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									Web Development Brief Template

About this template
This template document is designed to be used by organisations that need to
document their requirements for a new website. It provides a structure for explaining to
web developers, or an in-house team, the aims of your new website, who it is to appeal
to and what you want it to look like, what features it is to employ and how you intend to
maintain it. This template also suggests the rules and method for going about the
tender process – rules for tendering, selection criteria etc.

Website Development Brief

1 About the organisation
      Organisation’s mission statement
      Services/products offered
      History of the organisation – esp. if relevant to this project
      History of the current website (and past websites)
      Technical environment
         computers – type, operating system (eg Windows XP), how are they connected
         computer systems – financial, stock & inventory, databases (customer)
         Intranet – whether you have one, if so what are the details
         method of connection to the Internet - dial-up or broadband

2 E-business vision and objectives
The material in this section comes from the organisation’s e-business strategic plan – ie the
overall strategy for its engagement with the Internet.
      What is the vision of using Internet based technologies?
      What are the objectives of having a website, using email, doing business online?
      What are the intended outcomes of the engagement with the Internet?

3 Aims of this website
      what is the aim of the website
      what do you want the website to achieve
      how, when and by whom will the website be evaluated
      budget allocation (inc gst) – how much have you allocated for the development

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Web Development Brief Template

4 Target audience(s)
Be as specific as possible about who the target audiences are. Provide as accurate a
breakdown of the demographics as possible, eg gender, age groups, location (state, national,
international, rural, city), interests. Provide some assessment as to their likely experience
using the Internet.

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Web Development Brief Template

5 Project management
Explain the management structure - who are the decision-makers, their respective roles,
internal decision-making procedures. Detail your expectations re project meetings:

      how frequently the project team is to meet with the developers
      the agenda for those meetings
      what is expected of the developers by way of reports
      how proceedings are to be recorded
      how disputes are to be resolved
      Project schedule: Specify the deliverables and milestones, your timeframe and any
       stages you specifically require in the development process.

6 Contents
      content scope – how many words, images, maps, minutes of video, audio etc
      content type - eg text, photos, audio, and their current format - eg digitised, hard copy
      provide an information design map showing all headings and sub-headings to be
       used in the site and how they relate to each other.
      Content maintenance: How is the content to be maintained after the launch eg via a
       content management system, editing software eg Macromedia’s Dreamweaver,
       Contribute or Microsoft’s Frontpage?

        If you want a content management system outline
            features and controls you want for managing the CMS
            the required interface, features and controls for adding (esp in Microsoft Word
             format), deleting, moving and editing words, pages and objects including
             images, video files
            document management features
            required level of compliance with all relevant international standards including

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Web Development Brief Template

7 Functionality
Identify the functional elements that are to be included in the site. Describe in as much detail as
possible how you envisage each function will work from the user’s perspective. Include the
results or information you want and what tracking you want to be able to do when users access
that functional element. For example, state how many online forms you want, how many fields
of information each will contain, who the completed form is sent to in your business and in what
format – as text in an email or a file that can be imported into a spreadsheet, or is it to go
automatically to a database or other program?

Here are some of the features you might want to specify for your site and examples of the types
of specification you might need to include.

 Feature                   Requirements for users                    Requirements for the editor
                           examples only                             examples only
  Search                  search the website for words, phrases     Automatically indexes content – ie no
                           and/or provide them with key topics       input o maintenance required.
                           from which to choose. Result page to      Keywords
                           rank results and categorise according
                           to areas of the site.
  Online forms            Forms to be accompanied by                Requires a form building tool so staff
                           instructions, forms to be saved and       can build and edit forms without
                           accessed at any time by the users.        recourse to the web developer.
  Extranet is             User enter user name and password         Establish, edit and manage list of
   required                giving access to specific pages in the    users and passwords
  Contact Us              Users are to complete a form that         Edit the designated staff member and
                           qualifies their enquiry and sends it to   FAQ list
                           a designated staff member. FAQs will
                           be part of this section of the site.
  Subscription            Users are to be able to subscribe and     Compose e-newsletter and emails
   email lists &           unsubscribe to email lists and            and send to multiple recipients. Lists
   newsletter              e-newsletter                              automatically managed

  Downloadable            PDFs, images, audio files etc will be
   files                   on the site and should be
                           accompanied with description of file
                           type, size and estimated time to
  Text only version       Users are to be offered the choice of     Automatically generated and parallels
   of the site             only viewing the text on the site, (no    the normal version of the site
                           photos, diagrams etc)
  Site map                Link to site map to be available on       Automatically updates when headings
                           every page.                               changed, added, moved.
  Multilingual            a page with text in selected languages
   requirements            is to be available via country flag
                           button on the home page providing
                           phone number of staff to contact for

