TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY

                         PROFESSOR OF NAVAL SCIENCE
                                  invites you to participate in the

                      18th Annual SEAL Platoon
                 Commando Endurance Skills Competition
Deadline for Entry:               02 April 2010
Team Captain Meeting:             09 April 2010 @ 1600 (Trigon)
Competition Commences:
3 mile run Start Time:            09 April 2010 @ 1800 (Obstacle Course)
All Other Events Begin:           10 April 2010 @ 0800 (Student Recreation Center)
After Action Event:               Burgers and hot dogs upon completion @ approx. 1400
                                  (Times are subject to change)
Event Overview:
I.        Any four members of the 5 man team will participate in all events

II.       The competition will consist of the following events:

       a) 3-mile run

       b) 1000 yard swim

       c) Obstacle Course

       d) Stamina Course

       e) Max pull-ups

       f) 1.5-mile sand bag run

          These events are designed to challenge teamwork and measure each participant’s
          endurance and strength similar to that required on a mission with no support.

III.      The 3-mile run will be completed on Friday evening. All event participants will
         start at the same time. The teams finishing time will determine starting order for
         the next morning. The first event on Saturday morning will be the swim, each
         team will have one hour from the time they start the swim to complete the swim
         and get ready for the obstacle course. From the time each team starts the obstacle
         course, they will have 20 minutes to finish and be ready to start the stamina
         course. The same time constrain will be in effect for the rest of the events for that
         day. Example – Team X finished 4th overall in Friday’s 3-mile Run event and
         therefore starts the swim at 0845, they start the O-course at 0945, Stamina Course
         at 1005, Max pull-ups at 1025, and the Sand bag run at 1045.

IV.      Trophies will be awarded to the first, second, and third place teams. Individual
         awards will be awarded to the top contender in the swim, pull-ups, run, and
         obstacle course events, and team awards will be given to the first place team in
         the stamina course and sand bag run events.

V.       The team entry fee is $125.00 ($25 per team member) to cover costs of T-shirts,
         lifeguards, medics, awards, food, and all other required fees. Checks should be
         made payable to Texas A&M SEAL Platoon. The fee is non-refundable.

                                 Texas A&M SEAL Platoon
                    Commando Endurance Skills Competition

                                 OFFICIAL RULES

1. TIMING: All running/swimming events are timed. For each event, the team score
      will be the average of each member’s individual time, except for the stamina course
      and the sand bag run, which are team efforts.

2. COUNTING: For the Max pull-ups one individual will go at a time. A repetition
      consists of straight dead hang pull-up (USMC standard) palms facing out or in. No
      kipping will be allowed.

3. ORDER: All team members will complete each event before the team moves to the
      next event. The order of the teams will be determined by the team’s average 3-mile
      run time determined on Friday evening, with the order of teams remaining constant
   throughout the competition. There may be rest periods between events depending on
   time taken by each team to complete the event.

4. EVENT ORDER AND UNIFORM: Events will be completed in the following
   order with the indicated uniform. At no time will the blouse be taken off during
   any event except for pull-ups where the blouse will be removed for judging
   purposes. After the swim event, no changing of clothing during the competition will
   be permitted, except for one change of socks.

A. 3-mile run                                       physical training gear and tennis shoes
B. 1000 yard swim                   swim gear (speedo, jammers, UDT swim trunks, etc.)
C. Obstacle Course                                           full Utilities and combat boots
D. Stamina Course                                            full Utilities and combat boots
E. Max pull-ups                                            Utility bottoms and combat boots
F. 1.5-mile sand bag run                                     full Utilities and combat boots

5. MANNING: Teams will consist of five members with only four participating in each
   event. For example, each team can use their best four of five swimmers for the swim,
   or their best four of five runners for the 1.5-mile sand bag run. Once an event begins
   with the selected four, substitutions cannot be made until the next event.

6. SUPERVISION: In the case of injury, an EMT or Lifeguard will decide whether or
   not that person can continue the event. The decision of the EMT or Lifeguard is final.
   All directives from EMT’s and Lifeguards must be complied with. In cases of
   disputes over timing or penalties, the event coordinator will resolve the issue with the
   team captain only. If a resolution cannot be reached, then the competition coordinator
   shall make the final determination after receiving all information.

7. PENALTIES: Penalties are assessed in the form of time added to the final team

                ONE MINUTE PENALTIES

                1. Not negotiating the obstacle properly
              2. Minor safety rule violation (on-scene judge’s discretion)


              1. Member of your team does not finish event

              2. Making short cuts or passing an obstacle

              3. Major safety rule violation (on-scene judge’s discretion)


a) Run – The 3-mile run will be held on Friday evening and will determine the start
   times for the following morning – i.e. the team with the fastest average time will start
   first followed by the next fastest, etc… This event requires the participation of four
   team members. All team members will begin at the designated 3-mile run start line
   marked on the road on the other side of the obstacle course area. The 3-mile run will
   be an out and back event. The halfway point will be marked at the 1.5-mile point with
   an orange road cone. Timing begins as the first man crosses the starting line and ends
   for each member as he crosses the finish. The average of all runners’ times will be the
   team’s final time.

