                                               Ph/Fax: 9571 3035
 th                                                            Peryle Charteris
8     MARCH      WILGA
                                                               RMB 1365, Wilga 6225
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                               Ph: 9766 1030
    st     rd    HARVEY MARATHON *
21 – 23 MARCH                                                  Rebecca Wicks
                 3 day 240km, 3 day 120km, 1x40km
                 GNANGARA *                                    Patrick Burns
12 APRIL         80km, 40km & 20km                             259 Ellenbrook Road, Bullsbrook 6084
                                                               Ph/Fax 9571 3035
                                                               Ieva Peters
    th           COLLIE FEI RIDE *                             96 Battersby Road, Anketell 6167
25       APRIL
                 160km ***, 120km**                            Ph/fax: 9410 1014 / 040 3333 692
                                                               Barbara O’Brien
10th MAY         WUNDOWIE
                                                               C/- PO Burekup 6227
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                               Ph/fax: 9726 3320
24th MAY                                                       Otto Van Kampen
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                               Ieva Peters
                 JARRAHDALE - Tony Duffy Memorial
1st JUNE                                                       96 Battersby Road, Anketell 6167
                 100km elevated, 40km & 20km
                                                               Ph/fax: 9410 1014 / 040 3333 692
                 Long Weekend
                 GIDGEGANNUP *                                 Rosemary Corbin
22nd JUNE
                 80km, 40km & 20km                             Ph: 9574 6071 / 0417 092 309
5TH JULY         GREENHILLS                                    TO BE ADVISED
                 160km, 80km
26th July        80km, 40km & 20km                             TO BE ADVISED

                 PINJARRA *
8th AUGUST                                                     TO BE ADVISED
                 120km elevated, 80km & 25km
                                                               Kate Caughey
                                                               PO Box 169, Merriden 6414
23rd AUGUST                                                    Ph: 9044 1067
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                               Fax: 90441087
                                                               Kristy Rae
                                                               PO Box 276, Katanning 6317
6th SEPTEMBER                                                  Ph: 9821 2493
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                               Fax: 9821 5430
                                                               Jenny McCamish
                                                               PO Box 161, North Dandalup 6207
                 WOKY CREEK *
27th SEPTEMBER                                                 Ph: 9530 1030
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                               Fax: 9530 1220
                                                               Wagin Pony Club
                                                               Anita Lunt
11th OCTOBER                                                   RMB 57 Wagin 6315
                 80km, 40km & 20km
                                                               Ph 98611334
                                                               Liz Cullam
                                                               PO Box 271, Capel 6271
25TH & 26TH      CAPEL
                                                               Ph: 9731 7060
OCTOBER          2 day 160km, 80km & 40km
                                                               Fax: 9727 1883
29th NOVEMBER    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                        TBA

                                 * Denotes W.A.E.R.A. fundraising events.

                                            VALE - Blue
A sad moment for endurance riding in Australia
On Saturday, 27 October 2007, Ken Hobday’s legendary horse, Blue, passed away.

Blue was an unregistered partbred Arabian gelding foald in 1986. Ken and Blue travelled the length and
breadth of the country persuing their love of endurance riding. They recently achieved the milestone of
10,000 kms in AERA competition and received their award at the WA Quilty in 2007.
Some of their achievements are:

      Quilty buckles:                    Harvey Marathon buckles:
      1995 – Tasmania                    1996 (320km)
      1996 – Victoria                    1998 (320km)
      1999 – Tasmania                    2000 (320km)
      2000 – Queensland                  2001 (320km)
      2004 – South Australia             2002 (320km)
                                         2006 (240km)
                                         2007 (240km)

      WA State Championships:            Shazada 400km:
      1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002       1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002

Total distance completed: 10,288km

Sincere condolences to Ken for the loss of your best friend.

Ieva Peters
AERA President

Endurance horse registration labels
                                                                                st                st
From 1 January 2008 the annual horse registration labels will be valid from the 1 of January to 31
December of that calendar year and the label issued will only show the year for which the payment was
made. Renewals would be paid in the beginning of the season when membership fees are due.

WAERA Members please note that the Annual Horse Registration applies for the year that the payment is
made, i.e. all annual payments for 2008 will expire on the 31st December regardless of when they are

Note - Membership 2008

Because of insurance issues, you should not to wait to renew your membership for 2008 .
Under the AERA insurance policy, members are still covered for Public Liability and Personal Accident
insurance 24/7, irrespective of attending and competing at rides. If you do not renew your membership,
you are not covered for any accidents etc.

Insurance Queries
If you have any insurance-related questions or issues, you should direct these to the WAERA Insurance
Officer, Mick Caughey, phone 9044 1067 / 0429 441 067, who will liaise with the AERA Insurance Officer
and AON if necessary. AON will not answer members’ questions directly.

VICTORIAN TOM QUILTY GOLD CUP 2008 - Postponed until 2009

On behalf of VERA, the Victorian Quilty Committee, NSWERA, the New South Wales Quilty Committee
and the AERA, we wish to announce that the Victorian Tom Quilty Gold Cup at Tonimbuk that was
scheduled for the 3-5 October 2008 has has been postponed until 2009. The exact date will be confirmed
as soon as possible.

This most difficult decision was reached following considerable consultation with the states concerned,
the ride organisers and the AERA, and was made with the objective that the postponement of the 2008
Quilty was the best decision for our sport.