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Web Development Brief Template

 Feature                   Requirements for users                   Requirements for the editor
                           examples only                            examples only
  Email a friend          e-mail a friend is to be available on
                           relevant pages of the site – eg
                           information pages
  Printer-friendly        available on every page of the site.
  Bookmarking             Users are to be able to bookmark
                           specific pages of the site.
  Links to other          Links to other sites must enable users   Internal and external link checker is to
   sites                   to return to this site                   be provided.

  Interactive             Use the form building tool for this
   questionnaires /
   surveys / polls.
  Animations and          Specify user interface and
   videos                  instructions.

8 Graphic design and usability
       Detail your design criteria eg it must comply with the corporate identity/brand
       usability – specify what page layout, navigation features (eg breadcrumbs) and
        helpful devices you want on the pages – provide a list of do’s and don’t’s
       provide URLs of websites you regard as good examples of what you’re seeking
       Specify accessibility requirements eg issued World Wide Web Consortium -

9 Databases (if applicable)
Are users of the site to “talk” to your organisation’s database(s)? If so, outline:

       whether there is a need for instant links to keep the database up-to-date
        instantaneously or if periodic (eg daily/weekly) updating is sufficient
       what restrictions are required for access to your database(s) and what level of
        security is required
       how often you expect users to access the database(s) and how many at any one time
        (estimate) – eg if the site is to accompany an exhibition, when do you anticipate
        greatest access to the site?

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Web Development Brief Template

10 E-Commerce (if applicable)
Do you want users to be able to purchase products and/or services via this site? If so, be
specific about:

      the products and services which are to be offered online
      the payment processes which are appropriate - eg instantaneous via a secure online
       payment solution or users to provide credit card details with their order, leaving the
       organisation to process the order and payment manually
      the fulfilment details – how you are going to ensure supply and how the product or
       service is to be delivered
      how and where the terms and conditions of purchase (returns, refunds policy,
       disclaimers etc) are to be displayed to users.

11 General technical Issues
      Speed – the optimum speed and any special factors that may impact on it.
      Hosting and Web Server arrangements – are you doing it or an ISP?
      Metadata – provide <50 keywords, website description <25 words
      Usage monitoring and reporting requirements
      Requirements for the solution to comply with industry standards
      Miscellaneous - eg the target audience’s capacity to access the Internet

12 Testing and revision
      What is to be tested and under what conditions?
      Your respective roles and responsibilities
      When will testing take place? – at the beginning, during and/or just before launch?
      Who pays for changes that are required as a result of feedback from the testing?

13 Training and documentation
      documentation requirements – covering what and in what format eg online
      training in use of maintenance system – how many people need to be trained and if
       there are any special circumstances eg multiple locations?

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Web Development Brief Template

14 Required information
Tenderers’ written responses are to provide, as a minimum, relevant information using the
headings below and preferably in the order given:

14.1 Company information

      Name of tenderer, Australian Business Number
      Place of business and Postal address
      Contact person’s name and title including telephone, fax number and email address
      Provide the name and contact details of the tenderer’s principal accountant who may
       be asked to provide your organisation’s audited accounts for the past three years in
       order to verify financial viability.
      Sub-contractor agreements - provide details of any agreement with any proposed

14.2 Proposed team
Provide details of each person who will work on this project – name, role, qualifications and
relevant experience.

14.3 Explanation of proposed solutions
The following general solutions being sought:
   1. the content management system
   2. specific functionality
   3. graphic design
   4. hosting
   5. etc as required

The CLIENT NAME would appreciate respondents addressing each of these aspects of the
solutions being sought. With regard the CMS and specific functionality, please detail the
features of the CMS under the following headings:
      features and controls for managing the CMS
      the interface, features and controls for adding (esp in Microsoft Word format), deleting,
       moving and editing words, pages and objects including images, video files
      document management features
      level of compliance with all relevant international standards including accessibility

Please state and explain:
      the terms, conditions and cost of post-launch support of the CMS and of any
       associated licence agreement
      the names of organisations in Australia using the proposed CMS and contact details
       of people within those organisations we may contact to enquire about the quality and
       appropriateness of the CMS.

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Web Development Brief Template

14.4 Compliance – technical, accessibility and design
Please state the degree to which your proposed solution complies with relevant international
standards and Australian Government standards – technical, accessibility and design.

