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					                 Tattenhall Runners Committee Meeting – 20-12-06

Present:        Steve, Sarah, Mark, Alison, Dave C, Justin, Dave K, Trevor

1.         Minutes of last meeting

Steve reported that he has clarified the process that we need to follow in order to get our race
directors registered as Level 2 Endurance Event Officials. It simply requires submission of a two
page form to the Officials secretary of Cheshire AA, Joe Shelhorn. A form is being submitted for
each of: Nick, Justin, Lawrie, Simon & Steve.

2.      25th Anniversary - 2007

Date for the anniversary celebrations is now confirmed as Friday July 6th. In Lawrie’s absence
other members of the sub-committee explained the current status of plans.

This led into a discussion about the financing of the event and issues such as:
    Should we expect ex-members being invited to make a contribution?
    To what extent can the club afford to subsidise it?

It was agreed that in order for the committee to reach a view on the above questions a projection is
needed of the numbers attending and the costs of the various planned items (buffet,
commemorative mugs etc).
ACTION – Lawrie & sub-committee to provide.

3.         Subscriptions & Rec Club relationship

A new affiliation fee scheme under England Athletics, to replace the existing NoEAA scheme,
will mean a substantial increase over the next two years in the amount that the club has to pay
(currently £2 per member rising to £3 in 2007 and £5 in 2008). We need to consider how best
to meet this increased cost.

Steve described several options, of which the following were considered the only realistic

      Get members to pay a separate £5 sub to Tattenhall Runners in addition to the annual Rec
       Club subscription
      Request that the Rec Club increase the running section sub. by £5 and simultaneously
       seek a written commitment that it will in future pay our affiliation fee

ACTION – Steve will discuss with Steve Wells (Rec Club treasurer & secretary)

4.      Races - Christleton 5K

Justin has agreed to be race director and Mike to handle the entries.
Date will be Friday May 11th. The race will not be in the Cheshire Grand Prix series this year.
Next step is for Justin, Mike, Steve & Mark to get together, as early as possible in Jan, and map
out what needs to be done.

Llantysilio – details submitted to FRA & WFRA calendars. Sat April 14th at 11.00.
5.       London Marathon partnership

Dave K explained that we had been approached by the LM organisation in regard to becoming a
“partner” club and, following some committee email dialogue, decided to go ahead, on the grounds
that it should generate good publicity and hopefully lead to new members. Dave reported that the
LM Partnership web site is now active and it appears that we are one of only about 30 partner
clubs across the country – there are no others in Cheshire or Lancs!

Here’s the introductory blurb from the web page:

6.     Committee Roles

With Mark stepping down as Chairman at the next AGM it is important to start thinking about who
might be willing and able to take over.

7.     Welsh Castles Relay

This event is held over the weekend June 9/10 and requires a team of 20 runners together with
some reserves and logistical support. Andy Blair is in contact with the organisers about the
possibility of entering and is assessing whether we have the resources to do it.

8.     Twin Club

While visiting Greg & Caroline in Melbourne, Alison ran with their club, Malvern Harriers, and came
up with the idea of making it a twin of Tattenhall Runners. All that would be involved is to have
links on the respective web sites.
ACTION – Alison to put Dave in touch with Malvern Harriers webmaster

9.     AGM

The date was set as Tues March 20th. It was felt that holding it after the Tues training session at
about 8.30 worked OK last year. Mark asked committee members to think about whether they
wanted to continue in their current roles.

10.    Membership issues

There have been a few instances of new runners representing the club in the Borders League
before actually paying their initial membership subscription. It was agreed that we should try to
ensure that this does happen in future.

Dave K also raised the issue of new runners who come to the club for maybe a few weeks but
subsequently don’t join and whether it would be useful for us to know the reasons why some
individuals decline to become members. This prompted lengthy discussion with views from all
angles but the conclusion was that, while there may be room for improvement, we are relatively
good in handling the steady stream of new faces that appear at the club.

Following on from informal discussions earlier in the year (involving Steve Wells) it was proposed
that, in recognition of his continuing contribution to the club beyond his 70th birthday, Lawrie
Woodley should be made an Honorary Member. This was agreed unanimously by those present.
11.    Social Events

Jan 5th – night out at Telfords
A Tues evening time trial (Mark will organise)
May 18th – presentation evening. Venue yet to be established.

Next meeting    Wed Feb 7th at Justin’s

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