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					MGM Grand

There are plenty of places to go in Vegas and have the possibility of
bumping into Hollywood royalty, but there is not one place that can make
you feel like Hollywood royalty like the MGM Grand can. The MGM Grand
will set your imagination wild from the moment you step in the door with
the unbelievable array of lights, bells, and whistles from Hollywood
memorabilia to the ringing slot machines. Don’t believe that it all
stops there, you will continue to be amazed as you saunter through the
lobby and realize all of the amenities available to you.

MGM Grand is an exceptional facility for reasons even beyond its reach on
the consumer looking to make a stay in Vegas; it is an exceptional
facility in the world of sports and entertainment as well. Unbelievable
boxing matches and awesome musicians have graced this hotel time and time
again to impress the masses with their taste in showmanship. After the
competition or show is over you will surely have worked up an appetite,
so where should you go to quench that thirst?

Try any number of insanely good dining options like Emeril’s Fish House
or Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill or several other more “high-class”
dining options. There is no reason for you to leave the MGM Grand to
find entertainment or cuisine during your vacation, but if you do decide
to venture out you will be ridiculously satisfied with your location on
the strip of Las Vegas Hotels. The MGM Grand is right on a very high-
traffic area on the strip, meaning you can go anywhere at anytime to find
your “thing”.

Finally, if none of the above is exciting you or sounding like your idea
of entertainment in the least, maybe you would be interested in the
fantastic African Lion Habitat. These cats will blow your mind and you
will regret missing them if you don’t stop or stay at the MGM Grand on
your trip to Las Vegas. There is truly no other place like the MGM Grand
in Las Vegas, but to truly understand it you will have to see it for