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									TENANCY AGREEMENT                   Dated this ______ day of _____________ in the
year _____, made pursuant to the provisions of the Tenant Protection Act, S.O. 1997.

BETWEEN: Laura Vander Veen, 160 Columbia St. West, Box 247, Waterloo, ON N2L
3L3 (Landlord) AND the following Tenant(s) or Lessee(s):

1.       Name: ____________________________________________________

2.       Name: ____________________________________________________

3.       Name: ____________________________________________________

4.       Name: ____________________________________________________

5.       Name: ____________________________________________________


The Landlord agrees to rent to the tenants and the and the tenants agree to rent from
the Landlord 24 Columbia Street West, Unit ____ (_____________ floor), Room ___,
Waterloo, Ontario, hereinafter referred to as the “rented premises” or the “premises.”

The rented premises are composed of and include the sole use of:

The entire __________ floor, and use of the following appliances: 1 stove, 2
refrigerators, 1 washer, 1 dryer.

Parking: Parking space “___” is for the exclusive use of Unit ____, and shared use of
parking spaces marked “V” (visitor), are available on a first-come, first-served basis for
all tenants in the building.


The Tenant agrees to abide by the covenants, agreements, and all provisions of this
Agreement. It is agreed that the Landlord shall be entitled to enforce the provisions of
this Agreement against the Tenant in a court or tribunal of competent jurisdiction in the
event of a breach of performance thereof by the Tenant. Further, the Landlord shall
have the right to re-enter the premises and obtain vacant possession thereof in the event
of non-payment of rent or breach of any of the covenants, agreements, or provisions of
this Agreement by the Tenant.

The Tenant shall not carry upon the rented premises any business and shall not use the
premises for any other purpose than a residential dwelling, and shall not allow the
premises to be occupied by anyone other than the Tenants or their Sub-tenants.

If the Landlord transfers or otherwise disposes of the property of which the rented
premises form a part, all liabilities and obligations on the part of the Landlord accruing
after such conveyance or disposal shall terminate upon such transfer or disposal and
thereupon all such liabilities and obligations shall be binding only upon its successors or
assigns, as the case may be. Upon any sale or financing by the Landlord, the Tenant
shall execute any acknowledgements of the terms and status of this Agreement as may
be requested the landlord.


The Tenant shall occupy the rented premises, subject to the present Tenant vacating, for
a term beginning on the
                               _____ day of __________ in the year ___________,

subject to the terms of this Agreement. Possession of the rented premises will be
granted on the ______ day of _____________ in the year ____________.

This lease is for a total of ___ months. The Tenants may unanimously but not
individually choose to terminate this the lease by providing written notice signed by each
Tenant as determined by the Landlord or as required by law, a form N11, provided by
the Landlord, and returned to the Landlord or his agents, prior to the following dates:

Tenants may up to December 30, 2007 give written notice to the Landlord to
terminate the tenancy on August 31, 2007.

Tenants may up to December 30, 2008 give written notice to the Landlord to
terminate the tenancy on August 31, 2008.

Tenants may up to December 30, 2009 give written notice to the Landlord to
terminate the tenancy on August 31, 2009.

If the Landlord is unable to give possession of the rented premises to the Tenant on the
starting date of the term for any reason, including, but not limited to an over holding
tenant or construction delays, the Landlord shall not be subject to any liability to the
Tenant and shall give possession as soon as it is possible to do so. Rent shall not be
collected until possession of the rented premises is granted to the Tenant by the
Landlord. Failure to give possession on the starting date of the term shall in no way
affect the validity of this Agreement or the obligations of the Tenant, and shall in no way
be construed to extend the term of this Agreement.

This agreement shall be enforceable against all Tenants named as such herein,
regardless of whether such Tenants personally occupy the rented premises, and the
lease is not terminable by the Tenants prior to the end of the term, except as expressly
stated herein.

Notwithstanding any other terms and conditions contained herein, it is expressly agreed
and undertaken by the Tenant that prior to the end of term, the Tenant shall notify the
Landlord whether he/she wishes to enter into a new lease for further term in which case
the Landlord may agree to do so at his sole option. In the event that no request to
renew is received by the Landlord as aforesaid or if the Landlord refuses to enter into a
new lease, the Landlord will assume that the Tenant will vacate the premises as agreed
and the Landlord may lease the unit to such other person or persons as he may see fit in
reliance on the premises being vacant at the end of the term. If the Landlord agrees to
enter into a new lease, the Tenant must execute the Landlord’s standard form lease as a
condition of remaining in the premises after the end of the term.

All parties to this lease hereby declare that each is eighteen years old on the date of
execution of this document.