The outbreak of Equine Influenza has seriously affected our sport and severely restricted horse
movement into Victoria from New South Wales and Queensland. It is hoped that by postponing the Tom
Quilty Gold Cup for twelve months, the EI infected horses will have time to recover from the disease and
regain their optimum fitness, and horse movements throughout Australia may be simplified following the
successful eradication of the disease.

Yours sincerly,
Australian Endurance Rides' Association Inc.
VERA and the Victorian Quilty Committee
NSWERA and the NSW Quilty Committee

National Pointscores 2007 and 2008
At the recent AERA meeting it was agreed that in 2007 pointscores would be calculated in the normal
It was also agreed that the national pointscore will be suspended for the 2008 season due to EI

                                                 My Quilty
by Deb Jewell

I never thought this day would become a reality.

Leaving my qualifying ride to the last chance at the State Champs was not my idea of fun, riding three
160s in the same year was also not the plan, but I blew it at last year’s State Champs, so had to have a
go in 2007.

Best laid plans as they say... don't always go to plan. I bombed out at Collie in April, got all the way and
blew the last leg, but a positive to come out of that was, I now knew that I could go the distance. I had a
bit of self-doubt before the ride as I had never done a 100 miler before. I had absolutely no doubt about
Berk because he's done it all before. Berk had opened up a whole new world of endurance riding for me. I
had at last got to do 80s, which I never thought would be a reality, let alone 160s or even a Quilty. The
last chance to qualify was at the States at Wickepin. Berk was travelling really well and I thought this is it,
give it your best shot, just go steady and he'll be there in the end. With the help of riding partner Cath
Paton, yippee we got the nod, the big thumbs up. 1 heavyweight and best conditioned, what a bonus – I
have to pay tribute to my husband/strapper, what a great job. Berk pulled up really well, so - look out
Quilty here we come, I sent off my entry as soon as we got home.

This would also be Berk’s first go at a Quilty, as he went lame six weeks out from the 2001 Quilty, much
to Keith’s disappointment. (That’s a whole other story.)

It was a busy time in the lead-up to this great ride, choosing what rides to attend and not to risk any
injuries. Then there was the big EI scare and the possibilty that after all the years of work by a very
dedicated band of members there might not be a Quilty in the end. What a rollercoaster ride that was. But
we kept the faith that we would all do the right thing and keep this dreaded bogey away from our state
and roll out the Quilty regardless of the inabilty of the Eastern states horses and riders to attend.

I had decided earlier in the plans to take Berk to the Quilty camp only on Friday morning - no need to
stress him out any more than necessary (I only live 20 mins away). Friday came, the rain had stopped at
last, up early, Berk on the float, and off we went. Set up camp, Berk was fairly calm, so off to vet, no
problems there. As we were leaving the vetting area there was a vampire waiting, disguised as Anne
Barnes. We had volunteered for her research program. Berk took it all in his stride, he went on the scales
and it was great to find out his weight. This horse is such a legend, not too much worries him, and for
those who know him, he doesn't shy as much as he used too.

Back at camp, I got out the gear and checked it over for the 100th time to make sure nothing was left to
chance. Then it was time for the strappers’ walk-through, so those that we couldn't do this without would
know how things would flow during the ride. It was pretty straightforward, our Eastern states officials with
the help of our own Deb Symo had it all worked out so as to avoid any delays.

The pre-ride briefing was next and then it was time for some food and a lie-down, hopefully to get some
sleep before the midnight start. 10.30 came around, I must have dozed off (when the dog stopped
barking)and my alarm woke me up. The weather had turned pretty cool. Time to take Berk for a final leg
stretch, saddle up and off we went to the start line.

Riders are starting to gather, the commentators are reading out some rider and horse profiles, so the
large crowd of spectators get an idea of who they are looking at. Berk is quite settled but my heart is
thumping away, although I was calmer than I thought I would be. I kept telling myself, it’s just another
ride. I think Terry had taken all my stress on board as he seemed to be more nervous than me. My
daughter had come along to support us, that was great, she could make sure Terry got some food and
drink as well. I think sometimes we forget the strappers have to be looked after too, I couldn't do it without
Midnight and we are off, quite a crowd, it gets a bit squeezy along the track in a few places. Everyone
was hanging on to very keen horses, Berk being one of them. He always seems to think he has to catch
the one in front. A few kms along sees the field start to string out and settle into a nice pace. It is quite
dark and the track has a few hazards. Before I know it we were through the last check point and on our
way home. I had teamed up with Cath Paton and GT, Berk and GT go very well together as we train
together most of the time. Then came the dreaded Tumbulgum Hill, down we go for the first of five times.
Greeted by strapper, heart rate checked, a little strapping needed, call time, vet check, all good to go.
Berk was feeling good, me too. Out for the second leg, this was a bit longer and seemed to go on forever,
and when the sun came up it was quite hot. We had to ride to the conditions, no problems, as we rode
along talking and Cath singing - it breaks up the time. Richard Jeggo caught up with us and we were
homeward bound, and took advantage of some nice green pickings along the way when we could. Down
that bloody hill again. Terry was waiting for us patiently. A bit more strapping was required this time as it
was quite warm. Call time, all good and off for the third leg.

Up that bloody hill this time, and I have to take my hat off to Berk as he carried me up most of the way. I
did get off for a short time, but I am more of hindrance than a help on the ground. I am not as agile as I
used to be, so had to find a rock and mount up. I gave him a very nice rest when we got to the top - lovely
view and nice pickings up there. All seemed to be going well and Richard had stayed with us for the
remainder of the ride, all horses where travelling well and drinking when they wanted too. We took
advantage of all the pickings and water where we could. Through the last check point and on our way
home for the 3rd time, I am sure this is the longest 5 kms I have ever ridden.

