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					                                              GLENN GRESHAM
                                       P.O. Box 1330 • Fort Myers, Florida 33902
                                         H: 239-334-9700 • C: 239-851-4548

                               SENIOR SYSTEMS OPERATIONS
                                     Integration, Conversion, Interface, Systems Design

                               QUALIFICATIONS, PROFILE & KEY ACHIEVEMENTS
  System Analysis, Design, Installation,       Software Development &                Business Analysis
   Integration & Improvement                     Management                            Infrastructure Design
  Network Design, Administration &             Requirement Identification            Process Improvement
   Management                                   Technology Evaluation                 Research
20+ years of experience with a broad background in software, hardware, and operating systems. Appreciated as an
integration expert, able to gather, analyze and translate project technical requirements into solutions. Strengths in
systems design, including hardware, data and program design, and implementation, database access and data movement.
Knowledge of a diverse set of technologies gained from years of integrating disparate components into cohesive systems.

      Developed a system to capture and store data packet information in real time to enhance the feedback
       of system performance on a near-real-time basis, and to keep historical data for system usage analysis.
       Air Traffic Information Access System
      Designed and developed a data transport system to provide data movement between several hundred
       outside agencies and the mainframe processing component of the organization. TGSLC Data Collection
       and Disbursal Transport
      Developed software to administer office back-room operations for DataMax Marketing Systems,
       entailing identifying and developing processes to handle the varied operations necessary to support the
       continuous flow of sales initiatives, support operations, and daily management of the business.
       Managed E-Commerce and Forum operations. DataMax Marketing Systems Administration Systems

                                      EXPERIENCE & ACCOMPLISHMENTS
                                                  TIME LOGIC SYSTEMS, INC.
                 Computer consulting and software programming firm serving business and government offices.
                                                  PRESIDENT 2001–Present
Provide a wide range of expertise and support for office automation challenges involving management of personnel,
changing of processes to support automation, system determination, system configuration, training, and support. As a
separate focus, develop specialized software operations for medium size database processes, and develop unique
applications for specialized government operations.
Selected Projects:
  DataMax System. Developed software to administer the office back-room operations for DataMax Marketing
    Systems. Identified and developed processes to handle varied operations necessary to support the continuous flow of
    sales initiatives, support operations, and daily management of the business. Integration included data movement
    between multiple MSSQL and mySQL databases, email functionality, course scheduling, and web-base store
    operations. Developed pseudo-automatic generation of agent web sites with agent access to base level site
    management, and a corporate sales site (web-based store).
  FactorMax System. Developed a software prospect generation system, with associated processes for internet access,
    data movement, multi-office data management, and sales force oversight. The system uses MSDE SQL for local data
    storage, with transmission to corporate SQL database for overall management of outside offices and total agent
    support and productivity.
  Fisher Data Conversion Tool. Converted comparative results from medical laboratory equipment from a previous
    format to a new format for ongoing storage and statistical analysis. The project consisted of a project manager, a
    client liaison, a laboratory test expert and a programmer. Approximately 700K+ records were eventually converted
    into the new format.
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                               LEE COUNTY PROPERTY APPRAISER, (City, State) 1996-2001
                      Property appraisal office with 100-120 employees producing annual appraisals covering
                              450,000 properties and 130,000 businesses for tax revenue generation.
                            COMPUTER AIDED MASS APPRAISAL OPERATIONS 2000-2001
                                          PROGRAMMER/ANALYST 1996-2000
Recruited to oversee the conversion of a major set of programs and data from a mainframe to a PC environment and to
manage continual development, support and operations. Managed daily operations, network configuration and server
systems build, maintenance and operations. Developed SQL databases and deployed software. Managed coding for
approximately 1/3 of the code set for the move.
  Member of a team of four that moved the entire appraisal operation from IBM mainframe to PC-based servers and
    rewrote the entire code set for operating a state mass-appraisal system.
  As Supervisor, rewrote major changes into the code set accommodating major additional exemptions, levees, and
    additional local and state changes to the tax code.
  Personally responsible for about 85% of the code set after major revisions on the state and local tax codes.
  Performed Y2K conversions.

