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					Junior Art
  June 6, 2008 –
 September 3, 2008
This is the second Junior Art Exhibition at Northport High School and I hope it has become an annual tradition. Each of the
pieces in the exhibition are exemplars and worthy of attention for their unusual composition and use of medium. The
students who became the curators to the exhibition are: Carolyn Catania, Lindsay Hogan, Nina Matsumoto, Emma Nichols,
Maureen Rodgers, Christine Stallone, Alexandra Thake . As a group, they looked at all the pieces selected and decided
which wall would show the artwork best and how each piece would fit in with each of the other selections. The collective
decision making by the curators was spectacular to see and I will remember it forever. We hope you will enjoy the installation
in the Community Gallery and learn something from the experience.
As you enter the room, you will feel the power and see the unity in this junior exhibition. Depending upon your own
background, an image will draw you toward it and then you will see what the artist has left us to ponder over. Look closely,
think about the process of making the image and think about the life of the person who has been chosen by their teacher to
represent this form of art. This is a onetime event and it will never be replicated or duplicated.
Dilbert said, in a cartoon created by Scott Adams, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which
ones to keep”. The Juniors in this exhibition were selected by the great staff of the art department to unveil their creations.
Each of the students have been given a big responsibility, to exhibit a piece of their work. In my opinion, much has been
learned from the first exhibition and the students have given us “food for thought”.
In any exhibition of this caliber, we need cooperative parents, superb teachers and fantastic students. In addition, those who
made this event possible are also worthy of praise, especially Mrs. Nancy Zbytniewski who made the catalog, name tags and
so much more. We could not do this without her.
Writing has become an essential component of the catalog and can often help us with our opinions about the artwork, so
please read what every student wrote. Either way, I know you will enjoy the exhibition as I have. Come as often as you can.
We are hoping that this will become a historical record of some of the art and artists in Northport High School in 2008.

Peter Falotico
Director of Art
June 6, 2008
Documentation of the exhibition
         Juniors in the exhibition
Katherine Atkinson    Max Haller
Alyssa Bloom          Elijah Insignares
Katelyn Burke         Nina Matsumoto
Julia Carson          Emma Nichols
Carolyn Catania       Theresa Nobs
Lavanya (Joe) Dewan   Maureen Rodgers
Erin Ehrhardt         Erik Schmitt
Danielle Elsener      Christine Stallone
Stephen Fusaro        Alexandra Thake
Taylor Gubitosi
Erik Schmitt
                                 “Common Reflections”
                                     HydroCal Cast
                                       May 2008
               The original inspiration for this sculpture was “An Artist
                      at Work”. However, as I started to work on the
                       piece I learned that the original medium, clay,
                     would not allow me to produce a piece based on
                     my original inspiration. At that moment, I had to
                   step back and rethink the whole piece. I began to
                   consider the common thoughts and memories that
                   everybody experiences. It’s not a eureka moment,
                   but just those every day questions that are brought
                      about by a conversation, or “reflecting” on past
                     events. This soon came alive in my work with a
                      rubbing of the chin, and the shift of a hip. As I
                    created these subtle body expressions, my ideas
                     for the piece became more and more tangible. I
                     would see myself in the context of my piece as I
                      was thinking about the message I was trying to
                    convey. It became clear to me that the man in the
                    piece was experiencing “common reflections” that
                                   everyone can relate to.

Maureen Rodgers

                                  Maureen Rodgers
                                    Colored pencil
                                    January 2008
                  The original reason I began this piece was
                      because I wanted to add a new dimension
                      to my portfolio. As I worked on the piece, I
                      decided that I wanted to create a large
                      scale piece of work that was very strong
                      and prominent, something that the viewer
                      would remember. I wanted the piece to
                      have a strong feeling and a distinct, original
                      feel. I challenged myself to a point where
                      no one, including myself, would have
                      expected me to have gone. The creation of
                      this piece allowed my art work to flourish to
                      an entirely new level