Through the vet check all ok, there is the compulsory represent before we can go out on course again.
The longer hold time enables us to have some much-needed food and cold drink to keep us going. We
always have to remember that we also need fuel to keep us at our best.

All ok at the compulsory represent, and off we go again on the second last leg. This is a bit shorter - thank
goodness, as I am starting to feel a bit tired now, the busy week leading up to this ride is starting to take
its toll on my old body. Thank goodness Richard has a pretty good singing voice and not a bad memory
album. This made for some humorous moments and kept us mentally alert, especially when we all felt like
we were flagging in the energy stakes and started to wonder what the hell we are doing this for. Are we
having fun yet? - of course we are or we we wouldn't be here! Homeward bound and that very long 5kms
again, and the bloody hill. Vet through ok, all of us are good to go again, and we are determined to get us
all around. We have come this far, lets not blow it now. We spent extra time in camp to enable the horses
to top up on food to give them every chance. Saddle up and off we go for the last time, taking it nice and
easy letting them pick all along the track going out to the railway line. The puddles along the way were
starting to get pretty muddy and yucky by now but Berk seemed to prefer that and was happy to drink. As
this was supposed to be a short leg, the 1 checkpoint was a welcome sight as this meant we didn't have
far to go... Wrong, what a bloody long leg that was - or was it my imagination - it seemed to take forever
and ever to pass the last checkpoint and come to that dreaded hill again - but not before we had another
hill to go up. I don't think I will ever forget hearing Richard’s voice form somewhere behind me in the dark
yelling “nooooo Deb not another bloody hill”. Richard had run alongside Joey for a good part of the last
two legs and his feet where starting to resemble raw meat. But up we went and not too far to go now –
maybe. My mind was starting to get a bit addled and disorientated in the dark, I was definitely tired now.
Past the quarry and a last thank you to the men who had sat there all day and night. Trying not to be
tempted to put the pedal to the metal and blow it now as we were nearing that last downhill into base.

What a relief to see those lights of the camp. Come on Berk I am sorry you have had to carry me down
this hill every leg and I am so proud of you. Richard and Cath mount up at the bottom and Richard and I
decide to ride over the line hand in hand and finally break the hoodoo. We have ridden in quite a few
rides together but have never been able to finish one together due to vet outs, so here goes.

The final vet check - very nerve racking, I had planned to use most of the 30 mins available, but Berk’s
heart rate is ok and we call time 12 mins after crossing the line. I think I was holding my breath the entire
time, as were Terry and my daughter. Heart rate all ok, final run out looked good, I amazed myself by
being able to run him out myself. Look to the panel for their decision and get the thumbs up - yippee
yahoo we did it. Do you know how hard it is not to scream and shout when you know others are having
their final checks as well? Extremely hard! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, Terry had a tear in his
eye, he was so proud of us. I couldn't have done it without him and our daughter Amanda, the strapping
team extrordinaire.

Richard was through and we were waiting for Cath to go through, all good there too, three from three,
were we happy or what? We did good.

Would I do it again? - you bet. I must say some of my memory of the ride is pretty vague, which is a bit
scary. That happens when you’re tired and sleep deprived and the carbs get a bit low. I have to say I
enjoyed it. Thank you to my loving husband/strapper who has more grey hairs from this experience, and
to my daughter Amanda who gave up her weekend to help out, we love you. To Richard and Cathy my
partners in crime, without your company it would have been a struggle.

To all the team who made this event a success, thank you very much. If I never have the chance to
compete again I have great memories. I am so pleased to have achieved my Quilty buckle in my home
state. There’s nothing like it. Congratulations to everyone who got a buckle and commiserations to those
who did not.

Looking forward to next year after a nice summer break.

Deb, Terry and Berk

             AERA Meeting Reports

             A reminder that the minutes of AERA Meetings are available on the AERA

             Topics discussed in the November meeting include Quilty 08, national
             newsletter, EI impact on pointscores, age of junior riders, insurance policy for
             08, vet fees, national database.

The 2007 WA Tom Quilty Report

By Jennifer Gilbertson

A total of seventy-five Western Australian horses lined up at midnight on 28th September, 2007 to contest
the forty-first 160km Tom Quilty Gold Cup. All visitors followed the strict required protocol and
agreements were signed to ensure that Equine Influenza was not introduced to W.A. All W.A. horses had
temperatures recorded every day for a week before the event and there was lots of hand washing and
disinfectant in the vetting area. Considering the circumstances, morale was high and each and every
W.A. rider was excited to have the Tom Quilty back in their state, giving them the opportunity to contest
the event. When taking into account their geographical situation it is almost impossible for the majority of
W.A. riders to travel the vast distances to attend the Quilty in other states. All who were involved were
excited to be hosting/riding/attending the W.A. Quilty – the ‘stage’ was set.

The ride base at Tumbulgum Farm had proved a very amenable venue for the last W.A. Quilty held in
2001. It is less than one hours’ drive south from Perth airport. The beautifully appointed venue on 80
hectares with a large restaurant overlooking a picturesque lake was perfect, and needless to say, there
was plenty of room. As well, it is conveniently situated south of the town of Byford which boasts a great
pub, shopping, saddleries, coffee shops and a bakery.

