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									Your Company, Inc.                                                                                     Shipping Order
                                                                         CUSTOMER NUMBER
                                                                         APPROX SHIP WEEK
                                                                             DATE SHIPPED
SHIP TO:                                                                              FOB

                                                                           Interest will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month,
                                                                                        equaling an annual rate of 18%.

YOUR ORDER NUMBER                                       ORDER DATE                                           OUR ORDER NUMBER

              QUANTITY                                               QUANTITY          NO. OF           TOTAL            PACKED
   ITEM       ORDERED                  DESCRIPTION                   SHIPPED          CARTONS           WEIGHT           BY (INITS)
                 12        Product                                      8                1                11.0
                 86        Product                                      82               24              241.0
                 3         Product                                      2                1                87.5

                                                      TOTALS                   92                 26        339.5

PACKED BY                                                    DATE                    CHECKED BY                                       DATE

Pack and ship the above products to the customer's ship to address provided above.
Place packing list in shipping container.
Return one copy of this form to office on the day of shipment.

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