Emma Nichols

                                 Emma Nichols
                                 “The Beholder”
                                  January 2008
               I created this piece because it combines my two
               favorite arts, photography and writing. It is a self-
               portrait and brings up the question of beauty in the
               world. I thought this quote, from a biographical
               novel by Zoe Trope, worked well with the piece.
               My face is obscured, an action which could be
               interpreted in different ways, many concerning
               beauty. My favorite part of the piece is the way I
               stamped the quote onto the photography using
               paint. I wanted some words to stand out so I
               smeared a bit of paint across the piece and used a
               pencil to write the word in the paint. Without the
               quote, I do not think the photograph would be as
               strong as it is. The title of the piece is a play on the
               quote “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,
               something I have always considered

Carolyn Catania
                                     Carolyn Catania
                                   Digital Photography
                                        May 2008
                  I created this photograph as part of a series about self-
                  image, although it stands alone as an independent
                  piece. A combination of text and image strengthens a
                  message that not only relates to high school, but also to
                  the world as a whole. Through text, my photograph
                  presents a clear statement that is meant to grab the
                  attention of the viewer and without the text incorporated
                  my piece would be incomplete and lose its meaning.
                  Our judgment of others is often based on what we think
                  we know about them, and who we think they are,
                  though it is important to remember that what we assume
                  is not always correct. I hope that by viewing my art,
                  people will become more self-aware and reconsider
                  before passing early judgment on one another.

Taylor Gubitosi
                                    Taylor Gubitosi
                                “Through the Window”
                                  Digital Photography
                                       May 2008
                  These pictures were taken during my vacation in
                  Mexico. This boy reminded me of myself when I
                  was younger. Watching him stand by himself in
                  front of the water, amazed by the moving waves,
                  encouraged me to capture his excitement. Instead
                  of picking one picture to use, I decided to use the
                  six that I took to portray both the curiosity of
                  childhood and myself at his age. This piece was
                  put together with the idea that the boy was being
                  observed through a window. Putting this together
                  involved a lot of work. After extensive editing in
                  PhotoShop, each piece needed to be resized to fit
                  each windowpane and printed on clear acetate.
                  The background picture was blown up to cover the
                  area of the window. The finished piece captured
                  the carefree childhood I remember.
                  There’s a storm.

Theresa Nobs
                                       Theresa Nobs
                                    Digital Photography
                                         May 2008
               This February my family and I traveled to Disney World and
               went on the Safari at Animal Kingdom. I felt like I was really
               in Africa with the hot temperature and desert-like Sahara. I
               wanted to capture this amazing moment with my camera, so
               I took many shots of all the interesting animals, including
               lions, giraffes, birds and even monkeys. The photograph I
               felt most drawn to was one of a bunch of rhinoceros in a big
               pack. This image, titled Safari, represents the emotions I felt
               during the tour: awe and pure joy. It truly felt that we were in
               the middle of Africa, and I was ecstatic that I could
               successfully capture parts of it with my camera. This image
               accurately depicts the surrealism of the moment. I used
               Photoshop to change the image to grayscale and to de-
               saturate the color to make the image pop.
               stay with us forever.

Nina Matsumoto
                                       Nina Matsumoto
                                          “Hanami”
                           Copper sheet metal and sterling silver wire
                                          May 2008
                    I began thinking of the idea for my piece in early spring
                     and was immediately inspired by cherry blossoms. In
                     Japan, family and friends sit under blossoming cherry
                     trees to admire their beauty; this ancient tradition is
                     known as hanami. In my jewelry, I tried to capture this
                     simple splendor. When sitting under a cherry tree, a
                     breeze sets off a shower of pink petals which gently
                     swirl about until they gracefully fall to the ground. This
                     natural beauty is soothing, but it only lasts for a short
                     period each spring so my necklace and earrings serve
                     as a reminder of the blossoming cherry trees until spring
                     rolls around again. The copper and sterling silver
                     earring look as though they are about to float away with
                     the breeze, which also mimics the passing beauty of the
                     descending blossoms

Katherine Atkinson
                                     Katherine Atkinson
                                       Mixed media
                                      February 2008