The course consisted of hills, granite outcrops, gravel tracks, paddocks and forest, mostly good
underfoot, there was one very steep long climb at the start of the third leg. The course was fair but very
challenging; this was reflected in ride times and the 41.33% success rate. The effort and care taken to
mark the course was evident in the ‘impossible to get lost’ marking and the thoughtfully redesigned
course which was appreciated. It was good riding weather with a few showers.

The organisers were expecting many more entries but the Equine Influenza outbreak in the eastern states
quickly put an end to that idea. This year, international representatives were Christoph Schork from
U.S.A. and Satomi Kitamura and Yukinobu Horiuchi from Japan. The very personable, enthusiastic
Christoph reported at the presentation that he had the ride of his life, but unfortunately Satomi and
Horiuchi vetted out.

Interstate riders were Barry Sinclair from Victoria riding Anton Reid’s Chatahn Kalim, Allan Caslick from
NSW who rode the feisty, aptly named Mariba Moontrip owned by Liz Cullam, and Sandi Brown also from
                                                                            th                   th
NSW who rode Anton Reid’s Gameelah - they finished a very credible =4 heavyweight and 4
middleweight, respectively. This was Sandi’s first Quilty, and13 buckles was a lucky number for Allan.
Allan rode with Liz Cullam, the owner of his horse. Jennifer Gilbertson rode Stephen French’s talented
and very beautiful Balgownie Anchor. Unfortunately for the NSW team Anchor, who had been traveling
well, decided it was all too exciting to eat and drink and was given an early mark with no gut sounds.

“Winners are grinners” it has been said; and Anton Reid’s grin was from ear to ear, as he was presented
with the Tom Quilt Gold Cup. Anton on his home-bred horse Endurowest Kumari was =1st open weight to
cross the line and vet through. Crossing the line together with Anton was U.S. rider Christoph Schork
riding Anton’s horse Arovo Mini Harvest. In fact four of Anton’s horses were successful. Best
Conditioned middleweight was hard-working Quilty committee woman, Ady McIntosh riding her beloved
Ruby Park Eastwick - they were also awarded the coveted Pat Slater Trophy. Both Ady and Anton have
made the journey east to the Shahzada.

Norbert Radny was 1st heavyweight on his beautiful chestnut stallion West Coast Acharon. At
presentation Norbert said: “It has always been my ambition to own a Quilty buckle with a number on it”,
and that’s what he got. Best Conditioned horse was Natasha Ellery’s beautifully presented Sundale
Neptune. He would have got the blue ribbon in any show ring (where he appears on a regular basis).

First across the line and 1st lightweight was Tanya Ladyman riding Winnarbee Super Star, a sterling
effort, given the horse was doing his first 100 mile ride. Best Conditioned was 2nd lightweight Jane Radny
(Norbert’s better and prettier half) riding Arbour Grange Shalifa. Best Conditioned and 1st junior was
Corey Lunt riding Assiff. It’s been a big year for Corey, having just returned from Namibia with the
Australian Endurance Team.

Amazingly, when you take into account distance factors (WA’s isolation), there were two horses that were
awarded their 4 Quilty buckle: David Riches’ Yaldon Gwai Sadiiq received the Shareym award donated
annually by Ron and Val Males for the open weight horse achieving the most buckles. Kargre Naadan
who is 21 years old was ridden by junior rider, 13 year old Shannon Parker. This duo made up the
youngest rider and the oldest horse. Naadan also achieved his fourth buckle at this outing but was not
eligible for the Shareym award.

The teams event was won by Anton’s team Endurowest, yet another fine performance. Described as ‘Salt
of the Earth’, the Summerfield family team had a four out of four result, a grand effort, when taking into
account that besides training their horses, they were all very much involved in staging the event. Lyn and
Richard were treasurer and camp co-coordinators, and also helped out on course. Richard gave the pre-
ride course talk while Jamie and Kym attended to the merchandising and the rugs.

Many interstaters came to lend a hand, Claude Filleu and Chris and Keryn Mahoney from Tasmania, from
N.S.W. popular and larger than life Chief Steward Tom McCormack along with Louise McCormack, who
was seen busily organising everything asked of her. Then assisting Tom was Jeffrey Bonham and the
always present quiet achiever Kerry Spratt came to lend a hand. To help this article along we had Kieron
Power with his camera there to take photos.

The Western Australian hospitality was second to none, the generosity and lending (and here I must
emphasise the word lend) such quality horses to the Easterners and giving us the opportunity to
participate will always be remembered. This offer was taken up with enthusiasm and gratitude and many
friendships were forged. For this we acknowledge Stephen French, Anton Reid and Liz Cullam.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the hard working committee, their helpers
and their sponsors for bravely ‘having a go’ under the most difficult circumstances and making it all
happen, not just for those who were there but for endurance riding everywhere. The 2007 Western
Australian Quilty, despite being compromised by the E.I. outbreak, had all the ingredients of a great
event, complete with international and interstate riders, champion horses, marvellous achievements
making it the success that it was. Long live the Quilty.

Greenhills Ride Report
Dr Joan Deetman BSc BVMS GDEd

Some of you may be sick of me saying this – but – have you seen the rooms in the Greenhills hotel? They
are the best country hotel rooms around! So happy was I to have a soft, comfy bed to rest in – sure beats
sleeping in the car! Disappointed not to get a chance to check out the gourmet deli supposedly just down
the road somewhere ?!!!         Oh well – next time.

