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									  2       J & L INFORMATION                                                                                    1-888-313-6400
                                                                                                          BATONS                        6-7
                                                                                                          BLOWGUNS                    30-31
                                                                                                          BOOKS         8,12, 23, 28-30, 36
                                                                                                          CAMERAS                        25
                                                                                                          KNIVES-SWORDS 27, 31, 31-37, 39
                                                                                                          LIGHTS                     5-7, 17
                                                                                                          LOCK PICKS              28-29, 40
                                                                                                          MARTIAL ARTS                   38
                                                                                                          MISCELLANEOUS               22-23
                                                                                                          ORDER FORM                  19-20
                                                                                                          PEPPER SPRAY      2-4, 10, 18, 21
J & L is a family owned mail-order company. We are one of the oldest and most                             POLICE SUPPLIES              2-13
respected in the self defense industry. We have been providing the public with safety                     SAFETY ITEMS        2-4,14-18, 21
related items at competitive prices since 1991. J & L started as a husband & wife team,                   SPY STUFF               24-29, 40
but as the demand for our products has grown; so has our family. This picture repre-                      STUN GUNS                   14-16
sents our current crew. From left to right back row: Deputy Scott Lemon, Sheila, Eliza-                   SURVIVAL GEAR                  39
beth, Linda, Irv Miller, Laurah Miller, Angie & Patrolman Craig Pearrell. Front row: Troy,                THROWING KNIVES             36-37
Princess Zoe & Ray.
The quality and integrity of our products coupled with our commitment to customer
satisfaction has helped make us one of the largest self defense companies in the US.

 Company Information                                          Dealer Program
 J & L Self Defense Products, Inc.                            We have a dealer program in place that allows you to buy our unique products at
                                                              wholesale prices and resell the items on line, in your store, door to door, flea markets, on
 70 Defense Drive
                                                              the internet, or any place else you can think of. We offer drop shipping direct to your
 Berkeley Springs, WV 25411                                   customer for just $2.00 per order plus shipping. We also have a web site dealer program
 USA                                                          in place that allows you to offer virtually everything we sell online and never have to
 Toll Free: 1-800-313-6400 (orders only)                      stock anything. This is for resale only. For info email us at:
 Phone: 304-258-2900
 Fax: 304-258-3100                                                We           Sudecon Decontaminant Wipes
                                                                               Sudecon is a chemical spray decontamination
 Email:                                    accept       towelette that when applied to the contaminated
 Our regular business hours are:                                  major        area, immediately begins to draw out the active
 9:00am untill 5:00pm EST Mon-Fri.                                credit       ingredients of the spray. You get fast recovery
 Website:                                    cards        time. Open eyes in 7 to 12 minutes. 95% to total
                                                                               decontamination in 12 to 18 minutes. Easy to
Bike Mount Holster                                                             carry, fits in pocket, duty belt pouch or glovebox. Individually sealed in a
                                               Have you ever encountered       3 -1/4" X 4" foil pouch. No water or soap needed. Decreases liability.
                                               vicious dogs while out for a     SUD       1-10 $1.50 ea.               51-500 $1.15 ea.
                                               nice bike ride?                            1-50 $1.25 ea.               w/spray purchase $1.25 ea.
                                               It can be a scary ordeal.
                                               After many requests from
                                               our customers we came up        Inexpensive Holsters              (Spray Not Included)
                                               with the J & L Bike Mount. It
                                               mounts on any bike as
                                                                                                                 H2V 2oz.Vinyl w/belt clip $5.00
                                               shown in the picture. With a                                      H4V 4oz.Vinyl w/belt clip $5.50
                                               2 oz. unit mounted within                                         H2N 2oz.Nylon w/belt loop $5.00
                                               reach, you have just the                                          H4N 4oz.Nylon w/belt loop $5.50
                                               protection you need. Our
bike mount holds a 2 or 4 oz. pepper spray. The mount uses rubber and
                                                                                                                 H2NC 2oz.Nylon w/belt clip $6.00
Velcro to hold the unit securely to the bike. A quick pull and the pepper                                        H4NC 4oz.Nylon w/belt clip $6.50
spray unsnaps from the unit allowing quick access when needed. Unit
also mounts on motorcycles. (Spray not included) We recommend DPS
X-Stream Range sprays for maximum protection.
                                                                               Inert Training Units
                                                                               Our inert units are available in 1/2oz. (Page 3), 2oz. and 4 oz.
BMH - Bike Mount Holster $7.50                                                 Flip Top units that are available in medium fog, X-Stream
                                                                               Range stream and foam. These units are imperative for
                                                                               tactical and usage safety training. They are a safe effective
                                  Wall Mount Clip                              way to practice using pepper sprays without the risk of
                                  This unique mounting clip makes it easy
                                                                               contamination. These inert units are identical to that of the
                                  to place your defense spray right
                                  where you need them... at your front         "hot" units, and do fit into the holsters and shells.
                                  door. You can keep it out-of-reach of        DPS2I - 2 oz. Stream $8.95
                                  your children, yet still have the security   DPS2I - 2 oz. Fog $8.95
                                  at your fingertips. (Spray not included)     DPS2I - 2 oz. Foam $9.95 DPS4I - 4 oz. Stream $9.95
                                  FXC -- $1.00                                 DPS4I - 4 oz. Fog $9.95    DPS4I - 4 oz. Foam $10.95                                                         DPS PEPPER SPRAYS                                                            3
                      DPS X-Stream-range™ Defense Sprays
                        were specifically designed and
                           developed to fill a critical void in the
                             field with the present OC sprays
                                available. Thomas J. Archambault,
                                 who has more than 15 years of
                                 national and international OC certification training expertise as well as three years
                               previous employment with a the oldest and largest manufacturer of defense sprays in the world, developed this
                             concept. Tom was involved from the inception of OC with various patterns and formulations of defense sprays. He was
                            also involved with training videos and related certification training programs for law enforcement, corrections and the U.S.
                          Military worldwide. No one in the industry has more knowledge or credibility on the subject of OC related products, their
                        usage, effectiveness and training. Defensive Protection Systems or DPS for short has released a powerful X-Stream
                       Range™ Defense Spray Product Line. The 4 oz unit has an incredible 20 Foot Range, while even the 1/2 oz. keychain fires 15
                    feet'. Our 3 oz. Foam canister has an unprecedented 10-foot range! This was unheard of in the defense spray industry before
                    we developed the X-Stream Range™ line of sprays. The significant advantage of the DPS X-Stream-range™ is distance. We call
 it the "X-Stream Range for Safety Advantage™.” This allows you to keep a greater distance from the perpetrator and still effectively defend
 yourself. Too many companies brag about the heat of their spray when they can't reach the person from 10 feet away. You have to reach the
 subject for the pepper spray to do the job! DPS is not only one of the hottest in the industry (Laboratory tested at 150,000 ONH*), but we can target
 the perpetrator from up to 20 feet away. DPS is the most tactically effective defense spray on the market. J & L is 100% behind this product. Based
 on our 15 years experience, we feel DPS is the spray you and your family should be carrying. * For more info on the “ONH” see
  Our DPS keychain units and refills have 1/2 oz. of DPS X-Stream Range™ Pepper Spray in them, firing an                  Training units and
  amazing 15 feet! Don't settle for a lesser spray, spend the extra $1.00 and get the best!                               Holsters are on Page 2
         DPS Hard Shell                            DPS Softshell                                                  DPS 1LB Magnum Units
          Keychain 1/2 oz.                         Keychain                                                        Maximum protection for home,
              key chain pepper                      The DPS soft-shell                                             business, motor homes, boats and
              spray unit is compact                 unit looks more like                                           campers (This stuff will drive off a
             and easy to carry. It’s                the traditional "Mace"                                          grizzly bear). This is a handle held
             ideal for clipping on a                keychain. These have                                            unit with strong visual qualities (just
             purse, bike, car or                    always been popular                                             the site of it makes the bad guys
             just carrying with                     with the ladies. They                                           nervous). We have three X-Stream
             your keys. Measures                    fit nicely on any                                               Range™ models to choose from. 1st
             3-1/2" long. and gives                keyring and still give                                           is the Heavy Fog. This unit puts out
             you the 15 foot X-                   you the 15 foot X-                                                a high powered cone shaped
           Stream Range for                      Stream Range for Safety                                            emission over 20 feet. The 2nd is
           Safety Advantage™.                    Advantage™. Available                                          the Long Range Stream unit fires over
                                                                                                            25’ giving DPS Magnum units the farthest
Available in Black, Blue or Red.       in Black, Blue or Red. DPSKS --
                                                                                                        range of any magnum unit on the market. This
DPSKH -- $8.95                         $8.95                                                            gives you ” The X-Stream Range for Safety
                                                                                                        Advantage™" allowing you to quickly take
           DPS Keychain                           1/2 oz. Inert                                         control of an individual or a crowd from a safe
           Refill                                 Practice Unit                                         distance.
          This 1/2 oz. DPS X-                      Training units are an                                3rd is our all new 1lb Magnum Foam that
          Stream Range™ refill                     important part of any                                fires 15’ and really "FWAPS!" the bad guy
          unit can be carried on                   self defense program.                                when it hits, even drives them back a bit:-).
          its own or used to refill                This 1/2 oz. training                                 DPSLBF Magnum Fog $44.95
          our hardshell or                         unit will allow you to                                DPSLBS Magnum Stream$44.95
          softshell units shown                    see exactly how a
          above. It is the same                    real 1/2 oz. unit fires
                                                                                                         DPSLBF Magnum Foam $47.95
          exact spray inside the                   without the messy
          keychain units. It fires                 aftermath of real
an amazing 15 feet to allow you                    pepper spray. You can                         DPS Duty Sprays
the DPS Range for Safety               even fire these units indoors.                            DPS X-Stream Range™ Duty sprays consist of 2 & 4
Advantage™. DPSK -- $6.00              DPSKI -- $3.50                                            oz. units which are the most common among law
                                                                                                 enforcement agencies. What makes our units so
                                                                                                 different from the competition is what we call the
                DPS Flip Top Foam                                                                                 "X-Stream Range for Safety
                 DPS Pepper Foam comes out like the                                                               Advantage™". Our 4 oz stream unit
                 shaving cream from hell:-) It sticks to                                                          fires and amazing 20 feet! The 2oz
                 the face of the perpetrator even if they                                                         stream unit fires 16-17 feet'. This is
                are wearing glasses. It blocks their                                                              nearly twice the distance of most
                vision while creating intense heat on the                                                         defense sprays. That distance can
                rest of their face. You have to aim                                                               potentially save your life! No other
                directly at the face when firing the foam,                                                        spray gives you this safety distance
                but it really stays put and has very little                                                       to separate you from the subject.
                cross-contamination. Pepper foam is an                                                            This is exactly why DPS is quickly
               excellent choice in those conditions where air circulation                                         becoming the spray of choice among
               is a concern. Pepper foam is ideal for hospital security,                                          law enforcement agencies and
               hotel security, schools and anyplace indoors where                                                 correctional facilities in the US and
exposure to pepper spray can cause severe breathing problems and
potential panic. Fires 10'. Available in 2, 3 or 4 oz. units.
                                                                                                                  DPS2S 2 oz.Stream $13.99
DPS2F - 2 oz. $14.50                   DPS3F - 3 oz. $16.50
DPS4F - 4 oz. $18.50                                                                                              DPS4S 4 oz. Stream $18.50
  4      PEPPER SPRAYS                                                                                       1-888-313-6400
Pepper Spray Ring                                                              Lipstick Pepper Spray
                                                 THE STUNNING RING™ is a                                                        This is an awesome
                                                 beautiful self-defense ring                                                    hidden self defense item
                                                 with pepper spray hidden                                                       was designed for
                                                 within. This elegant ring                                                      women. These units
                                                 allows you to keep a                                                           contain a powerful 10%
                                                 discreet personal protec-                                                      pepper formula that is
                                                tion device with you almost                                                     contained inside a
                                                anywhere you go. THE                                                            common looking lipstick
                                              STUNNING RING™ is crafted                                                         case.
                                          in silver and gold plating with a                                                     These make great gifts
                                       genuine black onyx stone. It is the                                                     for any woman in your
perfect self-defense ring for women or men. This Unit has a replace-                                                           family, especially those
able pepper spray canister so there is no need to throw it away if you                                                         who won't carry a
use it. It is a great item for both women and                                                                                  traditional pepper spray.
men to use while jogging, dating, working                                      The Lipstick Pepper Spray is a convenient and subtle way to carry the
or anywhere to help protect against attack,                                    protection you need into any environment where you might find yourself.
rape or other violence. This ring can                                          Contains 5 one second bursts and sprays up to 6 feet. Available in 4
always be worn and makes the perfect gift                                      classy colors: Blue, Silver, Red and Black. Get several and give some to
for someone you love. The ring uses a                                          your friends. LPPS -- $12.95
strong 2 million SHU pepper spray
formula, which severely affects the eyes
and respiratory systems. The ring has 2-3                                      The Auto Unit
one second burst and has an effective range of 2 feet. THE STUN-
                                                                               This 3/4 oz. unit was designed for personal
NING RING™ is designed to be worn on either hand on the 1st (index)
                                                                               protection and safe storage in vehicles. It
or 2nd finger preferably your dominant hand, with the thumb acces-
                                                                               can endure temperatures of up to 200
sible to operate the safety latch and depress the trigger. Available in
                                                                               degrees in an automobile. It comes with a clip
SILVER or GOLD in sizes 6-14. Please specify when ordering.
                                                                               to mount on your visor or almost any place in
STUNRING - STUNNING RING $29.95                                                your car. BGAU -- $16.95

2 & 6 oz. Grenades                                                             LifePager Unit
                      Hand held throwing units with a lock on continuous                                              These days, almost everyone is
                       discharge top. Spinning in a 360 degree circle on                                              carrying a pager. No one looks twice,
                          hard flat surfaces. They are ideal for control                                              not even the bad guys. The Life Pager
                             and disbursement of crowds or securing a                                                 looks just like a real pager. The
                               confined area. (Great for busting up that                                              difference is, this pager could save
                               pool party gone bad :-)                                                                your life. It has two ½ ounce cans of
                                FX2G 2 oz. Grenade $15.75                                                             pepper spray hidden inside. There is a
                                                                                                                   safety switch to prevent accidental
                                FX6G 6 oz. Grenade $25.95                                   firing. To fire the unit you just grab it like you’re taking it off,
                                                                               flip your palm outward and squeeze.           BGP -- $12.95
                     6oz. Extraction Grenade
                      Hand held canister. Includes 3 foot flexible vinyl       Police Magnum Fire
                       tubing with plastic penetrating tip. A push button                                                           Police Magnum
                            activator top controls the amount of spray. A      Master                                                 Hard Shell
                               sound solution for extracting a person          This OC 17 spray
                                from a vehicle, motel room, or a small         looks like a 9 oz.                                     Keychain
                                                                               size unit but is                                        1/2 oz. pepper spray
                                 area. FX6GE -- $27.95                                                                                 with plastic
                                                                               actually rated at
                                                                               1lb because if it’s                                     hardshell. Locking
                                                                               volume. The                                             actuator provides
Police Magnum 2 & 4 oz Sprays                                                  unique safety                                           safety when not in
Police Magnum is a decent spray for the money. It is only available in a       wedge keeps you                                         use. Effective up to 8
             flip-top stream model has a spring-loaded top that helps          from accidentally                                       feet. Contains 5 one
             prevent accidental discharge. It fires 10-12’ in a tight          firing the unit.                                        second bursts.
             splatter stream pattern.                                          When ready to                                            PMKH -- $5.75
                PM2 - 2 oz. $8.95             PM4 - 4 oz. $10.95               fire, just drop the
                                                                               safety and press
                                                                               the actuator. This                                      Police Magnum
                                                    Pepper Spray               is a crowd control                                      Keychain
                                                                               unit that shoots 15                                     1/2 oz. with vinyl
                                                     Pen                       -20 feet. This is a                                     keychain case.
                                                        1/2 ounce Pepper       nice unit for home                                      Locking actuator
                                                         Pen looks like a      defense or a                                            provides safety when
                                                          fountain pen.        good unit to carry when hiking.                         not in use. Effective
                                                           Easy to carry in     A nylon holster is available.                          up to 8 feet. Contains
                                                            your pocket        PMLB -- $21.95
                                                            or purse.                                                                  5 one second bursts.
                                             Effective up to 6 feet. Quality   BR9H -- Holster $8.00                                   PMK -- $5.75
                                            is decent. PMPEN -- $7.50                                                                     POLICE SUPPLIES                                                 5
 UPG Glove Next Generation                                                     J & L Fingerless Defense Gloves
                                              Stop aggressors in their         Our Fingerless Defense Gloves were
                                              tracks! Modern refine-           specifically designed for bikers. They
                                              ments to the original UPG        are made with premium heavy-duty
                                              Glove have produced the          leather and have powered shot sewn
                                              most advanced SAP style          into the knuckles. They have a wrist
                                              gloves ever. The all new         strap that allows for better fit and
                                              UPG "Next Generation" is         quick removal when necessary.
                                              available in 2 models. You       They also have rubber grip palms
                                              can order them with or           for a better grip. These are high
                                              with without Dupont™             quality gloves that are not only
                                              Kevlar® cut resistant            comfortable, but also offer you some serious added protection. Chopper
                                              protective liners linings.       logo sewn on wrist strap. JLFD -- 24.95
                                              These new designs
                                              feature Spandex backs,
                                              leather over the knuckle                          Hatch Dupont™ Kevlar®
 and finger area with approximately eight ounces of steel shot in each                          Lined Gloves
 glove. It also has raised shock-absorbing foam over the fingers double-                        Protect your hands from razor sharp blades and
 layered premium leather palms, and a wrist strap that allows for a snug                        knives! These highly cut resistant Kevlar® lined gloves
 fit and quick removal. UPGNG Weighted Knuckle $29.95                                           offer the user protection from knives, straight razors,
 UPGNGK Weighted Knuckle w/Kevlar $38.95                                                                        and other sharp objects. Perfect for
                                                                                                                frisking suspects. Made of drum-dyed
                                                                                                                leather. Available in all sizes thru xxlg
                                                                                                                with gathered elastic wristband.
Hatch Dura Thin gloves                                                                                            RFK300 -- $34.95
These ultra-thin gloves offer the
perfect fit. Made of drum-dyed
sheepskin leather. Available in all
sizes thru xxlg with gathered                                                         Glove Sizing                   Measurement (inches)
elastic wristband.                                                              How To Measure for                   6 1/2"-7 1/4" = SMALL
                                                                                approximate fit: With your hand      7 1/2"-7 3/4" = MEDIUM
SG20P -- $23.95                                                                                                      8"-8 3/4"     = LARGE
Dupont™ Kevlar® lined gloves gloves are cut
                                                                                flat, measure around your
                                                                                knuckles-do not include your         9"- 9 3/4"    = X-LARGE
resistant, not cut proof. This means they will
help resist against a blade cut but you will still                              thumb.                               10"-10 3/4" = XX-LARGE
likely be cut if you are not carefull.                                                                               11"-11 3/4" = XXX-LARGE

Pelican M6                                                                     Streamlight SL-20X Rechargeable
                                          The Pelican M6 Lithium
                                           flashlight is the best buy in the   Flashlight
                                             industry. Made from aircraft-     This high output flashlight offers unmatched power
                                                             grade aluminum    for its size. At only 13" it puts out up to 30,000
                                                             and designed to   candlepower with a runtime of 1.5 hours of
                                                             withstand the     continuous use between charges. This is
                                                           rugged conditions   why Streamlight rechargeable flashlights
                                                     in the field, this        have been the police officers standard
  PEM6-B                                        tactical flashlight is fast    for over 20 years. The SL20X is
  Replacement                              becoming a favorite in the law      made from machined aluminum and
                                      enforcement community. The M6 is         the lenses are unbreakable
  Lamp $10.95                                                                  polycarbonate and the
                                  packaged with a free Cordura® holster
and 2 CR123 Lithium batteries. With a design similar to the 6P and the         reliable on/off/blink
free accessories, this light is valued at over $90.00. Uses a super-           switches are self-
bright 20,000 cp xenon lamp that penetrates fog, smoke and dust. It’s          cleaning. Includes
designed for easy use with one hand with a rear mounted dual switch            AC/DC charges,
for either constant on/off or momentary on. Perfect for shooting or            2 sleeves and
tactical entry situations.          PEM6 -- $55.00                             Adjustable
                                                                               focus. Made
Fobus Handcuff Holsters                                                        in U.S.A.
Fobus universal handcuff                                                       SL20X -- $125.00
cases are made of a
unique high-tech plastic.                                                                                                        20110 SL20X
These lightweight units                                                        3 Volt Lithium Battery
                                                                                         These batteries are
feature a positive-
locking retention                                                                        used by the M6, G2, 6P                   Lamp Module
system that will hold                                                                    and the ASP Light.                       $16.00
standard chain or hinge                                                                  They have a 10 year
cuffs securely in place.                                                                 shelf life. Brand will
These are designed to                                                                    vary. Get them here for     20140 SL20X
give you security and                                                                    1/2 the price found in      Replacement Switch
comfort, providing a lifetime of maintenance-free use. Available in                      stores. Brand may
both Paddle and Belt Slide models. FO-CUFF - Paddle $17.95                               vary. 3V -- $1.99ea.
                                                                                                                     Module $10.00
FO-CUFFBH - Belt Slide $17.95                     Cuffs not included           3V3 - 3 Pack $5.75
   6      ASP BATONS                                                                                                  1-888-313-6400
                                                                                                                                           Closed Lengths
                                                                                                                                           16" Baton 6-1/4" closed
                                                                                                                                           21" Baton 7-3/4" closed
                                                                                                                                           26" Baton 9-1/2" closed
                                                                                                                                           31" Baton 11-1/4" closed

                                                                                                      ASP Expandable Batons
                                                                                                      The ASP expandable police baton is made in the USA from
                                                                                                      the highest quality aerospace steel and synthetics. These
                                                                                                      low profile, non-reflective batons are rust-resistant and
                                                                                                      feature traditional foamed vinyl grips that provide a firm,
                                                                                                      durable hold. Pricing is for standard black chrome.
                                          Electroless, Chrome &                                       A -- ASP2 16" Tactical Baton $63.00
                                          Airweight models are also
                                          available upon request
                                                                                                      B -- ASP3 21" Tactical Baton $67.00
                                                                                                      C -- ASP4 26" Tactical Baton $72.00
                                                                                                      D -- ASP5 31" Tactical Baton $77.00