4.1 Basic Rent

The tenant agrees to pay the Landlord, at the Landlord’s office or such place as directed
in writing from time to time by the Landlord only:

          For rented premises per room, per month: $450

on the first day of every month during the term described above.

Rental cheques are payable to Laura Vander Veen and the first of such payments is
due and payable on the ____ day of __________________, ________.

Before being granted entry to the premises the Tenant agrees to provide the Landlord
with POST-DATED cheques for rent due for the term. These are required at the signing
of the lease.

4.2 Non-Payment of Rent

If the monthly rent is not received on each due date as set out above, the Tenant shall
pay to the Landlord a service charge for late payment and/or collection, of FIFTY
Dollars ($50) in addition to the basic rent.

Further provided that in addition to all other charges required to be paid by the Tenant,
the Tenant agrees to pay the Landlord compound interest at the rate of TWO Percent
per month (24% per annum) upon all sums required to be paid by the Tenant to the
Landlord, including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, all unpaid service
charges and rent payable under this Agreement.

4.3 Method of Payment

All payments herein are to be made by cash or cheque, unless otherwise directed by the
Landlord and acceptance of other forms of payment from time to time by the Landlord or
his agent or employee shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the foregoing provision.

Further provided that if the monthly rental is paid by cheque and the cheque is not
honoured at the bank upon which it is drawn, the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord the
sum of FIFTY Dollars ($50) as a service charge for each such cheque in addition to the
foregoing rents and service charges.

4.4 Prepaid Rent

The Tenant agrees to deposit with the Landlord the sum of $_________ as rent prepaid
to be applied towards the last month’s rent of the term of this agreement. The landlord
agrees to pay interest annually on such prepaid rent at the rate provided from time to
time by the Tenant Protection Act. Any property damages, repair or cleaning costs, will
be deducted from the aforementioned interest owed to the Tenant.


The Tenant warrants provision for re-entry by the Landlord for non-payment of rent or
non-performance of covenants, subject to the provisions of the Tenant Protection Act.
Access will be granted to the Landlord to the premises with 24 hours notice for any
reason or provision the Landlord sees fit. Access for renting purposes is per the Tenant
Protection Act, and is “Reasonable Notice” between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM.


A $20 charge is payable to the Landlord if the Landlord is required to open a locked
bedroom. A $40 charge is payable to the Landlord for a replacement key.


The Landlord is not responsible for any utilities whatsoever, such as hydro, water,
natural gas, telephone, cable TV, internet, etc.


The Landlord shall pay for all property taxes, exterior maintenance, and building
insurance. The Tenant is advised to purchase Liability and Contents insurance for their
individual possessions.


In the event of the bankruptcy of the Tenant, the Landlord shall rank as a preferred


The Landlord shall not be liable or responsible in any way for:

   (i)     any personal injury or death that may be suffered or sustained by the Tenant,
             an occupant, or any member of the Tenant’s family, his agents or guests, or
             any other person who may be upon the rented premises or the premises of
             the Landlord; or
   (ii)    any loss of or damage or injury to any property including cars and the contents
             thereof belonging to the Tenant or to any member of the Tenant’s family or to
             any other person while such property is on the rented premises or on the
             premises of the Landlord; or
   (iii)   without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any damages to any such
             property caused by steam, water, ground water, rain or snow which may leak
             into, issue or flow from any of the rented premises or the premises of the
             landlord or from the water, steam, sprinkler or drainage pipes or plumbing
             works of the same or from any place or quarter; or
  (iv)  any damage caused by or attributable to the condition or arrangement of any
          electrical or other wiring; or
  (v) any damage caused by anything done or omitted to be done by any tenants of
          the Landlord; or
  (vi) any damage to or loss of any property left in or on the rented premises or the
          premises of the landlord subsequent to the Tenant giving up possession of
          the rented premises whether or not said delivery of possession by the Tenant
          was voluntary, whether caused by or attributable to anything done or omitted
          to be done by the Landlord or any other tenants of the Landlord, or any other
          person; or
  (vii) any damage to or loss of property incurred by the Tenants as a result of an “Act
          of God,” being such as but not limited to storm, lightning, flood, infestation of
          vermin or insects, etc.


