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					                             METROPOLITAN PLANNING ORGANIZATION
                             FOR THE MIAMI URBANIZED AREA

                                   Transportation Voice
                                                                   Regional Coordination
                                                                                          Winter 2008-09
                                                                                  DID YOU KNOW?
        During the last fifteen        on the creation of a 2035 Regional
years, and mainly as a result of       Long Range Transportation Plan             Miami-Dade, Broward, and
the dynamics in employment loca-       (RLRTP) to link the County MPOs’           Palm Beach Counties make
tions and housing characteristics      individual long range plans in ac-         up the nation’s 7th largest
in the regional marketplace,           counting for regional issues.              metropolitan region with a
Southeast Florida has experi-                  SEFTC has set regional goals       combined population of 5.5
enced a significant increase in the    and improvement objectives that            million people.
amount of intraregional travel that    residents and visitors will benefit
occurs daily. These traffic pat-       from. One of the projects that travel-     In 2006:
terns cause many residents to          ers are already using is the I-95 Ex-      • Miami-Dade was the
cross county lines for work, shop-     press Lanes. These lanes will move             8th largest County in the
ping, entertainment, recreation,       travelers faster between counties              United States with
and to visit friends and family.       and allow transit buses an opportu-            2.4 million people.
        According to U.S. Census       nity to provide enhanced services          • Broward County was
based information, there are over      between Miami-Dade and Broward                 ranked       15th   with
                                                                                      1.8 million people.
270,000 daily work trips that cross    Counties.
county lines, which represent ap-              SEFTC is currently support-        • Palm Beach County
                                                                                      was ranked 29th with
proximately 7% of the total daily      ing the following initiatives: the South
                                                                                      1.3 million people.
work trips within the tri-county re-   Florida East Coast Corridor Transit
gion. The three Metropolitan Plan-     Analysis that focuses on planning rail     Population in the next 24
ning Organizations (MPOs), the         service on the Florida’s East Coast        years is expected to in-
agencies responsible for transpor-     (FEC) corridor; the I-75 Master Plan       crease by:
tation planning in the region, have    examining a possible rail system           • Miami-Dade 666,000
recognized this trend and formed       along the corridor; the Transit Bridge     • Broward           586,000
the Southeast Florida Transporta-      project focusing on the improve-           • Palm Beach 591,000
tion Council (SEFTC) to serve as       ments along SR-441 from Palm               (an additional 1.8 million people)
a formal forum to address regional     Beach to Miami-Dade; and the
transportation planning coordina-      Golden Glades Intermodal Center
tion.                                  that will improve parking and inter-
        SEFTC is currently working     modal transfers.                            INSIDE THIS ISSUE:

                                                                                  REGIONAL COMMITTEE               2
                        Wilson Fernandez has been a Transportation Sys-
                        tem Manager for the Miami-Dade MPO since 2000             REGIONAL LRTP                    2
                        and is responsible for the MPO's regional coordi-
                                                                                  SEFTC MEMBERS                    3
                        nation activities. Mr. Fernandez represents the
                        MPO in various regional committees and serves             TRANSPORTATION                   3
                        as the Chair of the Regional Modeling Subcommit-          CORRIDORS OF
                        tee. Mr. Fernandez has a Masters in Urban & Re-           REGIONAL SIGNIFI-
                        gional Planning and over 20 years of transporta-
                        tion planning experience, which includes service at       CALENDAR OF                      4
                        the Broward MPO and Miami-Dade Transit.                   MEETINGS
   Page 2                                                                       WINTER 2008-09

                                                                                The Southeast Florida Transportation
                                                                                Council (SEFTC) was created to carry
                                                                                out regional initiatives agreed upon by
                                                                                the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm
                                                                                Beach MPOs. The Regional Transporta-
                                                                                tion Technical Advisory Committee
                                                                                (RTTAC) is a working group that ad-
                                                                                dresses many of the issues brought be-
                                                                                fore the SEFTC and its membership
                                                                                includes staff from Miami-Dade Transit,
                                                                                Broward County Transit, Palm Tran, the
                                                                                Florida Department of Transportation
                                                                                Districts IV and VI, Miami-Dade Ex-
                                                                                pressway Authority, the Florida's Turn-
                                                                                pike Enterprise, the South Florida Re-
                                                                                gional Transportation Authority/TriRail,
                                                                                the South Florida Regional and Treas-
                                                                                ure Coast Planning Councils, and the
                                                                                Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach
                                                                                MPOs. The Regional Modeling Sub-
    The public can get involved or learn about meetings for these
                                                                                committee of SEFTC is responsible for
    committees by visiting the regional website at                the development and support of the
                or contact the MPO at 305-375-4507.                             Southeast Regional Planning Model
                                                                                (SERPM). In addition to these commit-
                                                                                tees, the three MPO citizen committees
                                                                                meet to ensure the public’s voice is
                                                                                heard throughout the process.

