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                                       “A” DIVISION

                          14 MAY 2007 – 2.00PM

                                            OPEN MEETING

Chief Supt Price                       KM        Divisional Commander
Supt Knight                            JK        Deputy Divisional Commander
DCI Sutton                             MS        Det Chief Inspector
Ch Insp Johnson                        DJ        Chief Inspector (Operations)
Mrs K Williams                         KW        Business Manager
Ms S Davies                            SD        Personnel Officer
Insp Moyles                            MM        Inspector – Alway
Insp Evans                             GE        Inspector – Maindee
Insp Thrush                            TT        Inspector – Central
Insp Jeffries                          SJ        Inspector – Crime & Disorder
Insp Muirhead                          NM        Inspector – Bettws
Insp Grindlay                          RG        Inspector – Crime & Disorder Project
Insp Warrender                         MW        Inspector – Pill
T/Inspector Watts                      CW        Inspector – Central
Det Inspector Webber                   SW        D/Insp – Pro-active Team
Det Inspector Edwards                  DE        D/Insp – DIU

In Attendance
Mrs A Bailey                           AB        Minute Secretary

SDO Price                              JP        Special Constabulary
SDO Riley                              IR        Special Constabulary
PC 100 Bryan                           VB        B.P.A.


Det Inspector Adams                -   D/Insp - PPU
Det Insp Tiley                     -   D/Insp – Reactive Team
PCSO 43 Williams                   -   UNISON Representative
PC 837 Jones                       -   Federation Representative
Ms D Jeffery                       -   Principal Financial Accountant

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      •   Prior to the commencement of the meeting the Divisional Commander
          welcomed Superintendent Knight on his return to the Division as Deputy
          Divisional Commander. He then updated the meeting on the following:-

          DMM – He highlighted the importance of having frequent DMM’s and stated
          that with the inception of the new Force rota, Inspectors’ abstractions should
          now be minimal for the bi-monthly DMM.
          Note: a revised list of DMM meeting dates would be sent out with the minutes.

          DCC’s Performance Review – An update was given on the recent
          performance meeting with the DCC. A number of issues regarding barriers to
          performance affecting the Division had been discussed at this meeting.
          Details of Divisional establishment and abstraction levels had been forwarded
          to the chief officers and copies were distributed to DMM members. Concern
          was expressed at the significant resourcing issues as a result of the large
          number of abstractions. The Divisional Commander reported that the chief
          officers would be urgently considering these issues.


2.1   There were no items declared.

      The minutes of the meeting held on 10 January 2007 were read and confirmed as
      an accurate record.

4.1   Item 4.1 – Frequency of Meetings – This matter had been resolved. Divisional
      Management meetings were now held on a bi-monthly basis, alternating with
      Divisional Management days at Caerleon College. Item discharged.

4.2   Item 4.5 – Inspectors’ Shifts at Week-ends & Item10.1 – Criminal Justice
      Department – Insp Evans had submitted a report on the various issues involving
      CJD which impacted on “A” Division and outlined his findings to DMM members.
      After a short discussion, it was agreed that Supt Knight would raise these issues
      with the Head of CJD.
      Action: JK (Meeting arranged for 11 June).

4.3   Item 4.6 – Lateral Development Guidance – It was reiterated that Inspectors need
      to see and comment on all applications for lateral development. It was noted that
      officers were currently submitting applications for T/I’s and ARV’s direct to the
      Divisional Commander, by-passing their Sectional/Departmental Inspectors. All
      such applications would be returned to relevant Inspectors for their comments
      and re-submission. Inspectors to brief their staff on the correct procedure.
      Action: Inspectors

4.4   Item 11.6 – Double Crewing Policy – It was anticipated that this policy would be
      reviewed within the next few weeks.


5.1   The following minutes had been circulated to DMM members:-

5.2   ST & CG minutes – (28 Jan/27 Feb/28 March 2007)

5.3   Social & Welfare minutes – 30/1/07 & 2/3/07

5.4   Div. Health & Safety minutes –15/3/07

5.5   Div. Fleet User Group minutes – 15/3/07

5.6   Div. I.S. User Group minutes – 15/3/07

      There were no issues arising out of the minutes.
      DCI Sutton gave an overview of performance on overall crime reduction, which
      showed reported crime had increased by 1.9% compared to the same period last
      year. It was noted that by the end of the year the Division would need to achieve
      an 18% reduction to meet the Force baseline target – the Division was on 10% at
      the present time. Supt Knight clarified the position regarding target achievement.

      The main areas for improvement were domestic burglaries (Sanction Detection
      rate – 4.8%) and violent crime.

