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					Fight stress with Yoga therapy

The term Yoga Therapy implies the use of Yogic postures, ‘asanas’,
breathing exercises and meditation to produce a therapeutic effect. This
‘branch’ of Yoga didn’t come into existence until the 20th century; it
was only in 1920 that Yoga came to be looked upon as curative and
therapeutic science under the leadership and vision of Swami

Today, the art of therapy through Yoga has gained immense popularity the
world over.
Yoga not only ensures overall good health, but can also be used to treat
specific problems and diseases. These include serious ailments such as
heart disease and arthritis, and problems such as anxiety and menstrual

When you practice Yoga, you are merely training your body to become more
fit and your mind to become more relaxed and aware. This, in turn, has a
positive impact on your thoughts, emotions and activities. This is
especially true of meditation, through which you can achieve the highest
degree of bliss and peace.

You must remember that most ailments are caused due to a fast-paced,
stressful lifestyle; meditation and other Yogic practices counter this
stress, and can resolve a number of physiological and psychological
problems, leading to long-term relief -- even permanent cure in many

Yoga has been found to bring relief to problems afflicting different
parts of the body These include:

- Lowering the chances of heart diseases, hypertension and coronary
artery disease;.
- Treatment of back disorders and joint disorders;
- Lowering of stress and stress-related disorders;
- Curing functional digestive disorders, such as Irritable Bowel
Syndrome, constipation, ulcers and gastritis;
- Bringing relief in cases of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis and Asthma.

A combination of breathing exercises and meditation can also lead to:

- Improvement in mood;
- Greater self-acceptance;
- Higher social adjustment;
- Fall in anxiety levels and depression;
-- Improvement in concentration and memory.

Yoga also brings in biochemical benefits. Regular practice can lead to a
decrease in glucose levels, sodium, cholesterol and white blood cell
count. There is also a positive increase in hemoglobin, thyroxin, Vitamin
C and serum protein.

So, if you have any of the above problems you need to move to Yoga
quickly. You may not only experience relief but you may also forget about
side-effects. It is the best way to fight stress, and activate body
organs that may be slowing down with age or disease.