     Emphasis on regional planning     ing a 2035 Regional Long Range               The RLRTP team is assessing cur-
and collaboration in Florida has       Transportation Plan (RLRTP) that         rent travel conditions. The work will
increased with the growth of ur-       will focus on needed regional pri-       address regional travel demands for
banized areas in several locations     ority improvements in Miami-Dade,        the movement of people and goods to
within the State. This growth has      Broward, and Palm Beach.                 the year 2035. A set of regional goals
resulted in more travelers crossing         The 2035 RLRTP will be the          and objectives, a regional needs plan,
county lines and the emergence of      tool linking the three county MPOs’      and a regional cost feasible plan will
significant regional economies.        transportation plans to address          be developed to provide a basis for
     In 2000, one in five Floridians   regional issues. The plan will pro-      implementing regional transportation
commuted to a job in another           vide a prioritized set of highway,
county. Throughout Florida, eco-       transit and intermodal improve-
                                                                                    The public can get involved by at-
nomic development interests have       ments in recognition of regional
                                                                                tending one of the local MPO LRTP
forged regional partnerships, be-      characteristics and changing travel
                                                                                workshops. To learn more visit
cause of the need for, and bene-       patterns. It is a collaborative effort
fits of cooperation.                                                  
                                       that seeks to integrate the trans-
     The Southeast Florida metro-                                               or the regional website at
                                       portation planning work underway
politan area is currently develop-     for each of the three counties.

                     email:                    phone: 305-375-4507
      WINTER 2008-09                                                     Page 3

                     Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties
                     Transportation Corridors of Regional Significance
SEFTC Members

 Richard J. Kaplan

Bruno A. Barreiro
 Vice Chairman

     Jeff Koons
  Board Member
   (Palm Beach)

                           Delivering Excellence Every Day
                                                                                              MPO Governing Board
              M O N T H LY M E E T I N G S                                                  Bruno A. Barreiro, Chairman
                                                                                         Barbara J. Jordan, Vice Chairwoman
                      NOVEMBER 2008             DECEMBER 2008             JANUARY 2009                Lynda Bell
                                                                                                    Kevin A. Burns
                                                                                                  Jose “Pepe” Diaz
        MPO               Cancelled                  12/18                    TBA               Audrey M. Edmonson
                                                                                                  Shirley M. Gibson
                                                                                                 Carlos A. Gimenez
        TPC                11/24                   No Meeting                 TBA                 Perla T. Hantman
                                                                                                   Sally A. Heyman
                                                                                                  William H. Kerdyk
    TPTAC                  11/19                   No Meeting                 TBA
                                                                                                   Joe A. Martinez
                                                                                                   Dennis C. Moss
    CTAC                   11/19                     12/17                    TBA                    Julio Robaina
                                                                                                    Dorrin D. Rolle
                                                                                                   Marc D. Sarnoff
    BPAC                   11/19                     12/17                    TBA                   Natacha Seijas
                                                                                                    Katy Sorenson
                                                                                                     Rebeca Sosa
    TARC                   11/05                     12/03                    TBA               Sen. Javier D. Souto
                                                                                                Richard L. Steinberg

        FTAC                 TBA                      TBA                     TBA
                                                                                               Non-Voting Members
                                                                                                 FDOT District VI
        LCB              No Meeting                  12/09                    TBA             Gus Pego, P.E., Secretary
                                                                                                 Gary L. Donn, P.E.

MPO       Metropolitan Planning Organization
TPC       Transportation Planning Council                                                      County Administration
TPTAC     Transportation Planning Technical Advisory Committee                               Carlos Alvarez, County Mayor
CTAC      Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee                                     George M. Burgess, County Manager
BPAC      Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee                                          Ysela Llort, Assistant County Manager
                                                                                          Jose-Luis Mesa, Ph.D., MPO Director
TARC      Transportation Aesthetics Review Committee
FTAC      Freight Transportation Advisory Committee
LCB       Local Coordinating Board for the Transportation Disadvantaged

        D a y ”           E v e r y             E x c e l l e n c e                  “ D e l i v e r i n g

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                                                                                                          Phone: 305-375-4507
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