Water filter kit by mikew56


									Water filter kits are easy to install

There are a variety of water filter kits available in the market. The
most popular are those that can be connected to a water line directly.
These kits have a filter cartridge that removes chlorine and heavy
metals. The cartridge also improves the taste of water and its odor.

These kits come with brackets that can be mounted on the wall. They also
have standard garden hose connections and vinyl tubing to be connected to
the water line and the outlet pipe. The cartridges, in some of these
wall-mounted filter kits, can clean up to 1,000 gallons of water.

The filter cartridge can be removed after it has cleaned 1,000 gallons of
water or after a year of use, whichever is first. The kit should, however
be disconnected from the water supply when the house owner is going out
for a long holiday. The cartridge also should be back flushed from time
to time to remove impurities that may block the cartridge pores.

Besides this, manufacturers also provide filter kits that can keep the
existing water filters running smoothly. For instance, the water filter
kit supplied by MSR includes filter housing O-Ring, piston O-Ring, inlet
foam, inlet valve ball, outlet cap and silicone lubricant. The user can
change these parts as and when the need arises, either himself or with
the help of a trained mechanic.

Similarly, the Katadyn Hiker Water Filter Field Maintenance Kit allows
users to clean and lube their Hiker Microfilter. They can do this while
they are on a field trip or after they return home. These kits include
replacement O-rings, silicon lubricant, and cleanable filter protector.

In the case of under sink water filters, the manufacturers provide a
stainless steel valve that taps into the water line, plus an extra supply
line that feeds a specialized faucet.

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