ASP Leverage Cap                                                                        ASP Rotating Sidebreak Holsters
This is the best ASP grip enhancement available. It                                                                     Each SideBreak Holster incorporates
screws right on replacing your exsisting end cap.                                                                       premium polumer construction in a
The Leverage Cap is textured solid steel and has no                                                                     patented design. Cases may be clipped on
sharp edges. It enhances your grip and leverage by                                                                      and off or permanently attached to the
acting as a stop for your pinky and virtually eliminates                                                                duty belt. The patented Brake Shoe
the chance your baton will be lost during a swing. It is                                                                assures firm retention of the baton. The
also a multi-functional tool that can extend your reach by                                                              new rotating design allows you to adjust
allowing you to hook onto items in hard to reach places                                                                 the angle that the baton is carried. This
and it works great as a glass breaker when used as a                                                                    holster will also carry the ASP Triad Light.
hammer. 52921 -- $17.00                                                                                              A retracted or expanded baton may be
                                                                                                                   rapidly presented, yet is securely retained
                                                                                                                during dynamic confrontations.
 ASP Tactical Mirror                                                                    ASPH16 16" Holster $22.00                ASPH26 26" Holster $29.00
                                      The Clean Sweep Tactical                          ASPH21 21" Holster $26.00                ASPH31 31" Holster $33.00
                                      Mirror clips to an ASP
                                  Baton for drug, room
                              clearance or security
                            searches. The Mirror may be
                          rapidly attached to any ASP
                         Expandable Baton. Leather case
                     AMC Mirror W/Case $22.00

ASP F-Series Baton
Retaining Clips                               New LED ASP Triad II Light                                                                  The Triad II is the first of a
                         This clip is a
                         factory                                                              120 Lumens                                  new generation of ASP
                                                                                                                                          high intensity LED tactical
                                                                                                                                          lights that provide
                         part that fits
                                                                                                                                       incredible performance in a
                         any ASP F-
                                                                                                                                 durable, compact, and highly
Series baton. If your baton will not
                                                                                                                           ergonomic package. Each Triad light is
stay closed, it is likely that you
                                                                                                                     precision machined from high strength
need one of these. To check or
                                                                                                                aerospace aluminum. Bright dip industrial anodizing
replace; just unscrew the end cap
                                                                                                            is accented by an extremely durable foamed
and see if the clip is broken or
                                                                                                        vinyl grip. Two leak proof Lithium power cells
mangled. ASPRC -- $5.00 ea.                                                             provide one hour of continuous run time with a ten year shelf
                                                                                        life. The Triad employs a unique system of three high-output
ASP Wrist Strap                                                   ASP Brass             thermally controlled LEDs, each in its own metalized,
Each Wrist Strap Cap is machined                                  Detachables           gasket sealed parabolic reflecting chamber. The resulting
           from a solid bar of                                    This detachable       output is a blindingly bright 120 Lumens of intense white
           stainless steel. The                                   keychain unit is      light. The triad of lights work together to produce a
            custom braided nylon                                  made from solid       smooth, white, consistent beam with a pattern geometry
                         cord is                                  brass and allows      that provides both a room-illuminating halo and a penetrat-
                         infinitely                               convenient            ing central beam of incredible brilliance. Triad lights will fit
                 adjustable. The                                  separation of a Key   into ASP Sidebreak holsters as shown to the right. This is
              cap is ideal for                                    Defender and your     one of the brightest tactical lights being produced right
             mounted units.                                       keys.                 now. The extra money for this unit is well spent.
            ASPWS -- $20.00                                       KDBD -- $18.00        55620 LED Triad II Light $139.95                                                                      POLICE SUPPLIES                                                    7

                                   Concealed Horizontal                        Side Handle Baton Holder
                                                                               For standard and side-handle batons, Fits 2-1/4” belt, Web
                                   Mount Belt Holster                          construction, Sturdy, injection molded ring. 6404 -- $7.50
                                   This is a nice concealable holster that
                                   allows you to carry an ASP unnoticed
                                   across your back, along your belt-line.     Side Handle Batons
                                                      Will also hold a full    Side handle batons have been around for years.
                                                      size pepper spray.       Although ASP Expandables have replaced them
                                                        ASPHH -- $6.75         in many jurisdictions, they are still very popular.
                                                                               We offer two styles; injection molded plastic and
                                                                               aluminum. The plastic model has a rubber
                                                                               grenade grip molded into the handle.
              ASP Tactical Baton Training Video
              Training video for the ASP Tactical Baton® is the most
              complete guide on the many defensive uses of this baton.
              Topics covered include carrying and gripping methods,            SB24 Plastic side handle baton $22.00
              retention techniques, restraint and control, use of force,       SB24A Aluminum side handle baton $30.00
              and easy to learn street-proven techniques. Produced by
              John G. Peters, Jr. (VHS, 62 minutes.) ASPV -- $40.00                           Tonfa Side-Handle Baton Training
12” Straight Baton                                                                            This training manual lets you take full advantage of the
This is a high quality                                                                        extensive capabilities of the side-handle baton. The easy
injection molded plastic                                                                      to learn step by step instructions allow the officer to gain
baton with groved grip and a swiveling leather lanyard.                                       proficiency with a minimum time expenditure.(100 Pages).
S12B -- $13.95                                                                                by Robert Jarvis and James Markloff SHBB -- $13.50

24” Straight Baton
                                                                               Tire Thumper

This is a high quality injection molded plastic baton
with a rubber grenade grip molded into the handle.
Includes nylon lanyard. S24B -- $20.00
                                                                               We all know a regular baton makes a decent tire checker, but the truth
                                                                               is, nothing beats a lead-filled billy club to make sure your truck tires have
24 & 26” Wood Straight Batons
                                                                               the proper amount of air pressure. This high quality Tire Thumper is
                                                            Made of
                                                                               made here in the USA. It is made like an old-style police billy club. It is
                                                           hardwood with
                                                                               crafted out of a solid piece of cedar that is turned on a wood lathe to
beaded handle and a drilled hole to accept thong. Individually wrapped in
                                                                               give it the proper contours down the body. The large end of the unit has
plastic bag. 24 or 26-inch lengths by 1-1/4" in diameter. Includes thong.
                                                                               a hole drilled and is filled with lead to add extra weight for a greater
SB24W -- 24” Unit $15.00                 SB26W -- 26” Unit $16.00              impact. The handle has 8 finger-grooves burned into it for a solid grip.
                                                                               There is a lanyard hole drilled through the handle area with a thick
                                                                               leather lanyard tied through it. The Tire Thumper is finished with a light
                           LED Baton Light                                     gloss coating on it to protect the wood. It is very compact too. It is only
                               Screw-on LED light attachment for our           19" long and about 2" in diameter at the largest point of the body so it
                               economy telescopic steel batons. 6,000 hours    won't take up much room. A real nice item.
                               of illumination with long life batteries (in-
                               cluded). Ultra-bright LED, high density
                                                                               TT1 -- $24.95
                               aluminum body with a high impact resistant
lens. This light will not fit ASP batons. Only the SZ16, SZ21 & SZ26           AutoLock™ Jr.
batons on this page. TSBLED -- $15.95                                          The AutoLock™ Jr. is one
                                                                               of Monadnock's® most
                                                                               concealable batons.
Economy Expandable Batons                                                      It is great for
If you want the finest tactical baton in the world, then see ASP Batons
                                                                               airport personnel as well as many other police and security personnel.
on page 6. If you want a decent baton for general purpose use, then
                                                                               Additional benefits are it is only 6-3/4" in length in the closed position; 9
our economy expandable baton is for you. It is steel construction with a
                                                                               ½" in the open position. Push button closing allows the shaft to be
real rubber grip.Our Economy Expandable Batons are sold in the three
                                                                               pushed back or collapsed into the handle. Pocket size personal
sizes as shown; 16", 21" and 26" lengths. The length extended is how
each baton gets it's name, IE the SZ21 21" baton is 21 inches in               protection. Weights just 9.5 oz. ALJR -- $54.95
length when fully extended. Each baton includes a FREE
heavy duty nylon holder. This alone can save you
about $25.00.

 SZ16 16" Baton $20.00                SZ21 21" Baton $23.00                SZ26 26" Baton $26.00
  8      DUTY GEAR                                                                                              1-888-313-6400
                                                                                                                                               Duty Belt
                                                                                                    for extra strength, Ballistic weave fabric; nylon loop
                                                                                                    lining, High density, internal polymer stiffener runs the
                                                                                                    full length and width of the belt for firmness and
                                                                                                    added holster support, 2-1/4” width with heavy duty
                                                                                                    polymer Tri-Release buckle. Please specify size
                                                                                                    when ordering. 7200 -- $43.95

                                                                                 Nylon Belt Liner
            Nylon Pepper                            Silent Key                   High density, four-part
            Spray Pouch                              Holder                      construction for long-lasting
                                                      Wraparound                 shape, exceptional durability. Velcro® hook and loop closure, All
             This holster is formed
                                                     design, Velcro®             materials washable, Lined with Velcro® hook, Fits 11/2” to 21/4” width
             to fit the spray. Sewn
                                                     closure, Exclusive          belt loops, For optional use with 7200 outer belt. Please specify size
             web belt loop,
            Velcro® closure,                        Roll-Top feature for         when ordering. 7205 -- $22.00
            Available in 2 or 4 oz.                 smooth closure.                                                                  Belt Keepers
            size (spray not                         7316 -- $16.95                                                                   4-pack Standard 1" wide
            included).                                                                                                               nylon web construction.
            7307 - 2 oz.                                                         Compact                                             Available in snap or
            7307L - 4 oz.             Double Mag Pouch                                                                               Velcro closure.
                                                                   Horizontal    Light Holder
            $21.95 ea.                                             or vertical   Sewn web belt loop,                                 6406 Snaps $12.50
                                                                   carry,        Velcro® closure, 2-1/4”                             6407 Velcro $13.50
                                                                   Velcro®       belt slot. Fits 6P or 2 cell
                                                                   closure,      lithium style lights                       Flashlight Holder
                                                                   Injection     7311 -- $21.00                             Molded ring locks flashlight
Radio Holder                                                       molded                                                   in place, Fits 2-1/4” belt,
Heavy Nylon with                                                   belt loop,                                               Web construction.
Elastic security                                                   Specify
strap and snap                                                     gun model
                                                                                                                            6409 -- $6.95
closure. Holds most                   when ordering.   7302 -- $28.95
hand-held radios.                                                                         Mini Light Holder
Has a web belt loop                                                                       Sewn web belt loop,
that fits most duty
belts.                                Key Holder                                          Velcro® closure, 2-1/4”                     Expandable
                                                                                          belt slot, Fits Mini-Mag or
7314 -- $26.95                        Simple and effective,                               Streamlight Jr.
                                                                                                                                      Baton Holder
                                      Fits 2-1/4” belt, includes                                                                       Only available for 21”
                                                                                          7310 -- $15.00                               and 26” batons, Sewn
                                      keyring Web construc-
                                      tion. 6405 -- $5.75                                                                              web belt loop.
                                                                                                                                       7313 -- $21.00
                Double Cuff
                Holds two pair of     Cuff Case
                standard or                                Holds one pair        Handcuff Keys
                                                           standard or           For use with any standard or hinged cuffs.
                linked handcuffs,
                Positive snap                              hinged
                release for quick                          handcuffs,            A--CC1 Standard Cuff key $1.50
                access, 2-1/4”                             Sewn web              B--CC2 Glove key $4.50
                belt slot, Velcro®                        belt loop,             C--CC3 Flat Knarled Swivel
                closure.                                 Velcro® closure.
                                                                                 key $6.50
                7317 -- $26.50                          7300 -- $22.50
                                                                                 D--CC4 Swivel key $6.50
                                                                                 E--CC5 Shirt Pocket key
                            ASP Handcuff Case                                    $6.00
                              Using specialized design concepts and              F--CC6 Nightstick Cuff key
                              extraordinary construction techniques, ASP         $3.00
                              is changing the future of handcuff use.                                                   A     B C           D E            F
                              Nylon cases present a
                              light weight formed
                              carrier that will accept                                                TACTICAL HANDCUFFING
                              either chain or hinge                                                   For Chain & Hinged-Style Handcuffs
                              ASP tactical handcuffs.                                                 This is considered “the” reference and training
                              ASP Nylon handcuff                                                      manual for modern handcuffing techniques, and is
                              case is a high quality                                                  loaded with hundreds of pictures and illustrations.
oversized case that can hold ASP Tactical Handcuffs, Hiatts Big Guys,                                 This trade paperback was authored by internationally
Peerless 7030, and Chicago 33. It has a velcro closure. Included is a                                 recognized defensive tactics instructor, John G.
ASP handcuff key in hidden back flap. This handcuff case fits standard                                Peters, Jr., and President of the Defensive Tactics
duty belt, and is made in the USA. 56133 -- $17.95                                                    Institute, Inc. THM -- $18.95                                                BOSTON LEATHER GEAR                                                                     9

                                                                                                                                       Duty Belt
                                                                                                                                       High quality top-
                                                                                                                                       grain leather,
       Please note: Prices for Boston Leather products shown are for
                                                                                                                                       sturdy solid brass
       Plain black leather. All duty gear is available in Basket weave and
                                                                                                                                       buckle. 4 row
       Hi-gloss for $3.00 more per item except for Duty Belts which are
       $5.00 more. Please specify when you order.                            stiched. 2-1/4” wide. Please specify size.   BL6504 -- $48.95

Double Mag Pouch                      Universal Radio Holder                 Garrison Belt                          Clip-on Keyring
                   Horizontal or                         Wide adjustable                                  These                  Highride keyring with
                   vertical carry                        leather lined                                    belts                  protective flap and
                   Accommo-                              Velcro strap.                                    look                   heavy duty belt clip.
                   dates all                             Fits most radios.   great and are made with the same                    Sturdy enough to wear
                   popular double                        Larger radios       high quality leather as the duty                    on a duty belt. Can clip
                   stacks, 9mm &                         require a 5487      belts. 1-3/4” wide. Please specify                  right on your pants.
                   .40 caliber.                          which is a          size. BL6505 -- $ 18.50
                                                         special order.
                                                                                                                                 BL5444 -- $9.95
                   BL5601 -
                   23.95                                 BL5486 --
                                      $22.95                                  Expandable                              Glove Pouch
                                                                                  Baton Holder
Cuff Case                             Silent Key Holder                                Available for 16”, 21” and
                  Large cuff case                 Top quality leather with             26” batons, Sewn web
                  Holds one pair                  wraparound design,                   belt loop
                  standard or                     Velcro® closure.                     BL5489 - 16” $15.95            Leather glove pouch will hold
                  hinged cuffs.                   BL5445 -- $13.95                                                    two pairs of disposable gloves,
                                                                                       BL5491 - 21/26”
                 BL5514 --                                                                                            or one pair of gloves and one
                 $19.95                                                                                               resuscitator. Slips onto any size
                                                                                                                      belt.   BL5640 -- $9.25

                                                                             OC Spray Case
Surefire Holder                       Key Holder                             Available in 2 or 4 oz.                Belt Keepers 4-pack
Made to hold Surefire size            Key loop, double snap                  size. Fits duty or regular             1" wide leather keepers
lights. Fits on standard              with protective flap.                  belts.                                 available in snap or Velcro
duty belt or can be worn              Keeps your pants from                  BL5527- 2 oz. $14.95                   closure. Comes standard
with regular belt.                    getting worn out.                                                             with silver snaps, brass
                                                                             BL5526- 4 oz. $16.25                   available on special order.
BL5557 -- $8.50                       BL5448 -- $9.50
                                                                                                                    BL5492 Snaps $12.50
                                                                                                                    BL5493 Velcro $16.00
 Top Quality Clip-on Badge Holders                                           Economy Clip-on
                                     Leather clip-on badge holders with      Badge Holders
                                      full swivel and velcrow closure.                                              Small Cell Phone
                                       Made to fit any round or oval style
                                       badge. Excellent quality.
                                                                                                                                            This high
                                       BL5889 Round $13.95                                                                                    quality unit is
                                       BL5888 Oval $13.95                                                                                      made for
                                                                                                                                               flip phones.
                                                                                                                                              It is 2” wide
Neck Badge / ID Holder                 Tri-fold Badge Wallet                 Leather clip-on badge holders with                               x 4” tall with
                                                                             snap closure. Made to fit any                                   flexible
                                                                             round or oval style badge.                                     elastic sides
                                                                             BL5841 Round $9.95                                            that expand to
                                                                             BL5840 Oval $9.95                                            fit most flip
                                                                                                                                          phones on the
                                       Soft leather wallet with badge                                                                    market, It will
                                       holder and ID. Protective flap to
                                                                             Badge Wallet                                               even hold a
                                       cover badge. Has 3 credit card                                               Razr. Features a velcro-secured
High quality leather neck chain        slots. Will fit most badges but is                                           top flap that allows for slight
badge & I.D. holder that holds any     available with custom cut-out                                                height adjustments. This unit has a
badge. These items sell for $20.00     badge slot. A great price for a                                              Durable spring steel clip that will
in cop-shops. BL5845 --$12.95          quality wallet. BL375 -- $28.95                                              clip right on your pants or a 2-1/4”
                                                                             Leather wallet with badge holder
                                                                                                                    duty belt. Available in Plain or High
                                                                             and ID. Protective flap to cover
  The 5889, 5845, BL375 & BL250 are available on special order with          badge. Will fit most badges but is     gloss leather.
  badge cut-outs to fit your badge. The cost is $3.00 additional and you     available with custom cut-out          BL5540 - Plain $18.99
  must know your Blackington badge number to order a custom cutout.                                                 BL5540 - High Gloss $21.99
                                                                             badge slot. BL250 -- $21.95
 10     POLICE SUPPLIES                                                                                  1-888-313-6400
ASP Swivel Handcuffs                                                          ASP Tri-Fold Restraints Scarab
                                                     Using specialized        Cutter
                                                    design concepts and       This cutter is made
                                                    extraordinary construc-   specifically to cut the
                                                    tion techniques, ASP is   Tri-Fold cuffs off the
                                                    changing the future of    bad guy. It is small,
                                                    handcuff use. An          compact and even
                                 interlocking, unitized frame of high         hangs on a keychain
                   strength stainless steel is forged on custom-built         when not in use. The
               progressive dies. The cuff is then overmolded with             unit has no sharp
ordinance-grade polymers making it stronger, lighter, and more durable.
                                                                              edges like the normal wire cutters.
Cuffing a suspect is now easier, more efficient, safer and faster. This
unique cuff uses a standard handcuff key. Weighs 9 oz. ASP Handcuffs          56225 -- $23.00
are a larger style handcuff, therefore will not fit all handcuff cases.
ASPSHC -- $32.00
                                                                                                                    ASP Tri-Fold Restraints
ASP Hinge Handcuffs
                                                 The ASP handcuffs
                                                 provide a major
                                                 advance in both the                                                (6 pack)
                                                 design and construc-
                                                 tion of wrist restraints.
                                                 Frame geometry is the
result of extensive computer modeling and analysis. Strength potential
has been maximized through the use of an interlocking, unitized frame.
The handcuff structure is forged from high-strength stainless. The flat
bow section provides single movement application preventing slippage
on wrist. ASPSHC -- $43.00

ASP Defender Series                                                                                          These disposable tactical restraints by
               The ASP Defender series has grown from the original Key                                       ASP are like everything ASP makes; They
               Defender (shown in the middle) to the larger law enforce-      are the best you can buy. ASP took years and painstakingly designed
                                                             ment version,    these to meet the needs of today's uniformed and tactical officers. They
                                                              the Street      are Compact, Easily Carried, Rapidly Applied, Have No Sharp Edges,
                                                              Defender        Feature Wide Brightly Colored Straps, Strong Oversized Loops, Smooth
(shown on the bottom). They were so popular that ASP recently came            pull Roller Loc™ ratchet locking mechanism. Specifications: 21" Long, .5"
out with the new smaller Palm Defender. These are all lightweight, low        Wide, .080" Thick, 6" Loop Diameter. Discounts available for quantity
profile, easily carried kubotan keyrings that have a hidden feature, they     purchase. 56190 - 6 Pack $13.00
all have 2,000,000 SHU pepper spray ready to fire at the push of a
button. The Defender also acts as a traditional kubaton weapon, allowing
you to hold the unit and jab the attacker or slash him with the keys.         ASP Training Equipment
The Palm Defender is only 4-3/8” long, while the Key Defender is 5-3/4”       ASP Red Guns
long. Both units are 5/8” in diameter. The Street Defender is a bit larger,
                                                                              These are realistic
but it holds more spray. It is 6-3/4” long and 3/4” in diameter. All the
                                                                              replicas of actual law
Defenders are available in black or silver. Spray is included.
                                                                              enforcement equip-
                                                        Palm Defender         ment. Ideal for weapon
                                                                              retention, disarming,
                                                                              etc. There are many to
ASPPD Palm Defender $26.95                                Key Defender        choose from, so please
                                                                              specify or call for

ASPKD Key Defender $28.95                                                     ASPRGP Pistols $42.95                 ASPTF Flashlight $42.95
                                                                              ASPRGR Rifles $185.00                 ASPTK Training Knife $12.00

                                                                              ASP Training Batons                     Baton Training Bag
ASPSD Street Defender $38.95                     Street Defender

Defender Refill Units
We have inert training refill units (Test) as
well as replacement pepper spray (Heat) for                                   Reduce potential injury while
all three Defenders.                                                          allowing dynamic, high level
PDRH Palm Defender Heat $6.00                                                 simulations. Each Trainer has
PDRT Palm Defender Test $6.00                                                 a plastic pipe wrapped in
                                                                              foam with a nylon cover.
KDRH Key Defender Heat $7.00                                                  These are very durable; I use
KDRT Key Defender Test $7.00                                                  them myself. Includes a belt            This is a heavy duty strike bag and
SDRH Street Defender Heat $10.00                                              carrier.                                is made to take abuse.
SDRT Street Defender Test $10.00                                              AT26 26” Trainer $55.00                 ASPTB -- $165.00                                                                                     HANDCUFFS                                    11
 Peerless Model 700 - Chain Link Handcuff                                   Hiatt Standard Cuffs
 Since its introduction in                                                  Hiatt is the oldest
 1914, the Peerless                                                         handcuff company in
 standard handcuff                                                          the world. This model
 continues to be the                                                        has 19 locking positions
 industry standard.                                                         and a standard double
 The Model 700’s have                                                       locking mechanism.
 all steel construction and heli-                                           Reinforced steel swivels on a chain handcuff and heavy-duty rivets
 arc welded chain links. It meets or exceeds all National Institute of      make Hiatt handcuffs perfect for police service. Each set of handcuffs
 Justice requirements. Smooth single strand action allows for fast and      is serial numbered and is provided with two standard handcuff keys.
 efficient cuffing. Profiled edges reduce the risk of tissue and nerve      Hiatts steel based handcuffs exceed the rigorous strength and quality
 injuries. Comes complete with two standard keys. Weight 10 oz.             standards of the US National Institute of Justice. HH2010 -- $25.95
 PSC -- $29.95