                     This piece was inspired by the abstraction of the human
                     body. The use of the textured gesso’s and collaged
                     papers sprawl into the background giving the piece a
                     constant energy and movement. The bold brushstrokes
                     on the midsection are smooth and flowing in contrast to
                     the rigid entangled wires that bring the arms and
                     midsection together. This piece represents the chaotic
                     power the human body expresses. The suffocating
                     composition of the piece reveals the dark emotion of
                     envy. The use of the bold green brushstrokes
                     represents the emotion whereas the chaotic use of
                     different wires symbolizes the insecurities that are
                     brought about by envy. Finally, the uncontained fluidity
                     of the background represents the freedom the envious
                     body wishes to achieve

Alexandra Thake
                                   Alexandra Thake
                                      Foam Cast
                                       May 2008

                  I created this piece as an expression of how I feel about
                  the human body in general. I have always thought of
                  my body as more of a hindrance than an expression of
                  who I am. We, as people, are trapped inside cages of
                  bone and flesh. My sculpture is a literal representation
                  of that. It is a woman not in control of her body,
                  wrapped and rooted to the ground. She is weighed
                  down by fat and growths. In reality, her body and
                  appearance would convey a certain message to the
                  public. This is why I made her without face or arms and
                  hands, because these are our most human
                  characteristics. Because in other peoples eyes, this is
                  what she has been reduced to.

Erin Ehrhardt
                                           Erin Ehrhardt
                                          “Life Unnoticed”
                                           HydroCal Cast
                                              May 2008
                 In the beginning of the school year, I was assigned a project to
                create a sculpture of my choice in order to learn the muscle and
                bone structure of the human body. I was not sure what image I
                wanted to create, so I set out to do some research. Many images of
                different subjects caught my eye. The ones that moved me the most
                were with people from war-torn countries and third world nations.
                From that, I decided to try and create a piece that would allow a
                viewer to step outside his or her own comfort zone and view an
                image not seen in our country and in our everyday lives. Many
                people take for granted that they have food when they are hungry,
                water to satisfy their thirst, and clothes to keep them warm and dry.
                Most mothers who we are surrounded by do not wake up every
                morning worrying about how they are going to feed their child that
                day or if they will even make it to see another day. My sculpture,
                Life Unnoticed, shows a mother helplessly holding her emaciated
                child in her arms. I tried to capture the feeling of hopelessness and
                sadness of a mother who has brought a child into the world. In
                observing my sculpture, I hope the viewer is able to see outside of
                the world in which they live in. Having nice clothes, home cooked
                meals and an education to become anything we want are all gifts for
                which we should be grateful for. Anyone could have easily been
                born into the world of the emaciated child or mother.

Katelyn Burke
                                  Katelyn Burke
                                   Mixed Media
                                  February 2008
                This unique piece was created in an effort to
                broaden the focus of fashion design as art. There
                is often a barrier between fashion and art, created
                by those who are unwilling to consider what truly
                makes art-art. It is my opinion that art conveys a
                feeling and willingness to see beyond what we are
                given or told.
                In “Cubist” I took a section of an architecture piece
                that was structurally sound and beautiful on it’s
                own; and transformed it into a fashion design piece.
                I developed the idea through a series of pieces
                each incorporating different aspects of its original
                inspiration. I hope to push the borders of art and
                help others to see new things. Art is not stagnant.
                Art is not one thing. Art is limitless.

Alyssa Bloom
                                    Alyssa Bloom
                                 Digital Photography
                                      May 2008
                The tiny girl in the picture is my neighbor, Martina.
               She’s nine years old and is the most energetic child I
               know. Whenever Martina wanders into my yard, she’s
               completely unable to stand still. Though she’s been in
               to my house a thousand times, everything around her
               always seems new and interesting. The day I took this
               picture was like any other afternoon with her and I just
               so happened to catch her concentration. If you looked
               at this picture without knowing her, you would think she
               was a calm and collected child, when in reality, she’s
               completely wild and crazy. She is completely focused,
               and this gives the picture a peaceful vibe. I took many
               pictures of Martina, and after looking through them all, I
               picked this one for many reasons. The lighting of the
               picture gives off an innocent feeling that reminds me of
               being young and carefree, and her expression also
               shows this carefree mentality that all children have.