  (a) The tenant shall be liable for any damage done to the premises and building by
      reason of neglect, willful damage, water being left running from the taps or blocked
      toilets in the demised premises or from gas being permitted to escape by the
      Tenant, or any other persons known or unknown. The premises are required to be
      in a presentable state at all times. If the Landlord deems this not to be the case, the
      Landlord has the right to hire professional cleaners at the expense of the Tenants.
  (b) Smoking or burning of incense is not permitted inside the premises.
  (c) No additional locks shall be placed upon doors of the building.
  (d) The Tenant shall not place any spikes, screws, tacks, or nails into the walls, or
      woodwork of the premises. Any decorating requires prior approval of the landlord.
  (e) No pets of any kind are allowed without written approval by the Landlord in advance.
  (f) No Tenant shall cut or alter any wiring (TV, electrical, telephone, or otherwise)
  (g) The use of any BBQ, or camp stove, whether gas, electrical or otherwise is strictly
      prohibited inside the structure and on the covered porch.
  (h) No noise caused by the Tenant, or instrument or other device, which in the opinion
      of the Landlord disturbs the comfort of the other Tenants of the premises or the
      neighbours, shall be permitted.
  (i) The Tenant shall replace all broken or worn screens, windows, light bulbs or tubes,
      fuses and batteries.
  (j) The Tenant shall not use or permit any flags, blankets, foil or other unconventional
      window coverings.
  (k) The Tenants shall remove all snow and ice from walkways and doorsteps at all
      times and in accordance with the City of Waterloo municipal by-laws, and are
      responsible for any and all fines resulting from failure to comply with this provision.
      The Landlord will have the sidewalk, parking area, and driveway cleared of snow
      and ice.
  (l) The Tenant shall, prior to taking possession of the premises, attend at the offices of
      all those utilities and services required by this lease, including, but not limited to
      telephone, electrical, and natural gas, and sign any documents and provide any
   deposits or other securities as may be necessary to assume full responsibility for the
   supply of these utilities to the premises. If any utility or service can no longer be
   held in any of the tenants’ names, the Tenants shall provide post-dated cheques
   based on their highest usage to date, or expected, to the Landlord for payment of
   these services.
(m) Provided that where the premises becomes vacant and remains so for a period of
    15 days, it shall be presumed that the Tenants have abandoned the premises and
    the Landlord may re-enter and take immediate possession of the premises. This
    does not limit or excuse the Tenants from their obligations under this lease.
(n) The Tenant shall not do or permit anything to be done in or around the premises, or
    bring or keep anything therein, which shall in any way create a risk of fire or
    increase the rate of fire insurance in respect of the premises or create a nuisance at
(o) The premises shall not be used for any illegal purpose, and in particular, the
    Tenants covenant that the premises shall not be used, occupied, or frequented by
    any person who sells, distributes, or uses narcotic drugs.
(p) The Tenant must notify the Landlord of any damage, appliance malfunction,
    plumbing problems or leaks, or any and all other concerns, as soon as possible, or
    the Tenant will be responsible for any extra expense that would have otherwise
    been avoided.
(q) Waterbeds are not permitted unless by written approval by the Landlord.
(r) It is the responsibility of the Tenants to pick up and dispose of properly any garbage
    on the lawn/property, regardless of origin.
The Landlord has absolutely no responsibility for the telephone system in any capacity.
(a) Subletting (to a “sub-tenant”) is permitted but the agreement between the Tenant
and the Sub-tenant has no bearing on this Tenancy Agreement between the Landlord
and the Tenant. The Tenant is TOTALLY responsible for the Sub-tenant’s actions and
the care of the premises expressed in the foregoing provisions is expected regardless
of whether the premises has been sublet to a third party in whole or in part.
(b) In no way is the Landlord responsible for collection of rent, or any other expense that
the third party has incurred, and is the sole responsibility of the Tenant.
(c) A Sub-tenant is expected to comply with the foregoing rules, regulations, conditions,
and agreements. If the Sub-tenant does not comply, the Landlord has all the remedies
stated in this agreement, at any time regardless of any agreement between the Tenant
and the Sub-tenant. The Landlord has no obligation to the Tenant or to any tenant of
the premises, for any monies owed or forfeited by the removal of the Sub-tenant. The
Tenant therefore acts as Guarantor for the Sub-tenant.
(a) If either the Tenant or the Landlord wishes to terminate the tenancy at the end of the
term created by this agreement, then he will give notice to that effect in writing delivered
personally by hand or otherwise in the accordance with the Tenant Protection Act, a
form N11 signed and delivered by the dates given above.
(b) If either party has given such notice the rented premises may be shown to
prospective tenants at all reasonable hours after delivery of the notice. Should the
Tenant effectively deny the Landlord reasonable viewing rights, the Tenant shall be
required to indemnify the Landlord in damages.
(c) In the event that the Tenant is obligated to vacate the rented premises on or before
a certain date, and the Landlord enters into a Tenancy Agreement with a third party to
rent the premises herein described for any period thereafter to such third party, and the
Tenant fails to vacate the rented premises on or before the required date, thereby
causing the Landlord to be liable for such third party, the Tenant will (in additional to all
other liability to the Landlord for such over holding) indemnify the Landlord for all losses
suffered hereby, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, all legal costs
incurred by the Landlord, such legal costs to be computed on a solicitor-client basis.
(d) The Tenant agrees to vacate the rented premises by 1 o’clock PM on the final day of
this Tenancy Agreement or any renewal thereof, unless otherwise agreed upon
between the Landlord and Tenant.
(e) Upon termination of the tenancy, the Tenant will give vacant possession and deliver
the keys of the rented premises to the Landlord on termination of this Tenancy
Agreement; failure to comply with this provision will render the Tenant liable to an
administrative and replacement cost in the amount of TWO-HUNDRED Dollars ($200)
in addition to any other liabilities imposed upon the Tenant by this Agreement or by law.
(f) The premises shall be left fit for occupancy by the new Tenant, clean, undamaged,
and with all furniture and refuse removed. In particular, without limiting the generality of
the foregoing, the tenant shall:
(i) Leave the rented premises appliances and appurtenances in a presentable and
wholesome condition and ready for occupancy. If the condition of the premises has
been improved by the Landlord or Tenant following the commencement of this
Agreement either pursuant to the following incoming inspection report or in any other
manner or for any other reason whatsoever, the Tenant shall leave the premises in the
said improved condition.