      The Divisional Commander stressed the need to tighten up on the housekeeping
      of crime, especially TAC assessments relating to sexual offences and domestic
      violence. Inspectors to ensure that the correct procedures are being carried out
      in capturing those crimes that fall between the level of scrutiny of the audit
      process, as well as giving the necessary support to officers under their command.
      Action: Inspectors

      Inspectors to ensure their staff were informed that the SMT were aware of the
      current difficulties facing the Division in terms of abstractions and resources and
      were actively trying to address the situation with the chief officers. It was agreed
      that despite these difficulties, tremendous work was being achieved in the
      Division and staff were to be congratulated on their efforts.
      Action: Inspectors

      A prolonged discussion ensued on the submission of MG files in relation to quality
      and timeliness. DCI Sutton updated the meeting on the meeting he had had with
      the file vettors and Head of CJD regarding this issue and would be preparing a
      report for the DMM in the near future. Insp Moyles queried the feasibility of using
      an electronic facility for case preparation . Supt Knight would take these issues to
      the meeting with the Head of CJD (as per item 4.2 above).
      Action: MS : JK

      Cross-Charging – The Business Manager stated that the cross-charging policy
      seemed to be slipping within the Division. Some Sections had submitted claims
      with different codes on, which had been returned to them by the Admin.
      Department. Inspectors to reinforce this issue with their sergeants. Inspectors
      carrying out pro-active operations requiring officers from other Sections should
      send an e-mail to the Business Manager or Admin. Department supervisor
      indicating the name of the officer(s).
      Action: Inspectors

      Car Hire – Inspectors to encourage officers to obtain a pool vehicle rather than
      request a hire car as the budget for the year is only £2,000. The Business
      Manager would speak with Julie Reynolds regarding clarification of the use of
      Pool vehicles outside the Force area.
      Action: Inspectors : KW

      Overtime – All Sections are currently on track with their overtime budgets.
      Inspectors to be aware that as a large amount of overtime has been devolved out
      to Sections, there will be no resources from the centre to assist if Sections
      overspend on overtime. There was a small firearms budget for those occasions
      when TAC advisors were called out. There was also a reduced budget of
      minor/major funding at the centre. Any queries on overtime should be forwarded
      to Admin. Department.
      Action: Inspectors

      CRES – Inspectors to inform the Business Manager by the end of May on any
      suggestions for budget cuts for next year (both cashable and non-cashable).
      Action: Inspectors

      A discussion then ensued around the new shift rota and the staffing levels, in
      particular the sergeant staffing levels on night cover. CI Johnson would be
      meeting with PC Powell regarding this issue.
      Action: DJ

8.    H.R.
8.1   Sickness – The statistics for April not yet available. There had been a steady
      decline of absence levels throughout the Division since January in respect of both
      police officers and police staff. There would be a slight increase in April on the
      police staff side, compared to March, but there had been a significant drop from
      March to April – a reduction of 87 days in one month.

      There had been a significant increase from February onwards of personnel on
      sick leave with stress related illness and the Personnel officer would be
      conducting some research into this particular area. Eighteen informal reviews
      had been completed from January to April and six formal action plans were in
      being. The Personnel Officer stressed the importance of home visits and that
      they are conducted in line with the Force policy. Where distance was a problem,
      visits could be carried out by way of a telephone call. Inspectors to brief their
      sergeants accordingly.
      Action: Inspectors

      A problem with the drinking water at Duffryn Police Station was highlighted. The
      Business Manager would speak with the Estates Manager regarding the outcome
      of a report from the Water Company.
      Action: KW

8.2   Establishment – Establishment/abstraction figures distributed previously.
      Inspectors to brief staff accordingly.
      Action: Inspectors

9.1     Clarity over future role of the Div. Crime Team – Inspectors sought clarification of
        the role of the DCT once Operations Demon and Compass had ceased and the
        team returned to the Division. It was highlighted that the DCT was a cadre of
        officers skilled, equipped and trained to a certain level that could be deployed in
        line with tasking and co-ordinating to whatever the SMT determined the priorities
        of the Division to be. The Divisional Commander stated that due to the demand
        challenges and nature of criminality affecting the Division, flexibility would be
        needed and the generic skills within the DCT utilised and targeted where
        necessary, but would not solely focus on drug trafficking or surveillance.

9.2     Resources issues on week-ends – Newport Central – Inspectors suggested the
        possibility of using resources from other H.Q. Departments to assist in the city
        centre at certain times, e.g. every Friday/Saturday. It was acknowledged that
        Support Group did assist on occasions, but it was essential that such resources
        were tasked on arrival to ensure a more pro-active approach. In the short term,
        Supt Knight would link-in with Supt Russell regarding the deployment of tasking of
        the centralised departments. In the long term ‘Going Local 3’ would be looking at
        resources at the front end. Ch Insp Johnson and Insp Thrush would take the lead
        in gathering the relevant information.
        Action: JK : DJ : TT

9.3     Quality of Service issues from FCR – Since the pilot scheme finished, some
        problems with performance had emerged, in that FCR was continually deferring
        logs to terminals which were not staffed and using incorrect gradings. Inspectors
        expressed concern on how FCR were taking and managing calls. CI Johnson
        had taken this issue up with CI Bull, who would address it at the management
        away day being held that week with all supervisors and Inspectors. In the
        meantime, Inspectors to brief staff to ensure that logs were properly updated and
        closed whenever possible.
        Action: Inspectors

9.3.1   Beyond the Call Project – CI Johnson updated the meeting on this project which
        related to ORIS logs.

9.3.2   The issue was raised of FCR Inspectors dealing with incidents up to a certain
        stage, but failing to update Divisional Inspectors as to the status of the incident.
        CI Johnson would be taking this up outside of the DMM forum.


        There being no further business, the meeting closed at 4.10pm.


        The next meeting would be held on Wednesday, 11 July 2007 at 2.00pm in
        Conference Room 4.


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