Elijah Insignares
                                        Elijah Insignares
                              Adobe Illustrator-Adobe Photoshop
                                            May 2008

                    The artwork that I chose to submit in the Junior Art Exhibition
                    is my grudge piece. I feel it has vast meaning and shows the
                    “teen angst” side of High School. The chains in the image
                    portray the connection to social groups, the weight friends put
                    on you, and the restrictions that you have when you are
                    young. I also feel that the color red found in the piece
                    represents the feeling of anger and stress in the artwork..

Christine Stallone
                                        Christine Stallone
                                  “The Secret Everyone Knows”
                                           Colored Pencil
                                           January 2008
                      “The Secret Everyone Knows” was my first piece to ever
                     properly depict my true feelings. I had recently lost
                     companionship with the only individual who ever knew and
                     understood me completely. He was my best friend in every
                     way. Seven months afterwards, I was still recovering; my
                     loneliness seemed eminent in every move I made. I was not
                     able to be myself no matter how much I wanted to; I had
                     slowly lost my identity trying to run from all I knew. He
                     seemed to be everywhere.

                     I felt no one understood what I was going through. I was alone
                     in the world. I decided since people did not grasp how I felt
                     through my words, I would show them. I was determined to
                     no longer hide from my fears or pain. It’s all part of who I am.

                     This piece helped me grow as an artist and person. I realized
                     the strength of my emotions and was able to learn how to
                     communicate through them. “The Secret Everyone Knows”
                     enabled me to learn a lot about myself – marking a turning
                     point in my independence.

Lavanya (Joe) Dewan
                                 Lavanya (Joe) Dewan
                                      “Dramatic Light”
                            Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop
                                         May 2008

                     This piece is called Dramatic Light. This piece was
                    made in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. My
                    inspirations for this piece was showing the way light
                    effects an image and to show a 3D field of view. I
                    wanted this image to show a different perspective,
                    unlike flat images. The flame in my hand reflects its
                    orange glow onto my figure and makes the road glow.
                    The sky also reflects its red light onto the road. The
                    image itself portrays a very unrealistic view. The city in
                    the background adds an element of realism to the
                    image. The image over is a very artistic piece.

Stephen Fusaro
                              Stephen Fusaro
                         Silver Gelatin Photograph
                               February 2008
                 While I was in Florida with my little cousin
                 on vacation, I noticed a different side to her
                 that I have never seen before. I normally
                 see her as a cute little girl that is always
                 having fun and smiling. I noticed she was
                 being very serious. I wanted to capture this
                 because you normally don’t see this side of
                 kids in pictures. You always see them
                 playing and smiling so I thought it would be
                 a good idea to capture a different side of
                 them. I wanted to express that kids are
                 more complex then we normally think.

Danielle Elsener
                                  Danielle Elsener

                                  Colored Markers
                                     May 2008

                   This three figure line is a result of a nautical-
                   themed sketching session for the spring fashion
                   show. I loved the clean-cut look of sailor suits as
                   well as the ebb and flow of the ocean, which led to
                   a combination of these elements into my designs.
                   The result was a crisp silhouette with a sailor-like
                   cotton pant suit and a fluid top made of blue silk.
                   These pieces would be beautiful walking down the
                   runway as well as along the shore, which is why I
                   am reconstructing these designs for the
                   nautical/cruise wear themed fashion show

Max Haller
                             Max Haller
                           Photoshop CS3
                            October 2007
             This piece was created in Photoshop CS3
             using a combination of digital photos that
             were used to make brushes in conjunction
             with several different gradients. This piece
             is about placing brushes along with using
             gradients to blend a seamless composition.
             The floating island represents being around
             other people but still being alone. It’s a
             place where everyone can be himself or
             herself and not worry what others think. It’s
             a place where people can run around and
             play or just relax and enjoy the view .

Julia Carson
                                 Julia Carson
                             Digital Photography
                                January 2008
               I made this photography to display the facades we
               hid behind to fool people into thinking we’re
               everything they want. But once we turn to living
               this way, we forget about who we truly are and
               what we’re hiding behind comes crumbling down.

               The contrasting colors are used on the faces to the
               two girls to symbolize that they conform into what
               others want them to be. But the differences in the
               colors of their eyes bring out the fact that they can
               only hide so much and they will never be able to
               please everyone.

The End

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