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					                               CURRICULUM VITAE

Name                   : Erwin Soekmawan
Place, Date of birth   : Malang, 26th December 1970
Sex                    : Male
Religion               : Moslem
Marital Status         : Married, 2 (two) children
Home Address           : Jl. Siaga I no. 39F RT.04/05
                         Pejaten, Jakarta 12510
Telephone              : 021-79196602
Facsimile              : 021-7397332
Mobile Phone           : 081 198 3948
E-mail                 :

1. Master Degree: University of Indonesia (UI), Jakarta, Faculty of Economy, Master of
   Management in Finance, February 2003.
2. Bachelor : Airlangga University Surabaya, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences,
   International Relations Studies, September 1994.
3. High School : SMAN I, Budi Utomo, Jakarta 1989.

Professional Background
1. Indonesia Entrepreneur Development Foundation
    Executive Director, June 2003 – September 2004
2. Master of Management, University of Indonesia
    Committee Member , Risk Management Centre , June 2003 - current
    Conduct workshop, seminar, training and consulting on risk management in
      banking industry.
    Developing market and credit risk management software , cooperating with PT.
      Ganesha Cipta Informatika
    Committee Member on preparing Entrepreneurship Centre
3. Zurich Insurance Indonesia (Mutual Funds)
    Field Manager, September 2002-Juni 2003
4. PT. Bhakti Capital Indonesia (Investment Banking)
    Equity Sales Manager, Mei – September 2001

5. PT. Sarana Kalteng Ventura (Venture Capital in Central Kelimantan Province),
   subsidiary company of PT. Bahana Artha Ventura (State owned Company)
    Branch Manager, Mei 1997- April 2001
6. PT. Internusa Graha Prasetya (Pertamina’s Products Dealer)
    Sales & Marketing staff, 1994-1997

1. Good Corporate Governance, GCG Council, Jakarta, 2001.
2. Corporate Value Reporting, Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia, Depok,
3. Pension Fund’s Portfolio, Indonesian Pension Funds Association, Jakarta, 2001.
4. E-Commerce Marketing Revolution in the Digital Era, Paramadina University
   Jakarta, 2000.
5. Venture Capital and Indonesian Capital Market, BAPEPAM , Jakarta, 1999.
6. Venture Capital in the Local Autonomy Era, ASTRA Foundation, Jakarta, 1999.
7. Venture Capital as an Alternative in Financing, Indonesian Venture Capital
   Association, Jakarta, 1998.

Training and Workshop
1. International Training on Grameen Basics, Grameen Trust, Bogor 2003
2. Market and Credit Risk Management, Risk Management Division, University of
   Indonesia, Jakarta 2003
3. Balanced Scorecard, Accounting Development Centre University of Indonesia,
   Jakarta 2001.
4. Training for Investment Manager, PT. Bhakti Capital Indonesia, Jakarta, 2001
5. Project Appraisal and Valuation, PT. Bahana Artha Ventura, Jakarta, 1998.
6. Creative Problem Solving, Management Development Centre, Balikpapan, 1998.
7. Training for Venture Capital Officer, Financial Monitoring , Legal Aspect and
   Remedial, PT. Bahana Artha Ventura, Jakarta 1998.
8. Cordless Telephone 2nd Generation’s Product, AMETRON & SyraNET Telecom,
   Singapore, 1996.
9. Training Exclusive Agent on Thyssen Hunnebeck, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1995

Fields of Interest
1. Venture Capital
2. Profit Sharing Management
3. Risk Management
4. Small and Medium Business Enterprises

1. Analysis on Foundation’s operation as Microfinance Institution in Indonesia. A case
2. Valuation on Rural Banking in East Java year 2002.

  1. Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, Executive Committee Indonesia Entrepreneur
      Development Foundation, Director PT. Menara Duta, Commissioner PT.
      Tigaraksa Satria Tbk, telp. 021-5225080.
  2. Dr. Muhamad Muslich, MBA., Head of Risk Management Division, lecturer at
      Master Management UI and Postgraduate Program, telp. 021-3103976 ext. 406
  3. Haryanto Tanudjaja, MSc., Director PT. Ganesha Cipta Informatika, Chairman
      PT. RTM Global, telp. 021-5268006.
  4. Siti Adiprigandari, PhD., Head of Entrepreneurship Center, lecturer at Master of
      Management UI and Postgraduate Program UI, telp. 021-3103976 ext. 407.
  5. Sesdawati Enoch, Director, PT. Bhakti Capital Indonesia Tbk.,
  6. Lim Handoko, MBA., Chairman PT. Sarana Kalteng Ventura, Director PT.
      Bahana Artha Ventura, telp. 021-2505110.
  7. Krisni Murti MS, Commissioner PT. Sarana Kalteng Ventura, Chairman Yayasan
      Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA), Director Astra Mitra Ventura, telp. 021-3865831.


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