Organization:    Chinese Federation of Labours
                 China Airlines Employees Union


         Project Title : Re-organizing women workers of China Airlines
                         Employees Union by using IT

        Starting Date :               1 / MAY         /2005

   Duration of Project : One year

    Project Language : Chinese

     Preparation date : 1 December 2004 (first draft)

                Author : Julie Chou

                     ITC-ILO/ACTRAV Training Course
           A3-00225: Trade Union Training on Information Technology
                          (08/11 - 10/12/2004: Turin, Italy)

1. Background – analyses of current contexts

  1.1    : Currently China Airlines Employees’ Union(CAEU) has 3,000 women members and
           in 1999, the women committee has been established. However, for the past 3 years,
           women committee had no any activities for women workers and some members in
           women committee intended to dismiss the committee, because they thought it was a
           passive organization without actual function.

  1.2    : In the past 10 years, CAEU did not have Gender balance in its council and leadership,
           according to the past record, we knew that the ratio of women participants in the
           Council is getting less and less. In this term of Council, there are only 3 women
           members while 27 male in the Council, all the gender issues seem to be ignored and
           could not obtain support and difficult to be addressed.

  1.3    : Due to local regional union located in 6 different areas, the women workers belonged
           to the mechanic factory and KaoHsiung area have never attended into the CAEU
           council even the women committee, they have never attended trade union movements
           and CAEUWC seems no sense to them.

  1.4    : The major women workers are the flight attendants and they fly to 37 stations all over
           the world everyday, they only can be contacted via internet email and get the trade
           union information from internet. They are not allocate in the same fixed office.

2. Target Groups (and other parties to be involved)
   - analyses of stakeholders/participation

        Target Group (describe their characteristics in details):
         All women workers of China Airlines Employee Union
         The Women Committee of CAEU

         The Chairperson of CAEUWC

         CAEU council

         CAEU

3. Situation and Problems – analyses of problems and their causes

        [Problem 1]
        Women workers have reluctancy on CAEU trade union . They do want to spend time on
        trade union movement. They are not positive to Trade union issues.

        [Cause(s) of Problem 1]

      Due to 6 different working areas and different jobs assigned, there is a problem of asking
      for duty-leaves for women committee members to join trade union meetings and activities.
      The company policy is stricted to approve the leaves and this is the main reson which
      discourages women committee members to participate CAEU leadership and to get
      involved in the trade union movements.

      [Problem 2]
      The ratio of women participation in CAEU leadership is very low, even became zero
      since 2001. The ratio of women participants of CAEU council is one eighth. The women
      issues and gender issues can not be addressed in the trade union. The women committee
      became weak due to members getting few in the past two years.

      [Cause(s) of Problem 2]
      Major women workers have negative attitude towards trade union issues, the male
      unionists run trade union in a political way, this guide the unionists becoming
      troublemakers, and this situation impact them on participating any CAEU activites.

      We want to develop women leadership in CAEU and strengthen women communication
      and enhance their capacity using emails and website in order to increse the interest of
      participation in trade union, build up an interactive website to dismintae CAEU
      information and collect women workers’ openions and voices and questions and response
      on them. .

      Our strategy is to have proposal of quota system in CAEU leadership, ste up a policy for
      women workers’ participation in trade union, provide the positive informations about
      women leadership from outside of Taiwan and change their attitude.

4. Long-term Objectives – the goal and overall aims of the project

  This work-plan will contribute to achieving the following in a long-run:

       To obtain gender balance in CAEU leadership and a guarantee quota system of
      participation for women workers in CAEU council .

       To strengthen the communication and capacitiy of CAEU women committee on
      trade union issues.

         To strengthen collective bargaining power of women participants.

5. Immediate Objectives – purpose of the project / expected outcomes

  At the end of this project, the following result(s)/situation(s) will be achieved:
  (Note: Immediate objectives must be specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound)

  (1) The 6-area women committee members will have a communication network via email
      and conference.

  (2) Women members will be able to get information from website and also CAEUWC can
  collect the voices from women members. There will be an interactive website to communicate
  with women members.


6. Key Outputs/Direct Results – products to be produced by the project

  (1) For Immediate Objective 1
        The 6-area women committee members can communicate and connect with each
       other via Solicomm system.

  (2) For Immediate Objective 2
        Interactive website updated by CAEUWC for women workers

  (3) For Immediate Objective 3

7. Activities – means to eliminate the causes of the focal problems and to
   achieve the objectives

  The following activities will be conducted:
  (Note: List the activities in chronological/strategic order)

  1. 2-day-seminar to train 6-area women committee members on Solicomm system

  2.Purchasing Internet Access to equipe women committee’s empty PC.

  3.Request ITCILO for Solicomm system support

  4.CAEUWC chairperson will create website.

  5.CAEUWC chairperson will keep interactive via Solicomm with all women members.

8. Inputs – resources necessary to implement the proposed activities

  [Technical expertise]

     Trainer for Solicomm---resource person is CAEUWC Chairperson
     Skill of website designing

   I computer each for 6 areas
   Internet access
   Solicomm system

   The 6 local regional union offices

   CEAUWC annual budget 3,000 euros

   support from IT department of company

9. Indicators of Achievement – measurement of results (quality/quantity)

  (1) For Immediate Objective 1
        13 women committee members of 6-area can use Solicomm mail and conference
        messages inputs on conference and mails receiving and sending amounts, messages
       read by Solicomm reference.

  (2) For Immediate Objective 2
        The hit rate of CAEUWC website
        Access analysis by IP addresses of 6-area women workers, feedback list counter on
       website interactive subjects.

  (3) For Immediate Objective 3

10. Risk Analysis and Risk Management
    - analysis of internal and external risk factors and means to avoid the
    potential risk (e.g. monitoring, reporting and evaluation procedures)

  [Risk Factors]
       Solicomm system will be suspended due to function problem
       Financial problem rejected by CEAU council.


  [Risk management plan]
       Alternative solution for Risk 1 is to use company notes mail system worldwide
      accessable to contact with all women members.
       Alternative solution for Risk 2 is to use the existing 6 local regional union internet
      access to install Solicomm.

11. Preliminary Budget Proposal

                         Item                            Local Currency             US$
   ADSL access                                          900 monthly         30
   PCs purchasing for 6 areas                           30000 each area     1000
   2-day Seminar                                        10000               300

                                                                   Total : 1330


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