 Peerless Model 703 - Leg Iron                                              Peerless Model 7002 - Waist Chain with Handcuffs
 Each Peerless Model 703 - Leg Iron is built for                            Our Peerless transport/
 years of service. The Model 703 features all                               control waist chains are
 steel construction, welded rivets and rust-                                designed for maximum
 resistant nickel finish that conforms to                                   security situations.
 the same rigid specifications as                                           The special heat
 our other products. Machined                                               treated steel chain
 edges reduce the risk of                                                   and padlock rings
 tissue and nerve injuries.                                                 assure adjustment
 The 15" chain effectively                                                  up to a 54 in. waist.
 limits range of motion.                                                    This model has
 Comes complete with                                                        separated handcuffs
 two standard keys. Weight                                                  positioned over each hip. Includes
 15 ozs. PLC -- $49.95                                                      2 standard keys. Weight 29 ozs.      PBC -- $67.95

 Smith & Wesson Model 100 Chain Link Handcuffs                              Smith & Wesson Model 300 Hinged Handcuff
                                                      After a lot of
                                                      requests from
                                                      officers, we
                                                       decided to pick up
                                                       the S&W line of
                                                   cuffs. The nickel
                                  plated model 100 is probably the most
                                  common handcuff used by law
                                  enforcement. They are made of Heat-
                                  Treated Carbon Steel, have a lifetime     The S & W hinged handcuff provides the ultimate in restraint by more
 warranty and are made in USA.     SW100 -- $29.95                          effectively restricting movements. We have had a hard time getting
                                                                            Peerless hinge cuffs, so we are changing over to the S&W. We are
                                                                            actually carrying the new style with the push pin lock as shown to the
Economy Restraints                                                          left of the cuffs. The Model 300P is National Institute of Justice approved.
                                                                            Comes complete with two standard keys. Weight 12 oz.
These nice quality cuffs are all nickel plated steel except for the
stainless steel set. They come with 2 standard cuff keys and all have       SWHC -- $39.95
the double lock feature. They are great for general purpose use, security
guards, bounty hunters or anyone into playing cops and robbers:-).
                                                                            Cheap Cuff Straps & Cases
                                       Standard                             Our leather cuff cases and straps are all Boston Leather and are all
                                       Leg Cuffs                            Made in USA. They are nice quality and will fit standard or hinge cuffs.
                                                             SLC --         The Nylon case is also made in USA and is available with a belt clip for
                                                                            an extra buck. Otherwise, they all slide on standard duty belts or regular
                                                             $20.00         dress belts. (Handcuffs not included)

Standard Cuffs
SPC -- $13.95
Stainless Steel Cuffs
SSPC -- $20.00

Steel hinged cuffs
                                                                            A - SCC Leather Quick Release Cuff Strap $7.95
                                                                            B - BCC Leather Quick Release Cuff Case $8.95
                                                                            C - PCC Leather Professional Cuff Case $11.95
                                                                            D - NCC Nylon Cuff Case With Belt loop $8.50
                                                                               NCCLP Nylon Cuff Case With Belt Clip $9.50
SHC -- $23.95                                      STC -- $7.95
 12      RIDGE AIR-TAC BOOTS                                                                               1-888-313-6400
                                                                               Ridge All Air-Tac (original)
                                                                               The Ridge Air-Tac is the first and only
                                                                               black tactical boot with an air heel on
Ridge is the Leader in Tactical Air Technology and has been                    the market today. It's a lightweight,
providing top quality boots to Police, SWAT, EMT, Fire, Military               true-fit boot that makes light work of
and Security personnel for nearly a decade. Ridge Boots were                   active jobs. The rocker outsole
designed to give maximum comfort and stability to the officer                  design has therapeutic benefit
while allowing the agility and traction of a tennis shoe.                      including the relief of stress to the
                                                                               back, knees and ankles. Rugged
                                                                               construction and comfortable, long-
                 New Air-Tac Mid Boots with Zipper                             lasting performance make this the
                This is the next generation of Ridge Boots. Now all the        boot to buy. Height: 9”, Weight: 23 oz.
                 benefits of the 9" Ridge Air-Tac are available in a           8005 -- $77.95
                                            versatile 6" high design.
                                            Perfect for bike
                                            patrols,parcel delivery
                                            personnel, and many other          Air-Tac Zipper Boots
                                           applications where comfort,         The 9" Ridge Air-Tac Zipper is the first and
                                           durability and good looks are       only black tactical boot with an air heel on the
                                           important. Based on the             market today. It’s a lightweight, true-fit boot
                                           widely popular original air-        that makes light work of active jobs. It has a
                                          tac, this black tactical shoe        full length zipper for easy on and off. The
                                          has a composite shank, triple        zipper lets you lace up once and keep it
                                          stitching and a unique air heel      laced and the velcro keeper holds the zipper
                                          system that makes light work         tab in place. The rocker outsole design has
of even the most demanding jobs. The zipper allows you fast on & off           therapeutic benefits including the relief of
of the boot. Weight: 21 oz 8003 Air-Tac Mid Zipper $79.95                      stress to the back,
                                                                               knees and ankles.
                                                                               Rugged construc-
                      Ridge Air-Tac Waterproof                                 tion, steel shank
                                                                               and comfortable,
                      For those who are exposed to harsh
                                                                               long-lasting perfor-
                      environments, Ridge offers the original Air-Tac in a
                                                                               mance make this the boot to buy.
                      waterproof version. Now, the first and only black
                      tactical boot with an air heel on the market today is    Available in most sizes. Height: 9”, Weight: 22 oz.   8006 -- $84.95
                                                     equipped with a
                                                          membrane to
                                                          keep the comfort
                                                                               Ridge CoolMax Tac Socks
                                                         in and the            Ridge now offers Premium Quality socks at a price that is
                                                        elements out.          hard to beat. The CoolMax Tac socks keep feet dry and
                                                Suitable for Police, SWAT,     cool even in hot desert conditions. Actually used by our
                                           Security, Fire, EMT, and Military   Military Forces in Baghdad. 88% CoolMax®, 9% Nylon,
                                           applications. Height: 9”,           3% Lycra. Durable, rip-resistant heel, Fits sizes 10-
                                         Weight: 26 oz. 8056 -- $94.95         13. Black in color. RG-CMT -- $5.95

                                                                                                Ridge CoolMax Duty Socks
Standard Punch                                                                                   Keeps you cool and dry when the heat is on. Made of
Lightweight corrosion                                                                            18% CoolMax® which keeps your foot dry while 71%
resistant barrel with knurled finish and pocket clip. Hardened steel point,                      cotton adds comfort. This combination along with 8%
5-1/2" long. EMI1066 -- $5.50                                                                     nylon and 3% Lycra provides the perfect sock - on
                                                                                                   or off duty! One size fits 10-13. Black with Marled
                                                                                                   gray heel and footpad. RG-CMD -- $4.95
FACT (Fast Action Control Techniques) DVD
                      This is not another standard police defensive
                      tactics video where each compliance technique is
                      demonstrated on a stationary cooperative subject!                              Streamlite LED Cuff Mate
                      This new video demonstrates restraint, control, and                               Combine the
                      tactical handcuffing techniques you will not see on                               practicality of an
                      any other instructional videos! In the real world an                              extended reach
                      officer will face hundreds of highly combative                                 handcuff key with
                      subjects. Many times these subjects are already                             super bright LED
                      engaged in on going conflicts when the officer                             technology and you get
arrives. Police defensive tactics instructor and field training officer                         Streamlight's CuffMate™.
George Vranos has spent 16 years studying how these subjects resist                           It's improved this year
arrest during these emotionally charged situations. Vranos integrates                       thanks to the addition of a second LED that allows you multi
the best nerve attacks, wrestling moves and joint locks into each "Fast                   directional lighting for unlocking and double locking of
Action Control Technique". In his Fast Action Demonstrations, Vranos                    handcuffs. Powered by two long lasting lithium batteries
will reveal what is considered to be one of the best practical custody                (included), CuffMate delivers more than 12 hours of run time.
and control systems ever seen on video!. FACT -- $29.95                              CMATE -- $18.95                                                                       POLICE SUPPLIES                                                 13
  Merlin Conceal Carry Fanny Pack                                              Garrett Metal Detector
                                       The Soft Armor pack by Mil-tech is
                                       the most discreet and unobtrusive
                                       conceal carry bag I have ever seen.
                                      Both Cops and civilians with a CCP
                                  are always looking for a comfortable
                               way to carry a handgun without looking like
                              they are packing heat. Mil-tec figured out a                                      The Super Scanner is the world's most
                              way to give the illusion of a small fanny pack                                    respected and most utilized-hand-held
                              with a decoy 5" x 6" front cover. Only the                                        scanner. It is used by security personnel,
body of the weapon sits in this area.                                          law enforcement agents, even court-room security officers. The Super
The gun barrel actually fits into the                                          Scanner detects medium-size pistols from a distance of 9"; large pocket
padded portion of the belt. The unit is                                        knives, up to 6"; razor blades, 3"; hatpins, 1". Features automatic
ambidextrous and even has a small                                              retuning (no adjustments ever needed). Sensitivity can be limited if
zippered pocket for keys or ammo. The                                          ambient metal causes interference. Has a large scanning surface for
larger pack can accommodate up to a 6"                                         quick, yet thorough scanning. Features an automatic battery check.
barrel from larger guns like the Glock 17.                                     Uses one 9 volt battery. GMD -- $150.00
The smaller size fits guns like the Glock 26.
MERLIN Standard Gun Pack $55.95
MERLIN-S Small Gun Pack $55.95                                                 Smith & Wesson Duty Bag
                                                                                                                      Specifically designed to carry all of
                                   Pro-Scan Metal Detector                                                                 your equipment. Waterproof
                                                                                                                                600 Denier nylon
                                                                                                                                  construction combines
                                                                                                                                  superior durability with
                                                                                                                                  highly water-resistant,
                                                                                                                                  long-lasting use.
This high         performance
                                                                                                                                  Additional features
hand-held           security scanner is designed to
                                                                                                                                  include: Large Capacity
meet the exact      requirements of the security industry. Typical uses
                                                                                                                                  Main Compartment (24"L
will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport
                                                                                                                                  x 13"H x 12"W) for
and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and
                                                                                                                                 Maximum Storage, Easy
anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. Pro-Scan operates on
                                                                                                                              Access U-Shape Zipper
one 9-volt alkaline or rechargeable battery. MD-3003 -- $59.95                                                             Cover, 2 Large End Compart-
                                                                                SWDB -- $54.95
                                                                                                                       ments with Zipper Closures, 2
Saunders® Low Profile Cruiser Mate                                             Bellowed Side Compartments with Zipper Closures, 2 Universal
                                           Dual Compartment Letter-Sized       Flashlight Compartments with Zipper Closures (designed to fit virtually
                                         has Extra Storage Space               any full size and compact professional flashlights), High Security Baton
                                          Ideal for Traffic Patrol - your      Holder (fits most straight and side handle batons), Padded Handles and
                                          mobile desk! Saunders® Dual          No-Slip, Adjustable Shoulder Strap.
                                          Compartment letter-sized Cruiser
                                       Mate, known as the Clipboard On A
                                    Box, has a removable upper compart-
                                                                               Life Jacket™
                                ment, 1 1/2" deep protective form storage                                                          The Life Jacket is the
area, a smooth writing surface, built-in pen/pencil tray and license/                                                              absolute best way to
registration clip to hold information while you copy. Measures 14"H x 9 -                                                        secure a handgun and
                                                                                                                            provide you with affordable
3/16"W x 1- 1/4"D. Forms not included. CM8514 -- $32.95
                                                                                                                          peace of mind. They are
                                                                                                                          designed to hold most semi-
Slappers and Black-Jacks                                                                                                 auto handguns as well as
                                                                                                                       small and medium frame
                                                                                                                      revolvers. We have 2 versions
                                                                                                                     available. The first is the LJ1
                                                                                                                    which is the polycarbonate model.
                                                                                                                  This unit is lightweight and 1/2 the
                                                                E                                               price of its steel counterpart. The LJ2
                                                                                                            is constructed of heavyweight steel and
                                                                                                       will hold all handguns. Both models were
                                                                               designed to be both portable and mountable. You can mount securely
                                                                               mount the Life Jacket on a wall, dresser or even in your trunk. They
                                                                               also feature a soft, foam-padded interior to protect the firearm from
                                                                               damage. Both units have passed the California-Approved “Drop Test”.
                                                                               LJ1 Poly Life Jacket $19.95 LJ2 Steel Life Jacket $39.95
These items have been used by law enforcement for generations. They
are small concealable weapons that slip into your pocket unnoticed.
These are good quality leather units with poured lead in the ends. A - D                             Shotgun Life Jacket™
are imported, E is made in USA by Boston Leather. Cannot be                                          This unit is the perfect solution to securing most
A-- SLP1--9oz. Leather billy $14.00     shipped to MA, NY,                                           semi-auto and pump shotguns. Constructed of
B-- SLP2--14oz. Leather billy $16.00    CA, MI, IL or any                                            high-strength polycarbonate its specially designed
                                                                                                     “chamber lock” plugs right in to the chamber for
C-- SLP3--8 1/2” Leather slapper $14.00 place prohibited                                             absolute protection. The LJ3 has a foam-padded
                                        by law.
D-- SLP4--11” Leather slapper $16.00                                                                 interior that won’t scuff the finish of the gun, and
E-- SLPM--6-3/4” Boston Leather slapper $19.95                                 a steel-reinforced perimeter for added strength. LJ3 -- $19.95
 14      SCORPION STUN GUNS                                                                                 1-888-313-6400
                                                                                Scorpion Stun Guns are a new hybrid self defense item designed to
                                                                                give customers a multifunctional safety device with awesome power.
                                                                                Scorpion Guns have new features which other stun guns do not have
                                                                                such as; personal alarms, safety disconnect switches, and
                                                                                rechargeable batteries on select models. This is a whole new concept
                                                                                in self defense. You will be impressed with the quality and features
                                                                                you get for the money. All units with the safety disconnect have the pin
                                                                                attached to the wrist strap.
                                                                                Stunguns can not be shipped to HI, MA, MI, NJ, WI, RI
                       Scorpion 100K Stun Gun                                                    Scorpion 300K Stun Gun
                       Mini stun gun with built in personal alarm and                            This 300,000 volt mini stun gun is the smallest most
                       safety disconnect switch. This is the hottest 100k                        powerful single battery 300k unit on the market. The
                       unit we ever tested. This compact unit is 4-3/4"                          power derived from only one 9 volt battery is unreal!
                       tall, 2-3/8" wide and 1-1/8" thick. Includes a belt                       You will love the compact size and awesome power
                       clip and a heavy-duty ballistic nylon holster. Fits                       this little guy puts out. The SP-300 includes a built in
                       easily into a pocket or purse. Lifetime warranty to                       personal alarm and safety disconnect switch. The
                       original purchaser. Uses one 9 volt alkaline                              unit is 4-3/4" tall, 2-3/8" wide and 1-1/8" thick.
                       battery (not included).                                                   Includes a belt clip and a heavy-duty ballistic nylon
                                                                                                 holster. Fits easily into a pocket or purse. Lifetime
                       SP-100 Standard Model $19.95                                              warranty. Uses one 9 volt alkaline battery (not
                                                                                                 included). SP-300 Standard Model $32.95

                  Scorpion 600K Stun Gun
                  The SP-600 is the most powerful full-size stun gun on the market. When it hits, it feels
                  like you have been punched as well as zapped. Few guns have ever hit like this; but
                                                                                                                                              shown with
                  none have ever hit this hard. We have tested virtually every stun device on the market                                      recharge
                  since the early 90’s, and nothing compares to the power and intensity of the electric                                       system &
                  shock delivered by this gun. Not only is the SP-600 powerful, but is also has a built in                                    holster
                  personal alarm and safety disconnect switch. It is also available with optional re-
                  chargeable battery system which we highly recommend. For the cost of 2-3 sets of
                  high quality 9 volt alkaline batteries; you can buy the recharge system and recharge the
                  NiCad batteries up to 800 times. This unit is 5-7/8" tall, 2-7/16" wide and 1-1/2" thick.
                  Includes a belt clip and a heavy-duty ballistic nylon holster. Gun has lifetime. Recharge-
                  able battery has a 1 year warranty. Standard model uses two 9 volt alkaline batteries (not
                  included). SP-600 Standard Model $44.95                      SP-600R Rechargable $57.95

                New Micro-Lite Stunner™                                                          Re-Engineered Lady-Lite Stunner™
               This amazingly small rechargeable stun light is the most                          This unique rechargeable unit was completely re-
               powerful mini stun gun we have ever tested. I have                                engineered for 2007. This micro-size unit is not only a
               been zapping myself for years testing all the stun guns                           stun gun, but also a functioning mini LED flashlight. We
               on the market and until we came out with the Scorpion                             had originally designed this unit with ladies in mind, but
               Firefly guns, I had never been impressed with any of                              the men really liked it too. The problem was it needed
               the mini guns. This new Micro-Lite Stunner is a new                               more power and a better flashlight. Lady-Lite plugged
               chapter in mini-stun guns. EXTREAMLY POWERFULL                                    into wall outletSo we revamped the unit making it a
               and tiny in size makes this gun the new choice for                                800,000 volt unit and switched from a single bulb light
               anyone wanting super small size with serious stopping                             to LED lights. It is even smaller than before and
               power. This unit also includes a 4-bulb LED flashlight                            compact enough to fit in most pockets and purses. At
               built in. At only 3-3/4” tall, 1-1/2” wide and 7/8” thick this                    only 5” tall, 1-3/4” wide and less than 1” thick, it is one
               is a very practical concealed carry weapon. Fits into                             of the most powerfully mini guns on the market. It is
any pocket or purse and is at your fingertips if you need it. Unit has a                         easy to use and includes a nylon carrying case. The
charging system built right in that plugs into a standard outlet so there                        Lady-Lite Stunner™ also has a charging system built
is no need for batteries. 1 Year warranty. Includes nylon carry case                             right in that plugs into a standard outlet so there is no
                                                                                need for batteries. 1 Year warranty. When we upgraded this gun, we
and charging cord. SP-F400M -- $34.95
                                                                                managed to keep the price the same. Quality items at great prices is
                                                                                what we try to give our customers. SP-F800M -- $39.95
             750,000 volt Rechargeable Stun Gun
             This awesome 750k rechargeable unit is the most
             powerful stun gun we ever tested. It has a built in                                                                           Scorpion
             personal alarm, safety disconnect switch and best of all, it                                                                  600k Stun
             has rechargeable NiCad batteries and charger included.
             This is a major advantage for you. Most guns this size                                                                        Baton
             take at least three 9 volt alkaline batteries. That would          Because of their power and extended reach; stun batons are a favorite
                                                                                among security guards and walkers who contend with problems from 2
             cost $7.00-$10.00 per battery change. With the Scorpion
                                                                                & 4 leg creatures. This 600,000 volt short stun baton is the highest
             rechargeable battery pack; you can recharge up to 800              voltage mini baton on the market. The unit is 10" long and 2" wide and
             times. Another plus is, this gun will still run on three 9 volt    very powerful. This well made unit includes a heavy-duty ballistic
             alkaline batteries. This unit is 8-1/4" tall, 2-1/4" wide and 1-   nylon loop holster and safety disconnect switch. Lifetime warranty to
             1/8" thick. Gun has lifetime warranty. Battery has a 1 year        original purchaser with receipt. Uses two 9 volt alkaline batteries (not
             warranty. Includes a nylon holster. SP-750R -- $59.95              included). SP-B600 600k Mini Baton $39.95                                                                                     STUN DEVICES                                  15
                                                             Giant stopping power that fits in the palm
                                                             of your hand!
                                                          The new Firefly Self Defense Combo Packs are in
                                                          huge demand because of the Firefly’s Hi-power and
                                                          all the freebies included. The combo pack is perfect
                                                          for the person looking for a complete personal safety
                                                          solution. Getting “More Bang for Your Buck” is an
understatement with the Firefly Self Defense Combo Pack. This is an OUTSTANDING value to anyone
                               considering a stun gun and /or pepper spray purchase. First we throw in the
                                incredibly powerful Firefly Micro Stun Gun which is small enough to fit in the
                                 palm of your hand or in a cigarette pack (as shown). Then we include a
                                  holster “FREE”($3.00 value), a keychain pepper spray “FREE”($12.95 value),
                                   3 Hi-power Lithium Ion batteries “FREE”($15.00 value) and last but certainly not least a “FREE”
                                    key release ($1.50 value) that allows you to disconnect the pepper spray from your keys to
                                     quickly respond to any threat. Men, you keep the Firefly for yourself and give the free pepper
                                      spray to your wife, girlfriend or other important person that you care about. Make no mistake,
                                       the Firefly is a very serious defense weapon. It is state-of-the-art lithium power technology
                                        that hits hard and takes bad guys down fast. The Firefly is available in 2 different voltages:
                                         350kv and 950kv. Of course we always recommend getting the highest power possible,
                                          but all are very effective and there is one priced for every budget. So don’t let price stop
                                          you from buying the one of the most advanced stun devices available. There’s still more!
                                          Also included is a lifetime warranty. If your Firefly malfunctions at any time, for any
                                         reason, send it back and we will replace it for the cost of return shipping.
                                      FF-350K - 350,000 volt $34.95                         FF-950K - 950,000 volt $49.95
FireFly Stun Stick Combo Pack
                                        The Stun Stick also known as a “stun pen” is a new design in stun
                                        guns. It is only 5-1/2” tall but very slender and puts out a whooping
                                        800,000 volts of power. The long portion of the body is under 1”
                                        wide and the bottom is under 1-1/2” wide at the battery compart-
                                        ment. On the back side this unit has a pocket clip built in so you can
                                        carry it in your shirt pocket. This amazing unit also has a built in LED
                                        flashlight. The Stun Stick uses two long-life 3 volt lithium batteries
                                        which are included in this
                                        combo pack. Also included in
                                        the combo pack is a keychain
                                        LED light and a “Nap Zapper”
                                        which helps keep you from
                                        falling asleep at the wheel. You
                                        can read more about the Nap
                                        Zapper on page 21 in this
                                        catalog. This combo pack is a
                                        great buy!
                                        DP80 -- $45.00
M-18 Advanced Taser
                                                                                                                         M18 Advanced Taser
                                                                                                                         Includes 2 Air Cartridges
                                                                                                                         44002 -- $399.00

                                                                                                              Tasers can not be shipped to
                                                                                                              HI, MA, MI, NJ, WI, RI or NY

                                                                                                                         M18-L Advanced Taser
                                                                                                                         Includes integrated laser
                                                                                                                         sight, and 4 Air Cartridges
                                                                                                                         44001 -- $599.00