                                       LEE COUNTY DIVISION OF COMMUNICATIONS
 Division of Lee County, Florida with 1200-2100 employees handling county radio operations, data voice, county-wide cellular/cable
              franchise contracts; E911 operations, and EOC dispatching for all emergency medical and 20+ fire agencies.
                                        COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEER 1994-1996
                                       NETWORK SERVICES MANAGER 1992-1994
Served in a combination hands-on/management position, Hired to coordinate all computerized operations for the
Emergency Operations Center and E911 dispatching; and later for the County Data and Voice networks
Provided for daily operational maintenance, new construction installation, associated data systems, server systems
coordination, for all telephone and data operations for the County; crossing boundaries of all of the County department
and 5 State operations, and connecting networking systems to these agencies across the County. Oversaw a staff of seven
assistants and technical personnel.
  Upgraded the county network with over 2500 devices from a sporadic operation into a dependable one, with little or
     no funding employing up to 7 direct reports;
  Served as county liaison for the first ever graphically-based Computer Aided Dispatching (Integraph Corporation)
     while the system was developed and implemented, with direct work on the RFP, development, installation,
     maintenance, and daily operations.
  Morphed a barely functional network with a major failure per week and a minor failure per day to one of a minor
     failure per month and a major failure per four months.

                                             EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS
                                       MA, Accountancy – Nova University, Miami FL
                                BS, Architecture – Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA

                                               Technical Experience
                       Programming Languages: Delphi, C/C++, PHP, xBase, SQL/Procedures
                        Databases Operations: MS SQL, Oracle, mySQL, DB2, xBase, Access
                     Operating Systems: MS Servers, Vista/WinXP/Win2K/NT4, Novell, Unix/Linux
                Programming Technologies: TCP/IP, FTP, SOAP, XML, COM/DCOM, ADO, BDE/Midas
         Services Administration: MS Servers, AD, NDS, DNS, IIS, Proxy, SQL, Exchange, Exchange, LAN/WAN
                             Web Technologies: Ajax, XTHML, XML, JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
             Also: Network Infrastructure Management & Design; Graphic Systems; Mapping, E-Commerce
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                          ADDENDUM: ADDITIONAL PROJECTS

 XenaCare Computer System. Created a specialized multi-site Medical Point of Sale program,
  connecting back to a centralized data storage site via extranet interconnection. The central site
  processed and separated data as either private/medical data or transactional/accounting data, and
  performed both fulfillment and administration operations and interfaced to the web-host functions
  of FedEx, UPS, and AuthorizeNet/IPayment for transactional processing and shipping. The
  connection protocols were done via COM/DCOM and XML, over TCP/IP, with Microsoft SQL
  database. Total development was in excess of 100K lines Delphi v6/7.
 The Radio Traffic Analysis System for Polk County, Florida, uses Delphi as a TCP/IP receiver to
  capture traffic packets on the radio controller LAN and store them onto an SQL server for analysis.
  The project consists of two parts: the packet receiver and storage module, and the reporting module.
  The packets are UDP data broadcast on the radio controller LAN and must be trapped in a real-time
  mode. From this data the reporting module will generate several types of graphical and text output
  in real-time that will depict traffic patterns, device usage data (department, user), traffic
  bottlenecks, device failure occurrences, and other management information to help proactively
  manage the radio system. The system is still growing, but currently has over 5000 devices on the
  radio network, covering the entire county, including three cities and over 12 separate agencies. The
  data is expanding 4M records per month, and currently holds 90M transmissions (350M records)
  online (2009) spanning eight years.
 The TGSLC Contract for Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation was to design and develop a
  data transport system to provide data movement between several hundred outside agencies and the
  mainframe-processing component of the organization. The system included movement of data via
  FTP, SMTP/e-mail, CompuServe Dial-up, and several internal intranet sites, moving it to a DB2
  database. The data was user protected and optionally encrypted during the movement. An
  administration system coordinated users, authorized movement, authorized processing; and
  encryption operations and tracked the movement of data from each agency. The transport system
  typically handled several hundred operations daily, both incoming and outgoing, each of which was
  typically several hundred megabytes in size. Due to the type of data, the system was built to handle
  transactions in the multi-gigabyte capacity, which happened several times per month.
 The Asset Management System for Polk County, Florida, was a contract to develop a data and asset
  tracking and processing system. This system was designed for the communications division to cover
  the change over and servicing of the new 800MHz radio system. It took about 1 1/2 years to develop
  (part time), and is completely written in Delphi (150K+ lines). The back-end is on MS-SQL, and has
  30K+ lines of support SQL for data operations. In general, it is a high-standard inventory control
  system, but includes event-based maintenance, damage control reporting, multi-level components,
  integrated bar-coding, property-control responsibility settings, user-defined attributes, and
  manager operations. Some special aspects of this system include internal interfaces into Crystal
  low-level calls, NT Services to handle special data upload/download, and multi-level secured access.

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