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									Gram:JIPMER                                                           Phone: 0413-2272380 to 2272389
e-mail:purchase@jipmer.edu                                               FAX: 0413-2272067/66
                           GOVERNMENT OF INDIA
                           PONDICHERRY – 605 006.
No.JIP/Workshop/1(6)/2010.                        Dated the 16.2.2010

Dear Sirs,
         Sub: JIPMER – Telephone handset with cordless remote controller – Limited tender invited.
                                             ***     ***     ***
         Please quote your lowest rates for Telephone handset with cordless remote controller as per the
list given overleaf/ attached, subject to the following terms & conditions:-

1. Rates should be quoted only for the items which are available in stock and can be supplied
    immediately on receipt of order.
2. Only 4% CST is applicable.
3. No insurance charges are payable as per the rules of the Government. As such, the firms before
    quoting should take into consideration all the risks in the transit and then furnish Limited tender
    which should cover insurance charges also. If any point is raised as regard insurance charges after
    orders are issued, the same will not be entertained and the firms thereafter should effect the supply
    at their own cost.
4. Rates should be quoted F.O.R Pondicherry, extra packing, forwarding charges, etc. should not be
5. Delivery is required urgently. Tenders should please state the guarantee delivery period they can
    offer. As delivery date is essence of the contract, this should be strictly adhered to by the
    successful tenders.
6. No supply which is not according to the specifications and not meeting the requirement will be
7. The Director shall have the right of rejecting the Limited tender in whole or part without assigning
    any reason therefore.
8. In case of high precision instruments the firms should give a guarantee certificate for their
    satisfactory performance.
9. Limited tender should be sent only by certificate of posting. Hand quotations are not accepted.
Please furnish your limited tender in a sealed cover superscribing as:-
Limited Tender for Telephone handset with cordless remote controller
Enquiry No. JIP/Workshop/1(6)/2010
Department of Central Workshop
Due date 2.3.2010 at 1p.m.
Limited tender should reach this office on or before 2.3.2010 at 1p.m. Limited tender received after the
due date will be summarily rejected.
                                                                                        Yours faithfully,
                                                                               CENTRAL WORKSHOP
Encl.:           Specifications.
Copy to the Officer-in-Charge, CRAFT, JIPMER, with a request to display it in the JIPMER
                        JIPMER, PUDUCHERRY-6
Specification for Telephone handset with cordless remote controller

      Minimum number required is 100.

1. Catalogue containing the picture of the item should be provided.
2. Item should be from standard national company.
3. Handset with base.
4. Built in clock display with alarm.
5. Caller identification.
6. Menu operation.
7. 5 hours talk time.
8. Telephone answering machine.
9. Digital handset speaker phone.
10.Call waiting flash on handset.
11.Redial memory upto 5.
12.Name and number phone book.
13.Locking facility for making calls.
14.Keypad on handset.
15.Speaker phone.
16.Necessary extension board as per the specification mentioned below should be
   supplied with every instrument freely.
17.One year replacement warranty.
18.Free installation.
19.All accessories needed, if any, for installation should be provided freely.
20.The supplier should take the responsibility of repairing/ replacing the
   defective items.

Specification for Extension Board
1. ISI marked.
2. Plastic/wooden board.
3. 5 meter length 3 core cable with 5A 3 pin top.
4. Two numbers of 5A base.
5. Separate switch control for each base.
6. Centralised 5A fuse.

                                                    CENTRAL WORKSHOP

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