The new Advanced Taser M-18 series has almost 100% effectiveness
rating. It combines the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun
technology with a quantum leap in stopping power via new Electro-
Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology. In police studies, the new
Advanced Taser has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm                 Replacement Cartridges
hand gun. The Advanced Taser shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet                2 pack of Air Cartridges. Reload your AIR
of wire. 50,000 volts travels over the wires and over-rides the central            TASER in less then a second with
nervous system providing incredible takedown power.                                replacement Air Cartridges. Price shown
Free Shipping on M18 & M18-L Please Note: There may be a background                is for two cartridges.
                                      check required to purchase Taser products.
                                      This will be at no charge to you.            34220 -- $59.95
 16      STUN GUNS & SAFES                                                                                     1-888-313-6400
 Scorpion Rechargeable Stun Light                                                                Mini Talon            Zforce Slim Stun Gun
 3 in 1 rechargeable stun flashlight designed for emergency response                             Don’t let the size    The 300k Z-Force sport
 units such as police, rescue, fire, military, and security.                                     and voltage fool      stun gun is great for
 This awesome rechargeable unit has a                                                            you; this little      walkers and runners
 flashlight with a super bright bulb                                                             guy has a nasty       because of the sleek
 and powerful stun unit                                                                         bite. At only          design. It is also easier
 built into the head.                                                                           4-1/4" tall, it fits   to grip and useful for
 There is also a                                                                                into almost any        those with smaller
 locator alarm                                                                                 pocket. My tests        hands Stands only 6.5"
 which is over                                                                                 put it right around     tall . Includes a safety
 130 db. The unit                                                                              the 100,000 volt        switch and carry strap.
 has a knurled metal body and a plastic head with easy access for            gun. Comes with a belt clip but fits      Requires two 9 volt
 changing bulbs. The recharge cord simply plugs from the bottom of           easily into your pocket or purse.         batteries. (not included)
 the unit into any standard outlet. 1 Year warranty                          Uses one 9 volt battery (not              ZFST -- $35.00
 SP-F600 -- $65.00                                                           included). MINI -- 18.95

Omega Star Warrior Baton                                                     Stun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun
                                                                                                      You can now pack close to a million volts of self
               This is the best stun baton on the market. This picture
                                                                                                      protection on your hip. No one will even notice,
               does not do it justice. This baton is unlike others in that
                                                                                                      because the Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun looks
               most stun batons have probes on the end like a stun gun,
                                                                                                     almost like a Blackberry, or other hand held mobile
                                                                                                     device. With a dazzling 975,000 volts, the Hot
                                                                                                     Shot stun gun has the power of Mickey Mantle’s
                                                                                                     bat, combined with the element of surprise. A
                                                                                                    short blast from this almost invisible personal and
and have to hit the assailant straight on just like with a stun gun. The
                                                                                                    powerful protection device will give anyone silly
Star Warrior has 150,000 volt arc running up and down the entire unit
                                                                                                   enough to attack you an exclusive muscle
above the handle. It is an awesome sight. Requires two 9 volt
                                                                                                   massage that will render them incapable of
batteries (not included). 18” long. OM11 -- $110.00                                              managing much more than drooling for about five to
                                                                                          ten minutes. This sleekly designed super stopper is equipped
                      Modern Cell Phone Stun Gun                             with a safety switch and an illuminated red light that tells you it’s ready to
                      This new modern looking cell phone stun gun is         unleash hell on your aggressor. Comes with three lithium batteries and
                      likely the best stealth self defense product ever      detachable stainless steel belt clip. “Best Quality/Best buy.” Order yours
                      developed. It looks and feels like a new-style cell    today, and stand strong everywhere. Uses 3 volt lithium batteries
                      phone, but this cell phone could save your life. I     (included). Lifetime warranty. SMHS -- $52.95
                      don't mean by calling 911 and waiting for help, I
                      mean by zapping the crap of an attacker and
                      allowing you time to get away. This compact stun
                                                                             9 Volt Alkaline                           Stun Gun
                      device has all the latest technology offered in        Battery                                   Holster
                      today's stun protection devices. It utilizes the       Sometimes Duracell,                       Heavy duty nylon
                      awesome power of 3 volt lithium batteries to           Sometimes Energizer.                      holster with velcro
                      generate an enormous amount of stopping power.         Cheaper than in                           closure. Fits 100-600k
                      This little stunner has major bite! The other cool     stores.                                   guns. Will not SP-750.
                      thing about this phone is it "looks good" as you can   9V -- $2.25                               SGH -- $7.00
                      see. This self defense weapon fits right into this
                      casual ensemble. A would-be attacker would have
                      no idea you were protecting herself with a stun                                                  Thermometer Key
                      weapon (which is the whole idea). Includes a           Peanut Butter Safe
leatherette carry case with belt clip. Dimentions are 4-5/8” x 1-7/8” x 7/                    This jar is painted      Hider
8”. Requires Two 3 volt batteries. (included) CELLSTUN -- $59.95                              on the inside and        Are you hiding a spare
                                                                                              looks and feels          house key under your
                                                                                              like a full jar of       door mat or
Decoy Safes                                                                                   peanut butter.           under a
                                                                                              Large enough to          flower pot
Book Safe                                                                                     hold cash, jewlery,      on the front
A great decoy safe! This is an actual book that                                               watches, etc...          porch? This
has part of the middle pressed out. There is a                                                DS-PEANUT-               is the first
secret compartment inside to store your                                                                                place
valuables. We also have the new Book                                                                                   thieves will
Vault which is 2 books with a                                                                                          look to gain
hollow center for double the                                                                                           access to
storage space you get with                                                   Hidden Wall Safe                          your home. With the
our standard Book Safe.                                                                      Looks just like an        thermometer key hider
I don’t know too                                                                             electrical outlet.        you will never be locked
many thefts that                                                                             You use the               out again. Only you and your
involve books:-)                                                                             template to make          family members will know the
BS -Book                                                                                     the hole in the wall      secret place where your key is
                                                                                             and slide it right in.    hidden. This is a fully functional
Safe- $18.95                                                                                 (plug something in        thermometer that slides up to
                                                                                             for the added             reveal the hidden compartment
BV -Book                                                                                     security)                 where the key can be hidden.
Vault- $32.95                                                                                HWS-- $9.95               DS-TS -- $5.95                                                                             SAFETY LIGHTS                                           17
ASP Elite Sapphire Lights                                                     Highway Safety Light
The ASP Elite Sapphires are wearable miniature flashlights that clip onto                                          This is a great addition to your
almost anything! Light weight, but extremely durable and long lasting.                                               vehicle’s glove compartment.
The new Elite model has a constant on mode that the original Sapphires                                               This super bright LED light can
did not have. They even have a rapid flashing alert Mode that is actually                                            be seen for over a mile. You can
visible OVER ONE MILE. The Elite also has a replaceable battery module.                                              switch between flashing light or
Available in Black, Pewter, Blue & Violet. Please specify color when                                                 steady light. You can attach it to
ordering. ASPSAP -- $13.95 ea.                                                                                       your vehicle with the built in
                                                                                                                     magnet or set it up on the road
                                                                                                                 with the attached road stand. it is
                                                                                                              weather resistant and will run for 24
                                                                              hours on 4 “AA” alkaline batteries (not included). HSL -- $11.95

                                                                                                                      Cell Phone Flashlight
                                                                                                                        Now Days, most people are
                                                               Lifetime                                                 carrying cell phones, but how
                                                               Warranty                                                      many carry flashlights?
                                                                                                                                   Most people don't, but
                                                                                                                                   often we find times
                                      Replaceable Elite                                                                             where we wish we
                                      PowerPak                                                                                      had a flashlight with
                                                                                                                                    us. Well we have
                                                              30 hours                                                            solved this problem
                                                             continuous                                                        with the new Cell Phone
                                                             on. 72 hours                                                   Flash-Lite. This super-bright
                                                             of strobe.       go-anywhere flash light easily attaches to your cell phone by peel &
                                                             72 hours of      stick. It is great for home, office, travel, outdoors or anywhere you
                                                                              might be. This is a great gift for anyone. LED lights lasts 6,000 hour.
                                                                              Available in Black or Silver. CPL-- $5.95
                                                        ASPEPP --
                                                                              Key Alert with Flashlight
                                                                                                              This alarm is small enough to easily fit in
6 Function Safety Light                                                                                             the palm of your hand or attach to
                           Extra bright, high intensity LED Light. Six                                                  your key chain so it will be
                           functions with different flashing patterns.                                                  readily available in case of an
                           Includes belt clip. Can be worn like a pager. A                                              emergency. Pressing the button
                           must for every biker, jogger, child or stranded                                             slightly will sound a brief alarm
                           motorist. Requires 2 “AA” batteries (not                                                    blast. Pushing the button down
                           included). I found that 2 alkaline batteies will                                           completely will sound the alarm
                           flash for over 30 days. SL6F -- $3.50              continually until you deactivate the alarm. The alarm button is recessed
                                                                              to prevent accidental activation. For your added safety, this unit also
                                                                              features a built-in flashlight which emits a bright beam of light when
4-in-1 LED Flashlight                                                         needed. Measures 2.5 inches by 1.25 inches. Twelve volt battery
                                                                              included. 118 decibels. KCF-- $8.95

                                                                              Personal Alarm with Flashlight
                                                                                                                    The sleek, slim design of the PL-6
The blue light from the 4-in-1 LED flashlight can be seen over a mile
                                                                                                                    personal alarm with flashlight fits
away and produces enough light to illuminate an entire room at night. But
                                                                                                                    easily into small hands, purses and
this unit is much more than just a water resistant, powerful, mini
                                                                                                                    even a pocket. Dimensions: 3.5" x
flashlight. It can be unscrewed in the middle to reveal a small hidden
                                                                                                                    2.5" x 0.5". The activation pin is
compartment which is great for storing medicine. The bottom of the unit
                                                                                                                         connected to a wrist strap
contains a built-in whistle which can be used to scare off an attacker or
                                                                                                                         and when the pin is removed
summon help if someone were to get lost while hiking in a remote
                                                                                                                         the alarm sounds at an ear
location. It is small and lightweight enough to be carried on your key
                                                                                                                         piercing 130db. The alarm is
chain so it’s always with you. Batteries included. 4N1LED -- $7.95                                                       also equipped with a
                                                                                                                         flashlight, useful for dark
                                                                                                                 parking lots or when entering a dark
                   Personal Alarm Flashlight                                  building. Perfect for real estate agents, night-shift employees and even
                   The KC-45 combines the two best deterrents                 children! Uses 2 AAA batteries (included) PL6-- $12.95
                   against attack--a 125db alarm and a flashing light. A
                   hidden disarm switch ensures that only the owner
                   can deactivate the alarm. Can be used as a                 12 Hour Glow Stick
                   flashlight without activating the alarm to provide                                                                      Ideal for
                   additional night time safety. Keychain. Battery                                                                         placing in
                   included. KC45-- $11.95                                                                                                 evacuation
                                                                              areas of home in case of fire, power outage, or other emergencies that
                                                                              require instant, dependable light to create a clearly-lighted path. With a 4
                                                                              year shelf life. Packaging will vary.
                                                                              SGS - $1.75 ea. 1-9 pcs.             $1.50 ea. 10+ pcs.
 18      PERSONAL SAFETY                                                                                        1-888-313-6400
                                        Super Door Stop Alarm                                           Bear Repellent
                                        Use this alarm to block a door                                                Guard Alaska 20% ultra hot pepper
                                        from being opened. If anyone tries                                            spray has proven so effective
                                        to open the door, this 125db alarm                                            repelling bears, it is the only one
                                        will sound. There is also a                                                  registered with the EPA as a
                                        movement sensor with adjustable                                              repellent for ALL SPECIES of bear! It
                                        sensitivity to activate the alarm if                                         is 9oz. with Shotgun fogger delivery.
                                        tampered with. A power switch                                               The range of spray is approximately
                                           allows you to turn off the alarm                                         15-20 feet. The can is 8-3/4" x 2"
                                                        so it does not go off                                       wide. Absolutely the most effective
                                                           in your luggage.                                         and powerful bear defense spray
                                                              Requires one                                          available today. Our formula is
 Portable                                                     9-volt battery                                        endorsed by the Alaska Science &
 Protection!                                                  (not included).                                       Technology Foundation. Six years of
                                                          DS2 -- $11.95                                           extensive testing in the wilds of Alaska.
                                                                                                        BR9 9oz. Bear Spray Repellent $29.95
                                                                                                        BR9H Bear Spray Holster $8.00

Wild Katz & Dogz Keychains
                                 These cute dogz & katz
                                                                                Dual Purpose Alarm
                                 are not toys, but are in                       This is a dual purpose 120db alarm, it acts as both a
                                 fact a very serious                            burglar alarm and a personal alarm. Hang it on any door
                                 defense weapon.                                knob (non-metallic doors) and it instantly and automatically
                                 The design has been                            sounds when an intruder touches the door knob. Carry it
                                 around for years,                              with you and just pull out the metal chain to sound the
                                 but the technology                             alarm and deter an assailant. Uses one 9-volt battery (not
                                 has gotten better.                             included). AL2 -- $8.95
                                 They are now
                                 made of an ultra-tough plastic material
that is very hard to break, which is exactly what you need should you                         Personal Alarm w/window Attachment
ever have to use this device. Makes a great gift for any woman. Made in                        Great 2 in 1 alarm. A must for the traveler, teenagers,
USA. WK Wild Kat or Dog $5.50                                                                  college students, walkers, the elderly and anyone who
                                                                                                  has safety concerns. This unit can be carried as a
                                                                                                  small personal alarm or used as a portable door/
                                                                                                 window alarm using the included attachment. Requires
                   Kubotan Techniques Manual                                                     one 9-volt battery (not included). This 130 decibel alarm
                   This manual shows you step by step how to use the
                                                                                                 is one of the loudest I have ever heard. Metal pull pin
                  kubotan. Studied by hundreds of law enforcement
                  officers. Until a few years ago, the general public did                        activation. PAL -- $9.95
                  not have access to this book. Over 100 pictures (56
                  pages). KTM -- $10.00
                                                                                5 in 1 Lifesaver Hammer
                                                                                The Lifesaver
                                                                                Hammer is actually 5
                                                                                lifesaving devices in
Metal Kubotans                                                                  one! The body is
                                                                                made of high impact
Our kubotans are an
                                                                                plastic while the
average size of 5”.
                                                                                striking head is made
Designed for pressure
                                                                                up of drop-forged
points, key
                                                                                steel and pointed to
slashing, jabbing
                                                                                easily break
and eye gouging.
                                                                                tempered car glass.
A simple yet effective
                                                                                The Lifesaver
                                                                                                                              Hammer is lightweight yet
                                                                                                                              durable and has a
                                                                                                                              contoured grip handle. It is
                                                                                                                              approximately 7" long and
                                                                                                                              weights 5 oz. Extricator
A -Ninja Keychain KNK -- $5.50                         C & D are available                                                    Lifesaver Hammer
                                                       in Red, Blue, Silver                                                   features a Seat Belt
B - Grip Kubotan KGK -- $6.00                          or Black (Please                                                       Cutter, Striking hammer to
C - Tapered Kubotan KTK -- $5.00                       specify color when                                                     shatter windows, Needle
D - Standard Kubotan KSK -- $5.00                                                                                             to deflate air bags,
                                                                                                                              Flashlight, Whistle, Glow
                                                                                                                              in dark decal, and
                                                                                                                              combination mounting kit
Plastic Kubotan                                                                                                               that easity mounts into
                                                This has always been one
                                                                                                                              any vehicle with carpet.
                                               of my favorites. It is hard as
                                                                                                                              For cars without carpet,
nails, and yet undetectable by metal detectors. It is lightweight and very
                                                                                there is Velcro with sticky tape included with the unit so you can
durable. Used properly, it is a very effective weapon. NFK -- $6.00             mount it almost anywhere. EMILSH -- $13.95
1-888-313-6400      ORDER FORM   19

            ORDER FORM
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locksmithing tools, the buyer asserts to be, without fraud or deception, a bonafied member of the locksmithing industry, or other
qualified personnel. If paying by credit card you are authorizing J & L to charge your account the Total shown on the order form.                                                                 PERSONAL SAFETY                                                   21
              Kitchen Fire Extinguisher                                        Electronic Watch Dog
              The chance of a fire starting in your kitchen is greater                                                  Police say a barking dog is an
              than anywhere else in your home. It's very easy to forget                                                 excellent way to deter burglars
              about the pan on the stove. If you get sidetracked and a                                                  and this one never needs food,
              fire starts and the smoke alarm goes off, you will wish                                                   water or to be taken for a
              you had one of these nearby. If you're still home, you may                                                walk.This is a unique alarm
              have time to react. Keep this unit handy to quickly                                                       system that uses the same
              extinguish any fires that may start. Contains 16 oz. of                                                   advanced technology as some
              aqueous film forming foam which is environmentally safe,                                                  police radar systems. With
              biodegradable, and nontoxic. Although it is labeled as a                                                  microwave technology, it is able
              kitchen fire extinguisher and works on liquid and grease                                                  to “see” through walls to
              fires, it will also extinguish wood and paper fires. This                                                 determine when someone is
              unit is perfect to keep outside by the BBQ grill, the garage     approaching and how close they are. When an intruder comes within 20
              work area, even near the fireplace in case some cinders          feet, it begins barking like an angry German Shepherd. The closer they
              land on the carpet. You can never have to many of these          come, the more frequent and more threatening the barking becomes.
              around the house.                                                EWD1 -- $99.00
              Size: 2-1/2" x 10".      KFE -- $13.95
                                                                               Dog Chaser
                                                                               Using the latest ultrasonic technology, this dog repeller
Canine Repellent                                  Big Jammer                   produces a discomforting but not harmful, high
                     EPA approved                 This is a strong 20          frequency sound, audible to dogs but not to humans.
                     Muzzle                       gauge steel adjustable       Help stop the approach of unwanted dogs at up to 15
                     provides safe,               door brace that installs     feet. Also, a useful aid in training dogs. Includes a belt
                     effective and                easily under door knob
                     humane                       and provides added           clip and low battery indicator.     DC1 -- $19.95
                     protection                   security for home or
                     against canine               business. Adjusts to fit
                     attack. Ideal                most hinged doors. End       Nap Zapper
                     protection for               caps can be removed to                                      Everyone has experienced drowsiness
                     walkers,                     allow for use on sliding                                     while driving. Some of us have actually
                     joggers,                     glass doors as well.                                         fallen asleep only to be awakened by the
                     cyclists or                  Clean, baked enamel                                           blaring horn of an oncoming car.
                     delivery                     finish makes it attractive                                    Avoid this potential tragedy by wearing
people. Includes a Velcro-like                    for in-house use.                             the Nap Zapper on your ear. If your head should nod,
attachment can secure unit to bike                80115 -- $19.95                               an alarm will go off, waking you and any sleeping
or car. Features flip-top safety                                                                passengers in the vehicle. Uses one 6 volt alkaline
cap, and contains 17 grams of                                                                   battery (included).    NZ1 -- $7.95
spray that will shoot 8-10 feet.
80146 -- $11.95
                                                                               Slide Away
                                                                               This compact, attractive alarm uses magnetic
Mace Window Alert                       MACE Sports Strobe                     affinity to initiate its 110 decible siren. The base
                This is a 95dB.                 Alarm                          of the alarm is bolted to door or window frame,
                glass breakage                                                 the actuator is connected to the window or
                                                         Sonic alarm
                alarm that                                                     door. The alarm is activated by opening the door
                                                         sounds a 130dB.
                attaches to                                                    or window. Great for any door or window,
                                                         blast that alerts
                windows and is                                                 particularly those hard to protect sliding glass
                                                         others for help. 3
                set off by                                                     doors. Requires 3 lithium button cell batteries
                                                         units in 1! To
                vibrations caused                        activate alarm,       (included). Available in Black or White.
                if someone tries to                     remove pin from        SLAW -- $6.95
                break through.                          the top of the unit
                Installs easily on                      to emit a 116db
                any window.
                Battery included.
                                        blast and flashing light. Small        Remote Child Monitor
                                        button on side of unit allows          Worn by the child, the cartoon animal-shaped
                80202 -- $8.95          strobe light to be used as a           transmitter sends a constant signal to the
                                        flashlight. 80238 -- $15.95                     receiver, which is held by the adult.
                                                                                        The signal is adjustable - from a
Driveway Patrol                                                                                        distance of 3 to 21
This portable alarm is also known as a "Drive Way Alert" and will alert                                feet, so when the child
you if a car or person passes by the transmitter.                                                      goes beyond the set
Simply place the transmitter near the                                                                  distance, the adult's
entrance to your driveway, anything                                                                    receiver starts to beep,
passing by will cause the receiver                                                                    letting them know that
to sound a pleasant chime. Can also                                                                  the child is starting to
be placed by the front door to alert                                                                wander off. Frequencies
you if children try to leave the home.                                                             adjust themselves
Will alert business owners, working                                                               automatically to alert the
in the back, to customers entering                                                              proper receiver if more than one adult is in the same
their store. Simple installation-                                              area using the Child Guard monitoring system. Now available in hanging
wireless. 400 ft. range. Requires                                              Panda or green dog necklace. Lithium batteries included.
one 9 volt and three 'C' batteries. (Not included) DP -- $28.95                YS-077 Dog $18.95                        YS-088 Panda $18.95
 22       MISCELLANEOUS                                                                                      1-888-313-6400
Fart Machine 2                                                                  Spy Glasses
                               Just when you thought farts sounds could         These ordinary looking sun                               OLDSPG
                               not get any better, we now have the “New         glasses have a unique
                               Improved” Remote Controlled Fart Machine. can see behind
                               You can trigger farts up to 100 feet away.       you. They have a special
                               There are 15 unique fart sounds that are                          NEWSPG
                               emitted one at a time when you press the
                               remote. Just place the noise-making portion
                               of the Fart Machine under a chair, table or in                                            coating that allows you to look
                               any inconspicuous location, and keep the                                                  straight ahead and still see what
                               remote control device hidden in your pocket.     is going on behind you. Available in the original black frames shown on
                               When your victim gets near the machine,          the right or the new modern style shown to the left.
                               just press the button and get ready for the      NEWSPG -- $8.95                          OLDSPG -- $6.00
                               laughs! You don't even have to be in the
                               same room to activate it. Create embarrass-
ing situations deliberately or just for simple, pure fun. FM -- $14.95
                                                                                Counterfeit Money Detector Pen
                                                                                                                                    This pen is designed
                                                                                                                                    for detection of
Pistol Crossbow                                                                                                                     counterfeit bills,
                   Our crossbow has a 50 pound draw, cocking lever,                                                                 American and most
                       adjustable sights, safety, durable fiber construc-                                                           Foreign bills. It's easy
                       tion, and comes with three plastic bolts (arrows).                                                           and simple to use. All
                              Bolts fired travel at 130 feet per second                                                             that you have to do is
                                       with pinpoint accuracy up to 20          run the pen over the currency to detect for counterfeit bills.When
                                                yards. This pistol              doing so one of two colors will appear: AMBER: mark means it is
                                                crossbow has outstand-          genuine. DARK: mark means it is counterfeit. It is that easy. The pen
                                              ing performance and is            fits right into your pocket. Perfect for restaurants, banks, retailers,
                                            powerful and portable.              personal use, or any cash business. Don't allow yourself or your
                                           CB1 -- $19.95                        business to be a victim. (Money not included:-) CDP -- $4.50

