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          Registration Contact                                           REGISTRATION INFORMATION
                                                                     Speaker and Sponsor Contact      Ali Liu
                                                                                    Victoria Zhong
           Tel: 86 10 84580476 ext 8058
                                                                                    Tel: 86 10 84580476 ext 8005                    CHINA:     THE ROAD AHEAD
           Fax: 86 10 84584529
                                                                                    Fax: 86 10 84584529
           Cell: 86 13718430239
                                                                                    Cell: 86 13910029445

   Cancellation Policy:
   All cancellations will be subject to a US$50 handling fee through May 6th. 2008. After that date, no refunds will be made. With prior notice, substitutions
   within a company may be arranged as long as Zero2ipo is notified in writing. There will be no exceptions to this policy for any reason.
   Confirmed Registrations:
   Only paid registrations will be confirmed and must be received before May. 23rd 2008 for registrants to be included on the Official Attendees List.

                                                                       Number of People                          Price                         Total Price

                 Limited Partners Early Bird Attendee
                      (Register before April 18th )
                  Limited Partners Standard Attendee
                        ( register after Apr 18th)
                 General Partners Early Bird Attendee
                       (Register before April 18th )
                  General Partners Standard Attendee
                        ( register after Apr 18th)
                                      Limited Partners Attendee                                                 US$960
           Z-Club Member
                                      General Partners Attendee                                                US$1200
                                                                                                            Total Price:         US$(                    )
   Fees include one day conference, Luncheon and Coffee Break, all conference materials including attendees list.
   If you need an invoice, please contact Ali Liu directly.
                                                              REGISTRATION FORM
   Attendee’s Information
   Kindly attach your business card or please type clearly the following information (Fields marked * are required):
   Mr. □       Ms. □      Mrs. □
   *Last Name _________________                                          _*First Name _____________                                   __ ___
    Title/Position _____________                               ___        *Company ____________                                         ___ __
   *Address _________________                                  ___        City __________                                         _________
    State _________________                            __ _______         Postal/Zip Code_________                                      __ _
   *Phone                                                     ___         Fax ______________                    _____                     __
   *Email ________________________________________________________________________________________
   *Category: VC/PE □          LP □      Service Provider □     Enterprise □      Others □
   *Information Sources: Zero2IPO □           Partner □   Media Advertisement □          Others □
   Registration Payment
   □       Bank transfer: Please have the funds wired into the following bank account:

     Name and Address of Intermediary Bank                              Name and Address of Beneficiary Bank
                      CITIBANK, N.A., NY                                                 SHANGHAI PUDONG DEVELOPMENT BANK,
                      SWIFT CODE: CITIUS33                                               H.O. SHANGHAI, CHINA
                      CHIPS ABA NO: 0008                                                 CHIPS UID NO: 322231
     Account No. with Intermediary Bank: 36018077                                        BEIJING BRANCH
                                                                                         DONG SAN HUAN SUB-BRANCH
                                                                        Name of Beneficiary: Zero2IPO Financial Management
                                                                                          Consultancy (Beijing) Limited
                                                                        Beneficiary Account No.: 91150155300000287

         Please fax the registration form to 8610-8458-4529 ext 8058, Attn: Ms. Ali Liu.

   □       If you are paying by Credit Card, please Register Online and select “Credit Card” then it will allow you to pay by credit card through
           HBSC platform. (You don’t need to have a HBSC account). Only Master Card and Visa Card can be accepted.
   □       We will confirm if you can or not attend the meeting with you in 5 workdays, Please pay attention to you Email Box. After you get the
           permission to attend the meeting. Please finish your payment and email or fax your remittance voucher to us after the payment has
           completed successfully. You will then receive a confirmation letter via e-mail within three business days. Please print the confirmation
           letter and bring it with you to the forum. This letter will act as your entrance ticket. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail after
           three business days, please contact us directly.
   For registration online or more information, please visit:

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