The Black Mountain Marathon by tyndale


									Where? Black Mountain, NC

       When?    February 23, 2002

                What Time? Sunrise!

If you have to ask “Why?”, read on!
                            MAKE YOUR CHOICE . . .
Is the 2,850-foot climb of the Marathon your event . . .
                                     or are you tough enough for the ultimate winter Challenge?

The Black Mountain Marathon                            The Mount Mitchell Challenge

 26.2 miles, predominately on trails                   40 miles, mostly on single- and double-track trails
 Gains 2,850' en route to turnaround                   At the mid-point, summits Mount Mitchell at 6,684'
 Six fully staffed and provisioned aid stations        Nine fully staffed and provisioned aid stations
 Finisher’s medal as you arrive at Lake Tomahawk       Finisher’s medal as you arrive at Lake Tomahawk
 Embroidered Finisher’s Omni-Therm Stretch Pullover    Embroidered Finisher’s Omni-Therm Stretch Pullover
 Screen-printed race t-shirt                           Screen-printed race t-shirt
 A festive and rewarding post-race awards banquet      A festive and rewarding post-race awards banquet
 Regardless of the weather conditions, the most        Regardless of the weather conditions, the most
exciting running adventure you may experience!         exciting running adventure you may experience!
                        Entries will be limited to 75 runners in each race...


These are extremely demanding courses run over rugged mountain terrain under potentially life-threatening weather
conditions. Participants must understand that their safety is paramount in the minds of the organizers and that while all
reasonable precautions have been taken, it will be the competitor's ultimate responsibility to insure his or her own safety.

To help you make up your mind, here are a few course-related facts about the Marathon and the Challenge:
 Mount Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Rockies at 6,684 feet...
 During February, below freezing temperatures are a certainty for much if not all of the race. The mountain’s
   record low temperature in 1985 was -34.
 Snow has been reported on the mountain in every month of the year with some year’s totals exceeding 200".
 Wind will be a force to consider as the highest recorded gust on the mountain is 178 mph and, with several
   miles of the course on unsheltered north-facing slopes, deep snowdrifts may have to be traversed.
 The management takes no responsibility for – nor promises to maintain – the remarkably unseasonable
weather these races have seen! Please, harbor no illusions that we should expect such hospitality this year!!!
  Your ability to prepare for and to properly cope with these and other challenges will be a major part of the event!

 Injuries... The rough terrain of this course coupled with the forces of nature make it quite likely that a competitor will suffer
some sort of injury during this event...ranging from abrasions, contusions, or sprains as a result of falls... to hypothermia... to
animal encounters, as this remains the natural habitat of the wildcat and the black bear. Be prepared to cope with whatever
Mother Nature may see fit to send your way. Please note that firearms are not permitted within North Carolina’s State Parks.

Time Limits... Competitors must complete the Marathon and the Challenge by 6:00 PM; cut-off times (weather-adjusted)
may be enforced from the half-way mark onwards.

Safety... Emergency personnel on the course will make the final determination of a competitor’s ability to continue.

Refunds... Full refund of entry fee if entry is not accepted or if cancellation is received by December 31, 2001...
            Entry fee refunded less $20.00 if cancellation is received by January 31, 2002...

                                                        No refunds after February 1, 2002...

 Be aware that a considerable part of the race courses are on land privately held by a local bear-hunting club. As a courtesy
 to their permission to race on their property, please minimize the “off-season” use of that land – on foot or on mountain bike.

       For your reference, the 2001 Bear Season in Western North Carolina runs from October 15 to November 17, 2001
                                         and from December 10 to January 1, 2002.

Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________ State: _________ Zip Code: ___________                                            Sex: M ___ F ___
Phone: (H): _________________ (W): ________________ (Fax): ________________ Age on Race Day:________
Marathon (26.2 Miles): ____           Or Challenge (40 Miles): _____            E-mail: _____________________________________
Finishers (and only finishers) will receive a Columbia Omni-Therm Stretch Pullover featuring the embroidered race logo.
Please circle your size for t-shirts:         S     M     L    XL          and for Pullovers (Men’s sizing):           S     M     L    XL
Athletic Background:
   # of Ultras: ______ PR: ______                 # of marathons: ______ PR: ______                # of Ironmans: ______ PR: ______
  Other Athletic Achievements: ____________________________________________________________________

          Entries for past events have been more than twice the spaces available. Thus, we will use the
          following criteria for selections:
           Runners who have completed 4 or more previous events (Challenge and/or Marathon)
           Runners who have completed the last 3 previous events (Challenge and/or Marathon)
           There will be spaces reserved for “elite” competitors and for “special” entries: sponsors, distant travelers, etc.
           The remainder will be selected based on the date entries are received

          The Race Management reserves the right to deny entry to any runners not demonstrating an appropriate background in
          endurance activities which would allow them to complete this race in a safe and timely manner.

           As a participant in The Black Mountain Marathon and Mount Mitchell Challenge on February 23, 2002, I agree to all rules and will comply with
them. I am aware that this type of endurance trail run may be extremely difficult and hazardous even for well-conditioned athletes under the most favorable
conditions. I understand that I should not compete in this run unless I am in excellent physical condition, have trained adequately and have no medical
condition that might be worsened by physical activity.
           Knowing these facts and in consideration of the acceptance of my application to participate in the Black Mountai n Marathon and Mount Mitchell
Challenge, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators waive, release and discharge Jim Curwen, officials, vo lunteers, sponsors, and all
persons connected with this event, from claims of liability, for any injuries to me (including but not limited to death). This release extends to all claims
unforeseen, known or unknown.
          Further, I grant irrevocable permission to the Black Mountain Marathon and Mount Mitchell Challenge, and any media covering this year's race,
and the authorized agents, contractors, and representatives of each, to use my name and likeness in any photographs, videotap es, motion pictures,
recordings or any other records of my participation in this event for any purpose.

          APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE                                                              DATE

Instructions:                            NO POST-DATED CHECKS, PLEASE!

1. Completely read the entry form (at least twice).
2. Complete all information on the application. Incomplete applications will be returned.
3. Read, understand, and sign the official waiver.
4-A: For the Black Mountain Marathon, include a check or money order for $75.00 payable to:
                                                 LOWER ARDEN TRACK CLUB
4-B: For the Mt. Mitchell Challenge, include your check or money order for $100.00 payable to:
                                                 LOWER ARDEN TRACK CLUB
5. Enclose the application and payment in an envelope and mail to:
                                                 Jim Curwen, Race Director
                              The Black Mountain Marathon and Mount Mitchell Challenge
                                            3 Fortune Cove, Brevard, NC 28712

                                 Applications postmarked later than January 1, 2002 will be returned.

   The Black Mountain Marathon and Mount Mitchell Challenge
                                                                (26.2 or 40 miles)

Marathon and Challenge Merchandise Prizes:             Hosted by:
Overall Trophies to First Male and Female in each race Black Mountain-Swannanoa Chamber of Commerce
Open Male and Female - Five places deep                Black Mountain Fire and Rescue
Masters Male and Female (40+ years) - Two places deep Black Mountain Recreation and Parks Department
(Masters/Open awards depth may be adjusted based on entries received)

                                                                   Title Sponsors

                 Black Dome Mountain Sports                                                      Columbia Sportswear Company

                                                                                                  Bryenton Sales and Associates

                 Black Mountain Savings Bank                                                                The North Face

February 23, 2002                                             Sunrise...                          Black Mountain, NC
The Black Mountain Marathon
  and Mt. Mitchell Challenge
c/o Jim Curwen
3 Fortune Cove
Brevard, NC 28712

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