                                       Plastic Arrows                           Rubber Band Gun
                                       Pack of 12 plastic
                                       arrows for 50 or 80
                                                                                This multi-shot repeater rubber
                                       pound crossbows.
                   Aluminum            CBAP -- $4.00
                                                                                band gun is great for kids from
                                                                                4 to 104. These things are
                   Arrows                                                       loads of fun and made to last.
                   Pack of 12                                                   This gun is made of a hard
                   aluminum                                                     durable plastic. Much better than the wooden guns of the past. This
                   arrows for 50
                   or 80 pound
                                                 50 lb. String &                gun is 15" long and has a 12" barrel. It fires as fast as you can pull the
                                                                                trigger. It weighs only a few ounces and can withstand much abuse.
                   crossbows.                    Tips
                                                                                Includes 10 rubber bands. RBG Rubber Band Gun $3.95
                   CBA -- $6.50                  Extra string and tips
                                                                                RB50 50 Pack Rubber Band Ammo Pack $2.00
                                                 for 50 lb. crossbow.
                                                                                RBLB 1 lb (aprox. 300) Rubber Band Ammo Pack $5.95
                                                 S50 -- $3.00

                      Since 1952, Trumark has been manufactur-                  Tournament Folding Slingshot with
                      ing the highest quality slingshots available.             Fiber Optic Sites
                      They are made here in the USA, and are                                                          This is a
                      now offered in our catalog.
                                                                                                                       tournament model with sites that
                                                                                                                 rotate around the fork. Comes with a
Folding Slingshot                                                                                                snap-open handle that stores ammo. It
                                                  Heavy Pull Re-                                                 has a light aluminum frame, Heavy-Pull
                                                  placement Band                                                 Powerband and a foam padded arm
                                                  Replaces worn out                                              brace. 225 yard range. Made in USA.
                                                  bands on most sling                                            WR4 -- $21.95
                                                  WRR -- $5.00
                                                                                Ball Bearing Ammo                       Tracer Ammo

This high-quality unit has a snap-                    Sling shots can
open handle that stores ammo. It                      not be shipped
has a light aluminum frame, Heavy-                    to MA
Pull Powerband and a foam
padded arm brace. 225 yard                                                      This Ball Bearing ammo is 1/4" in       This marble-like ammo is 1/2" in
range. Made in USA.                                                             diameter. 144 pcs.                      diameter. 72 pcs.
WR1 -- $11.95                                                                   WRA2 -- $5.00                           WRA3 -- $5.00                                                                        MISCELLANEOUS                                                    23
                  The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks                                                                       Stink Bombs
                  by George Hayduke                                                                                       I am proud to say that this
                  A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get                                                   product really does stink:-) This
                  even with big business, government and enemies.                                                         is the stuff we could not get
                  These dirty tricks range from the simple to the                                                         when we were kids. Well I say
                  elaborate, including more sophisticated schemes                                                         you are never too old to have
                  devised by CIA and Mafia members and political dirty                                                    some fun. You get 3 stink bombs
                  tricksters. For entertainment purposes only. hardcover,                                                 in each pack.
                  208 pp. GE -- $22.95                                                                                    Stink1- 1 Pack $1.25
                                                                                                                          Stink12- 12 Packs $12.00
Spy Ear
This powerful sound amplifier can                                                                                                        Have lots of
enable you to hear even a whisper
                                                                              12 Head Laser Pointer
                                                                                                                                         fun with
from across the room. Fun for kids                                                                                                       these high-
but can also be used by seniors to improve their                                                                                         intensity laser
hearing. Adjustable volume. Batteries included. SEAR     -- $3.50                                                                        pointers.Great
                                                                                                                                         for driving the
                  Dummy Grenades                                                                                                         cat or dog
                                                                              crazy, messing with your friends, or just pointing out something off in the
                  These look and feel real because they are actually
                  made from the original US government molds. These           distance. Includes 12 laser heads and batteries. LP12 -- $3.95
                  are real grenades without the explosive components. A
                  great conversation piece for your desk, an ideal gift for   Rite Edge Multipurpose Tool Set
                  military buffs, your boss or even your even your ex-
                  wife. “Loads” of fun for the whole family!
                  Cannot be shipped to CA or MA.
                  HG1 -- $12.00

Tripwire Booby Traps
                              These tripwire booby traps are lots of
                              fun. Tie them around and scare your
                                                friends. Also know
                                                when someone is
                                                coming near to your
                                                secret place. There are
12 in each pack, and you get 6 packs for $1.00.
BT -- $1.00 (6 packs)         BTB -- $20.00 1 Brick (144 packs)

Mammoth Smoke Bombs                                                                                             This Rite Edge 84 piece multi-tool set is a
                                                                                                      very nice quality set. You get a a stainless steel
                                                                              multi tool that has pliers, scissors, and other blades and tools as well as
                                                                              stainless sockets. You also get 48 different screwdriver bits that include
                                                                              torx bits as well as Allen hex heads and many other useful heads. This
                                                                              is a great set for any automobile or home tool set. Once you own a kit
                                                                              like this, you find yourself using it all the time. This is a great item for teen
These smoke bombs are loads of fun. They are great for signaling              drivers to have in the car as well as college students to have in the
aircraft, paint ball games, or just plain fun. 5" long. Generates 7,000-      dorm. These are priced low enough that you could buy one for every
8,000 cubic feet of smoke. Highly visible white smoke, Non-Explosive.
                                                                              vehicle. SZ212936 -- $13.95
SMOKE5 -- 1-9 pc. $1.75 ea.              10+ $1.50 ea.

Sportsman Smoke Bombs                                                         Push Button Automatic Baton
                                   These smoke bombs are excellent
                                   quality. They are made in the USA,
                                   and are great for signaling aircraft,
                                   paint ball games, or just plain fun.
                                   (2-3/4" long by 1-1/2" in diameter).
Generates 22,000 cubic feet of smoke in 75 seconds! Highly visible                                   This pushbutton automatic baton also known as a
white smoke, Non-Explosive. SSB -- $5.50                                                          (Tokusho Keibo) opens instantly with the simple push
                                                                              of a button. This unit locks out fast and hard and it is hard to close, but
                                                                              this was an intentional thing to keep the baton rigid during combat. You
Commando Smoke Grenade                                                        can see some tips on our site for how to close this if you have trouble.
                                                         The commando         We also show you how to
                                                         smoke grenade        remove the guard so the unit
                                                         generates            looks more like a traditional baton
                                                         40,000 cubic         as shown here. The PAB is a
                                                         feet of smoke. It    nice quality unit that includes a
can be used for a variety of applications including disaster training,        quality leather case that holds
firefighting exercises, smoke screen, air flow studies, war games etc.        the closed baton in securely.
These are heavy duty, and put out a huge amount of smoke. If you want         Open Length: 20-1/4", Closed
a toy, then buy the military smoke shown above. SMOKE2 -- $9.00               Length: 8-1/2". PAB -- $29.95
 24       COUNTER SURVEILLANCE                                                                               1-888-313-6400
 SpyFinder Camera Detector                                                                               Audio Jammer
                                                           Are you being                                 Our audio jammer protects room conversations
                                                               watched?                                  where sensitive information may be ex-
                                                                                                         changed by generating a random masking
                                                                   We all                                sound which desesitizes any microphone that
                                                                  have the                               is near. This jammer is effective against any
                                                                  feeling                                microphone based eavesdropping device
                                                               sometimes                                 including tape recorders, RF transmitters, hard
                                                       that we are being                                 wired microphones and shotgun microphones.
 spied on. This is why Counter-Surveillance has become a huge                                            Protects up to 150 square foot of space. You
 business. Camera detectors work great if the camera is wireless and                                     can use multible units for larger areas. Uses
 transmitting a frequency. Until the SpyFinder was introduced, there was                                 one 9 volt battery. Measures 4 1/2” x 2 1/2” x 1
 no way to detect a wired pinhole camera. The Spyfinder is a compact                                     1/2”. J1000 -- $139.00
                                       battery powered device that allows
                                       visual detection of any hidden or spy
                                      camera, powered on or not. Any and
                                      all hidden cameras will be detected       Suresafe RF Signal Detector
                                      by this device. The SpyFinder works       This RF Signal Detector (Bug Detector) is used
                                      on the principle of optical augmenta-     to detect peeping cameras, tapping, cellular
                                     tion. This means that light is reflected   phones and other radio frequency devices.
                                     from a focused optical system. This        Avoid peeping or tapping to protect privacy or
                                     is analogous to the "red eye" effect       protect information being disclosed secretly. it
 you get when taking photographs. What this means for you is that the           has a detecting range of 50MHz ~ 6.0GHz.
 light emitted from the SpyFinder is reflected by the hidden camera and is      Stop disturbance of cellular phones
 seen through the special viewfinder in such a way that false positives         communication within desired control areas.
 are virtually eliminated. This is small enough that you can keep it with       The BD1 has 3 LEDs and Vibration mode.
 you anywhere you go. Inspect dressing rooms, your office, locker               When it discovers cellular phone or peeping
 rooms, anyplace you are suspicious of. No camera can hide! Includes            camera, the LEDs will light from Level 1 to
 complete instructions. SF103 -- $99.95                                         Level 2 to Level 3, and the beeping sound will
                                                                                change from Slow to Rapid indicating the
                                                                                strength of detected signal. Set the switch to
Pen RF & Camera Detector                                                        Silent and it will vibrate on detection when
                                                                                scanning an environment. User also can detect by earphone without
                                                                                others being aware. This unit is small, 3-3/8" x 2-1/8" x 1" so it can fit
                                                                                right in your pocket. It is simple use, so you do not need to be a trained
This RF Detector pen can protect you from hidden cameras and wire               CIA operative to use it. Earphone and two AAA batteries included.
taps. You can casually and inconspicuously scan your house, hotel               Equipped with Belt Clip. Overall, we feel this is our most versatile RF
room, office, dorm room or any other place you need privacy. Even if            detector and best value for the money. BD1 -- $89.95
you think someone could be spying on you, then you might want to pick
up a camera detector and run periodic scans of your place. The pen
automatically detects wireless signals and alerts you with a red                     Bug Detector with Strength Meter
flashing light at the tip of the pen according to signal strength the                This unit is the highest quality personal RF Detector on the market.
flashing will be more frequent. Push the button on the side of the pen                Its compact size enables you to conceal it on your body for
to illuminate the UV light to check for counterfeit currency by detecting              private sweeping of wireless listening devices. In the RF mode,
the water mark. You’ll never have to worry about turning the pen on to                  the unit will signal you in case of danger.
detect a signal it is always on detecting for you. Detects 100MHz-                       It can also be used as a quality sweep unit and comes in a hard
3GHz frequencies from a distance of up to 10 feet. This unit is also a                    shell case with earphone and rechargeable NiCad battery. Full
functioning ink pen. SK199 -- $39.95                                                                     detection range from 1 MHz to 3 GHz.
                                                                                                                Frequency Range=1MHz to 3 GHz
Super Tap Buster                                                                                                Battery=5 x AA 600m/AH NiCd
                                               The Super Tap Buster                                             Battery Life=6HRs in use/500 stand by
                                               constantly monitors line                                        Ant. Impedance=50 Ohms
                                               voltage on the built in LCD                                     Silent Alert Mode=No
                                                display. Allowing the user to                                  Beeper=Yes
                                                notice any changes on their                                    Low Battery Indicator=No
                                                telephone line indicating                                      Barograph=Ultra Sensitive 5 Sections
                                              someone listening on an                                          Dimensions (L)(W)(H)=3.9" x 2.75" x
                                           extension or tap on the telephone                                   1.2Includes: Antenna, charger and rugged
                                        line. When the extension is picked up   carrying case.     CS-101-BD -- $220.00
                                     or the Super Tap Buster detects
possible wire tapping the audio is muted and the red LED warning light
will flash. Built in voltage regulator for easy adjustability of dial tones     Telephone Tap Detector
worldwide. Includes: Super Tap Buster, Phone line, AC adapter                   The New Tele-Data Guard keeps your
Specifications:                                                                 calls private…and more. If during a
* Defeats most common wire taps and bugging such as: Telephone tape             phone conversation the green light goes
recorders, Hook switch by pass, Hot microphone, Series transmitters,            out, someone has activated a tap or picked
Infinity transmitters.                                                          up an extension. Press the red button to resume talking,
* Automatically cuts off audio so your conversation will not be recorded        now with caution. LED also tells you – before you pick up –
* Automatically transmits a warning beep to the person you are talking to       if the line is in use. Like a mini-phone system, protecting your
* Continuous display of line Voltage                                            faxes or modems from interruption, saving you steps, and insuring your
TD1001 -- $149.00                                                               privacy. Requires no batteries. TTD -- $12.95                                                                                  SURVEILLANCE                                                       25
                                  Bionic Ear and Booster                      Complete DVR Surveillance Kit
                                  Amplify faint or distant sounds with our
                                  Bionic Ear and Booster Set. Listen by
                                  pointing the unit in the direction of
                                  sounds up to 100 yards away. The set
                                  comes with a 12" parabolic dish and
                                  has a recorder out put jack to record
                                  the sounds picked up by the Bionic Ear.
                                                                                                                           Our complete DVR
                                  BIONICEAR -- $189.95                                                                    surveillance kit includes a
                                                                                                                         256 MB mini DVR, Color
                                                                              button camera and sunglasses, both are powered by the DVR. Perfect
                                                                              for body worn surveillance for the professional or the DIY. This unit is
Color Bullet Camera                                                           an amazing deal. You can record with covert sunglasses or a covert
This wired bullet camera is an excellent                                      button camera and record right to the mini DVR in your pocket. The DVR
high resolution, low light weatherproof                                       has a 2.5 TFT LCD Color Screen with 320 x 240 TV resolution. The unit
camera. This indoor/ outdoor is one of                                        has a rechargeable battery that last for hours, so you can record most
the most popular mini cameras on the market.                                  situations and have a permanent record right at your fingertips. This unit
Businesses and homeowners alike use these high quality                        connects right to your computer via USB to download the files you have
bullet cameras to keep an eye on their property. Mounts                       recorded and also has playback wires so you can connect it to your TV
almost anywhere, and very simple to hook up. Plugs into                       or VCR. Although this unit included 256 mb of memory, we highly
any VCR or video input on a TV. Includes power supply                         recommend getting additional SD memory for longer record times. We
and mounting bracket.                                                         have some shown below at good prices, but you can also find it at
BT-113WC - Color $99.00                                                       Radio Shack or a local computer store.
                                                                              C7000 -- $450.00