(ii)    Keep and leave broadloom and tile floors, walls, ceilings, windows doors in a
        clean condition at the expense of the Tenant, and not move heavy furniture over
        floors or stairs. Coasters must be used for heavy furniture.
(iii)   Leave the stove, refrigerator and any other appliance in clean condition, inside
        and outside and replace any broken, missing or damaged parts before vacation.
(iv)    Clean and defrost the refrigerator, but leave it running at a normal setting.
(v)     Remove all contents form the Locker and or storage area, including refuse and
        leave same clean and unlocked.
(vi)    Any items left on the premises after 1:00 p.m. the day of termination of this
        agreement, become the property of the Landlords.
   (a) Except as otherwise provided by the Tenant Protection Act, any notice required or
       contemplated by any provision of this agreement shall be deemed to be sufficiently
       given if served personally, or deemed to be received within 72 hours of mailing post
       prepaid in any one of Majesty’s Post Offices in the province of Ontario, in a
       registered letter addressed to the Landlord as set forth herein, or to the Tenant at
       the address of the rented premises.
   (b) The Landlord and Tenant mutually agree that no assent or consent to changes in or
       waiver of any part of this Agreement in spirit or letter shall be deemed or taken as
       made, unless the same be done in writing and attached to or endorsed hereon by
       both parties.
   (c) The Tenant acknowledges receipt of a copy of the rental application herein which is
       deemed to be incorporated herein and forms part of this Tenancy agreement. The
       Tenant is responsible to get a copy of the signed lease, as the Landlord provides a
       general copy for the entire premise. The Tenant warrants the truth of all facts
       contained therein, and agrees that any misstatement or omission in the said rental
       application constitutes a material misrepresentation rendering this tenancy
       agreement voidable at the option of the Landlord, it is agreed that the Landlord shall
       have the same remedies in the event of a breach of the said warranty as in the case
       of non-payment of rent, in addition to any other remedies to which the Landlord may
       be entitled by law.

Everything contained within this Tenancy Agreement shall extend to and be binding on the
respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of each party hereto.
The provisions shall be read with all grammatical and gender changes necessary. All
convents herein contained shall be deemed to be joint and several obligations.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this agreement:
In the Presence of:

Per: ______________________________________         Date:___________
   (Landlord or Agent)
Signature: ____________________________

1. Name ________________________________ (print) Date: ____________

   Signature _____________________________

2. Name ________________________________ (print) Date: ____________

   Signature _____________________________

3. Name ________________________________ (print) Date: ____________

   Signature _____________________________

4. Name ________________________________ (print) Date: ____________

   Signature _____________________________

5. Name ________________________________ (print) Date: ____________

   Signature _____________________________
                        Receipt of Tenancy Agreement

I/We hereby acknowledge receiving a duplicate original copy of the herein lease:


Name: ___________________________           Signature: __________________________

Date: ___________________________

Name: ___________________________           Signature: __________________________

Date: ___________________________

Name: ___________________________           Signature: __________________________

Date: ___________________________

Name: ___________________________           Signature: __________________________

Date: ___________________________

Name: ___________________________           Signature: __________________________

Date: ___________________________

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