b) Swim - All members from one team will start at the same time. Each member will
   swim the entire thousand in military side stroke. Each team will have four lanes (1
   swimmer to a lane). Each swimmer will have an individual timer to ensure accuracy.
   The following teams will start consecutively every fifteen minutes after the team
   before them. We will have a total of ten lanes so that we can run two teams in the
   pool. The average of all four swimmers’ 1000-yard times will be the team’s final time
   to be scored. During the strokes, at no point may the swimmer’s hands leave the

c) Obstacle Course - The course will begin at a designated marker at the beginning of
   the obstacle course. The team’s chosen four will line up in the preferred order set
   beforehand to make writing down the times easy. There will be a 30 second interval
   between each competitor. The event coordinator will tell the first competitor to go,
   and then 30 seconds later the event coordinator will tell the second competitor to go,
   and so on. The course can hold only three competitors at a time (one just starting, one
   in the middle, and one just going up the last obstacle, a rope). The competitors will
   run through and over every obstacle on the course and then sprint back to the starting
   point (basic Marine Corps O-course), where their time will be stopped and recorded.
   The average of all four team members taken, plus penalties, will be the team’s final

d) Stamina Course - The course will start at the designated starting point. Time begins
   as the first member crosses the starting line and ends as the last member crosses the
   finish line. The whole team of four will be released at once and the final time ends
   once the last competitor of that team crosses the finish line. Since this is a team event,
   competitors can help each other over an obstacle, as long as they go through the
   obstacle themselves. Teamwork is encouraged and safety is required. Again, the
   team’s final time will be that of the last competitor to cross the finish line, plus any
   penalties assessed. This event is a two-lap event with teams negotiating every
   obstacle on both laps. Time stops when the last team member crosses the rope swing.

e) Max pull-ups – This event is a four man event. Going one at a time, each member
   will mount the bar and complete as many pull-ups as possible. A repetition consists of
   straight dead hang pull-up (USMC standard) palms facing out or in. No kipping will
   be allowed.

f) Sand Bag Run - The 1.5-mile sand bag run is a four man event. Each team will carry
   three sand bags (approximately 50 pounds) that may be carried however the team sees
   fit. The event’s start is at the same line as the 3-mile run starting line. The course
   proceeds towards the Fireman’s Training Center where a halfway point of .75 miles
   will be marked with an orange road cone. The entire team and sand bags must go
   around this cone, and then advance back the same way towards the finish line. Time
   starts as the first man crosses the starting line and ends when the last man finishes.
   The team’s final time is that of the last competitor to cross the finish line plus any
   penalties assessed.

9. SCORING: Points will be awarded to each team as follows. The team with the
   highest number of total points from all six events is the winner, with all the other
   places corresponding to the number of points scored accordingly. If there is a tie for
   any place among teams, the team with the most pull-ups will get the higher ranking.
   The following is the amount of points awarded for each event:

          First place-       20 points               Sixth place-   9 points
          Second place-      17 points               Seventh place- 7 points
          Third place-       15 points               Eighth place- 5 points
          Fourth place-      13 points               Ninth place-   3 points
          Fifth place-       11 points               Tenth place- 1 point
          (Note: No points will be awarded beyond 10th place. This scoring system is
          subject to change depending on the number of teams that participate.)

10. AWARDS CEREMONY: The individual awards and the SEAL Platoon Commando
   Endurance Skills Competition trophy will be awarded after all events are completed.
   Teams will form up in team specific attire for a formal presentation shortly after the
   last team finishes the race and the final points are awarded. There will be hot dogs
   and hamburgers following the day’s competition.


              1. Plan to arrive in College Station no later than 1500, Friday, April 9th.
                 The Captains meeting at 1600 is a mandatory meeting in room 108 of
                 the Military Sciences Building (Trigon).

              2. Lodging arrangements can be made through the following sources:

                             Best Western 979-260-9150
                             Super 8        979-846-8800
                             Comfort Suite 979-680-9000
                             Motel 6        979-696-3379
                             Ameri Suites 979-846-9800
                             Manor House 979-764-9540
                             Quality Suites 979-695-9400
                             Ramada         979-693-9891
                             Hampton Inn 979-694-2100
                             Holliday Inn 979-846-8700
                      *This is not a complete list, and there is no guarantee that they will
                      have rooms available so reserve ahead of time.

      Some teams in the past have already demonstrated that they will provide serious
      competition for this coming event! It is encouraged for all levels of competition
      to compete!

      We look forward to seeing your best teams at the competition! Questions may
      be directed to the following individuals: Ryan Stewart (972)345-8340
                                 TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY

                         PROFESSOR OF NAVAL SCIENCE
                    18 Annual SEAL Platoon
               Commando Endurance Skills Competition

     **************** ENTRY FORM ****************
Deadline for Entry:         02 April 2010
Entry Fee:                  $ 125.00 for entire team ($25 per team member)
                            (Make check payable to Texas A&M SEAL Platoon)
Return entries to:

School Name:          _____________________                                        __
Contact Name:                               ___                                     _
Address & Phone:      ________                                                  _____
Email:                 ____________________________________________________
Team Name:            ____________________________________________________ _

Team Members: (the final team roster may change up to the day of the contest)

1.                                          ___________(Captain)



4.                                  ________________________

5.                                  ________________________

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