Knife Finishing by mikew56


									Knife Finishing

Something that is very important in the process of buying your next or
first knife is to decide what type of finish that you want on the knife
you are going to purchase. There are a few different types of finishes
that will create a different look for your finished product, consider a
few things about the finish on your knife.

The finish of a jeweled metal knife is usually done from the inside,
causing a breathtaking beauty from the outside of your knife. A file
work finish will be an imprint on the handle or locking bar that is put
on by the maker or designer, usually with the company’s name to promote
the product. The finish of the knife actually has nothing to do with its
quality or ability; it is a purely cosmetic procedure to have performed.

With stonewash finishing your knife will look used from day one with some
abrasive patterns in order to achieve the antique look. The benefit is
this knife will look the same for a while as the abrasive finish will
mask the dull parts of the blade. For a more polished or grained look
you should look into a scotchbrite finish that will give you a more
modern or clean appearance.

 Vibed finishing makes the knife look slightly worn with some smaller
abrasions and the like than the stonewashed finish. A polished finish
will allow you to show off your knife in public as it will shine it the
light with a beautiful finish. This will be difficult to keep this way,
but is the way to go if your knife is going to be more for show than use.
None of these finishes will affect the effectiveness of the knife, but
they can make for a much nicer looking knife.

There are various other types of blade finishes that could help avoid too
many scratches or discolorations, just check with your retailer to see if
it is available to you. Think of it as buying new paint for your room in
your house, it may cause little to no rise in the value of the house, but
will make the room more livable.

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