Super IR Color Armor Dome                                                     SD Memory Card
This is a high quality, extreme armor                                         Standard SD memory cards which can be used with the
dome camera that is weatherproof                                              complete surveillance kit shown above or the DV200 on
and tamperproof that uses the latest                                          this page as well as many digital camera and any other
CCD technology from Sony's 420 line,                                          item that uses “SD Memory”.
1/3" Super color sensor. Auto                                                 SD1000 - 1 Gig Chip $35.00
switching Day / Night with 26 Infrared
                                                                              SD2000 - 2 Gig Chip $55.00
LED's that allow you to see 50' in total
darkness. Adjustable dome with lock collar
for easy installation and adjustment. Rated                                   Personal Digital Video Capture Camera
for 24 hr. continual use. Dimensions Approx.                                                                                         This battery operated
120mm (W) 87mm (D). Includes, Power supply.                                                                                          Home Guard Personal
AD100IR -- $150.00                                                                                                                   Digital Video Capture
                                                                                                                                     Camera has 128 MB
                                                                                                                                     ram for fast action
Palm Size Multifunctional Recorder                                                                                                   snapshots when
                 This is the World’s smallest multipurpose digital system                                                            motion is detected.
                 it’s a camera, camcorder, and voice recorder. This                                                                  Simply place the unit in
                         Palm size recorder is small and sleek, internal                                                             a desired location and
                                and external memory using an SD card                                                                 turn it on. It is capable
                                for extended memory (not included                                                                    of capturing more than
                                records up to 6 hours of video, tons of                                                              16,000 frames. Simple
                                still shots, or 256 hours of audio (depend-   and discrete to use this new item is perfect for home, office or
                                ing on the size of your SD card). Easily      anywhere you need personal protection. This is a great unit if you want
                                downloads via USB to your computer.           to watch an area of your house without spending a fortune. Simply set
                               When you want something discreet pick          it up and when any motion happens it snaps pictures, its that simple.
                               the tiny DV200. You can add a 1GB card         You can then play back the unit on your TV or record to your VCR. Unit
                               about and get about 11,000 pictures, 2         Measures 3 3/4” x 2 1/2” x 1 1/4”. Runs on four AA batteries for 6
                               hours of video or 256 hours of audio           hours of battery life or the included AC adapter. We have a 512 MB
                               recording. Unit includes software,             version coming out shortly which will take 64,000 images.
                               connect cable and users manual.                Specifications
                               Specifications                                    * 1/4 Color CMOS Camera with 128Mb Flash RAM
                                  * Use As Digital Data Computer Capture          * Covert 3.7mm Pinhole Lens with 90 Degree FOV, 0.80 LUX
                                  * Digital camera, Digital video, mass           * 640x480 or 320x240 Recording Modes
                              storage, audio record, PC camera                   * High/Medium/Standard Recording Quality
                                  * Electronic coupling element: CMOS             * Selectable Motion Detection Sensitivity
                              sensor 300k pixels                                   * Record speed range from 1 frame every 10 seconds,
                                  * Memory device: built-in 5.9MB SDRAM            * or as fast as 15 frames per second @320x240
                              and SD card support                                * Time and Date Stamp
                                  * Image resolution: 640 x 480 pixels            * Searchable Play-Back
                              (VGA), 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)                      * Can be mounted to a wall via the included tilt/ swivel bracket
                                   * Internal 5.9MB SDRAM, about 80               * or just set on a desk or counter top.   Please Note: Although J & L maintains a
photos or 40 seconds of video                                                    * PAL or NTSC ready                        very liberal return policy, it does not apply
                                                                                                                                    to cameras or related equipment. There
  * Functions: recording video files, recording audio files, taking photos,   IC91128 - 16,000 Frames $340.00                       are no returns on camera products.
web camera, U-disk. Size: 3” x 1 1/4” x 1/8”        DV200 -- $89.95           IC91512 - 64,000 Frames $CALL                         Defective items will be replaced.
 26       SPY STUFF                                                                                                   1-888-313-6400
                           Micro Telephone Recorder                              TeleSpy™ Intruder Detector
                                   Keep a portable record of every               The TeleSpy™ is a clever and reliable
                                   conversation. The Micro telephone             combination of a telephone, a
                                   Recorder captures both sides of               motion sensor, and a
                                   your telephone conversation with              microphone. The
                                   clarity. A built in telephone                 TeleSpy is an ordinary
                                   interface eliminates cumbersome               telephone that doubles as
                                   external boxes. Voice activation              a monitoring system. Simply
                                  starts recording when the phone                enter any phone number you
                                  is in use and stops when the call              want the unit to call and turn the
                                  is completed, also eliminating silent          motion sensor switch to on. Should motion
                                  periods. Two-speed circuitry                   be detected the phone will dial the number entered and upon answering
produces 3 hours of recording time per 90-minute standard micro-                 you will be able to listen in via the amplified microphone on the unit. The
cassette. Includes phone adapter and cord.T700 -- $45.95                         TeleSpy allows you to decide from a safe location if it is a friend or foe
                                                                                 before you call the police. The listening period is about 30 seconds, then
                                                                                 the TeleSpy disconnects and instantly re-arms to detect again and again.
CheckMate Semen Detection Kit                                                    Operates from any phone line, requires no installation, and is completely
                                Do you suffer from the nightmare of              portable. No monitoring fees. No false alarms. TELESPY -- $64.95
                                suspicion and doubt caused by the infidelity
                                of a cheating spouse or have a concern that
                                your child is sexually active? Find out what's
                                                                                 PC Phone Recorder
                                                                                                                     Now you can record your telephone
                                really going on the quick and easy way with
                                                                                                                     calls to your computer using our new
                                 CheckMate. CheckMate is a patented home
                                                                                                                     PC Recorder. After loading the
                                 use semen detection test kit that instantly
                                                                                                                     software on your computer and
                                 detects invisible traces of dried semen or
                                                                                                                 plugging your phone into the PC
                                 "sperm" that can be found in underwear
                                                                                                                Recorders’s dual outlet. Simply plug the PC
                                 after sex. This kit was designed exclu-
                                                                                                                Recorder's audio cable into the MIC “IN” on
                                 sively for accurate test results in 5 minutes
                                                                                                               the sound card jack on the computer follow
                                 or less without damaging or staining the
                                                                                                          the directions on the software and begin
article being tested. The test will detect invisible semen stains on
                                                                                 recording. It’s that simple. The software allows you to save and replay
undergarments or clothing for up to 2 years if they haven't been
                                                                                 calls. Includes recorder adapter, software, phone cord and instructions.
washed. It is easy to use and you get 10 tests in each kit. CheckMate's
patented semen detection formula also completely eliminates the                  PC001 -- $79.95
possibility of false positive test results. CM178 -- $39.95
                                                                                 Pen Scope
Telephone Recording Interface                                                                                                    The Pen Scope is a monocular
This device makes any recorder into a                                                                                            that is small enough to fit into
telephone recording device. Adapts to single                                                                                     your shirt pocket. With a 6x
line or multi line telephones. It is compatible                                                                                  focus and its compact design
with all modular type telephones because it                                                                                      this is a perfect monocular to
fits between the handset and the base. Can                                                                                       carry for covert operations.
even be used on digital office phones.                                                                                           Includes rugged nylon carrying
Records both ends of a converstion and will                                                                                      case.SG401 -- $22.95
work with any recorder that has 3.5mm mic
inputs including our digital models shown on
this page. TRX20 -- $24.95                                                       Digital Time Stamp Voice/Room Recorders
                                                                                 The DR1065 & DR1130 have more features for the
                                                                                 money than any other units we offer. They are
                         16 Hour Hi-Tech                                         cutting edge weighing in at only 2 ounces! These
                         Digital Voice/Room                                      units are exactly the same other than record time.
                                                                                 The DR1065 has 65 hours of record time and the
                         Recorder                                                DR1130 has 130 hours of record time. Both units are
                         Having a digital recorder means                         compact in size and have a built-in speaker for
                         you never need to flip tape. This                       immediate playback. What makes these units unique
                         digital recorder is compact in                          is the "Time Stamp" feature. It records the time & date
                         size and has a built-in speaker                         when recordings were made, as well as displays the
                         for immediate playback. With the                        current date and time on the LCD screen. It is also
easy-to-use controls you can record personal mes-                                capable of playing or recording at a scheduled time.
sages and record to/from external devices like your PC                           You can also set the unit to sound an alarm at a
with ease. Uploads to your PC are a snap with the                                scheduled time. Both units can record up to 396 files
included USB cable and software. You can even send                               of messages that are arrangeable into 4 folders and
the recordings as email. Also includes a telephone                               uses USB to load data into your PC quickly and easily.
attachment so you can connect it to a phone and record                           Included are telephone attachments so you can
conversations (not legal without consent). The DR16                              connect it to a phone and record conversations (not legal without
has 16 hours of record time and records up to 396 files                          consent). Both units feature recovery support for erased files, variable
of messages that are arrangeable into 4 folders. Batteries last about 8          clock and LCD functions, hearing aid function features, record indicator,
hours, but there is a port for an AC adapter (not included) so you can           auto play search and voice-activated recording. Includes: Stereo
record for days or weeks at a time. The adapter is sold separately. The          earphone, external microphone, USB cable, hand strap, telephone
DR16 features an LCD display, auto play search and voice-activated               recording adapter, telephone cord, PC software, AC adapter and
recording. Also comes with an earphone, external microphone, USB
                                                                                 batteries. 1-year Limited Warranty.           It is the user’s responsibility to ensure
cable, hand strap, telephone recording adapter, telephone cord, PC                                                                   that conversations are only recorded in
software and batteries. 1-year Limited Warranty.                                 DR1065 65 Hr Recorder $179.00                       accordance with the law of the
                                                                                                                                     jurisdiction where the equipment is
DR16 Recorder $114.95 DR16AC - AC ADAPTER $11.95                                 DR1130 130 Hr Recorder $219.00                      utilized.                                                                                                SPY STUFF                                 27
                       Telephone Voice Changer                                                   Hi Tec Telephone Voice Changer II
                       This Telephone Voice Changer disguises your                              Now you can answer the telephone without anyone
                       voice by digitizing it. The degree of change can be                      recognizing your voice. Press a button and completely
                       adjusted as you are speaking by pressing the                             change your voice. There are 8 different voice changing
                       buttons located on the front of the unit. Pocket                         settings. A man can sound like a stranger, a women like a
                       sized for portability, weighs 3.9 oz. Easy to use                        man, or a grand-dad like a child. Unlike most voice
                       and is compatible with all telephones simply hold it                     changers, the Voice Changer II connects to your
                       over the mouthpiece and speak normally. Uses                             handset, making it compatible with most telephones. Take
                       one 9-volt battery (not included).                                       it anywhere. Measures just 5" x 3" x 1/2"! Operates on 2
TVC1 -- $24.95                                                                                  “AA” batteries (not included) and includes handset
                                                                                 connector cable. Will not work on cordless phones or phones
                      Super Ear                                                  with dialing buttons on the handset. TVC2 -- $39.95
                      The high tech multi-element microphone is covered
                      by a protective foam windscreen and mounted in
                      an acoustically engineered sound boom that
                                                                                                       Invisible Marking Pen
                                                                                                       This is a really nice product that allows anyone to
                      swivels 180 degrees for maximum directionality.
                                                                                                       mark their own belongings in such a way that no
                      Pick up bird calls from 100 yards away. Enjoy the
                                                                                                       one can see it unless they
                      sounds of nature as never before. Can be used
                                                                                                       hold a black light up to is as
                      with tape recording devices. Accessories include a
                                                                                                       shown. It is perfect for
                      binocular mounting clip and Velcro strips for
                                                                                                       marking money to catch a
                      attaching the unit to binoculars, and a stainless
                                                                                                       thief or just to put your
                      steel pocket clip for indoor and outdoor use. Uses 1
                                                                                                       drivers license or ID # onto
                      “AAA” battery (included). SSE -- $39.95                                          your property.
                                                                                                       IPEN -- $3.95
                 Ultraviolet Thief Detection Powder
                 This Thief Detection Powder is invisible to the naked eye.      Mini Blacklite
                 It allows you to mark an item without anybody knowing.                                                         This dual function black light
                 Once the powder is touched it remains on fingers and                                                           is perfect size to keep with
                 hands for several days and can only be seen by                                                                 you on your keychain. It
                 ultraviolet light. UVP -- $27.95                                                                               can be used to illuminate
                                                                                                                                anything that can be seen
Titanium Ice Pick                                                                                                               under black light such as
                                                                                                                                our Invisible Marking Pen or
                                                                                 Thief Detection Powder to detect your personal property. You can also
                                                                                 use it to inspect paper money for counterfeit. MBL -- $2.95
The Solid Titanium Ice Pick is a state-of-the-art tool that has more uses
than just making ice sculptures. Lightweight and robust, this pick will
never rust, even when exposed repeatedly to a salt water environment.            Titanium Charge Card
Since it's titanium, it has no magnetic signature, making it an ideal mine                               This charge card has no annual fee, no outrageous
probe when magnetically detonated ordnance is encountered. Its lightly                                         interest rates, and is definitely the preferred
scalloped handle helps maintain a firm grip should this tool need to be                                               card when the chips are down. Gold
deployed as a weapon or an ice rescue tool. Milled from a solid .5" rod of                                                    cards are nice, platinum cards
GAL4V titanium. Includes lanyard hole. Overall length: 9.25". Weight: 3                                                         are even better, but the
oz. Can not be shipped to CA or MA TI -- $54.95                                                                                 titanium card is the one you
                                                                                                                              should never leave home
                                                                                                                            without. This card, made of
StealthCam™ Recluse                                                                                                      titanium, fits in your wallet just like
                                                                                                                       your plastic cards. But this one can
                                                                    It looks
                                                                                 cut you out of a sticky situation where your life might be worth more
                                                                    like a
                                                                                 than the spending limit of your regular credit card. The edge on one of
                                                                    black box
                                                                                 the long sides of this card is chisel ground to a sharp edge, giving you a
                                                                    but is it?
                                                                                 covert weapon that will pass un-noticed through all but the most
                                                             The StealthCam
                                                                                 thorough searches. Comes in a Tyvek? envelope to protect your wallet.
                                                      Recluse is an all-
                                                                                 Color: matte finish titanium. Size: standard credit card (2.12" x 3.47").
                                              inclusive recording device in a
                                      simple small black box. The enclosed       Thickness: 1 mm. TCC -- $22.95
 DVR and camera become invisible as the plain black case blends into
any background. Inside this ordinary looking black box is actually a             Peephole Reverser
motion activated camera, with a recording system using a SD card for                                                       The unique Peephole Reverser
Memory, The StealthCam Recluse can go anywhere and record every-                                                             was developed to assist law
thing without attracting any attention. Just Set the box in your desired                                                     enforcement officers assess
location and begin recording. The Recluse has a built-in CMOS color                                                          potential threats or activity
camera that has a low lux rating with a 75° view and a rechargeable Li-                                                      behind dwelling doors. It's
polymer battery that will power the device for approx 6 hours of                                                             quick and simple to deploy -
continuous recording. With its easy to operate on screen menu and                                                            just place the unit's smaller
functional LED indicators, operating this stealthcam is a breeze. This unit                                               end over the peephole and you
is only 3-1/4” x 5-1/8” x 1”. You could set it on a mantle and place a           can look into the room without alerting anyone inside. Its special lens
figurine on it and no one would know you were actually recording them.           system actually negates the peephole's lenses, allowing the user to
Kit includes Recluse unit with rechargeable battery, 512 mb SD card, SD          view directly into the room. Compatible with most common peepholes
card reader, Remote control, AV cables, Power adapter, Instruction               used on apartments and homes in the U.S. Weatherproof composite
Manual. The included SD card will hold 1 hour of record time. We have            casing and high quality custom-designed precision ground glass lenses.
larger SD memory cards on page 25. SC1072 -- $449.00                             Carrying pouch included. Length: 2.7". PR -- $69.95
 28      LOCK PICKS                                                                                            1-888-313-6400
                       Beginners Pick Set                                                                                           14 Piece Basic
                       This small lockpick set is perfect for beginners. It
                       is capable of opening most pin-tumbler locks with
                                                                                                                                    Pick Set
                                       just a little practice. The set                                                    This 14 piece general
                                        includes your four most common                                                    purpose lock pick set is
                                            picks, a tension wrench,                                                      ideal for the novice as
                                            beginners instruction manual                                                 well as experienced. A
                                            and a leather carry case. A                                               complete assortment of
                                            great buy for 20 bucks! (This                                          tension wrenches. Includes the
                                            book is only available with       most popular designed picks and a handy key extractor. Leather pouch
                                            this combo set)                   is included. PS1 -- $34.95
                                           BPS -- $14.95
                                                                                                         Seventeen Piece Lock Pick Set
                                                                                                         The PXS-17 lock pick set is one of the finest
                            20 Piece Deluxe Pick Set                                                     available. It comes with an assortment of picks,
                            This 20 piece set is a handy shirt pocket                                    everything necessary to pick any pin-tumbler
                            size. The picks included are the standard                                    lock, and includes a fully machined, inter-
                            choice of the industry. Each pick is made of                                 changeable polished brass handle. This set is
                            stainless steel, electroless nickel plated for                               versatile, durable, and includes a rugged
                            durability and rust resistance and tempered                                  zippered leather case!
                            to the correct degree of hardness. Perfect                                   PXS-17 -- $34.95
                            for wafer, six or seven pin tumbler locks.                                                                 Please Note: No Returns on lock
                             PS2 -- $44.95                                                                                             pick sets or related merchandise.
                                                                                                                                       Basically anything on these pages
                                                                                                                                       is non-returnable. Damaged or
                                                                                                                                       defective items will be replaced.
                                                                              69 Piece Professional Pick Set
                              32 Piece Master Pick Set                        The best of the best! This huge pick set contains
                                  This set consists of 32 picks, tension      62 tools. A wise choice for the master locksmith
                                         tools and extractor. The tools       or the novice. It contains a general assortment
                                         are made from the finest spring      of the most popular
                                          steel available, electroless        picks, tension
                                          nickel plated for durability and    wrenches, key
                                          rust resistance. It comes with      extractors and
                                          a hip pocket sized top grain        feelers. The picks
                                           leather case. This is one of       are made from the
                                           our most popular sets.             finest spring steel
                               PS3 -- $74.95                                  available, electro-
                                                                              less nickel plated
                                                                              for durability and
Jackknife Pick Set                                                            rust resistance. Set also
             You are looking at a work of art. This is the worlds             inludes the warded keys shown below. If you want it all, get this set!
              finest jackknife  pick set. It looks like a small pocket
                                knife. It has a machined aluminum
                                                                              PS4 -- $139.95                        By placing an order for locksmithing tools, the
                                                                                                                    buyer asserts to be, without fraud or deception,
                                handle that is only 3-1/2" long and                                                 a bonafied member of the locksmithing industry,
                                1/4" thick. It holds 5 picks and a                                                  or other qualified personnel.
                                                                              Power Picks
                                tension tool inside the handle. This
                                                                                                                 Lots of claims are made about electric
                                unit is fully self contained and is a
                                                                                                                              lock picks... Most are
                                 must for anyone who has been
                                                                                                                                exaggerations. These are
                                  locked out at one time or another. It
                                                                                                                                not magical "electronic"
                                   fits right on the key ring, which is
                                                                                                                                picks as others would
                                    the perfect place in case you
JPS -- $39.95                                                                                                                      have you believe! They
                                    need it.                                                                                       require some skill to
Also Available:                                                                                                                    use, but for most, are
New Featherweight Jackknife                                                                                                        easier to use than
The newest in our line of lock picks, and compan-                                                                                  snap-guns or conven-
ion to the JPS, is our fiberglass/polymer handle                                                                           tional picks. SouthOrd Electric
Jackknife Lock Pick Set. Identical in size and                                                                             Picks are the finest available.
                                                                              They are made of machined aluminum and steel, and are manufactured
configuration to the JPS. JPXS-6F -- $21.95
                                                                              to the highest standards in the industry. The EPGL is powered by a 4.5
                                                                              volt motor and runs on three “C” cell batteries, and the EPGS is powered
Lock Picking For The New Millennium DVD                                       by a 3 volt motor and runs on two “C” cell batteries. Both guns include
                                                                              four picking needles, three tension tools, and adjustment wrenches.
                  Do you want an action packed, no frills video filled
                  with the most up-to-date information about locks and        EPGS Small $149.95                           EPGL Large $154.95
                  security available? Then look no further. This Lock
                  Picking For the New Millennium promises to blow the         Feather Touch Tension                      Sesamee Decoder
                  competition out of the water. Ever wonder how
                                                                              This tension wrench is                     Used to decode and
                  secure your house is? Curious how high security
                                                                              for those situations                       pick Sesamee
                  locks can be opened in seconds? Interested in locks?
                                                                              where you                                  combination
                  Then this video is for you. The close-up videography
                                                                              need very            little tension        locks on           briefcases
                  is superb and combined with in depth instruction from
                                                                                               while picking a                         and padlocks.
a master locksmith with sixteen years of real world experience. This is a
                                                                                          lock. A-2 -- $9.95                            A-3 -- $9.95
must-see video for any lock enthusiast. LPNM -- $39.95                                                                                                          LOCK PICKS                                   29
               Tubular Picks                                                                                  Keys To Understanding
                   These are the finest tubular picks on the market.                                          Tubular Locks
                      They are a steal at this price. Both sets contain                                       For the first time, a manual on the 3 most popular
                          a tubular pick and a decoder key. A 7 and 8                                         tubular locks that are used on vending machines, coin
                              pin pick is available and can also be                                           operated washers & dryers, coin changers and
                                  purchased as a set. This is a great                                         burglar alarms. Internal construction is fully covered as
                                   tool for vendors. If a key is lost or                                      well as how to open the locks by drilling and by
                                   stolen, just manipulate the pins on
                                                                                                              impressioning. TPB -- $11.95
                                  the lock pick to open the lock.
                                   TP1- 7 Pin Tubular Pick $75.00
                                 TP2- 8 Pin Tubular Pick $75.00                             Padlock Shims                             Warded Keys
                                TPCB Both 7 & 8 Pin Tubular                                                   Used to open            Picks any
                                                                                                            padlocks. They            warded
                              Picks with Free TPB Book $140.00                                            are made of very thin       padlock
                                                                                                      spring steel, and come          made
Plug Spinner                                                                                         in several sizes to fit the      today.
   Often it is impossible to pick a lock in the correct direction but easy                            contour of the hasp of          These keys
                                       to pick backwards. That's when                                   the lock. Just push           are made of
                                       the plug spinner is a must. With the                              one down between             stainless steel.
              lock picked in the wrong direction, simply wind the spinner                                the hasp and the             This 5 piece set is a must for
             by giving it 1-1/2 turns, set the trigger, insert the blade into               body of the lock and twist to             every locksmith’s toolbox.
             the plug, and release the trigger. The plug is now picked in                   disengage the locking mechanism.          WKS -- $9.95
            the correct direction. PS -- $22.95                                             PLS -- $24.95
                   Please Note: It is the resposibility of purchaser to check laws before
                   ordering and to comply with all federal, state and local laws in                                                            Slim Jim
                   connection with the purchase or possession of any item sold by us.       Cutaway Practice Lock                              If your business involves
                                                                                                                                               cars or trucks there will
Pick Gun (Snap Gun)                                                                                                                            come a time when you will
This famous pick gun was designed for                                                                                                          need to open a locked
law enforcement agencies to quickly                                                                                                            vehicle without a key. This
pick pin tumbler locks. Unlike conven-                                                      This see-through pin-                              entry tool can be
tional hand picks that activates only                                                       tumbler lock is an                                 compared to the original
one or two cylinder pins, this tool is                                                      excellent learning tool. By                        “Slim Jim” and is used
designed to span all the pins at once.                                                      watching the movement of                           worldwide for lockout
Comes complete with 3 stainless steel needles                                               the pins as you practice,                          situations. It is a bit more
and tension wrench and instructions. PG -- $44.95                                           you will gain a better                             flexible and not as well
                                                                                            understanding and improve your                     made as our SJ-100, but it
                                                                                            own performance levels.                            still has a lifetime
                             Auto Jigglers                                                  ST-34 -- $44.95                                    warranty. 22” long.
                             This 10 piece set of try out keys will quickly                                                                    SLIMJ -- $6.50
                             open and start many foreign and domestic
                             vehicles. They are fairly easy to use, as they                 Pick Gun Book
                             do not require the use of a separate tension                   This book tells how pick guns work and how to use them
                             tool. They will also open large padlocks. A                    and traces their development from their inception to the
                             must for the repo or towing company.                           revolutionary devices of today. Included are the original
                             JIG -- $19.95                                                  patents by Epstein, Segal, Moore, Cooke and others, as
                                                                                            well as info on pick guns used by the FBI and intelligence
                                                                                            agencies. Photos depict improvised devices made out of
                                                                                            coat hangers and clothespins. PGB -- $16.95
            The Secrets of Lockpicking
            We highly recommend this book to both the experienced as
            well as the novice lock picker. It explains the concept of                      Schlage Wafer Pick Set
            locks, the tools needed and a breakdown of virtually all                                                          At one time, the Schlage lock was thought
            locks on the market today. It is easy to read and is loaded                                                       to be un-pickable. They are no longer sold
            with pictures and diagrams designed with the layman in                                                            or installed, but they still show up in older
            mind. LO38 -- $21.95                                                                                          offices and hotel/motel complexes. Although
                                                                                                                          normal pick tools can not pick them, they are
                                                                                                                          quickly opened with the Schlage Wafer picks.
Lock Picking "School in a Box"                                                                                            Highly recommended if your business takes
              For years, we’ve said that the easiest way to learn the                                                     you into older buildings. SWP -- $19.95
               art of locksmithing is to begin by removing a few pin
                sets from a lock, and one by one, add them back as
                 your picking skills increase. Now, we’re pleased to                        Super Auto Kit
                   offer a “Lock Picking School in a Box” to help the                       An excellent intermediate kit that
                    beginning locksmith develop all the skills needed to                    includes a wide bar tool, a thin
                    master pin-tumbler lock picking. The set includes                       bar tool, a gas cap tool, a wedge
                    five lock cylinders, the first of which has a single                    tool, a dual tool, a slide button tool,
                     pin set in place, with each lock becoming progres-                     and instructions on the back. The
                     sively more difficult, the last lock containing a full                 quality is not as high as it once
                     number of pin sets. This “Progressive Learning                         was, but the cost is less than 1/2
                     System” is a proven method of learning, and we                         the original price.
                     highly recommend it! ST-23 -- $99.95                                   ROM2 -- $14.95
 30      .40 CALIBER BLOWGUNS                                                                              1-888-313-6400
Bunker Buster Blowgun                                                                                             Includes 50 darts

  BLACK Bunker Buster Prices                                                                                                           cannot be
  TB-24 24” One Piece $15.00                                                                                                           shipped to
  TB-36 36” One Piece $18.00                                                                                                           CA or MA
  TB-36T 36” Two Piece $20.00
  TB-48T 48” Two Piece $22.00
  TB-60T 60” Two Piece $26.00
  TB-72T 72” Two Piece $29.00
  Add $4.00 for Green or Purple.
The Bunker Buster is the latest high-end blowgun to hit the streets. You now get 50 darts
including 8 Magnum Stun Darts, 8 Spike Darts, 8 Regular Stun Darts, 10 Spear Head Darts and 16
Target Darts which are the most used. You also get 1 foam grip, two 10-point quivers, 1 dart guard, one 16-point quiver,
three 8-point quivers, safety mouthpiece, peep site muzzle guard and a nylon sling. Bunker Busters are available in 3
colors; Original Black or the new Green or Purple swirl camo, as shown on this page for $4.00 more. Available in 24”,
36”, 48”, 60” & 72” lengths. The 36” gun can be purchased in a 1 or 2 piece version but all guns 48” and longer are only
available in 2-piece. This gun comes as a complete package, and is great for the novice or the expert. made in the USA.

Sidewinder Blowguns
                                                                                                                BLACK Sidewinder Prices
                                                                                                                SB-24 24” One Piece $7.99
                                                                                                                SB-36 36” One Piece $9.99
The Sidewinder is an affordably priced top quality blowgun. It is the same basic gun as the Bunker Buster,
but with less frills. Each gun includes 8 Regular Stun Darts and 12 Target Darts. Only available in black
                                                                                                                SB-36T 36” Two Piece $12.00
Sidewinder Blowguns are made in the USA and include a safety mouthpiece, 4" foam grip, peep-site muzzle         SB-48T 48” Two Piece $13.00
guard. Available in 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” & 72” lengths. The 36” gun can be purchased in a 1 or 2 piece version    SB-60T 60” Two Piece $15.00
but all guns 48” and longer are only available in 2-piece. This gun comes as a complete package, and is great   SB-72T 72” Two Piece $17.00
for the novice or the expert looking for an inexpensive blowgun.

