Infected pimples by mikew56


									Infected pimples can be very painful and cause scars

Infected pimples are agonizingly painful, ugly and can turn out to be
potential scars. They are generally large when compared to whiteheads or
blackheads. Most of them are bright red and filled with pus. They can be
extremely painful to touch, and occur more commonly in the face since
most of the oil glands are active there. They can also occur in the neck,
upper back and shoulders.

Usually a pimple is formed when the skin pores gets blocked due to
accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells. At this stage when the
normally harmless skin bacteria present on the surface of the skin get
entrapped within the skin pore, the pimple becomes infected.

To counteract the infection, the immune system lines up macrophages and
monocytes to kill the infection. Once the bacterial cells have been
digested, the residue present in the pore erupts in the form of a pus
filled pimple. Pus is nothing but a collection of fluids, toxins and dead
cells. Dead cells include both skin cells and bacterial cells. Since pus
can serve as a substrate for secondary infection it can worsen the
already existing acne problems.

The very thought of popping a pimple is very tempting. But this is one
thing you should avoid. Most of the times the pus filled papule
constitutes only 40% of the pimple. The remaining 60% of the growth is
present deep under the skin. Popping a pimple in an amateurish and
unhygienic manner pushes the pimple further into the skin. This worsens
the condition and it is likely that the infection can spread to the
remaining follicles also.

The area of eruption is very sensitive. Any slight irritation of the skin
can aggravate the situation. There is always a small chance that you
might burst the pimple open releasing the pus. This can trigger fresh
breakouts in uninfected areas. Similarly, injured pimples are prone to
secondary infections and scar formation.

Under normal circumstances the redness and the swelling reduces after 2-3
days. Eventually it starts drying out and withers away. By following a
few healthy practices you can control the acne breakouts effectively.
These include maintaining a healthy diet that consists of lots of fluids.
Such a diet restores the biochemical balance of your body. You should
also wash your face and hands at least twice a day with an antiseptic
solution, and clean your skin with a mild cleanser before going to bed.
It keeps your skin free of dirt and oil.

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