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Solar Fern Racing

                    The Solar Fern Challenge

                    Solar Fern is a solar-powered racing car that has been developed
                    by a team of Christchurch engineers to compete in the 2007
                    Panasonic World Solar Challenge in October. This is a gruelling
                    3000km endurance race, driving at speeds of up to 120kph
                    through the Australian outback from Darwin to Adelaide, in
                    vehicles powered by the sun alone.

                    Our team

                    Solar Fern Racing is a team of engineers and electric vehicle
                    enthusiasts who have taken on the enormous challenge of
                    designing, building and racing a solar powered car in the 2007
                    Panasonic World Solar Challenge.

                    The team is lead by engineer Rob Glassey, an official in the 2005
                    Panasonic World Solar Challenge. Together with core team
                    members Brent Thompson and Barry Twigley, he has drawn
                    together a large group of volunteers to assist with the design and
                    construction of the Solar Fern, culminating in a team of 11 people
                    travelling to Australia for the race in October.

                    In the absence of large sponsors, the team has become
                    extremely resourceful and determined, seeing through their vision
                    of a sleek and lightweight solar powered vehicle, achieving
                    extremely low aerodynamic drag, and being capable of reaching
                    Adelaide in under 6 days, driving over 500km each day.

                    That vision is now a reality. Our car will be shipped to Australia
                    on the 20th of September, ready and on the start line in Darwin
                    on the 21st of October.

                    Although all team members are paying their own costs, there are
                    many logistical expenses involved in running a vehicle in the
                    race, including insurance, customs clearance, port handling,
                    support vehicles, equipment and, ironically.... fuel!
          The bodywork - ready for painting

              The space frame chassis

Wind tunnel testing has proven our aerodynamic design
The Solar Fern

                 The Solar Fern

                 It is our dream to build the world's fastest silicon powered solar
                 car, and this year we have come a long way along that road. In
                 the absence of large sponsors we have not been able to get the
                 high grade of solar panels we had hoped for, but our solar panels
                 are still capable of almost 1000W of solar power, only 30% less
                 than the best silicon solar panels available.

                 We aim to not only complete the gruelling 3000km endurance
                 race, but to be highly competitive in our class, outperforming
                 many cars with greater solar power. We plan to drive over 500km
                 each day, reaching top speeds of 120 km/h.

                 We are not a major corporate team, nor do we have the major
                 government backing of many teams. We are a back yard Kiwi
                 team, doing what Kiwi's do best. We're up to the challenge!

                 Solar Fern’s design has been extensively tested in state of the art
                 facilities at Canterbury University. Construction of the chassis has
                 been completed, with steering and suspension, motor and
                 batteries, and it can now be driven. The lightweight composite
                 bodywork is almost finished, and remains to be painted. Work
                 continues on the electronic systems of the vehicle, with the motor
                 controller and prototype solar maximiser working well.

                 Solar Fern features
                 Our challenge is to find innovative ways to minimise aerodynamic
                 drag, vehicle weight, rolling resistance, and optimise electrical
                 efficiency. Features include:

                    Wind tunnel tested aerodynamics

                    Lightweight composite body
                    Lightweight lithium batteries
                    Powerful brushless DC permanent magnet motor

                    High performance solar racing tyres
                    Weight: 200kg

                    Dimensions: 1.8m wide x 5m long x 850mm high
The Challenge

                The Panasonic World Solar Challenge (www.wsc.org.au) is the
                world's most prestigious solar racing event. In 2007, the race
                celebrates its 20th anniversary.

                Teams have eight days to complete the course, driving from 8am
                to 5pm each day, with checkpoints approximately every 500km.
                Each solar car travels with at least two support vehicles, one in
                front and another behind. At 5pm each night teams set up camp
                wherever the car stops, under the stars of the Australian outback.

                Conditions are harsh. Maximum temperatures range from 35C to
                45C. Winds can be strong, and the sun is relentless. Yet as
                teams approach Adelaide the weather can sometimes change
                dramatically, bringing cold temperatures, rain and even hail.

                The cars are low, cramped, and even with good ventilation they
                are hot. Drivers can be on the road for up to six hours non-stop.
                Being 1000km from civilisation, teams must carry everything,
                from coffee to welding plants, power tools and generators.

                The World Solar Challenge is more than just a race. Over
                3000km, reliability, strategy, and organisation can become key
                factors. Teams must read the weather, know their car, and know
                the terrain. Good strategy is essential to get the most from the
                changing winds and clouds. Battery charge needs be managed
                carefully by keeping a close eye on speed, so that the car can get
                through cloudy periods and up hills without having to stop.
                Energy efficiency reduces greatly at high speed, and the best
                strategies avoid extended periods of high speed, concentrating
                instead on maintaining a steady, optimal speed during all phases
                of the race.
Sponsorship opportunities

                       While we are seeking major sponsors for a further attempt in
                       2009, opportunities for 2007 are more limited due to the late
                       stage that we are now in. As our car is near completion, our main
                       focus for sponsorship in 2007 is on the expensive and complex
                       logistical task that is a major part of any attempt to compete in
                       the World Solar Challenge.

                       We require at least 3 support vehicles to travel with the car, plus
                       a trailer, tools, a generator, a welder, flood lights, electronic test
                       equipment, camping equipment, spare parts, and much more.
                       Fuel alone for the 7000km round trip from Adelaide to Darwin and
                       back will cost around $4000. MSC shipping are providing a
                       shipping container and the shipping to Adelaide and back, but
                       there are many fees and other costs involved in port handling,
                       customs clearance, and insurance. We will need at least $20,000
                       to cover logistical expenses, even if all team members are paying
                       their own way.