Provide the URLs of websites you have developed that comply with these standards.

14.5 Proposed methodology and project management
Provide details about your proposed methodology for undertaking this project and the project
management system you will employ. Please provide details of your risk management policy
and procedures.

14.6 Additional information and ideas
Respondents are invited to propose additional or alternative elements and functionality to that
which is stipulated as a minimum in this document.

14.7 Compliance with the Agreement
Please specify the degree of compliance with the terms and conditions stated in the draft
agreement. Provide details of any areas of non-compliance.

14.8 Client referees
Provide the contact details of three client referees for whom the tenderer has developed similar
websites and whom the evaluation committee is able to contact if required. Please provide a
brief description of the web project relevant to each referee.

14.9 Litigation and legal
Detail any prosecutions or legal actions taken by or against the tenderer. Detail any pending
prosecutions or legal actions taken by or against the tenderer. Provide details of any
investigation into the respondent, any subsidiary or affiliated body, whether in Australia or
overseas, by the Australian Securities Commission or any other Government authority.

14.10 Fee and costs
The following template is to be completed and included in submissions. It is designed to assist
tenderers calculate their fee and to assist CLIENT NAME compare this aspect of all
submissions. A fee range may be quoted for individual items and for the total, with an
explanation given as to the rationale behind determining the minimum and maximum fee

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Web Development Brief Template

14.11 Schedule of fees and costs

Fee/Cost Elements                                                       Fee / Cost   GST     Total

Project Management

Stage 1: Technical specification and Project Plan

Stage 2: The development

Provide, configure and commission content management system or
off-the-shelf editing software eg DreamWeaver, FrontPage

Graphic design and navigation design

E-commerce and shopping cart solution

Other features: eg database setup

Stage 3 – Delivery and Deployment



Training (total of 4 hours <5 staff)

                                                        Sub Totals

First 12 months post launch

Content Management System licence/warranty/support


Other – Please specify


                                                                                           Total hrly
Post-launch support                                                     Hourly fee   GST

Hourly fee for providing additional programming support (ie outside
the scope of the project plan) as and when requested by CLIENT
NAME post launch.

Hourly fee for undertaking additional graphic design work (ie outside
the scope of the project plan) as and when requested by CLIENT
NAME post launch.

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Web Development Brief Template

15 Conditions of tendering
15.1 Agreement
The successful tenderer (the supplier) will be required to enter into a formal contract with the

15.2 Ownership of tender documents
All tender documents will become the property of CLIENT NAME on submission.

CLIENT NAME may make copies of the tender documents for any purpose related to this

15.3 Tender validity period
Offers shall remain open for acceptance for six months from the submission of the proposal.

15.4 Compliance, partial compliance or non-compliance
The tenderer will be taken to agree or comply with all conditions of all parts of this document
unless the tenderer specifies otherwise, giving reasons.

15.5 Tenderers to inform themselves
Tenderers are responsible for taking all necessary steps to inform themselves of the client’s
requirements, terms and conditions in regard to tendering for this project.

15.6 Tenderers to meet costs
Tenderers are to meet all costs of responding to this document, including preparation,
submission, lodgement and negotiation costs.

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Web Development Brief Template

15.7 Criteria for selection
CLIENT NAME will be guided in their selection of the supplier by, but not limited to, the
following criteria (listed below in no particular order):
      quality and appropriateness of the proposed solution
      quality and appropriateness of the proposed team
      is able to deliver a project of this size and nature within the time-frame proposed
      value for money
      demonstrates an understanding of the project requirements
      quality and appropriateness of the proposed methodology
      quality and appropriateness of any alternative solutions proposed
      level of compliance with terms and conditions of the agreement
      value of additional relevant skills and experience to contribute to the project
      nature of the endorsement from referees (referees may not necessarily be contacted)
      financial soundness and viability

15.8 Acceptance of tenders

      CLIENT NAME may accept the whole or part of a tender
      CLIENT NAME does not necessarily accept the lowest priced tender or any tender
      CLIENT NAME reserves the right to negotiate with any tenderer or to seek
       clarification of the contents of a tender from any tenderer
      CLIENT NAME reserves the right to obtain any of the nominated products and
       services from any party, whether that party is a tenderer or not
      nothing in this document, or in any tender, or both, shall be construed to create any
       binding contract (express or implied) between CLIENT NAME and any tenderer
      CLIENT NAME reserves the right to stop or vary the tender process, or re-tender, at
       any time

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