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Why choose a Cristall Caravan


Why choose a Cristall Caravan

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									Cristall is part of the Netherlands based Tirus Group,                         Exclusive Alufiber roof and walls combine the advantages of
who are one of the largest manufactures of leisure vehicles in                 aluminium and polyester, producing a unique and immensely
Europe.                                                                        durable impact resistant finish (Moorea). We have 8 different
                                                                               models to choose from giving fantastic value for money.
The caravans and motor caravans are designed and produced                      So whether you decide on a sporty Sprint or the luxury class
by our team of professional designers in Belgium. Our goal; to                 Moorea, you can be sure we’ll find the perfect package to suit
offer top quality vehicles, with fresh and innovative designs to               your needs.
exacting German requirements, at affordable prices enabling
you to enjoy the best weeks of the year.                                       Experience a holiday with Cristall and discover
                                                                               the freedom of the open road.
Design practicality is high on the agenda as Cristall strives to
deliver the perfect balance between form and function.

Why choose a Cristall Caravan?
Q. What quality tyres do Cristall use?                                         Q. Why does the longer ‘A’ frame on all Cristall vehicles improve the
A. Cristall wants to offer the best in safety and therefore use tyres that     driving comfort and safety?
are 8 ply. A normal car tyre has only 4 ply; this enables commercial
                                                                               A. When driving, the caravan is stable if the recommended speeds are
type vehicle tyre loading.
                                                                               adhered to and the payloads are placed evenly in the caravan. A caravan
Q. How thick are Cristall caravan floors?                                      is stable and will not start to oscillate (snake) due to external elements (i.e.
A. With a total thickness of 45mm, they are amongst the thickest floors
                                                                               wind, driving conditions or bad roads etc) when the ‘Mass in Running
used in the industry.
                                                                               Order’ is not exceeded. Note: the oscillation point i.e.: the rotation point is

Q. How thick is a Cristall caravan roof?                                       at the towing hitch. It’s Cristall’s goal to have the critical speed as high as
A. There is a big difference that most other manufacturers choose to           possible above the maximum allowed speed in-accordance with the road
overlook. Our roof is 50mm thick, up to twice the thickness used by
                                                                               traffic act. This is not just a question of safety, but also of driving comfort.
other manufacturers. It’s made of a polyester/Alufiber covered styro
                                                                               If the caravan starts to oscillate at 80-90km/h the towing speed is
sandwich with a thick internal plywood sheet. This gives increased
insulation, sound deadening and better hail resistant properties.              dramatically reduced. The critical speed is measured in-accordance with

                                                                               ISO TC 22/SC 9/WG 4 N. Only a long ‘A’ frame will improve the stability.
Q. Why are our caravan sidewalls 27mm thick?
                                                                               An ‘A’ frame that has been increased by 500mm will increase the critical
A. Because we use better quality wall insulation with a density of
30kg m3 other makers use 15-20kg material. That’s why better quality           speed by about 20km/h. The towing vehicle is much more stable and has

insulation is superior to a few extra millimetres of lower quality material.   improved driving qualities with a longer ‘A’ frame.

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