It was a shame to leave the fluffy doona but the day was dawning and work was to be done.

It did dawn a beautiful day but we soon had perilous thoughts of the heat as the thermometer started to
climb. There were mixed weather forecasts but sure enough, as the morning went on the temperature rose
and rose.

There were quite a few young horses being presented for competition as well as fit horses who had only
recently competed in the Quilty. 80km may seem like nothing to some of these riders, so with a relatively
flat course and fit horses, the thought of fast rides in increasing heat started a little worm of worry
wriggling in my tiny brain.

After the front runners came in from the second leg looking parched, I became more concerned about the
rising heat and the fact that probably not many competitors had had the opportunity to be training in any
sort of real heat yet. This situation could have caught a lot of people by surprise – we could have ended
up with heat-exhausted horses and serious metabolic conditions may have been a consequence.

So I was extremely grateful to Kim Riches and his team who instantly responded to my request for more
water out on track. Also to Ross and companions who went out on track advising competitors to take
things easy, use the water and look for shade to ride through. Also to Ferret and those on checkpoints who
monitored the riders’ hydration.

I had consolation knowing we had approximately 100 litres of fluids on hand tucked away in various
vehicles – ready to be drained into heat affected horses if necessary. As it turned out, it was the heat
affected riders who would be needing fluids drained into them.

I was also consoled knowing I had Patrick, with his ever-ready smile, and Tania on the vet team. Tania
volunteered her services and as I said at presentation – with her knowledge of endurance riding, training
and vetting Tania makes an extremely valuable team member.

The result was a ride with nil metabolic problems – congratulations to all competitors for so wisely using
your skills and knowledge to manage your horses so very well in this competition.

Equine Influenza Update Number 5
21 December 2007

The National Management Group (NMG) remains committed to the eradication of equine influenza from

Western Australian horse owners should continue to maintain strict biosecurity protocols during the
Christmas holiday period as it is anticipated there will be increased movement of people between

A national advertising campaign has commenced directed towards travellers and horse owners will
promote good biosecurity to minimise the risk of equine influenza (EI) being spread by movement of
people when they travel.

National Situation
The number of properties infected with EI has declined markedly in recent weeks with NSW currently
having 1,421 IPs and Qld, 1,671 IPs. The EI epidemic appears to have peaked in both states and the size
of the infected area is decreasing. There has not been a case of EI in the green zone in either state and
both states are reviewing and decreasing the size of their restricted areas. A new amber zone has been
declared in Qld which is a vaccination buffer zone between the infected red zone and the uninfected
green zone.
Provided EI doesn't escape containment and move into a susceptible horse population, authorities in the
affected jurisdictions anticipate that all red (infected) zones will be reclassified to green by March - June
next year.

                     An increasing emphasis in the national response is to support business continuity
                    and allow the recommencement of some equine activities. The Consultative
                   Committee on Emergency Animal Disease (CCEAD) is looking at resolving infected
                 premises (IPs), reducing and reclassifying zones and developing risk-based measures
               to enable the movement of horses between zones and holding events in different zones.
             This Committee has endorsed protocols for movement of horses from NSW and Qld into
           uninfected states. Uninfected states are currently assessing these protocols in line with
         separate state requirements. Movement of horses under these protocols has occurred from
       NSW to Victoria. The Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA), is consulting with
WAEIIG on protocols that would enable the safe movement of horses from NSW and QLD into WA.
There has been a return to Sydney metropolitan and SE Queensland racing, however, organisers of the
Man from Snowy River Festival and the Sydney Royal Horse Show competitions have advised they will
not go ahead next year.

Significant progress has been made on the vaccination of horses in buffer zones in both infected states.
Approximately 93% (28, 600 horses) of the first round of vaccination has been completed in NSW with
53% of these horses receiving their second dose.
In Qld, about 90% of the outer buffer zone and about 80% of the inner buffer zone first dose vaccinations
have been done. Vaccination of thoroughbreds, standardbreds and high risk horses is continuing in
Victoria and South Australia.

Western Australia has not commenced vaccination within the racing sector. The final decision on how
vaccine is best utilised in the racing sector will be a decision between Racing and Wagering WA, in
consultation with their stakeholders. Horses due to compete in interstate races and events may need to
be vaccinated before being eligible to compete. DAFWA is consulting with equine industry vets and other
stakeholders on ways to facilitate the vaccination of these horses.

The situation in Western Australia
Movement of horses, horse equipment and reproductive material into WA
Horses originating from NSW or QLD are still prohibited from entering WA. Recent endorsement of
national guidelines for the movement of horses from NSW and QLD will be discussed with the western
Australian equine industry. Any changes to the protocols and conditions will be posted on the website. Horses from non infected jurisdictions must comply with the WA import
conditions as posted on the website.

Applications have been received and approved for the importation of 274 of horses from SA, NT and
Victoria. Thirty five consignments of 274 horses have either completed or are completing their post arrival
isolation period. There are 12 approved isolation facilities in WA, 10 in the south and 2 at Kununurra.
Importation conditions for used equipment, tack and vehicles from the different jurisdictions have been
amended. The essential change is that horse equipment that has followed an agreed protocol to get from
the red, amber and purple zones in NSW or QLD into non infected states or the green will be allowed to
enter WA, provided evidence of that process and appropriate permits can be produced to verify the
process. The conditions are available from the DAFWA EI website -

A total of 65 horses in WA have been tested for EI since August; all were 'low index of suspicion' and all
returned negative results.

