Writing to argue, persuade or advise

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					  V, Cox April 2006
                                                               Writing to argue, persuade or advise
                                   Argue                                                          Persuade                                       Advise
               Argue the case and fight for your point of view                       Persuade someone to do something                        Advise someone
When          Pamphlets                                                          Leaflets/Posters                                       Recipes
  to          Newspaper articles                                                 Speeches                                               Manuals
 use                                                                             Letters                                                Letters
What          Judgmental/Emotive language, e.g. ‘outrageous’,                    Use emphatic Language, e.g. ‘Of course’,               Use imperatives - orders
writin        ‘disgraceful’ or ‘unbelievable’                                    ‘Naturally’, ‘Obviously’                               Use prepositional phrases, e.g.
  g           Variety of sentence lengths                                        Use emotive Language ‘appalling’, ‘incredible’         ‘next to you’, ‘before you’
              Diplomatic, no blame - addressing of ‘people’ or ‘society’ -       Use the second person to involve your audience         Use mostly active sentences
              known as third person generic                                      Use short sentences for maximum impact                 Use a colon befpre lists
              Subordinating clauses, e.g. ‘if’, ‘unless’ or ‘because’            Rhetorical devices (repetition, tripartite rule,       Use the second person (you)
              Sequential connectives, e.g. ‘First’, ‘Secondly’ etc               parallel structures, alliteration, personal            Use connectives to sequence
                                                                                 involvement, audience involvement, rhetorical          things , e.g. ‘First, ‘Secondly’
                                                                                 questions etc.)                                        etc

How           Begins with a powerful statement about position followed           Begin with a powerful and clear statement              Sequential
 to           by topic sentences with supporting points via PEEL                 Present your argument                                  Clear unfussy central layout
struc         Clear summary and dramatic final statement for impact.             Elaborate on your argument                             Easy to scan for next
ture          Sustained point of view for the reader                             Repeat your argument and statement                     instruction
  it       Example task: write a news article arguing for the                    Summarise                                           Example task: write an advice
           reduction in school hours                                             Conclude clearly                                    sheet for people with asthma
              In a world where independent study is increasingly              Example task: write a speech addressing school          So you have asthma. There is
           valued, is it not appalling that pupils still spend far too        governors on the subject of the abolishing of           nothing to worry about but there
           many hours within school on valueless activities?                  uniform.                                                are some precautions you need to
            Firstly, society expects our children to cope with                    Parents, teachers and school governors, I am        take:
           numerous lessons and hours spent in an uncomfortable                speaking to you this evening in an effort to         Firstly, avoid respiratory
           learning environment. The expectations of passing too               convince you that our school should abolish school   infections where possible
           many exams with too little study time is outdated and               uniform.                                             Then, always remember to take
           barbaric. If we continue to jail our children in                     Have you ever wondered why we wear uniform?         your preventative inhaler as
           suffocating, ugly classrooms how can we expect them to            Nurses, school children and prisoners have this in     advised by your doctor
           succeed?                                                          common – uniform. Instead of being the same, we        Always keep your blue inhaler next
             Finally, children are treated as second class citizens;         should be different. Instead of looking the same,      to you
           not allowed to use the toilet, forced to remain silent and        we should look different. Instead of being one         Finally, contact your G.P. or even
           made to perform in front of their peers. This cannot go           mass of pupils, we should be allowed to be the         the hospital if you are concerned.
           on.                                                               individuals that we really are.

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