Splatmatic Paintball Blowgun                                                .40 Caliber Paintballs
        This blowgun features a repeater attachment that allows you to                                      These fine tournament grade paintballs
        shoot up to 20 paintballs - reload by simply pushing a button!                                      feature a very thin brittle shell which
        This blowgun features non-slip foam handgrips, a muzzle guard,                                      fractures like an eggshell and splatters
        and a safety mouthpiece to prevent inhaling a paintball.                                            water soluble non-toxic washable paint.
        Accessories can also be ordered individually. Set includes a 40                                     Works in blowguns, slingshots.
        caliber black aluminum blowgun, repeater accessory, 5 clear
                                                                                                            PB100 100 Paintballs $4.50
        magazines, 2 quivers and 100 paintballs.      PBS -- $20.00                                         PB250 250 Paintballs $10.00
                                                                                                            PB1000 1000 Paintballs $29.00

                                                                            The Cub Blowgun
Backpacker Blowgun                                                                                                                    The Cub is a
                                        Our 36” Backpacker Blowguns                                                                   starter
                                        feature the same accuracy and                                                                 blowgun with
                                        power as our regular blowguns       no sharp darts. The 24” Cub comes with 16 Plastic Stun Darts, 2 stun
                                       but will break down and fit into     dart quivers, grip, and safety one-way mouthpiece. It comes standard in
                                       the ballistic case included with     black. We also have a 12” cub that comes with 8 stun darts.
                                       each unit. Case features velcro      CUB24 -- 24” Black Cub $6.50              CUB12 -- 12” Cub $4.00
                                       closure and belt loop. Blowgun
                                       includes dart quiver, dart guard                    BREATH OF DEATH VIDEO
                                       tip cover, 12 darts and a sling.                    The blowgun is the ultimate weapon of stealth, delivering
                                       Safety mouthpiece.                                  a wide variety of projectiles with deadly accuracy and in
                                       BP36 -- 36” Black $14.95                            total silence. This video is a comprehensive guide to this
                                                                                           amazing weapon and includes little-known information on
                                                                                           buying, constructing, modifying and shooting blowguns.
                                                                                           approx. 75 min., VHS only. BODV -- $29.95
              BLOWGUNS The Breath of Death
              The blowgun is a mysterious tool of silent death. Michael     Square Target                         24” Extension
              Janich reveals the many secrets of its capabilities and                           2 inch thick
              uses: how to buy or make your own blowgun and darts                               self-healing
              (including "special" projectiles), shoot the weapon, devise                       foam blowgun      24” Piece of black .40 cal. tube
              custom targets and customize, maintain and store your                             target.           with a CON breakdown coupling.
              gun. This is the best book on this fascinating and deadly                          T2 -- $8.95      Colored tube is $1.00 extra.
              device. photos, 88 pp. BOD -- $14.95                                                                EX24C Black $4.50                                        .40 CALIBER ACCESSORIES                                                                       31
    1 Target                           Soft Tip Darts                         Magnum Stun Dart                       Quivers
                                                          These plastic       Darts designed to
    2 Spear Head
                                                          darts are
                                                                                                                                  Stun Dart
    3 Broad Head                                                              stun a small animal a
                                                          designed to         little harder. Plastic                              Quiver
                                                          work in plastic     cone with metal tip                                 For stun and cap
                                                         and electronic       (unassembled).                                      darts. Q1 -- $.75
                                                                              MSD25 25 Darts $4.00
                                                         They will fit any                                                        Stinger Dart
                                                         .40 caliber          MSD100 100 Darts $13.00
1. Target Darts                                          blowgun. Color
                                                                                                                                  For stinger and soft
4 inch sharpened needles with                            will vary.           Safety Mouthpiece
safety cones.                                                                                                                     tip darts. Q2 -- $.75
                                       STIP3 -- 3 Darts $1.50                 Anti-inhale safety mouth-
TD10 10 Darts $1.75                    STIP24 -- 24 Darts $10.00              piece. Once a dart is
TD25 25 Darts $3.50                                                           snapped through it can                              Hunting Dart
TD100 100 Darts $11.00                              Foam Grip                 not be inhaled back through.                        Quiver
                                                    Foam rubber grips
                                                                              MP3 -- $1.50                                        For hunting darts.
2. Spear Darts                                                                                                                    Usually sold in pairs.
                                                     for .40 cal.
5 inch heavy duty spear needles                       blowgun. Available      Blowgun Sling                                       Q3 -- $.75
with safety cones.                                    in 2” & 4” lengths.     This sling
                                                       They slide right on    will fit                                            Dart Guard
SPD10 10 Darts $2.00                                                                                                              Used to cover the tips
                                                       to the tube.           any .40
SPD25 25 Darts $4.00                                                          or .50                                              of darts on the gun to
                                       GRIP--4” foam grip $2.00
SPD100 100 Darts $13.00                                                       cal.                                                prevent injury.
                                       GRIP2--2” foam grip $1.00                                                                  Q4 --$.75
3. Broadhead Darts                                                            we sell. Made from heavy duty
5 inch heavy duty needles with         Stinger Darts                          nylon. BGS -- $2.00                                 Target Dart
safety cones and snap on               These things                                                                               Quiver
broadhead tips (We recommend           are “Bad”,
                                                                                                                                  For target darts
gluing the tips on).                   Plastic cone with 1/8" steel pointed   Stun Darts
                                       shaft (unassembled).                                                                       Q5 -- $.75
BHD10 10 Darts $2.00                                                          Darts designed to stun
BHD25 25 Darts $4.00                   STD10 10 Darts $2.00                   a small animal
                                       STD25 25 Darts $4.00                   SD10 10 Darts $1.50                    Blowgun Site
BHD100 100 Darts $13.00                                                                                              Peep site that replaces
                                       STD100 100 Darts $13.00                SD25 25 Darts $3.00
                                                                                                                     the muzzle-guard. Fits
                                                                              SD100 100 Darts $8.00                  any .40 cal. blowgun
                                               Helicopter Darts                                                      SITE -- $.75
          Blowgun Grip                               You shoot these          Glow-in-the-dark
          Handle                                      darts straight up       Blowgun Site
          Plastic handle slips onto                    into the air and
                                                                              Peep site that fits on the
          barrel of .40 caliber                         they whirl back                                              Coupling
                                                                              end of any .40 cal.
          blowguns.                                          down like a                                             Used to connect two
                                                                              blowgun replacing the
          HND -- $3.00                                       helicopter.                                             .40 cal. tubes together.
                                                            HD3 -- 3.50                                              CON -- $2.00
                                                                              GDSITE -- $1.00

Butterfly Knives                                                              Side Flip Butterfly Knife

Diamond Plate Butterfly Knife
High quality butterfly with diamond plate on
handles and 4” 440 stainless steel
blade. Includes Kydex sheath
for easy belt mounting.
5” closed.
                                                                              These knives are designed flat and they open opposite of what a
                                                                              normal butterfly does. Instead of the blade dropping to the bottom it
                                                                              drops open to the side. Really cool item. Available in black or silver
 SZ222868 -- $12.95                                                           finish. 5” closed. SZ212866 -- $10.50

                                                                              Folding Trench Knife
Rainbow Butterfly Knife
High quality butterfly with special finish on the
blade and the handle that looks like a
rainbow of colors. 4” 440 stainless
steel blade. Includes clip for
secure carry. 5” closed.                                                                                                Stretches an amazing 11"
                                              SZ222869 -- $10.95                                                        overall. The 5 1/8" blade is
                                                                              constructed from stainless steel. The handles are also stainless steel
                                                                              construction with cut out design and hand guard. Easy to maneuver.
                                            Butterfly knives cannot be
                                            shipped to CA, NY or MA           Includes nylon sheath. SZ210641 -- $9.95
 32       KNIVES                                                                                   
Warrior Spiked Cobra                                                          Survival Knife
The awesome knife                                                             This survival knife is a steal at this price. Our knife
has been around for                                                           includes a sharpening stone,
many years, the                                                               leatherette sheath,
problem has been                                                              compass,
finding one. We
tracked down a
supplier that had
them at a great price
and are passing that                                                          detachable climbing spikes and a mini survival kit in the handle. The mini
savings on to you. This knife is 10 1/2" in length with a black handle that   kit has your basic items including some fishing string, hooks & sinkers
has spikes on it. Includes leather Sheath. SZ202943 -- $11.95                 as well as matches and a sewing needle. The Overall length is 14",
                                                                              blade length is 9". SZ210514 — $12.95
Hornet Combo Set
High quality dual-defense full tang mini daggers with                         Stalker Fighter Knives
horizontal sheath. Knives are                                                 These are both heavy duty fighter knives. They
7” in length. Mounts on your                                                  feature stainless steel blades with black finish.
belt across the back. Cannot                                                  They are well crafted with a black hard
ship to CA, NY or MA.                                                         rubber handle with black finish steel
HCS -- $7.95                                                                  guard that allows
                                                                              for a sure
                                                                              grip in any
                                Tri-Angular Push Dagger                       condition,
                                This Tri-Angular Push Dagger is a very        plus gives
                                compact dagger for easy concealment.It        you the feeling of total
                                dagger measures 3-1/2" overall. It's          control. It also comes
                                 crafted with a Pakkawood Handle, and         equipped with a fitted
                                 comes equipped with a leather sheath.        nylon
                                 Nice Quality. Cannot ship to CA, NY or       sheath. "A"
                                 MA. SZ203091 -- $3.95                        is a Khukuri
                                                                              Stalker 13-
                                                                              5/8" overall and "B" is a Bowie Stalker 14" overall.
                                                                              A - SZ210516 Khukuri Stalker Fighter $10.95
 T Handle Push Dagger                                                         B - SZ210518 Bowie Stalker Fighter Knife $10.95
 This awesome T Handle Push Dagger
 measures 6" overall. Equipped with                                                              Ninja Machete
 a stainless steele blade and a                                                                        This Machete is 18" of solid stainless steel that
 Pakkawood Handle. It also comes                                                                            has a 13" blade. The blade has a brushed
 equipped with a leather sheath.
 Cannot ship to CA, NY or MA.
 SZ7860 -- $6.95
                                                                              finish and is ultra sharp
                                                                              for quick cutting. This unit is well
                                                                              crafted with a black hard composition handle
Wood Practic Swords                                                           with a black rope wrap. It also comes equipped with
                                                                              a black fitted nylon sheath. SZ926715 -- $8.95

   SZ926753 -- $8.95
                                                                                                    Combat Bowie
                                                                                                                                         This is an
 Behind every great warrior is a practice weapon. For thousands of                                                                       unbelievable
years warriors have trained with wooden swords also known as a                                                                           deal! This is a
bokken. These are great for sparing and katas. They are fully functional                                                                 heavy duty
and historically accurate wooden practice swords that are strong                                                                         knife, and it
enough to meet and exceed all Martial Artists training and practice needs.                             comes with a hard plastic sheath that can be
40" long and made of solid wood. Available in Black or Natural.                                 mounted in different positions. The knife is 12” long
                                                                                         with a 7” drop point blade. The handle has a rubber grip with
                                                                                   a stainless guard and pommel. SZ210073 -- $9.50
War Boss Sword
                                                                              Hook Neck Knife
                                                                              This Knife is a great buy! The 1/8" thick blade is made
                                                                              from 420 stainless steel and is 2-1/4" long.
                                                                              The knife is a solid 1-piece construction
                                                                              with molded rubber attached to the
This 26" sword is constructed of one-piece, tempered 420 stainless            handle area for a secure grip.
steel with a coated non-glare, black finish. The grips are traditionally      Overall Length is 5-3/8". The sheath is a
hand-wrapped and tied with black nylon cord. It also comes equipped           polyurethane composite that has a blade
with a fiber-reinforced nylon scabbard with lashing grommets.                 retention divot that holds the knife
SZEG3 -- $14.95                                                               securely in place. Neck chain included. SZ210276 --       $6.95                                                                                                      KNIVES                     33
Large SWAT                                                                  The SWAT series is a personal favorite of ours. It is
                                                                            probably the best knife buy you will find anywhere. The
                                                                            quality of this knife is outstanding. It is made for years
                                                                            of service. When opening it feels like a machine, but be
Stainless steel blade with thumb                                            careful, it is also one of the sharpest knives I have seen.
stud for rapid opening. Alloy handle with rubber inserts for a sturdy,
secure grip. Steel pocket clip. Closed Length: 4-3/4",                      Extreme Ops Karambits
Blade Length: 3-3/4". SW3000 -- $35.95                                      Smith & Wesson Extreme
                                                                            Ops are Karambits
Black SWAT                                                                  inexpensive-but packed
                                                                            full of features. The SWCK33 has G10 handles
                                                                            with dual stainless steel liners-built in an open frame
                                                                            configuration for easy cleaning. The SWCK32 is all stainless
Just like the SW3000 above,                                                 steel and is Titanium Powder Coated covered with a unique
only in Black with Teflon coated black blade.   SW3000B -- $38.95           urban camo finish. The arc of the curved blades carry through
                                                                            to the handle ending in an
                                                                            index-finger ring allowing
HRT Boot Knife                                                              the blade to be swung
                                                                            into a range of gripping
                                                                            positions. Both Knives include pocket clips also.
                                                                            SWCK33 - G10 Karambit $22.95
H.R.T. Boot Knife with double
edged black 4.74 in. 440C Teflon
                                                                            SWCK32 - Urban Karambit $22.95
coated stainless steel fixed blade. Handle made of Teflon coated
stainless steel. 8.84 in. overall length. Includes black leather boot       Military Boot Knife
sheath with pocket clip. SWHRT9B -- $17.95                                  The Extreme-Ops
 Military Boot Knife                                                        folder is a
                                                                            excellent choice for
                                                                            an everyday
                                                                            carry knife.
                                                                            Available in a
 The Smith & Wesson Military boot knife boasts a compact and sleek          black finish Tanto blade with a Teflon coating or a Silver Drop point
 design that combines a 3.5 in. Blade made of brushed 440C stainless        blade. The handle is machined aircraft aluminum with a textured grip.
 steel that is a double edged dagger. Comes with a black rubberized         Includes removable steel pocket clip. Blade length: 3.22", Overall
 handle. Overall length of 7.50 in. Includes a molded composition boot      Length: 7.5". SWCK5TBS - Black Tanto $14.95
 clip sheath.SWHRT3 -- $16.95                                               SWCK105H - Silver Drop Point $14.95

 Ridge Runner Knife Sharpener                                               S & W Black Ops Assisted Opening Knife
                                           Designed to keep a sharp edge
                                           on both single and double
                                           edged knives. Constructed
                                           from impact resistant ABS with
                                       a classic black finish. The
                                    sharpening wheels are super             The Black Ops assisted opening knife is one of the most innovative and
                                 hardened alloyed metal and ceramic         best feeling tactical knives to come along in a while. It has a Powder
                              constructed for fine and coarse               coated grooved black aluminum handle. The 440c Teflon coated blade is
                           sharpening. Easy and convenient to use.          razor sharp, partial serrated and has a tactical edge. It is an ambidex-
                        Sharpens dull knives in minutes. Dimentions are:    trous knife so you can open it easily with either hand. The best part
                      8-1/8" x 2" x 1-5/8" BK382 -- $8.95                   about this awesome knife is the assisted opening feature. With the slight
                                                                            flick of your finger, the blade flies open with lightening speed and locks.
                                                                            In the closed position, there is a slide lock which keeps the knife from
Cyclone Knife                          9" Boot Knife                        opening by accident. It is a great feature to have with auto-assist knives.
                                       "Decent" quality boot knife.         Overall, this is a very impressive knife at an awesome price.
                                       Stainless blade, wood
                                                                            Blade length: 3.22”, Closed length: 4.88” SWBLOPS -- $34.95
                                       handle with brass guard
                                       and pommel. Includes
                                       Leather sheath.                                                         Stainless Gurkha Kukri
                                       SZ203022 --

                                                                            The Kukri design is centuries old. It is a nepalese
The Cyclone folder was the first                                            knife used by the Gurkha military. The flat ground blade
of its kind. It is a tri-blade round                                        forms a "V"shaped cross section and places its edge at an
folder. Really a cool design.                                               angle to a target, creating a powerful shearing effect. The Kukri will
Blades are precision-made from                                              out-chop any factory or handmade knives, including swords twice its
440 stainless steel. The Cyclone                                            size. Most Kukri knives are made with hand-forged carbon steel and will
is 4" in diameter closed and 8"                                             rust. Our model is stainless steel and will give you many years of
open. Includes belt clip.                                                   service without rusting. 15” overal length and includes leather sheath.
SZMC01 -- SILVER $8.95                                                      This is a great knife at an excellent price. SZ203247 -- $11.95
 34     SWORDS                                                                                               1-888-313-6400
Iron Cross Ninja Sword                                                        1875 US Marine NCO Sword

                                                            The symbol of
                                                            the Iron Cross
                                                             dates back to
                                                             the 13th         These high quality replica NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) swords are
                                                              century         great for JR. officers as well as sword collectors. These exact models
                                                                              are used all over the world for different kinds of ceremonies and military
                             and has usually been                             presentations. They measure 35 inches overall with a 29-1/2 inch 420 J2
                        associated with crusaders and military. Most          stainless steel mirror polished blade. They feature an authentic 1875 US
                  recently the German military. No matter where it came       marine etch and molded rubber grip with twisted wire wrap. Cast metal
             from, it has always been a recognizable symbol and to            fittings with chrome plated or gold finish. Rat-taI tang. Aluminum scab-
       many it stands for strength and power. This cool sword looks           bard with imitation leather finish.These swords are unsharpened.
and feels powerful. It has an Iron Cross guard and is finished in black. It   SZ809S Silver $29.95                     SZ809G Gold $29.95
makes an excellent addition to any collection. The best part about this
sword is the price. At under 20 bucks it is a real bargain. It includes a
nylon scabbard. 40” overall. SZ926736 -- $18.95                               Double Ninja Sword Set

Magnetic Double Ninja Sword Set
This cool sword set features two swords that have
magnetic handles that stick together to form one
blade for easy carry. When you need them,

                                                                              Double ninja set with cord wrap handles. Overall Lengths are 26" & 18”,
                                                                              Scabbard: Nylon w/Shoulder Strap. SZ926626 -- $16.95

                                                                              Night Watchman

                                                                              The handle and shaft of this night watchman unscrew to reveal a
                                                                              hidden 13-1/2" 420 stainless steel blade housed inside. The shaft
         simply pull them out and                                             can be screwed to the opposite end of the precision machined
    apart to produce 2 full size swords. Swords are                           metal handle for use as a spear. Features include a drop point blade
24" overall with 15 7/8" black coated stainless double edged blades.          an all matte black non-glare finish and rubber rings for added grip.
Aluminum handles with black cord wrap. Includes nylon scabbard with           Includes a black nylon lanyard for easy carrying. Can be used as a
shoulder strap. SZ926738 -- $17.95                                            baton, sword, or spear. Closed Length: 23" SZ926694 -- $18.95

Heavy Duty Cobra Head Cane                                                    Pirate Cutlass with Sheath
These canes have a intricately detailed solid metal                           Pirate Sword is 26" overall with a 19
handle in the shape of a King Cobra head and an                               1/4" stainless steel blade. The
aluminum cane with a lacquered finish that unscrews                           handle provides excellent grip,
to reveal a 420 stainless steel blade housed inside.                          and is a molded composite
This cane can be used as a walking cane or a sword.                           with copper wire
The UC1272-B has an antique silver finish cobra head
with a black lacquered finish on the shaft. Overall
Length: 27-3/8", Closed Length: 34-7/8", Blade Length:                                                                   wrappings. A beautiful red
21-1/8", Blade Thickness: 3/16". SZ1272-B -- $34.95                                                                 tassel hangs from the handle, and
                                                                                                              can be removed if so desired.
                                                                                                         This sword also comes with a custom leather
                                                                              sheath for storage and transportation. SZ901110 -- $20.00
                                                                              Sword canes cannot
                                                                              be shipped to CA, NY
Economy Sword Canes                                                           or MA

 JACKAL                DOG            ELEPHANT              MUSTANG                   EAGLE             COBRA                      DRAGON

These canes are decent quality but not meant for orthopedic use. The price on these canes is about 1/2 what it used to be. You can’t beat them for
the money. The shaft is wood with black finish with a rubber tip. 33" is average length. Please select style when ordering. SZCANE -- $11.95                                                                                                          KNIVES                        35
CIA Knives                                                                      ABS Knife with Pocket Clip
These knives are made of a Hard reinforced resin/fiber that is almost as        This knife
hard as steel. They can actually be driven through plywood. They are            is similar
non-metallic and non magnetic.                                                  to the
                                                                                nylon fiber knives, but this one is made from hard ABS plastic. It is very
                                                                                strong, and has the added benefit of a clip on the handle which allows
                                                                                you to hold the unit securely in your pocket or purse. The serrated edges
                                                                                allow cutting when used in a sawing motion, but like all CIA style knives;
                                                                                this is not really sharp. 7-1/4" long with a 3-3/4" blade. ABSK -- $5.00

                                                                                The Knife
                                                                                This knife is
                                                                                similar to the
                                                                                others shown,
                                                                                the only
                                                                                difference is this knife textured on one side for secure gripping but flat
                                                                                on the other side. 7" long with a 3-1/4" blade.
                                                                                THEKNIFE -- $7.50

A - CIA letter opener knife. 7-3/4” long. CIA1 -- $5.50                         Ice scraper                             Pen Refills
                                                                                                    The CIA Plastic     Refill package
B - Triple bladed spike. 8” long. CIA2 -- $5.00                                                     Ice scraper         for the UC
C - Finger grip knife. 3-1/2” long. HA1 -- $5.50                                                    with finger grip    pen
                                                                                                    can be used         knives.
                                                                                                    as an effective     Package
Pen Knives                                                                                          defense             of 5.
These are actual pens that could save your                                                          weapon or a         UC760 -- $1.99
life. They look like an ordinary pen, but                                                           regular ice
feature a 2.13 inch blade that is                                                                   scraper.
revealed by pulling the pen                                                     CIA4 -- 5.00                               The knives on this page
apart. A great letter                                                                                                      cannot be shipped to CA,
opener. Available in                                                                                                       MA, NJ or NY
silver and black.                                                               Refillable Pen Knife
These pens are not
refillable. SZ210502 -- $4.50

Pen Knife with LED Light
Pen Knives
are actual                                                                      This is a high quality pen knife that is refillable. It is a smooth writing
pens that could save your                                                       pen that no one will suspect has a knife inside. It makes a great letter
life. They look like an                                                         opener, and looks nice in any shirt pocket. UC759 -- $6.99
ordinary pen, but feature a
2" inch blade that is revealed
by pulling the pen apart. This pen                                              Lipstick Knives
has the added feature of an LED light at the top which really comes in                                          These novelty knives appear to be
handy .Overall length is 5 1/2". SZ210503 -- $4.95                                                              ordinary lipstick cases when closed, but
                                                                                                                 actually house a mini utility blade. Blade
                                                                                                                 length is 1-1/2". Looks normal at the
High Quality 13 Function Army Knife                                                                              bottom of any purse or in the console of
                                       We call this the Army knife because                                        your car. Makes a great gift for any
                                       of all the many features it offers. It                                     woman. Made with impact resistant
                                       is similar to the Swiss Army knives                                              ABS, the blade material is 420 J2
                                       that have been on the market for                                                 stainless steel. Available in Black,
                                       many years. The truth is, the quality                                            Blue or Red. LSK1 -- $5.50
                                       of this Rite Edge knife is every bit
                                                        as good as the
                                                        original Swiss army     WWII British Commando Dagger
                                                        knives, the big         This knife is a reproduction
                                               difference is this knife cost    of the original WWII
                                  400% less. This is not a misprint, J & L      Commando knife
                        has such buying power with our import vendors           that has
                         that we can bring you this high quality knife at a     been out
                         fraction of the actual value. This knife is crafted    of circulation
                         from stainless steel and had a finished wood           for many
handle. This makes a great gift for any hunter, cub scout or anyone             years.
who is needs a pocket-size multifunction knife/tool. 13 Functions that          There was quite a call for these so we
include: • Large knife blade • Saw Blade • Fish De-scaler • Measuring           pulled some strings and had them made.
Rule • Can opener • Bottle opener & large screwdriver/wire stripper •           This unit has a concentrically ringed grip and double edged blade.
Reamer & sewing eye • Corkscrew • Phillips screwdriver • Scissors •             Includes a leather scabbard. 7” overall. Perfect for re-enactors and
Bottle Opener • Nail File. SZ212832 -- $5.00                                    collectors! SZ202047 -- $7.99
 36      THROWING KNIVES                                                                                     1-888-313-6400
Economy Throwers                                                                                                        Double-Edged knives
An economy thrower is a fully functional throwing knife that is a fraction of the cost of brand name throwers.
                                                                                                                        cannot be shipped to
They are not precision cut like Hibben throwers, but the imperfections do not matter when you are learning to
throw. These are great for beginners. All blade/handle material is stainless steel. All sheaths are made of nylon       CA, MA, NJ or NY
unless otherwise indicated. All Economy start with “SZ”