Regional meetings for horse owners and industry service providers
The 14 regional public information sessions attracted just under 200 participants. In some areas,
attendance was disappointing but those who did turn up were pleased to have the opportunity to ask
questions. There was interest in vaccination and how it is effectively used and the clinical signs and
epidemiology of the equine influenza. The audiences were particularly interested in the rapid spread
through NSW and Qld in the early stages of the disease before restrictions were able to be put in place.
People indicated support for the strict importation requirements if it meant keeping EI out of WA.

Festive season
We wish everybody the best for the safe, happy and EI free festive season. DAFWA staff will be available
for importation and quarantine premise approvals and checks. It is important that all horse owners and
people involved in the industry remain vigilant over the holiday season. Signs of respiratory illness in
horses must be reported to the emergency animal disease (EAD) Hotline 1800 675 888.
Department of Agriculture and Food WA
Horse Flu – Not Just....
                                                There are hordes of Aussie battlers
I'm not just a rich man's trinket               who'll go under in this strife
to fulfil a greedy goal;                        and they'll lose much more than money.
I am more - much more - too many.               They will lose their way of life.
I'm Australia's heart and soul.
                                                I am what makes life worth living.
I'm companion, partner, soul mate;              I'm their every waking thought.
I'm desires beyond just dreams.                 I am what they go without for
I am overcoming hardships;                      and that just can not be bought.
I'm life's lessons in extremes.
                                                Whether hobby, sport or business,
Once my shoulders bore the burden               through the fires and drought and flood,
of the plough to plant the seed,                I'm the way of life they've chosen
that would grow the golden wheat fields         that is deep within their blood.
to fulfil this nation's need.
                                                We have known the devastation
And I laid the precious bore drains             when a farmer loses all.
giving lifeblood to this earth;                 Horsemen follow in their footsteps
as I forged the great traditions                with their backs close to the wall.
then, that gave this country birth.
                                                There's a rumbling now, of anger -
I have borne your sons to battle,               and horse people are not meek.
heard their brief emblazoned cry,               Will they sink in deep depression?
seen the futile, reckless slaughter,            Will they turn the other cheek?
shared the mothers' anguished "Why?"            You have caused this thing to happen,
                                                cutting corners with your greed.
I helped you tame this wilderness               Quarantine laws bent to suit you,
- hauled, carted, did your will.                consequences guaranteed.
Used, abused and treated lightly,
yet I am your servant still.                    And so now, I pay the price
                                                for your decisions made in haste.
I have brought you pride and glory              Yet again I am surrounded
and a wealth you couldn't measure.              by the suffering and the waste.
and a heritage and history
in a partnership to treasure.                   Once more greed clouds your judgement,
                                                with your selfish 'purple zone',
Every sport that you've invented,               throwing caution to the winds with
(oft' with consequences grim),                  your indulgence overblown.
still I've jumped and turned and twisted
as I've met your every whim.                    Do you care about us really?
                                                Now that pride's before the fall?
I have taught your children caring,             Do you really want to help this?
how to put another first,                       Or do dollars say it all?
to take the falls and try again
and cope with best and worst.                   We can't stop this raging virus;
                                                all we ask is justice metered.
I've kept your daughters off the streets        Let not the vested interests
and on the straight and narrow.                 dictate how this should be treated.
I've put my heart in all I've done
- and thrilled you to the marrow.               Demand consideration for
                                                the racehorse AND the scrubber.
And yet you turn your back on me                Vet treatment shouldn't be denied
in this - my hour of need.                      a much loved pony clubber.
All you think of is your losses
in your all-consuming greed.                    I sympathise with milliners,
                                                and with trainers. Yes, I'm trying.
Won't you listen to my pleadings                But it pales in insignificance
for the horseman of this land?                  when cherished friend is dying.
This will change their life forever.
Won't you try to understand?                    No, I'm not just a rich man's trinket
                                                to fulfil a selfish goal.
For E.I.'s the nine eleven                      I am Horse. I am your brother.
that will change life as we know it.            I'm Australia's heart and soul.
The effects are catastrophic,
though the media don't show it.                                                       Anonymous email

                                  West Australian Arabian Horse Association (Inc.)

                                       Youth & Adult Seminar

It is with great pleasure that the WAAHA (inc.) invites you and your horse to attend a Youth & Adult Seminar on
Sunday the 17th of February 2008, where you will actively participate in several training disciplines such as Open
Saddle, Plating & Presentation, Clipping, Halter Presentation & some fun Cross Training Disciplines.

This will be a fun and informative day, which will enable you to partake in lessons with your horse, ask questions
and try something new.

Bookings are essential so be quick!

This Seminar is not restricted to members only, so if you know of someone who would be interested in attending,
(even though they don’t own a registered Arabian horse), please have them fill in the forms below and attached.

DATE; Sunday 17th February 2008.

TIME; 9.00am

VENUE; Swan Valley Pony Club Grounds,
Behind the State Equestrian Centre, Cathedral Avenue, Brigadoon.
Entry through the State Equestrian Centre.

     Non-Members - $30.00

LUNCH; Lunch provided. Please bring a fold up chair.

DRESS; Neat casual riding attire. No need to present with plaits.
A safety approved helmet and riding boots

ENQUIRIES; Lynne Bunce Ph; 98629007 Email;

RSVP DATE; Saturday the 2nd of February

WAAHA HORSE EVENT DECLARATION; Must be signed and presented with your horse on the training Day.

