Hard Rock (DOC) by mikew56


									Hard Rock

Some things in this life just go together; peanut butter and jelly,
batman and robin, monkeys and bananas, and Hard Rock and Las Vegas. When
you think of rocking hard then thinking of Las Vegas wouldn‟t be too big
or long of a jump and vice versa, Las Vegas seems to be a town that likes
to rock hard. Hence, the ultra-popular and amazing experience of staying
at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, just off the strip but right in the
middle of the rock!

There is no way to jump into the hearts and minds of youth and the mind
of the “in crowd” than to be a part of an establishment like the Hard
Rock hotel. For this reason this is a major hotspot in the Las Vegas
nightlife scene, something to keep in mind if your sole goal upon
vacationing in the city that never sleeps is to party hard and have the
trip of a lifetime. If this isn‟t exactly what you are looking for then
there are still a plethora of ways for you to have a good time during
your visit.

Many other casinos will try to bring you a taste of another place in the
world along with the unbelievable amenities and gambling, but Hard Rock
wants you to experience Americana along with your gambling needs.
Nothing says America like Rock „n‟ Roll and you will find memorabilia
from your favorite recording artists surrounding you as you enjoy a
gourmet meal from some of the most renowned chefs in the world.

Don‟t expect to see anything that you may see in a normal art museum,
this memorabilia is from the heart and soul of American Rock „n‟ Roll.
To further advance their reputation as a “hipster” night hotspot the Hard
Rock Hotel will sport one celebrity after another ranging from those who
have achieved stardom on the silver screen, the hardwood, or the
gridiron. The Hard Rock Hotel is the place for you if you are looking
for ultra service in the middle of luxury…and, of course, Rock „n‟ Roll.

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