3 pc. 5 " Double Edge
                                        Mini 3 pc Set
Stainless Set                           Overall Length: 4-1/2"
                                                                              2 pc. 7" Stainless Set
Overall Length: 5"                      Blade Length: 2-1/2"                  Overall Length: 7"                    2 pc. 7" Stainless Set
Blade Length: 2-1/2"                    Blade/Handle Material: High Carbon    Blade Length: 3-1/2"                  Overall Length: 7"
Blade/Handle Material: Stainless        steel. Sheath Material: Black Vinyl   Nylon Sheath                          Blade Length: 3-1/2"
steel. Sheath Material: Black Nylon.    SZ203072 -- $2.75                     SZ203219 -- $6.95                     SZ203121 -- $6.50
SZ203218 -- $6.50
                    10-1/2"                                10-1/2"                                                                    Throwing
                    Stainless                              Black                                                                      Techniques
                   Thrower                                 Stainless                                                                  of the Ninja
                 Overall Length:                           Thrower                                                                     This book has
                10-1/2"                                    Overall Length:                                                             been written
                Blade Length: 6",                          10-1/2"                                                                     with step-by-
                Sheath Material:                           Blade Length:                                                               step instructions
                Black Nylon                                6", Sheath                                               in the art of knife throwing. Also
                SZ203103 --                                Material: Black                                          included in the book is Ninja
                $5.95                                      Nylon              3 pc. 5" Stainless Set                throwing techniques used secretly
                                                           SZ203103B          Overall Length: 5"                    for centuries. 45 pages
                                                           -- $5.95           Blade Length: 2-1/4"                  KTTK -- $11.95
                                                                              SZ203120 -- $6.95

                                                                                                                            LARGE TRIPLE
              SHIFLETT™ GEN 2 TRIPLE THROWER                                                                                THROWER
                SET                                                                                                         These new precision
                                                                                                                            throwers are one solid
                     These throwers exceed all expectations! Each is
                                                                                                                            piece of balanced 420
                       constructed from one solid piece of 420 stainless
                                                                                                                            stainless steel. Designed
                         steel. The ergonomic design allows them to
                                                                                                                            to float through the air and
                            sail through the air with ease and speed.
                                                                                                                            nail a bullseye with ease.
                               Includes a top quality nylon sheath and a
                                                                                                                            Each includes custom
                                  free target. 10 1/8" overall
                                                                                                                            blade sheath. 9" overall.
                                       BK47RS40 -- $22.95
                                                                                                                            BKRS37-- $19.95

                   Combat Knife Throwing
                   Ralph Thorn, who has practiced his craft for               TIMBER WOLF® GEN 2 THROWING
                   decades, presents a crash course in knife throwing         KNIFE
                   techniques suitable for actual combat. Lessons             Equipped with a 5 3/8" stainless steel blade. The
                   include balancing a knife; making your own throwers        solid rubber handle features a Timber Wolf®
                   out of readily available materials; mastering the          design. Includes nylon sheath and target. 10
                   overhand, underhand and sidearm throws; matching
                                                                              7/8" overall. BK47TW88 -- $12.95
                   throwing styles to combat situations; using throws
                   for hunting and self-defense; and much more. Must
                   reading for all sportsman, blade aficionados and
                   students of self-defense. 116 pgs. CKT -- $15.00                                                                                          THROWERS                                 37
                                                                               Throwing Cards
                  TIMBER WOLF® GEN 2 THROWING                                                                                     This is a unique set of
                   AXE                                                                                                            5 throwing cards.
                         This precision throwering axe is constructed with a                                                      Includes a nylon
                           stainless steel blade and a solid rubber handle.                                                       carry pouch that
                              Includes a nylon sheath and a target. 10"                                                           Velcro’s shut. Each
                                overall. This unit is an awesome buy. Hibben                                                card measures 3-1/2" X 2-
                                   Axes were twice this price and no better                                         1/2". Available in Spades or Hearts.
                                     in overall quality. A great ax at an                                           SS5B Spades $21.95
                                      awesome price                                                                 SS5R Hearts $21.95
                                       BK47TW87 -- $19.95                       Our Professional Stars are very
                                                                                sharp and should be thrown by
                                                                                experienced throwers only.          Moon Star Set
 Silver Arrow                                                                  Bat Set
 Stainless Thrower
 Heavy duty thrower with
 cord wrap handle. Overall
 Length: 8" Nylon Sheath
 SZ210388 -- $4.49

                                                                               The Bat Set includes 2 small bat     This star set comes with 3 moon
Armband Throwers                          Mini Armband Throwers                returns. Includes Velcro pouch       stars in a vinyl case that has a
                                                                               with a belt loop. Each measures 4"   mounting stud to keep them secure
                                                                               X 2-1/2". BATSS -- $7.95             and a belt loop to carry it.
                                                                                                                    SS1 -- $7.95

                                                                                Stars cannot be shipped
                                                                                to CA, MA, NY or IL                 Ninja Throwing Spikes
Stainless 2pc. set (5” overall)                                                Whirlwind Star                                                  spikes
Cannot be shipped to CA, NY or            Small 3pc. set (4-3/4” overall)       Stainless                                                     with red
MA. SZ203233-- $4.50                      Cannot be shipped to CA, NY or       3-3/4”,                                                      tassels and
                                          MA. YK185N-- $4.00                   Includes                                                    a nylon
                                                                               sheath.                                                    armband
                                                                                                                                         sheath. Cannot
 Air Claw                                 Rubber Ninja Star                                                                              be shipped to
                    Stainless 4”                                                                                                         NY, IL, CA or
 Star               center weight
                                                            Foam-rubber        FC207--
                                                            Ninja Stars are                                                              MA.
                               for                                             $5.75
                                                            a great way to                                                               G3045R- 5
                                                            practice                                                pc set $8.00
                                                            without the
                                                            danger or the      Air Sabre Star
                             sheath.                        damage that
                                          can come from throwing real                                               The Probe Star
           FC205-- $7.50                  stars. RS1 -- $1.50 ea.                                                   This awesome
                                                                                                                    new star
                                                                                                                    has 4
Professional Mini Set                                                                                               sets of
This is a really nice                                                                                               probes.
4 pack of 3" stars. It                                                                                              Stainless
comes with its own                                                                                                  4-1/2”,
nylon carry case                                                               New design in ninja throwers.        Includes
with belt loop.                                                                Stainless 4-3/4”, Includes Sheath.   Sheath.
PSET -- $15.00                                                                 Available in silver or black.
                                                                               FC209-- $5.75                        RC053-- $6.50
Practice Stars
These are authentic ninja                                                      5 Point Star                         6 Point Star
throwing stars. They come                                                                      Great thrower.                                 Our best
in assorted packs of 12.                                                                        Stainless 4”,                                 selling
These are non-sharpened                                                                          Includes Sheath.                             thrower.
steel practice stars.                                                                                                                          Stainless
Styles will vary.
Available in Medium and Large.
Set of 12 Medium stars (3-1/4”)                                                                      9020A--                               4” Includes
MDZ -- $21.00                                                                                                                              Sheath.
Set of 12 Large stars (4”)                                                                            $6.00
                                                                                                                                           Available in
LDZ -- $25.00                                                                                                       silver or black.   JLSS4 -- $6.50
 38                MARTIAL ARTS GEAR                                                                                           1-888-313-6400
  Ninja Supplies           Ninja Uniform                                                              Ninja High Tabi Boot
                           An authentic reproduction of a traditional Ninja outfit                                                An authentic reproduction of a real ninja
                           known as a Shinobi Shozoku. Made of 100%                                                               boot. The split toe feature is designed to
                           cotton. The uniform set consists of special trousers                                                   improve the foot’s gripping ability. The
                           with double waist ties plus additional ties at the                                                     ridged rubber soles improve traction
                           knees and ankles. The jacket features gauntlets on                                                     and are virtually soundless. High top
                           the sleeves to cover the hands and forearms. It                                                        covers the calf. Has a zip-lock closure
                           also has a hidden shuriken pocket. The head piece                                                      along the entire length of the boot (Full
                           comes in two parts–the hood and the mask, both                                                         sizes only 7-12). Actual boot may vary
                           with ties. This uniform is just like the real thing! (Tabi                                             slightly from item shown
                           boots not included)
                                                                                                                                  NTB -- $44.95
                           NU -- $39.95                       XX-Small - under 4'6"
                                                              X-Small - 4'6"-5
                                                  Uniform     Small - 5'-5'5"
                                                  Sizes       Medium - 5'5"-5'10"       Ninja Shuko Hand Claws
                                                              Large - 5'10"-6'3"
                                                              X-Large - over 6'3"       Climb trees or scale walls easier and faster
                           Ninja Hood                                                   with these hand claws. Made of steel, hand
                                                                                        claws feature an adjustable nylon wrist
                           Although a hood comes with the uniform, you can
                                                                                        band. Hand claws are prohibited in NY,
                           also order it separately. Consists of 2 pieces–hood
                                                                                        CA and MA.
                           and mask. Made of 100% cotton. One size fits all.
                           NUH -- $9.95                                                 NHC -- $11.95

Ninja Utility Belt                            Ninja Tabi Socks                                                                Ninja Ashiko Foot Spikes
With five different                                                Great to wear                                              When used in conjunction with the hand
touch fastener                                                     with the tabi                                              claws, your climbing potential is greatly
pockets, you                      can                              boot, these                                                increased. Spikes are made of black steel
carry                          smaller                             black 100%                                                 and have laced closure to secure to feet.
                            items                                  nylon socks                                                NFS -- $8.95
                        such as                                  feature the                                                                       Nunchaku are not sold to NY, MA
                    stars, knives,                            same split toe                                                                       and CA or where prohibited by law.
            keys, spikes etc...                        design. One size fits all.
Belt is made from a durable nylon             NTS -- $3.95                                              Rubber Chuks                                    Deluxe Rubber
webbing and is adjustable from                                                                          Foam padded                                     Chuks
28” to 36”. Plastic clip buckle.                                                                        nunchuks with
                                              Speed Nunchaku                                                                                            Foam padded speed
NUB -- $12.95                                                                                           plastic core and                                nunchuks with plastic
                                                                      Speed                             nylon cord. Great for                           core and ball bearing
                                                                      Nunchuk                           beginners.
Ninja Grappling Hook                                                with grooves
                                                                                                                                                        swivel chain.
Scale walls, climb trees                                         on handle. Ball
                                                                                                        NCRC -- $3.50                                   NCDRC -- $6.50
or swing from one                                            bearing swivel
place to another.                                         chain. Available in           Push-Up Bars                                    Exercise Wheel
                                                      Black. NCSP -- $11.95                                                                                With a 7 1/2" dia.,
                                                                                                                                                           this exercise
                                              Traditional Nunchaku                                                                                         wheel offers quite
                                                                                                                                                           an upper body
                                                                                                                                                           workout. Molded
                                                                                                                                                           vinyl grips make
                                                                                                                                                           the wheel very
It’s all so easy with our collapsible                                 nylon cord.
                                                                                                                                        comfortable to hold on to during
steel, 4 pronged grappling hook.                                 AvailableBlack.
                                                                                        Bars are made of tubular steel and              activities. Instructions are
33’ heavy-duty, nylon rope                                     NCTD -- $6.50            have vinyl hand grips. Anchored                 included. MEW -- $9.95
included.     NGH -- $22.95                                                             with non-skid rubber feet for more
                                              Hand Grips                                stability. Includes two bars.                     Striking Ball
Grasp Spring                                                                            MPUB -- $14.95                                                          Suspend at
                     Made of tough steel                                                                                                                        shoulder
                     with spring action,                                                                                                                        level and
                     this hand coil is the                                              Square Hand Target
                                                                                                                                                                practice your
                     perfect way to                                                                                                                             timing and
                     strengthen your                                                                                                                            accuracy
                     grip and condition                                                                                                                         with a double
                    your hands anytime.       Helps condition and strengthen
                                                                                                                                                                end ball. It
                   MGS -- $3.95               your hand and grip.
                                                                                                                                                                fastens to
                                              MHG -- $3.95                                                                                                      the ceiling
                                                                                                                                                                with a nylon
                                                                                        The vinyl shell is very durable.
                             Eagle Catcher                                              Impact resistant foam fills the
                                                                                                                                                                cord and to
                             Strengthen your fingers and thumb with this                                                                  the floor with a thick elastic
                                                                                        inside, measures 9” X 10" square
                             great exerciser. Spring Tension is the key to                                                                shock cable. All hardware, cords
                                                                                        x 3" thick.
                             building power in your hands and fingers. Flex                                                               and instructions are included.
                             each finger individually for maximum conditioning          MST -- $14.95 ea.
                                                                                                                                          MDSB -- $29.95
                             and increase coordination skills. No assembly
                                                                                        Warning: Boxing and martial arts are contact sports. Users of this gear are subject to
                             required. Start strengthening now!                         personal injury. These products offer a degree of protection but are not warranted to protect
                             MEC -- $10.95                                              the user from injury. Wearing a mouthguard is recommended when using this equipment.                                                                          SURVIVAL GEAR                                           39
All Weather Blanket                    Emergency Blanket                               Orienteering                            Engineering
                          Will                             This light-                 Compass                                 Compass
                          reflect                          weight                      Plastic compass.                        Nice quality unit with a
                          and retain                       Emergency                          Quality is ok,                      metal case.
                          up to 80%                        Blanket folds                       makes a good                              Better for
                          radiated                         to a size small                      first compass                            advanced
                          body heat                        enough to                            for a child.                             users.
                          to help                          hold in your
                          provide                          hand, yet
                                                                             SOC -- $2.95                                                   EC -- $8.95
                          warmth,                          unfolds large
                          comfort                          enough to         Magnesium Fire Starter
and protection. Grommets in all                            wrap up in It     Genuine Military issue survival fire starter.
corners. Windproof, Flexible even                          works by          Starts hundreds of fires with a flame
in sub-freezing temperatures.                              reflecting up     source of 5400 degrees Fahrenheit. Works
Great item to have in the trunk.       to 90% of your radiant body heat.     under the worst weather conditions.
SAWB -- $12.95                         84" x 52". SEB - $2.95                How it works:                                               SFS - $6.50
                                                                             1. Scrape tool with any knife to create small magnesium shavings.
                                                                             2. Ignite shavings by scraping built-in sparking insert with a knife.
Hunting Knife & Hatchet Combo Set
This is a great all-around
camping set. It includes
                                                                             Emergency Candle
a full tang hunting                                                          Reseal, relight, and reuse! Perfect for all situations:
knife with a gut hook                                                        winter driving, traveling, backpacking or camping.
and a all-purpose                                                            This survival candle features: 500 BTU’s/Hour,
hatchet. Overall knife                                                       reusable, non-toxic, last 22 hours, lightweight,
length is 9.5". The full                                                     waterproof container, and high melt pointwax.
tang hatchet is 10.75”                                                       During a natural disaster, it will provide light and
long and weights 17 oz.                                                      warmth while the electrical service is interrupted. MPIEC      -- $5.95
Both items feature a rubber
handle for a secure grip.
Includes nylon sheath that                                                                      Emergency Signal Mirror
holds them both. AWESOME BUY!                SZ210414 -- $10.95                                 With a flash that can be seen for up to 100 miles, the
                                                                                                signal mirror has been called the most underrated tool
                                                                                                in a survival kit. Day and Night Signaling - Red for
Esbit Pocket Stove                                                                              Night use and Silver for Day Use
                                This compact (3" x 4" x ¾”) , lightweight                       Patented Two Sided Polycarbonate Mirror
                                (3.25 oz.) fold down pocket size stove                          3 Foot Nylon Lanyard and Carry Case Included
                                is an extremely efficient cooking
                                                                                                MPI113-- $8.95
                                appliance designed for a wide variety of
                                uses in the outdoors. It is German
                                engineered from plated tensile struc-
                                tured steel with specially designed air      Potable Aqua
                                flow slits in the base to provide a          An iodine based tablet that works on all bacteriologically
                                stronger and more directed flame from        impure water. One bottle contains 50 tablets and will purify
                                the Esbit® fuel tablets.                     25-50 quarts of water, depending on source. Not recom-
SEPS - Pocket Stove $10.95               SESF - Solid Fuel $5.95             mended for people with heightened iodine sensitivity or
                                                                             allergy. Eliminates Bacteria, Organic chemicals,
                                                                             Cryptosporidium, Protozoans and Viruses. SWT -- $5.95
Commando Steel Wire Survival Saw
The Commando wire saw is an intregal part of your
survival kit! Cuts wood, plastic, bone etc. Made                                              Snake Bite Kit
from interwoven stainless steel wire strands.                                                 Extract dangerous venom using this complete compact
Length approximately 30 inches. It is a                                                       kit. Uses the constrictor/suction method. Ideal for
great item for campers, hikers, hunters                                                       pocket or pack complete and easy to use.
even atv riders. It is small enough to                                                        Includes: Antiseptic swab, Scalpel, Suction Cups (3)
slip in your pocket. Will cut wood,                                                           Two large high-suction cups for multiple bites and one
plastic, bone, etc. K21 -- $4.95                                                              small high-suction cup for small surfaces, Lymph
                                                                                              Constrictor and instructions. SBK -- $4.95
                                   You Can Survive Kit
                                  This kit is a 6 ounce can that measures
                                  less than 2 1/2" in height and 3 1/2" in   Tri-Fold Shovel with Case
                                  circumference. The sealed, watertight,
                                  reusable steel can contains a compact
                                  outdoor survival stove, fuel, matches
                                  and emergency nourishment supple-
                                  ments. The steel can itself becomes
                                 the cooking pot or a drinking cup. Kit
                                 contains the following items: Folding       This multi-purpose folding shovel is the perfect
                                 Wing Stove, Hard Candy for Energy, 4        camping companion. It is 24" overall and folds down to
                                 Heat/Fire Tablets, 1 Water Storage Bag,     a small 9" size for easy carrying. It is made of forged
2 Tea Bags, 2 Packs Instant Broth, 2 Sugar Packets, 1 Piece Aluminum         steel and has a serrated edge on one side of the shovel head for cutting.
Foil, 1 Box Damp-Proof Matches, 1 Pack Hi-Energy Drink. A must for any       Includes nylon carry case. Folds compactly in three sections. Extends to
camper. SYCS -- $10.95                                                       24", Folds down to 9". RO-TFS -- $12.50
Credit Card Pick Set                                                               Professional Mini-Tracker
                                                                                      Covertly track your spouse
                                                                                      or teenagers movements
                                                                                   When you are looking for dependability and
                                                                                   great mapping use SkyTRX Mini Tracker. It
                                                                                   is a small, pocket sized GPS tracking
                                                                                   device that receives signals from the
                                                                                   twenty-four Department of Defense
                                                                                   satellites orbiting the earth. The new
                                                                                   advanced internal computer accurately
                                                                                   determines the location of the device
                                                                                   within 2.5 meters and records this data
World's first credit card lock pick set! Straight out of a James Bond              every second. With this data and the
movie and into the J & L product lineup, we have the most unique lock              included SkyTRX Tracking software, users
pick set ever! It is an actual mini lock pick set inside a credit card             can accurately determine where a person
housing. At 1/8" thick, it is about twice as thick as a normal credit card.        traveled, how fast they drove, where they
The back slides off to reveal 4 individual picks and a double sided                stopped and for how long. The recorded
tension tool. The picks are solid stamped stainless steel and will give            data from the SkyTRX Mini Tracker can be
you hundreds of uses. The nice thing about this set is it looks like a             displayed over a street map, satellite
credit card and will fit in a wallet unnoticed. If you or a friend were to         images, or in a text report. Simply put, the
lock yourself out of the house, you would have your picks with you to              SkyTRX Mini Tracker is an extremely
get yourself in. This could save $50.00 or more instead of calling a               affordable GPS vehicle tracking data
locksmith, or even breaking a door or window to get in. You will still             logger system offering accurate tracking
need to know how to                                                                data contained within an easily deployable
pick locks of course, but                                                          miniature weather resistant magnetically mounted housing. Think of it
the basics can be picked                                                           as a video recorder developed specifically to monitor and document a
up with a short amount                                                             vehicle's traveled activities. Holds up to 100 hours of data. Powered by
of study.                                                                          2 AAA batteries, Connects easily to your PC via USB. Includes PC
CCLP -- $29.95                                                                     software. Size 3.80” x 1.46” x 1.34” H4100 -- $299.00

TV Terror - Remote Code Interceptor
 TV Terror is a new device that can automatically intercept a TV's remote control coding information, enabling it to
function as a "clone." It allows the user to turn the TV on or off, change channels, control the volume, mute, etc. It
can even "grab" the coding information while the target TV is turned off!
You now can have the ability to control what you see and hear wherever you go - bars, waiting rooms, the
neighbor's house - anywhere there's a TV. Or use it at your own house; it's great for harassing your TV-addicted
family members. But use only with appropriate discretion - using during the Super Bowl at a sports bar would
definitely not be recommended.
The TV Terror automatically scans nearly all of the TV codes in existence, and when it determines the correct one
for the target TV, it captures and stores it. Most TVs take less than 10 seconds, a few can take up to 60 seconds.
But after the initial time, it's always instantaneous. It's simple to use. If the target TV is turned off, just aim it at the TV and
hold the red "on" button down until the TV turns on. That's it - you now have control over that TV! If you want to intercept
the code discreetly while the TV is turned on, then hold down the TV Terror's mute button until "mute" appears on the TV
screen. It's easy to re-program for use on a different TV - just aim it at the new TV and repeat this process.
Very compact size for discreet deployment (it's only 2.25" x 1.5" x .25"). But don't let its small size fool you; it's
actually a sophisticated digital micro-computer. Works on 85% of all TVs. Powered by one CR-2032 3-volt battery
(included). TVT -- $15.95

                     J & L Products                                                                                                Presort Standard
                                                                                                                                     US Postage
                     70 Defense Drive                                                                                                    PAID
                     Berkeley Springs, WV 25411                                                                                     J & L Products

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