The Treasurer;
994 Campersic Road, Brigadoon. 6069.
Non Members of WAAHA (Inc.) include fee of $30.00 with RSVP.
I will be attending the Youth / Adult Training Day on the 17th February 2008.

Horse’s Name;
Contact Phone;
Free Entry; Persons under the age of 18 yrs.
All Juniors Must Sign; Release of Waiver Form
Free Entry; WAAHA (Inc) Members
Non Members; Cost of Day; $30.00
Must sign; Training Day Release of Waiver Form, if a non-member of WAAHA (Inc.) or AHSA (Ltd)


The required forms are available in the Events section on the WAAHA website or by
phoning Lynne on 9862 9007.

Malaysia set for 2008 World Endurance Challenge (WEC)
By Jay Randle (Message to the Aust. Endurance Squad internet discussion board,
14 November 2007)

Heavy tropical storms and torrential rain greeted the 38 horse and rider combinations
who set out on the first phase of the FEI CEI 3* Trial event at Terengganu, East
Malaysia at 4.30 pm on the afternoon of 10 November 2007.

Eighteen combinations from around the world joined by 20 locally based combinations took part in the
trial event to assess the weather conditions and facilities planned for the 2008 FEI World Senior
Endurance Championships.

This second trial event was part of the two-year-preparations being undertaken by the organising
company YDSM and the Malaysian Equestrian Federation.

The event, The Sultan's Cup Terengganu Endurance Challenge 2007, needed to meet the minimum
criteria for overseas combinations (40% completion rate within 16 hours ride time) imposed by the FEI to
asses the safety and ability of horses to successfully compete in the climate of Terengganu State.

The tropical storm and heavy rains in fact produced cool, near ideal conditions - albeit very wet, which
brought about a completion rate of 66% for the overseas combinations who had arrived some three
weeks earlier into the extensive quarantine facilities purpose built for the event by the OC.

These facilities are part of a newly constructed International Endurance Centre which includes full equine
hospital, central vet gate, full conference and hospitality buildings together with extensive catering outlets.

Some six nations from South America, North America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia were hosted by
the organisers. These nations were also joined by riders from the UAE and Malaysian based South Africa
and Australian riders. Unfortunately though, no Australian based combinations that had been invited by
the organisers were able to compete. They had been prevented from traveling because of the recent
equine travel restrictions imposed in Australia.

First to cross the finish line at just after 8.00 am the following morning was Naser Marzouqi from the UAE
riding Hafiza Du Mas with a total ride time of 10 hours 31 minutes giving an average speed of 14.86 kph.
Jack Begaud from France with Idais Tohiba was second with a speed of 14.82 kph. UAE rider Khalid Al
Shafar on Supreme Dream took third place by a short head in an exciting racing finish for the line just
ahead of Maria Vitoria Liberal Lins on Filoteu Rach from Brazil, both riding at 14.69 kph.

The first 16 combinations all successfully completed the 160 kms achieving the present minimum FEI
Championship qualifying speed of 12 kph.

Full result details can be found on the following link .

Full information can be found on the official website for the event on the following link .

                                  The final ride detail showed that of the 18 overseas combinations that
                                  started the ride, 66% achieved completion and were joined by over 50%
                                  of the locally based horses and riders. 8 horses were presented for the
                                  Best Condition Award later that morning.

                                  Whilst everyone taking part in the trial event accepted that the cool wet
                                  weather had greatly assisted in the high performances achieved, there
                                  was praise from the teams for the dedication and commitment from the
                                  Malaysian organisers.

Ian Williams, the FEI Director for Endurance who attended the event commented, “The trial run has fully
met the criteria imposed by the FEI and the facilities present at the venue were of the highest standard.
The weather was extremely kind so no one must forget what the temperature and humidity can be like
and to think that it is easy to complete 160kms in tropical conditions. However those who have been
successful at this trial event have shown that with the right degree of experience and care, and with
assistance from the cooler weather, it is possible to compete safely in Terengganu.”

                                                  Horse Yards
        Can be used as free-standing yard or attached to the float. Panels are 2 metres long by
        1.2 metres high with three bars across. All with pins to attach together. Any panel can be
        used as gare when set up. $50 per panel, $75 for fittings to attach to float and approx.
        $50 to attach fittings to float if required, as each float is different. See advert on WAERA
        website for picture.
        Ph. 9526 2656 or email

For Sale                                                  For Sale
                                                          Paradise Valley Fantom
Arab and derivative geldings, Murzuk
                                                          Dam—Splash of Pleasure
(Mustafa), Royal Gindi, Melara Raise, Summer              Sire—Paradise Valley Fantasy
Storm, Cherox Raakid (AP Egyptian Magnetic),
Sabtah Sainai breeding.                                   Registered 4 year old Part Bred Arab, 15.3hh

Mature 15hh to 16.2hh, all good types, good
temperaments, proven endurance families.                  Blue Steel
                                                          Dam—Arab x Welsh Mountain
Horses to suit juniors to heavyweight riders.             Sire—Pure Arab
yearlings to broken-in 4 year olds.
                                                          Recently qualified 7 year old part Arab gelding,
                                                          15.1hh. Unregistered
Also three arab and two derivative stallions at
stud, post-EI specials on services.                       $POA. Contact Ian Stanley
                                                          0400 878 518
Phone 0427226420 Tammy