                       We hope to cover these costs through the support of a number of
                       sponsors in the $5,000 to $2,000 range.

                       As we have no major sponsors, we are able to offer you much
                       greater value than would normally be possible for a solar car

                       We are offering a range of sponsorship opportunities and
                       promotional advantages.

                           Naming Rights – ‘Your Name' Solar Fern: $50,000

                           Gold Sponsors: $5,000 - $10,000
                           Team Sponsor: $2,000 - $5,000
                           Solar Fern Supporter: Individual $100-$2000

                           Solar Fern Supporter: Group $200-$2000 (multiple names)
                           Solar Fern Supporter: Business $300-$2000 (company name
                            & logo)
Promotion opportunities

                          The media has already taken a keen interest in the progress of
                          the Solar Fern, with articles appearing in The Press, New
                          Zealand Geographic and TV1 News. TV3’s 60 Minutes
                          programme has begun filming a documentary about the bid, and
                          are sending a camera crew to Australia to follow our fortunes.

                          The key opportunity for New Zealand exposure will be during the
                          nationwide tour in Early 2008, as a follow up to our achievements
                          and media exposure in the 2007 World Solar Challenge. The tour
                          starts in Invercargill and passes through all major cities, finishing
                          in Cape Reinga.

                          We will promote the Solar Fern Tour of New Zealand through
                          press releases to both local and national media and through
                          posters advertising the event in each location. We intend to
                          organise a number of significant national media events and hope
                          to involve local personalities and politicians at various stops to
                          attract media and public interest. We will have the car on display
                          in busy public places.

                          We are able to make the Solar Fern available for appearances
                          during the tour, and by arrangement at other time following the
                          race. Expenses, including transport and accommodation, relating
                          to appearances away from the intended route or at other times,
                          will probably need to be covered seperately by the sponsor.

                          We also provide all sponsors and supporters with a certificate of
                          appreciation, and a poster of the Solar Fern including the logos of
                          all our sponsors.

                          A specialist photographer will be available during the race,
                          although he is not part of the team or our sponsorship package.
The Solar Fern team

                      CORE TEAM

                      Project Director
                      Rob Glassey        Electronics engineer, official in 2005 World
                                         Solar Challenge (WSC)

                      Brent Thompson Composite and aerodynamic specialist
                      Barry Twigley  Mechanical engineer

                      Rob Glassey        Electronics engineer & project director
                      Randal Taylor      Electronics engineer

                      Barry Twigley
                      Brent Thompson
                      Randal Taylor

                      Murray Brown       Asia Pacific Rally Championship coordinator

                      Warren Pettigrew 35 years in electric vehicle development,
                      founding employee of Dynamic Controls, director of Raztec,
                      motor and drive electronics specialist
                      Mike Duke Solar researcher at Waikato University and senior
                      lecturer at London South Bank University who led the British
                      "Mad Dog" solar car team from 1996 to 2003
                      Stuart Lister Two-times past entrant in WSC, team leader "Solar
                      Kiwi" 1990,1993 (New Zealand's most successful solar car team,
                      winning their class in 1993)
                      Neville Baxter NZ entrant in 1996 WSC with a solar powered
                      Graeme Harris Canterbury University wind tunnel technician
                      Phil Garrett Flying Kiwi project director. World land speed record
                      holder for 1000cc sidecar motorcycles.
                      Richard Duke Dean of Engineering University of Canterbury,
                      Electric MR2 project leader
                      Mike Brown Photographer, WSC 1990-2003

           1. Naming Rights : $50,000

              'Your Name' Solar Fern used in all publications and publicity

              Approximately 150mm x 1000mm x 2 name space on the
               side of the Solar Fern, also dominant position on trailer and
               team vehicles
              Approximately 60mm x 300mm name space on the front of
               the Solar Fern

              The right to refer to yourself as the naming rights sponsor of
               the (Name) Solar Fern in your own marketing, and advertise
               your involvement as you see fit.
              Official sponsor's certificate

              The right to set up presentations at stops on New Zealand
               tour and other events

              Input on New Zealand tour schedule and stops

              The option to allow key staff and customers to drive the car at
               stops on the New Zealand tour or other events

              This money is expected to completely cover all logistical
               expenses of a well run attempt, including transport,
               accommodation, and other personal expenses of the team

           2. Gold Sponsor ($5,000 - $50,000)

              Approximately 100mm x 300mm x 2 name space on the side
               of the Solar Fern, also proportionally on trailer
              Approximately 50mm x 150mm name space on the front of
               the Solar Fern
              The right to refer to yourself as a sponsor of the Solar Fern
               in your own marketing, and advertise your involvement as
               you see fit.

              Official sponsor's certificate
              The right to set up presentations at stops on New Zealand
               tour and other events
3. Official Supplier / Team Sponsor ($2,000 - $5,000)

   Approximately 100mm x 300mm x 1 name space on the side
    of the Solar Fern

   The right to refer to yourself as a sponsor of the Solar Fern
    in your own marketing, and advertise your involvement as
    you see fit.
   Official sponsor's certificate

4. Supporters’ Club ($100-$2,000)

   Name or small logo on the back of the car (up to 50mm x
    100mm for $1000) - depending on level.

   Official supporter's certificate

   Family, Group and Business options available
   More details on www.solarfern.com
Contact us

                    Rob Glassey : Project Director
                    Phone 03 352 6448 / 021 122 9483

                    Solar Fern Racing
                    PO Box 21-363
                    Christchurch 8143
                    New Zealand

             Nuna 3: winner of the 2005 World Solar Challenge


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