                                                          FOR SALE

For Sale                                                  Young stock related to Aquanitor:
Coverdale Endurance Saddle                                   • gelding, 3 yrs old (broken)
New –used twice in training.                                 • gelding, 3 yrs old (unbroken)
$900                                                         • gelding, 2 yrs old
0409 081 667 Anita                                           • yearling filly

                                                          Ring Joan on 9573 1031 (mornings, or leave a
Looking for a villa nova/slide-on camper to fit
1997 Ford Longreach ute, reasonable

Jo Zielono
08 93970549 / 0406598263

          Advertising rates                  WAERA members                Non-members
          for small ads up to 8 lines        Free                         $5.50 (inc GST)
          quarter page                       $5.50 (inc. GST)             $11.00 (inc GST)
          half page                          $11.00 (inc. GST)            $22.00 (inc GST)
          full page                          $22.00 ( inc. GST)           $44.00 ( inc GST)

Which are WA’s Top Trails

The West Australian Horse Council has been requested to conduct a
survey on the Top 10 Trails in Western Australia by the Department of
Sport and Recreation through its on-line magazine Outdoors WA O-zine.

They are looking for WA’s Top Trails – and invite you to nominate the
trails that you believe provide the best experiences across the State for

If you had a friend coming to WA for a few days – which trail would you recommend that would provide
them with a memorable and enjoyable experience?

The top trails as nominated by users of the trails will be promoted to potential visitors to the state from
across the world.

Horse Riding, Walking, bike, canoe, snorkel, dive and drive trails are all eligible to be included.

                                   List your favourite trails
Rank                             Trail Name                                        Suburb/Town









If you can only think of one or two trails then just forward those details – all information on Western
Australia’s favourite trails is valuable.

Lists need to be lodged by January 30 either by email to or by fax to 9291 0206
if you don't have access to a computer.

                                Race Date. 22nd & 23rd August 2008

In August 2008 an event the likes of which has never been staged in Australia will take place in the
sleepy Outback town of Hughenden in central western Queensland.

A $50,000 prize purse, 150 km camel endurance race will be run over two days in the stunningly beautiful
area of Porcupine Gorge, this is where Dinosaurs roamed, where ancient tribal Australians hunted in a
land of towering cliffs, pockets of vine forest and deep permanent waterholes, it's beauty even more
inspiring when contrasted to the savannah plains surrounding the gorge.

Camels played a major role in the opening up of this vast and desolate interior, covering huge distances
with loads that were unimaginable for other beasts of burden. The race will highlight the Outback and its
rugged beauty, those competing will experience hardship and trials as never before and for many just to
finish will be a accomplishment of which they will be forever proud.

Camels will come from all over Australia, teams the world, UAE America, Asia and Europe. The
competition should be fast and competitive and there is potential for reciprocal event being held in the
UAE in 2009.

The township of Hughenden will come alive with the endurance race coinciding with an arid summit and
expo which will focus attention on the best methods of arid agriculture from Australia and around the
world. It will promote sustainable use of natural resources and enhance public awareness. Outback
friendship and hospitality will come to the fore with a huge town party the night before the race and a top
of the line concert at the end of this extraordinary event.

The competition will be open to all comers, from all corners of the earth, one camel one rider with strict
veterinary guidelines to protect the well being of the animals.

All rules and further info re the event can be found at
Paddy McHugh .. 0427216720 or 07 47216720

        WAERA Gnangara Pines Endurance Clinic 2008
                                     Sunday, 2 March 2008
                                 259 Ellenbrook Rd, Bullsbrook

Complete a 10 km or 20 km training ride (your choice).
Start time: approx. 8 am and 9 am
It is recommended that horses be shod for the training ride.

Demonstrations from a qualified farrier

Talks on:
    • training
    • strapping
    • feeding
    • course – marking, check points etc.

Entry Fee:      Members                   $30
                Non-members               $40

                               All enquiries to Patrick Burns 0412 907 765
                                      Entries: Ph/fax 08 9571 3035

                            Web site for entry forms:

                                  STRICTLY NO DOGS ALLOWED

     Access to venue is available from Saturday 1th March from 5 pm camping available on property

              Post & rail yards are available at $10 per yard/ maximum two horses per yard.
                                    (Pre-booking for yards is required)
                                  Contact Patrick Burns on 0412 907 765

                            WILGA CENTENARY Ride
                                8th March 2008
                                                       Wilga Hall

            Vet Checks - Fri pm.

            Start Times               80km – 6am Saturday
                                      40km – 6.30am Saturday
                                      25km – 7am Saturday

            Entry Fees                80km - $70
                                      40km - $45 (+$11 inc. GST, for non-members)
                                      25km - $25 (+$11 inc. GST, for non-members)

Entries must be in by 8pm on the Monday prior to the ride.
Late entry fee of $10 will be charged. Your entry may not be accepted if the vet ratio has been reached.

Cheques payable to: Wilga Progress Association

            Enquiries/ Entries to:    Peryle Charteris
                                      RMB 1365
                                      Wilga 6243
                                      Ph/fax: 9766 1030 or 9766 1096

Facilities: Camping, toilets, BYO yards, canteen. No fires. Dogs strictly on leads, children supervised.
Leave campsite as you find it, clean and tidy.

      To celebrate the Centenary of the Wilga township in 2008, the locals are inviting
               us to a barbeque on Saturday night. There will also be live music!

         Please advise Peryle with your nomination if you will be staying for the bbq (for
                                       catering purposes).


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